15 Last Words From Famous Celebs

Death is inevitable and everyone is going to die one day. However, we still get shocked when we hear the news of the death of some people. There are times that we mourn the dead even when we do not know them personally. Celebrities are like people we live with but do not have personal encounters with. The death of some celebrities still haunts us to date. It may be about the way they died or how unexpected their deaths were. Their last words are sometimes rather shocking. Some are poetic to the point of disbelieving them and some are just plain attempts to make the people around them feel good. There are some who sound as though they knew they were going to die (some knew about it though). Last words could range from final notes to a casual "see you soon". We have heard it all after their death. Here, we have compiled a list of the rather shocking and skin crawling ones that have ever listed. It may not be about what they said but the situation in which they said it. Either way, it remains their last words and probably the words we would never get over.

15 She Wanted To Hang On Even In Those Moments

"I don't want to die"

Amy Winehouse was a music powerhouse and her songs were sensational. However, her struggles with different substances were also known by all her fans. Amy was eventually overwhelmed by her issues and her career was going downhill. The last attempt at reviving her career was a disaster since she could not stand still enough to complete a song. Amy Winehouse left a voice note which are also the last words, "I do not want to die" to her doctor two hours before she died. According to her bodyguard, she had stayed up late listening to music, watching TV, and laughing. She would not wake up in the morning. He contacted emergency after realizing that she was unresponsive. She died of alcohol poisoning.

14 These Words Were In Sync With Her Last Song

"I'm gonna go see Jesus, want to see Jesus."

The iconic singer, Whitney Houston, reportedly talked about Jesus in her last days. She even told some friends that she felt the end was near and she wanted to spend more time praising the Lord. The singer released her last studio album in 2009. Her album I look to you reflected her faith in the Lord. The night before her death, she performed a heartfelt version of "Jesus Loves Me". She was found unresponsive in her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel drowned in the bathtub. She was pronounced dead almost 30 minutes after by the Beverly Hills paramedics. The cause of her death was later revealed to be the result of drowning and drug use. Her death was labeled as an accident.

13 The Next Minute Is Really Not Guaranteed

"We will be back in five minutes."

The sudden death of Fast and Furious star, Paul Walker still lives in the memory of many people. His last words were spoken to Jim Torp, the engineer at a charity event Paul attended on November 30, 2013. Right after these words, he joined a colleague Rodas in his Porsche. He was the passenger. The Porsche crashed killing both of them. Paul Walker continues to be mourned by the crew of Fast and Furious. His friend Vin Diesel revealed how hard it has been for him after the death of Paul Walker. He commented on Paul's third anniversary that the years after the death of his friend had been the hardest time in his life. The song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth is a tribute song to the actor.

12 A Moment Of Personal Recollections

"I'm going to the bathroom to read".

Elvis Presley was a rock n' roll star in his days. He, however, spent his last days trying to recover from numerous ailments. He suffered from glaucoma, liver damage, high blood pressure, and severe migraines. His last words "I'm going to the bathroom to read" was said to his fiancé, Ginger Alden. That night, he could not sleep and decided to spend some time in the bathroom. She woke up hours later to check up on him. She found him on the bathroom floor. His body was cold and he was unresponsive. He was confirmed dead later. He died on August 16, 1977.

11 It Is True We Need Sleep But ...

“Katie, Katie, look…it’ll be fine, you know, I just need to get some sleep.”

Actor Heath Ledger made waves with his movies. He was one actor who could make his fans love a movie even when the plot was not great. Heath's death came as a shock. The actor's last words were spoken to his sister. He complained about his inability to sleep. He told her he was going to take some sleeping pills and she warned him not to. She expressed her worry and his last words were supposed to be an assurance that he would be okay. Later, his house keeper found him unconscious in bed. He died of acute intoxication as a result of mixing sleeping pills with his prescriptions.

10 Be Here Only When You Matter, He Meant To Say

"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

Musician Kurt Cobain was stressed about many issues and apparently, he could not deal with it all. The Nirvana band member was increasingly depressed and unhappy in his life. One of his personal notes revealed that he no longer found happiness in music. This made him take his own life in 1994with a gun. His last words were a note found by an electrician, Gary Smith who came in to install surveillance cameras in the Cobain's home. Kurt was a multi-talented musician who also played the guitar and wrote a lot of songs. He however could not cope with his public image. He struggled with addiction and depression. Kurt was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of fame along with his Nirvana band mates in 2014.

9 Probably The Only Thing He Wanted Then

"Milk, more Milk"

These words indicates legendary musician Michael Jackson's struggle with drugs even until his last moments. According to his doctor, Conrad Murray, revealed that Michael kept on pleading for "milk" to ease his pain associated with his addiction. The "Milk" refers to propofol, a rather powerful anesthesia. Hours later, Michael Jackson was found unresponsive in his rented mansion in Los Angeles. It was revealed that the king of Pop has overdosed on "milk" (propofol). He was pronounced dead an hour after several efforts were made to revive him. Michael Jackson is one of the most celebrated musicians. He tops the list as the highest earning celebrity among celebrities who are no more. His death resulted in the crash of several websites due to the high user rate. He was mourned globally.

8 Control! A Man Would Always Want To Have Them

"I'm losing it".

Frank Sinatra was an exceptional musician and his songs stayed on the lips of many. The singer suffered a massive heart attack prior to his death. He had been suffering from poor health in his last years. He suffered from pneumonia, bladder cancer, breathing problems, and heart problems. He had been going in and out of the hospital. He was hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and according to the nurses, he uttered the words "I'm losing it" before dying. He probably felt that he could not help himself any longer. He must have felt that he was not going to make it this time. He died with his wife by his bedside. The singer died on May 14, 1998, at the age of 82.

7 Her Pain Must Have Been Enormous

"I hope the exit is joyful and hope never to come back."

Famed Mexican painter Frida Khalo is one public figure who expressed all she felt through her paintings. She had a fickle marriage with Diego Riviera, a marriage that caused her a lot of anxiety. She also suffered from a bus accident as a teenager. This accident would cause her a lot of health problems in the future. Her leg was amputated a few years leading to her death. This increased in depression. She isolated herself from the rest of the world. Her last words express the pain she went through and how "unfriendly" her fate had been. She died on July 13, 1954, 7 days after her 47th birthday. Frida's paintings were done mostly using the style of Mexican folk art. Most of her paintings were portraits of herself.

6  It Was Not Grand But At Least That Was What She Wanted

"My Florida Water"

Lucille Ball, one of the famous actress and comedienne has done a lot of firsts throughout her career. This includes insisting on appearing on her best-known series I Love Lucy with her then real-life husband, Desi Arnaz. Lucille was popularly known as Lucy. Lucille died of an aorta rapture eight days after she had an aorta transplant surgery. Her last words came as a surprise. Her reply, "My Florida Water" when asked if she wanted anything were the words she last uttered. The reason she wanted her perfumed water is unknown but it is clear that she cherished her perfumed water to ask for it even in her dying moment. Lucille Ball was 77 years old. Lucille and her ex-husband, Desi Arnaz are known as a couple who never stopped loving each other even after their divorce. Desi's last words to Lucille were expressing his love for her.

5 And He Could Not

“Stopping for a Beer, Be There When I Can”

Comedian Ryan Dunn died on June 20, 2011. His death shock all Jackass fans considering the fact that no one saw it coming. His last words were even more chilling. He said this to his friend Bam Margera on the night of his accident. He could not make it to where he was going, his car crashed killing his passenger and himself. Many found it hard to believe especially his acquaintance, Kalinoski who was one of the last people to see him alive. Kalinoski recalled how he met him in a bar after a long time. They spent some time talking about old times. Kalinoski noted that Ryan was in good spirits and there was nothing unusual about his behavior. He was shocked to wake up to the news of his death. Prior to his death, he posted a picture of him and his colleague Zachary Hartwell drinking in a bar on Instagram. It was revealed that his blood alcohol level was twice over the legal limit.

4 His Greatest Love Obviously

“I’ll finally get to see Marilyn”

These were the words Joe DiMaggio whispered to his friend and lawyer, Morris Engelberg. The Yankee baseball player suffered from lung cancer. He had surgery but he died at his home in Florida two months after he was discharged. He died on March 8, 1999. Joe DiMaggio was Marilyn Monroe's ex-husband, sources close to him revealed that he never got over Marilyn. He did not take their divorce well and her death even affected him more. He claimed her body and buried her when she died. According to his lawyer, that is not the first time he talked about Monroe. He once said that  "I don’t feel bad about dying. At least, I’ll be with Marilyn again." Joe DiMaggio holds the record of a 56- game hitting Streak.

3 She Even Taught Us How To Die

"You see, this is how you die."

French fashion Icon Coco Chanel spent her last days doing things she wanted and she even died saying what she would probably want to be remembered for. Coco Chanel was 87. She was weak and battled with minor ailments associated with old age. The day before her death, she carried out her normal duties without any sign of ailments. She went for a long drive later in the day. She fell sick that night and she probably knew what was going on. Her last words were directed at her family. She died in the early hours of the next day, January 10, 1971. Coco Chanel was a fashion designer who became famous after the first world war. She was known for designer clothes that were fashionable yet very comfortable.

2 Those Were Really His Last Words

"Go on, Get Out! Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."

Great Philosopher Karl Max was even philosophic with his last words. He suffered from a catarrh that later developed into bronchitis. He died on March 14, 1883, at the age of 64. Moments before his death could best be described by his friend Friedrich Engels "On the 14th of March, at a quarter to three in the afternoon, the greatest living thinker ceased to think. He had been left alone for scarcely two minutes, and when we came back we found him in his armchair, peacefully gone to sleep-but forever." His friends including Friedrich gathered around him wanting to hear something from him and that was when he blurted out these chilling last words. He probably did not want them to see him take his last breath.

1 He Did Not Tell A Lie After All

"I'm going away tonight."

The award winning musician James Brown said these words to his manager, Charles Bobbit a few minutes before his death. His manager did not believe him. James suffered a congestive heart failure in the early hours of Christmas. He died shortly after saying these words to his manager. Prior to that James had an appointment for dental implants but the doctor advised him to see a doctor since he looked very weak. James has been inducted into Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was ranked top number artist by Joel Whitburn. Joel Whitburn analyzed the RnB Billboard charts from 1942 to 2010. Rolling Stone also ranked him the seventh greatest artist of all time.

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