15 Killer Outfits From The Devil Wears Prada

Brace yourselves, this one is going to sting. Ten years ago, in late June of 2006, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt and Meryl Streep gathered on screen to create the iconic The Devil Wears Prada, based on the book by Lauren Weisberger. I know – it seems like it was only released a year or two ago. Since the film, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt have gone on to have A-List careers, starring in far meatier fare than the chick flick that catapulted them to stardom, and Meryl Streep is, well, Meryl Streep – she was always kind of a big deal.

From Emily Charlton’s snarky comments to Andy Sachs’ awkward bumbling that we can all identify with to the idea of having an awful boss, the film was filled with moments that audiences loved – and we find ourselves re-watching the film time and time again.

While the characters are fantastic and the storyline is entertaining, let’s be honest for a second – fashion is essentially one of the major characters in the movie, and every single one of the main cast have their own big fashion moments, not just Andy. From Emily’s edgy style to Miranda’s over-the-top furs to Andy’s drab to divine transformation, the film was packed with great looks – and here are just 15 killer outfits from The Devil Wears Prada.

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15 Green Goddess

via: racked.com

There is really no easier way to make a statement than with a great coat. Many women think that they should stick to more neutral colors and traditional cuts when buying a coat, given that unless you’re Miranda Priestly, you’re likely wearing the same coat a few times a week at the minimum. However, this outfit proves that sometimes it pays off to go bold with your outwear. Andy’s coat is not only a bright emerald green colour that looks phenomenal with her porcelain skin and dark hair, it also has an unusual, slightly asymmetrical cut in the front and leather trim on the cuffs and collar. This coat is packed with personality. Even if you don’t opt to go full glam with white gloves and sunnies like Andy is in this scene, this coat would look flawless – and definitely ensure that all eyes are on you, wherever you wear it.

14 Vision in White

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Okay, admittedly, the hat here is a little bit too 2000s for us to totally get behind ten years later. The coat, however, is flawless. There’s a reason that the public became obsessed with Olivia Pope’s gorgeous wardrobe filled with creams and whites on Scandal – while everyone assumes that an all black ensemble is the epitome of chic, there’s just something so stunning about a head to toe neutral white or cream color palette. In this outfit, the ivory angora Yigal Azrouel coat is definitely the showstopper – it’s crisp, the cut is fairly traditional, and the tie around the waist accents Andy’s figure perfectly. The gold python hobo bag and gloves add a bit of personality to it, showing that Andy has made it her own. We’re pretty sure that after this scene, every woman was itching to get her hands on a flawless white coat. Sure, it would probably get dirty within minutes in New York City – but for those few minutes, think of how amazing you’d look!

13 Chic in Chanel

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This outfit was the one that started it all, the first little nudge in the haute couture direction that Nigel gave a clueless Andy – and what a way to start! The long blazer, while absolutely gorgeous, isn’t too much of a fashion risk. It’s got some great details, but doesn’t look too far from what Andy may have even worn to the office before (albeit a better fitting version). However, the mass of gold necklaces show just how accessorizing can entirely change an outfit, and instantly make it more edgy. And then, of course, the thigh-high Chanel boots. Now, it takes a certain kind of office to accept thigh high boots as appropriate office wear – Andy definitely couldn’t have worn this ensemble in a more conservative, traditional office environment. However, for the transformation scene, it was perfect – I mean, how can you go wrong with Chanel? You really can’t, is the answer.

12 Black Magic

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To be honest, in this scene, it’s kind of tough to pick which woman looks the most flawless in her black floor-length gown. Andy is channeling an old Hollywood film star with her updo, red lips, and figure-hugging black gown with lace sleeve detailing and a demure V-neck. Emily, on the other hand, has opted for a gown that shows a bit more of her edgy style. And Miranda has kept things fairly classic with a sweetheart neckline and cut that skims her body rather than clinging to it like Andy’s dress does. One thing is for sure – everyone knows about the little black dress as a wardrobe staple, but if you ever attend high society events, we feel like the long black gown is the new staple. This scene proves that even the idea of a black gown has so many interpretations, and allows for so much expression of personality. The three women are all wearing floor-length black gowns, but they look as different as if they were in completely different colours of the rainbow.

11 The Queen

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Most of the attention when it comes to the wardrobe in The Devil Wears Prada is aimed at Anne Hathaway’s character, Andy, and for good reason – she’s the one that undergoes a transformation from clueless to effortlessly chic. However, let’s not forget the woman at the helm of the fictional magazine they’re all working at – Miss Miranda Priestly. While Miranda’s outfits are frequently a bit over the top, with all the fur involved, this first outfit we see her in is stunning. First, all you see is the muted red pump emerging from her car as she steps up to the office. Then, you see the rest of the outfit – a stunning yet simply aubergine dress that goes absolutely flawlessly with Miranda’s white hair and pale skin. The producers could have opted to introduce Miranda in an outfit that was way more risky, fashion-wise, but they’ve gone with a more classic approach – and we totally love it.

10 Rocker Chic

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Emily’s wardrobe perfectly matches her sarcastic attitude and dry wit. She’s definitely not the type of girl to wear tweed Chanel jackets with matching skirts and pearls – she likes her fashion with a bit more edgy, and she prefers black to pretty much any other colour. This outfit seems simply at first – a figure-hugging tank with a black skirt. But then, she adds an interesting necklace. Then, the crazy belt that both accentuates her waist and adds some visual interest to the otherwise fairly two-dimensional outfit base. And then, she tops it all off with a crazy bolero jacket. It’s not the kind of outfit that everyone could pull off, but on Emily, it’s the perfect look. Edgy, interesting, chic, with a huge punch of personality – and it all showcases her gorgeous red hair, naturally. While her style moments may be more low key than Andy’s, there’s no doubt that Emily Charlton definitely knows how to rock an outfit.

9 Double Trouble

via: merylmania.wordpress.com

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do – opt for simple cuts in simple colours, with one bold statement incorporated into the outfit. In this scene, we’re not sure whose outfit we love more. Andy looks absolutely flawless in her black dress, particularly since she gives it a totally retro vibe with the bold black lip, voluminous Bardot-inspired half-updo, and chic black gloves. On the other hand, Miranda’s simple black V-neck top looks almost a bit too basic – until she pairs it with an impossible luxe fur wrap that takes things to a whole new level. The majority of the film is set in New York City, but there’s no doubt that these two brought their fashion game strong when they came to Paris – although with the amount of effort that went into packing, we’re not surprised! While the two outfits are designer duds that cost more than most might want to spend on a simple black dress, they’re great inspiration.

8 Gold Armour

via: vogue.co.uk

Miranda Priestly is definitely not afraid to make a statement with her outerwear – the endless parade of coats she tossed on Andy’s desk/at Andy are crazy, filled with interesting details and fur, the majority of them long and glamorous. However, there’s something to be said for this smaller jacket. Sure, it might not have the over-the-top drama that some of Miranda’s fur coats have – and that’s okay. It has a quiet sort of drama, thanks to the interesting detailing. You almost want to zoom in to truly get all the details – the rich, coppery brownish gold colour looks absolutely stunning with Miranda’s white hair and skin, and she’s done the smart thing of pairing the jacket with a simple black outfit to ensure that the attention is on her statement piece. The discs and beading is work that wouldn’t be out of place on a couture gown, and the whole outfit is accessorized to perfection with her collection of gold necklaces. I mean, the woman is flawless.

7 Distressed to Perfection

via: popsugar.com.au

In this scene in the movie, not everyone is in love with how Andy is behaving. However, there’s one thing we’re in love with – this outfit. If you’re splurging on your first designer bag, it’s always smart to get something that is classic and timeless, something you can wear for years with any outfit. However, if you have enough designer bags that you can afford to rotate them, going with something a bit more over-the-top and unique can definitely amp up an outfit. Andy’s ensemble here is fairly basic, but the accessories are what make it fabulous. The distressed shoulder bag by La Rue has metal detailing, fringe, and can be worn in an interesting way if you opt to not use the traditional straps. Add Andy’s collection of chain necklaces and you’ve got an outfit that is insanely chic – and it’s all down to the accessories, which proves that a great bag and handful of jewelry can liven

6 Classic Schoolgirl

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Andy wore this dress in 2006, and quite frankly, we feel like it’d be just as fresh and chic in 2016. Part of this is due to the fact that the colours are fairly basic – black and white really never goes out of style. Part of it is that the look, a collared dress, is classic. However, it’s definitely not a boring outfit – the collar has some great details that you wouldn’t even notice unless you were looking closely at it, and the Chanel necklace adds just a bit of bling without distracting too much from the outfit. Compared to some of the more over-the-top looks, this one might slip under the radar, but it shouldn’t. While not everyone feels comfortable pulling off thigh high boots, a simple collared dress is a look that almost everyone can incorporate into their wardrobe. If you manage to add some Chanel accessories, that’s just a bonus.

5 Grecian Goddess

When it comes to the cuts of her outfits, Andy is a bit all over the place – some of the looks she rocks are loose and slouchy, while others are more structured and polished. This gown brings in a bit of both worlds. First of all, the colour, a deep olive green, is absolutely stunning on her skin. The flowy material is gorgeous, but she belts the waist with a wide belt to define her waist and add a bit more visual interest to what is a fairly simple gown. And let’s not even talk about the lone gold bangle – such a great accessory with this look. Andy may be totally frazzled in this scene, but she looks absolutely gorgeous. While wide belts might not be as popular now as they were in 2006, the principles of this outfit are something you can definitely apply to your own wardrobe – define the waist, find a flattering colour, and you’re halfway there.

4 Charlton Chic

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We’ll say it again and again – Emily’s personal style in this movie is underrated. Sure, her character is known to have a good sense of style – as does everyone at Runway, apart from Andy, initially. However, Emily’s style isn’t necessarily just by the book – she incorporates a bit of a rocker chic vibe, a bit of an edge, that is uniquely her. This outfit is fairly basic – a black blazer and colored top. However, the top has interesting details that make it a bit more unique, and the blazer has a great somewhat asymmetrical cut that differentiates it from your standard blazer. There’s a bit of the blazer that’s tucked into the feature on the shirt – basically, it’s a regular work outfit with a bit of a haute couture twist, and very Emily. Now, the eyeshadow color is a whole different story, but hey – it was 2006, and certain things were in back then, we can’t blame Emily.

3 All Grown Up

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When in Paris, opt for simple and chic, as Andy does. This scene is the first one where Andy the fashionista manages to pick out an outfit for herself rather than have Nigel carefully coordinate her – and Nigel is simultaneously stunned and proud at her efforts. It’s easy to see why – this peplum jacket and simple skirt are just the right combination of timeless and fashion-forward, with the details on the shoulders and the peplum flare giving a bit of interest to an otherwise classic, chic outfit. Of course, Nigel’s killer tweed vest and shirt combo is no slouch either, but let’s face it – in this scene, Andy’s ensemble steals the show, proving once again that an all black outfit is almost always chic. And, unlike in many of her other outfits, she hasn’t done much in the way of accessories – which for this outfit, is perfect, as part of its appeal comes from the fact that it is understated.

2 Plaid Perfection

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Okay, okay, we know – ignore the metallic blue eyeshadow. It was a different time and Emily is not to blame. However, the glimpse we get of this outfit once again shows how impeccably Emily Charlton knows her own personal style and how to show it off. The top is a fairly simple cut, with a V-neck and no crazy details, but the print is fantastic – almost a plaid, almost a tartan, in classic shades of black and white, it’s interesting without being too over the top. And then, of course, that snakeskin cuff with studs. We have a feeling that if we ever saw a The Devil Wears Prada prequel that showed the journey of a young Emily (which we totally would love to see, by the way), she’d be a teenage punk with a mohawk or something. Emily knows the fashion world inside and out, but she clearly has a bit of a rocker edge that can’t be tamed.

1 Classic Trench, Classic Colours

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There are a few fashion moments in the film, such as with Andy’s emerald green coat, where colour makes a huge impact. However, the majority of the outfits are made interesting through their accessorizing or small details on the garment – the colour palette tends to be fairly neutral. No outfit shows this better than this look by Miranda when she’s ruthlessly judging the designers as they parade in front of her. She’s flawlessly layered a crisp white button down, a black pant suit, and a perfectly tailored white trench. And, just to keeps things interesting, she’s added an almost imperceptible pop of colour in her necklace. The pantsuit look may be a bit more suited to someone of Miranda’s age, but there are principles in this outfit that you can apply to your wardrobe easily – a classic, neutral colour palette makes layering effortless and gorgeous, and you can never go wrong with a great trench.

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