15 Kids Who Were Jailed For The Way They Treated Their Parents

Ah, the innocence of childhood! Fluffy unicorns, baby laughter, and pink candy floss. Yet, there are mysterious motives that push innocent kids to do unthinkable crimes. From verbal humiliation to more violent acts, some children wouldn’t hesitate to harm another living being.

Some crimes are haunting, others are absurd. When it comes to serious crimes, children often attack those younger than them, including siblings, to satisfy their twisted needs and curiosity. For instance, teen Paris Bennett became notorious for attacking his sister only to hurt his mother in the worst possible way. Sometimes, however, children are sent to jail for ridiculous things, such as passing gas in public. In today’s digital era, children also face charges for their social media statuses.

Here are 15 stories of children jailed for things they did to their parents and families. Maybe there’s evil living next door?

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15 Arkansas Robbery Goes Wrong


By spoiling kids with cuddles, chocolate, and gifts, aunts play a special role in their nieces and nephews' lives. So what can possibly go wrong when a teen girl visits her loving great-aunt in Arkansas? Invite her shady boyfriend along! Laura Belly was only 17 when her boyfriend decided to rob her aunt. The robbery went wrong and both were charged with a capital offense. Laura was sentenced to life and got pregnant in prison.

14 NJ Teen Writes A Crude Rap Song In His Bedroom


In today’s online society, a single song posted online can send kids to jail. Michael Schmitt uploaded a rap song on SoundCloud, which made many parents worry about his mental state and intentions to plan a school attack. With more than 1,200 mass shootings since 2012, silly songs are really inappropriate.

13 He's Gone Because He Didn't Buy His Son A PlayStation


Everyone would kill for a PlayStation, the most popular game consoles ever! According to gulfnews.com, a four-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia attacked his own father for refusing to buy him a PlayStation. After all, although games can promote a child's cognitive and motor skills, some video games can be unsafe.

12 Just Trying To "Scare" His Great-grandmother


Psychologists claim that spending time with grandkids can help grandparents stay healthy and positive. However, some visits can take a tragic turn. Antonio Barbeau and his friend Nathan Paape tried to scare Antonio’s great-grandmother Barbara to get some money... but ended up causing her harm. All that for $155 for pizza!

11 The "Bathtub Girls" Did It For Insurance Money


The Bathtub Girls, Sandra and Beth Andersen, decided to get rid of their mother in a cold-blooded way to get $68,000 each. They had a plan to spend the money on expensive clothes and trips and even brag their intentions to their friends. Under Canadian law, the girls got only 10 years in prison… and now they might be your neighbors.

10 Being Lazy Is Not An Option In Michigan


We all know that teens need lots of sleep. But is that an excuse to miss school? A mother called the police on her 14-year-old son who didn’t want to go out of bed and blamed his sister for not waking him up. Zachary told Fox News he likes to sleep in but he finally learned his lesson.

9 Aussie Boy Goes To Bali After Stealing His Mom’s Credit Card


Home Alone is a holiday classic. Now imagine Alone in Bali… but not on the big screen. According to bbc.com, an Australian boy stole his mother’s credit card and went on an adventure to Bali, Indonesia. Australian police found the boy nine days after he was reported missing and took him into protective custody.

8 Boys Jailed Because No One Wanted To Look After Him


Throwing kids in prison is common around the world. Child welfare services in Australia were going to send a boy to jail… simply because no one wanted to take care of him. According to thewest.com.au, the boy was living in a hostel for foster kids, but due to his behavioral problems, he was kicked out. Will juvenile detention provide a better environment?

7 In Prison For Plot To Hurt Family


When we think of domestic violence, we rarely imagine children attacking their parents. A teenage girl was sentenced to 10-20 for plotting to get rid of her siblings and adoptive parents. Roksana Sikorski was influenced by her older boyfriend Rivera who even provided anatomical images for guidance. Rivera is serving a life sentence.

6 Florida Student Sent To Jail For Farting


Some crimes are haunting, others are just hilarious. A 12-year-old boy from Florida was taken to the County Sheriff’s Office for "deliberately passing gas" at school. According to news.com.au, the boy learned his lesson and was released into the custody of his embarrassed mom. Is there proper etiquette for passing gas in public?

5 He Simply Watched "Saw"


Where is the line between TV and life? For some people, the lines between fiction and reality are blurred. Daniel Bartlam was into video games, horror films, and gory websites. Bartlam watched Saw and decided to plan the perfect crime. He attacked his mother, copying a scene from the British soap opera Coronation Street.

4 Just Smiled And Asked For A Cookie


Are killers born or created? The truth is that a child who is happy on the outside can be hopelessly lost inside. Amarjeed Sada assaulted his 6-month-old cousin, his own 8-month-old sister, and a neighbor’s baby daughter at the age of eight. However, it wasn’t his parents who reported him. When the police arrived, Amarjeed just smiled and asked for a cookie.

3 Texas Teen Jailed For Facebook Threats


Can you convict criminals before they commit a crime? Yes! And no, we are not talking about Minority Report. Justin Carter was sent to prison for a comment online which he sent from his dad’s computer. He posted an insensitive message threatening to hurt kids.  Free speech or criminal threats?

2 "Drivin Drunk" Statuses Are Not Funny


There are things you shouldn’t post on social media. Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, was arrested because of his dumb status, "Drivin drunk… classic :) but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry :P" When his status was reported, the police found the car Jacob took from his parents and sent him to jail for a hit-and-run accident.

1 Toddlers In Immigration Court


Sometimes innocent people get convicted. And all it takes to go to court is a foreign passport. As we know, many children who tried to seek asylum in America were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border and toddlers were forced to appear alone in court for their deportation proceedings. Their crime: Being foreign and poor.

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