15 Kardashian Secrets That Might Be True

The Kardashian Klan have become the nouveau riche royalty of the United States. No longer do we look to the likes of the Bushes, Rockefellers, and Kennedys for the craziest of rumors and reality, but to the women that are seemingly famous for no reason whatsoever. Unlike their previous counterparts, we’ve never heard a rumor about a Kardashian killing anyone, but their careers are still young.

This list has been compiled from some of the more traditional rumors, to others so insane that they may just be true. Sources have included friends, colleagues, online blind items, and general chitter chatter around Los Angeles, all of which are just as reliable as they ridiculous. Some were so insane that we couldn’t even publish them as a rumor! Others just didn’t make the cut, but were still just as krazy; did you ever wonder why such little information was released regarding Kim’s attack in Paris, why she and Kanye were not invited to Bey and Jay-Z's wedding, or why we rarely see photographs of Saint? Well now you will…

Whether you’re a fan, a hater, or indifferent, the Kardashians can never be accused of being boring. Here are our favorite and updated rumors about the Kardashians. We hope you’re keeping up.

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15 Kris Orchestrated The Three Pregnancies

So this rumor has essentially been confirmed by almost every entertainment news outlet, but did you know that Kris has been planning these three pregnancies for years?

All the way back in 2014, Bling Gossip reported that Kris Kardashian thought that having three of her daughters becoming pregnant at the same time would be an epic storyline. We’re not really sure why, but Kris’s wishes have come true as Kim (via surrogate), Khloe, and Kylie are all pregnant right this minute.

Evidently Kim was the first to agree to the triple-preggo plan, but it took Kris three more years to convince the others (oh, and for Kylie to be old enough and famous enough of course). Blind Gossip went as far as to editorialize the reveal of the Blind, claiming that the entire Klan are manufactured… even down to their faces, feelings, and futures.

14 Kendall Is Gay... and Wants To Come Out

As we’ve said a billion times before, everything that happens in the world of Kardashian is manufactured, orchestrated, and executed to perfect. As far back as 2014, rumors regarding Kendall’s friendships with Cara D, and even Taylor Swift, have repeatedly been linked to their closer relationships. However, the other sister’s storylines have always overshadowed Kendall’s personal antics, so Kris has told her firmly that she will not be coming out any time soon. The time has to be perfect for the reveal, and with three pregnancies in the works, it is unlikely that’ll be any time soon.

Rumor has it that Kendall gave her mother the deadline of December 2018 to work the storyline into the show. If the matriarch doesn’t make it work, then Kendall will be revealing all herself.

13 Kourtney Wants To Go After Sofia Richie, But Nicole Has Her Back

The saddest thing about the Kardashians is their lack of respect among actual members of the entertainment industry. Even in their dawning careers, it was only ever Ryan Seacrest that actually befriended the Klan for genuine reasons. Everyone else they’re frequently spotted socializing with is either totally oblivious to them, or are caught off-guard in a photo op. It’s truly heartbreaking how cringy almost all members of the international entertainment find the Kardashians, so when Sofia Richie started dating Scott Disick, there really wasn’t anything that anyone could do.

This realization came to a head when Kourtney apparently rang around all of her entertainment “friends” to ask for their public support in the situation, only to be met with a wall of ignored calls or poorly executed excuses. People just genuinely don’t like the Klan, and Sofia covered her ass by getting as much gossip out of Scott as possible, and then fed it to her sister.

Kourtney better watch her mouth, because one wrong move and the whole empire could come crumbling down.

12 They Paid Blac Chyna To Keep Her Mouth Shut

Pretty much every knew that the only reason that Rob turned to Chyna was because his family pushed him out. We also all sort of guessed that Chyna turned to Rob because she was a literal nobody before their relationship started (we’re still unsure of what she’s famous for). However, things worked out perfectly for the money-grabbing social climber, as she was rapidly knocked up by the last remaining male Kardashian, and now she’s having the Klan make it rain for her.

Unlike so many others that have battled the wrath of the Kardashians (you remember that awful British singer Rob dated years ago? Neither do we, and that’s because they made it that way) Chyna knew that Rob didn’t have the financial capabilities to sort her out, so she smacked the entire Klan in the face with a big attitude… and they responded handsomely. Allegedly.

11 Kim Is Kanye's Beard

The rumors regarding Kanye’s sexuality have been going on for years. Some of them were originally spurred on by his ex, Amber Rose, who has openly discussed his sexual preferences. The rumor fires were only further poked when Kanye decided to make his permanent home Paris, whereas Kim prefers to stay in Los Angeles. Many websites have continuously discussed Kanye’s sexuality, most notably his recreational activities with transgender individuals (which have been confirmed), and repeatedly emphasized the fact that Kim and Kanye do not live together. Tisci has also openly discussed and alluded to a romance between himself and a well-known musician.

Rumors about Kanye and Tisci have been running like wildfire for years, with most journalists and those close to the Kardashian claiming that they are long-term partners.

10 All Of The Girls Have Been Paid For "Wild" Activity

The official price point for a night with a Kardashian has been rumored to be $450K, with other sites claiming it can be upwards of a million dollars just to spend a night with Kim.

Yes, this is one of the craziest Kardashian rumors, but is also one that a lot of party-goers in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates have attested to. Along with the Klan, many other young up-and-coming celebrities have also been reported as some of the world’s most expensive call girls.

Several years ago, a blind item reported that one of the elder Kardashian sisters was competing with one of the younger girls to keep her customer base, and her price point. Yes, this is by far the most insane Kardashian rumor…

9 Kendall Was Lit At a Work Event

The rumors about Kendall’s narcotics use started around the same time that she started her fantastically successful modeling career. Of course, these two themes go hand-in-hand at all times: when you have models, you have narcotics. You also have eating disorders, but none linked to a Kardashian thus far. Either way, apparently Kendall’s state of mind at a recent work event led her model colleagues to contact their friends at Blind Gossip to report the following:

“She was stumbling around. Kept giggling and saying, “It’s the shoes!” Then she took off the shoes and was still stumbling and swaying. She was holding on to a table to keep from falling over. Just could not keep her balance for anything. Don’t know if she was drunk or on other substances but what a mess!”

8 Kylie Told Kim To Shut Up About Herself In Front Of The Whole Crew... and She Did

Evidently Kim is feeling a lot more threatened by her youngest sibling than previously suggested. Kylie is rapidly surpassing all four of her sisters in terms of celebrity, even having her own television show on E! It is no secret that Kim is built for fame, but it would appear that Kylie is gradually making her oldest sisters redundant.

So when Kim and Kylie were being interviewed together in this past year, Kim did everything she could to try and take the center stage, which annoyed Kylie to no end. After a short while of being interrupted, sidelined, patronized, and generally put down, Kylie snapped at Kim. She told her big sister to shut up so that she could get a word in edgeways. The final nail in the coffin was the statement: “Can you just shut up about yourself for five minutes so I can get some attention?”

7 None Of Their Pets Are Real

Described by many gossip outlets as the Pet Mafia, the Kardashian are no animal haters. They know that having pets sells, but why the rapid and consistent turnover?

No, they do not harm their pets. There’s no ignorance there either. The rumor goes that after the sisters and mom have gained enough social media attention for the pets and their followers, the pets have a few months to prove themselves practical enough to remain in the family.

If they become too big to be carried around or walked comfortably, having housebreaking problems, are too loud or damage property, then they’re sent away. Some sources have claimed that they get rid of 90 percent of their dogs and cats.

Yes, we admit that Kim is allergic to pets, but after watching KUWTK, we’re inclined to believe this one…

6 Anna Wintour Refused To Dress Khloe for The MET Gala, And Her Sisters Didn't Care

Apparently Khloe Kardashian wasn’t invited to The Met gala this year… but the rest of the Kardashian were! The non-invitee complained to he sisters, but evidently they were so afraid of ruining their own chances of going that they wouldn’t help her out.

We admit that this sounds ridiculous, and many other journalists have speculated that this rumor may not be exclusive to Khloe (who has been openly insulted by designers, high-end celebrity events, and other members of entertainment for years) and that the hosts of The Met gala consistently exclude individuals even when their entire family unit are invited.

However, evidence suggests that neither Khloe nor Kanye were invited. Given that Kanye had a bit of an accident at the gala in the past, we’re not surprised that he wasn’t invited, but we don’t understand why Khloe wasn’t either.

5 They Hoped Rob Would Take It Too Far, Because It Would Be Great Publicity

It’s no secret that Rob Kardashian went from being one of the most eligible bachelors in the United States to… well, we all know. Rumors about Rob are CRAZY in general, and his openness about spreading them about his siblings are just as prevalent. He apparently claimed that Kris spent more than $500K on Kylie’s alterations, calls his ex “sl** pocket,” and has said that his sisters are terrified of Chyna.

Despite a majority of this drama taking place in the last year, back in 2015 Blind Gossip reported that the Kardashian sisters and mom hoped that Rob would end his life… because they would great amazing ratings.

Since the collapse of his relationship with Chyna, Rob’s deepest darkest secrets have been revealed all over the press. Watch this space, because if Chyna gets a book deal, the Kardashians may go the way of the Kennedys.

4 Scott Disick Has A Home Video With Bella Thorne

It’s like their lives have gone full circle. It began with Kim’s tape, and now Scott Disick has allegedly recorded himself in the throws of passion with actress Bella Thorne. On the upside, we can’t think of anyone better to handle the heinousness of a tape like this than Bella Thorne, given her addiction to weird and wonderful publicity. However, that doesn’t make Scott’s actions (if this rumor is true) okay. Reports state that Thorne was very intoxicated, and that the only reason Disick carried out his actions was to use them as leverage against Thorne to get her to sign with his manager. Oh, and if all of this is true, and Disick gained consent for both the acts and the recording on video, he technically owns the material…

3 Kim Mixed Ricardo Tisci and Kanye's DNA To Be Artificially Inseminated


Rumors about Kanye’s sexuality have been present since the start of his career. To tackle these rumors, many journalists and gossip columnists have claimed that he chose to shack up with Kim and quickly have children with her. However, rumors about Kanye being in a long-term relationship with Riccardo Tisci have led to even more insane stories about how Kim has gotten pregnant so many times.

The rumor apparently claims that Kanye and Tisci mixed their sperm prior to artificial insemination so that neither would know the true father of the child… right. Obviously there are some major flaws to their plans, and these flaws have also contributed to their own set of rumors again.

The third set of rumors are to do with Saint West, who apparently isn’t photographed, does not appear much on the show, or is ever seen out in public because he is definitely Tisci’s son.

2 Khloe Is OJ's Kid

This arguably the most boring and over-done rumor of Kardashian history. I mean, do we even care if Khloe has a different dad to the other two sets of girls? We highly doubt that Khloe is OJ’s daughter, especially given how vocal and respectful of Nicole Simpson’s memory the whole family have been.

However, as far as rumors go, this is the only one that has stuck around consistently since the family came into public light some years ago. Khloe has also had two of her father’s ex-wives come forward to claim the same, but if they’re anything like the Klan, we’d assume that this is just another sad grab for a headline and payout. Whatever the motive, can we just get on with our lives and forget this one?

1 Tristan Thompson Is Using Khloe So He'll Never Have To Work Again

Via E! Online

Having “hangers on” is completely normal with a family of the celebrity and financial stature of the Kardashian Klan. You can just look to the headlines regarding Chyna and Rob to assume that, but what about Khloe’s new baby daddy?

Rumors surrounding the legitimacy of this couple have never surfaced, so we assume they’re truly in love. However, some gossip sites have reported that Tristan is being very practical about his relationship with the tallest of the sisters. He knows that she can raise his social media follower frequency, and is hoping that this will also transcend into better paid endorsement deals.

If this rumor is true, then we hope that someone close to Tristan nudges him into taking a closer look at how well Kanye and Lamar’s relationships with the Kardashian sisters has gone thus far…

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