15 Interesting Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

When it comes to burning its all about the metabolism and the metabolic rate your body is performing at. Your metabolism is pretty much regarded as your engine, the quicker it moves throughout the day the more you will burn, however the slower it works, the less likely you are to be in a constant burning state.

There are many crucial factors when it comes to the metabolism, age, weight, nutrition and exercise play a crucial role in determining the rate of your metabolism. At the end of the day it is crucial to spark these factors the right way, to put it simply the quicker your metabolism is working, the more you will burn.

It is crucial to stay in a constant high metabolic rate in order to drop those extra calories. Here are 15 ways to get you on your way to boosting your metabolism quickly!

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15 Eating a quality breakfast

In terms of your metabolism, breakfast is actually by far the most important meal of the day. According to research those who eat breakfast are actually more likely to lose weight than those that skip breakfast. Breakfast is so crucial because it is your first meal since waking up, while your asleep your metabolism slows down so it needs a big boost in the morning to rev it back up. Higher-fiber carbohydrates are key in the morning, these types of carbohydrates usually take longer for the body to break down thus keeping you full for longer periods of time. It’s suggested that to shoot for 300-400 calories when starting your day. Don’t neglect the importance of a health hardy breakfast!

14 Drinking coffee or Green tea

Coffee can be a strong alternative to boost your metabolism early on in the morning. The caffeine in coffee basically helps jump start your metabolism. Green tea is also a solid metabolism kick starter. The ingredient catechin has been shown to boost your metabolism. Catechin in green tea helps improve fat oxidation and thermogenesis which are both responsible for energy production and heat from digestion. Research has shown that you are likely to lose an extra 90 calories a day by adding green tea into your diet, yet another reason to jump on the green tea bandwagon!

13 Go organic

Eating organically can serve many benefits, one of them is boosting your metabolism causing you to lose even more weight. Organic foods contain no added pesticides, this difference will ultimately cause your body to stay in fat burning mode for longer periods of time. Pesticides that are in nonorganic foods cause the body to work much slower due to the fact that it interferes with your thyroid, the thyroid is responsible for determining the temperature of your body.

12 Eating Spicy

Eating spicy foods like adding a hot pepper to your meals has been proven to actually boost your metabolic rate. Spicy foods contain a compound that stimulates the body to release more stress hormones. This ultimately speeds up your metabolism causing you to burn more throughout the course of the day. Spicy foods also cause you to feel full quicker because of the increased temperature of your body. Eating spicy can be a very interesting option in terms of kick starting your metabolism.

11 Sleep

Losing sleep can simply drain your metabolism causing you to burn at a much slower pace. Food processing also becomes much more strenuous on the body, trying to digest carbohydrates becomes increasingly difficult when your body is exhausted, this lowers the energy production in your body throughout the course of the day. Make sure to get a good night’s rest.

10 Getting in your omega-3’s

Omega-3’s help balance the blood sugar levels and as well reduce inflammation. Doing so helps monitor the metabolism, in addition, Omga-3’s also help reduce the resistance of the hormone leptin. This is crucial because leptin plays a role in how fast fat is burned. Studies have in fact shown that supplementing omega-3’s can make you lose more weight when intermixed with training.

9 Eating more meals

Eating more meals throughout the day can cause your body to be in a constant burning state as opposed to just eating 2-3 times a day. By eating 5-6 times a day your body will constantly be in burning mode, this will allow your metabolism to work 24/7. This method will also cause you to eat less in the long run, extreme hunger can quite often result in overeating. With 5-6 small meals a day you’ll feel full without having the need to over eat.

8 Follow a flexible diet plan

Following a flexible diet plan will allow your body to get in different foods as opposed to the same ones everyday with a set diet plan. Counting your macro’s and using a flexible diet plan will allow your metabolism to work that much quicker because of the diverse fuels it contains. Your metabolism tends to work much slower when you are constantly consuming the same foods. Following a flexible plan gives the body alternatives, this ultimately will cause the metabolism to constantly be working and eventually leading to more burnt calories.

7 Strength training

Strength training remains one of the most effective training styles in terms of calorie burning per session. Activating your muscles causes your metabolic rate to increase significantly. Strength training not only causes you to burn more during your workouts but also keeps you in a burnings state throughout the day. It is important after you strength train to fuel your body appropriately causing the burning to take place all day long.

6 HIIT Cardio

This type of cardio is so effective because of its influence on your metabolic rate causing it to constantly go up and down. This shift in the metabolic rate causes it to work that much faster. Eventually this leads to many more burned calories as opposed to running at a normal pace. HIIT is mostly effective with short bursts, so if you plan on using it on a treadmill go for an intense run for one minute and then jog the next minute, continue this pace for about 20-30 minutes. Feel free to increase your speed and timing as you go along.

5 Eating fruits and veggies

These two essential foods contain digestive enzymes that help the body digest food properly throughout the day. Green vegetables are particularly key in aiding the metabolism to getting rid of toxins that are stuck in the body. The grapefruit is also a great food that aids the metabolism in working faster. Grapefruit lowers insulin in the body which ultimately helps curb your appetite. Grapefruits are also high in fiber which helps you stay full for longer periods of time.

4 Eating Protein

Having a protein rich diet can actually help you burn an extra 150 to 200 calories per day. The amino acids found in protein make it difficult to break down, this causes the metabolism to work quicker in trying to absorb them, this ultimately leads to more calories being burnt because of the amount of energy it takes to break down the amino acid chains in protein. Make sure that at least 30% of your diet comes from protein.

3 Avoid Stress

Believe it or not stress can actually slow down your metabolism quite substantially. Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, stimulates the fat cells in the abdomen causing an increase of abdominal fat. These same hormones can also spark your appetite leading to overeating. Being in a constant state of relaxation will cause your metabolism to work at a normal pace without being bothered by factors like cortisol.

2 Break your routines

Once your body gets used the same routines over and over it will eventually start to work less and less causing you to burn fewer calories than normal in the process. It is key to change up your workout plans every 4-6 weeks. Doing so will result in a shock to your metabolic rate and cause it to go back to its regular burning pace. Routines are certainly hard to break out of but you must understand that they are necessary in order for you to burn more in the long run. The same can be said for food as you will see in the next entry.

1 Cheat Meals

Incorporating a cheat meal once a week can actually do you more good than you think. Their actually is a science that determines how effective cheat meals truly are. Constant dieting will leave your energy levels at an extremely low rate, it will eventually cause your system to burn out. Having a cheat meal will regenerate your system causing you to burn even more with this added fuel into your body, look at it as a type of reefed for your body.

The human body craves junky fats, these fats also help mood alteration so cheat meals can not only help speed up your metabolism but can also help alter your mood. This is crucial and will help you start your week off on the right note (if you cheat Sunday’s). It is highly recommended that you incorporate a cheat meal once a week if you' re dieting intensely for long periods of time. Enjoy!

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