15 Insta Models Who Are Celeb Doppelgängers

While celebrities Instagrams can often be the most entertaining-- such as, what more shenanigans has the Biebs gotten into? or who is Taylor Swift dating next-- perhaps, even who certain celebs are partying with? While we are all fascinated by the crazy lives of celebrities it is often hard to tell if the account we are looking at is a celebrity or just another look-alike.

It is actually quite impressive how much some normal, non-famous people look so much like a celebrity-- the resemblance is almost uncanny. And often we have a hard time telling these non-famous people apart from the actual celebrity.

To think of all the celeb-doppelgängers in the world and how easy it is for them to get away with convincing others that they are the real celebrity. Must be exhausting having to keep up with looking like a celebrity-- they practically are celebrities if you think about it. If you obsess over the constant lives of each celebrity then you may be curious about how many Instagram accounts are out there that you thought were the celebrity only to find out it was just a look alike. We have discovered 15 Instagram models that look like celebrities, take a look:

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15 Zooey Deschanel: Isla Fox

Via Instagram

While many of us still believe that somehow Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel were separated at birth-- due to the fact of how much they look alike, but not only do certain celebrities have star doppelgängers there are also regular people who look like them too. For instance, Instagram account Isla Fox has quite a resemblance to the New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel. And not only are her looks freakishly similar but she also dresses a lot like Zooey as well. If they ever needed a stunt double on New Girl then Isla would definitely be the girl they should call. If you scroll through Isla's Instagram account you can definitely tell how much Zooey and Isla look alike-- from the hair, the style, the lips, the eyes, the makeup-- everything down to a T! Not to mention Isla is a big fan of Zooey. I bet she even has Zooey "Jess's" quirky sense of humor-- talk about a major doppelgänger!

14 Taylor Swift: Laura Cadman

Via Instagram

Taylor Swift has many look-alikes roaming the social media world and yet it seems every day another doppelgänger pops up. Taylor Swift has yet another twin and the craziest part is that this girl actually scarily looks like Taylor! Who has short dirty blonde hair, wears her signature red lips, and is artistically talented, loves cats, and her favorite number is 13? That would be Instagram fan, Laura Cadman. I know you may have thought that we were talking about Taylor Swift, but we have actually found a remarkable resemblance to Miss Swift, who has pretty much all the amazing Swift attributes. Take English artist Laura Cadman, who has an uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift-- this girl not only is a huge fan of Taylor, but she also looks a lot like her. And if you thought it was just her look, think again-- Laura is also just as talented in art as Taylor is in music. And let's be honest here, music is another form of art!

13 Katy Perry: Gabby

Via Instagram

As mentioned before, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are each other's celebrity doppelgängers-- while, that is pretty cool and probably gets confusing at times. There are plenty of other doppelgängers out there-- such as, Gaby on Instagram who looks so remarkably similar to Katy Perry it is almost freaky. Her eyes and style and everything else look so much like Katy that if they were both in the same room, I wonder if we could tell them apart. Of all the doppelgängers in the world, Gaby looks most like Katy and her Instagram is filled with photos that send us wondering-- who is the real Katy Perry? While we know the answer it is quite remarkable how much these two could be twins! Not only does Gaby look a lot like Katy Perry, she is also a super fan! She even makes the same facial expressions as Perry! Curious, though if Gaby looks like Katy Perry-- does that mean Katy Perry looks like Gaby? Pretty crazy, huh?

12 Vanessa Hudgens: Loryanne Hudgens

Via Instagram

At a glimpse you would assume the above photo is just another selfie of Vanessa Hudgens-- but you are wrong. The above photo is actually fan and doppelgänger, Loryanne Hudgens. I swear if you scroll through her Instagram you would assume they were all photos of Vanessa-- you would even assume that maybe it was the real Vanessa. But nope, it is just Baby V's real life doppelgänger. It is crazy to think this girl resembles Vanessa so much! From her eyebrows, hair, eyes, facial expressions, style-- everything is totally Vanessa. A lot of celebrities have doppelgängers but when you have a difficult time tellings from the celebrity and the doppelgänger apart that's when it gets even more freaky. I'm sure Loryanne gets stopped all the time for fans thinking she is Vanessa. And not to mention the many followers she has on Instagram-- being Vanessa Hudgens' doppelgänger has definitely made this insta model insta-famous.

11 Lily Collins: Taylah Bartley

Via Instagram

Australia-born Taylah Bartley soon discovered how much she looks exactly like Lily Collins. Many people kept telling Taylah that she resembles Lilly and she actually agrees with them-- and so do we! The resemblance is quite remarkable. It can be pretty awesome when you first discover celebrities that you look a lot alike-- in fact, it is a whole other level of cool when you realize that a non-famous people look exactly like another big name star! Case in point, it is true that Taylah Bartley is in fact Lily Collin's doppelgänger. Turns out at one point the Mortal Instruments star posted a photo on Instagram of herself where she was holding up a gift that she received from Bartley. In her caption, she wrote: "what an inspiring gift to be given. Beautiful words, incredible thoughts, and immeasurable support. Thank you @taylahbartley. Treasured..." This teen's resemblance to Lily is truly uncanny-- at first, scrolling through her Instagram page you would think it was all snapshots of Lily Collins but the closer you look you come to terms that it is actually the teen Taylah Bartley.

10 Harry Styles: Jacob Skelton

Via E News

Ladies love him right off the bat-- as this 1D star has no problem getting the ladies, curious, though, is that the same for Jacob? Turns out Instagram model, Jacob Skelton is a spitting image of One Direction's Harry Styles. Everything from the hair to the smile, facial expressions-- it is so crazy how much these two resemble each other. Often it must get hard deciding who is who wouldn't you think? Checking out Jacob's Instagram page you can tell he is a pretty big fan plus he must love all the attention he is getting just by the fact that he is Harry's doppelgänger. While Jacob is quite a bit younger than Harry-- they could possibly be brothers or something. They even have the same dimples! Jacob's resemblance to Harry will definitely make your jaw drop. In an article with Daily Mail, Jacob told them how he was mobbed once on the street and how he had no idea who Harry Styles was. In the article, he reveals what it is really like to be mistaken for the 1D heartthrob. How crazy is that? Sometimes, a doppelgänger's life could be just as risky as an actual celebrity.

9 Ariana Grande: Jacky Vasquez

Via Instagram

Talk about a mistaken identity-- are you seeing Ariana Grande or her doppelgänger? I know it makes you want to take a double take-- turns out Ariana Grande would have one less problem without the Instagram model Jacky Vasquez. From Ariana's adorable, petite look and chic style, Miss Vasquez definitely could fool anyone as looking like Ariana Grande. You may find Jacky rocking Ariana's signature cat ears and ponytail in many of her photos. It took many of us by surprise at how much these two look alike. And we're sure Jacky gets stopped by fans expecting to take a photo because they assume she is Ariana Grande. This girl seems to be causing much of a stir for fans constantly mistake her for looking like Ariana Grande-- I wonder if she ever gets tired of people assuming that? But who would! This Virginia-born lookalike is a dead ringer for the Dangerous Women singer and her Instagram pics are proof of how much she looks like Miss Grande.

8 Liam Payne: Joey Steel

Via Instagram

Liam, is that you? Woah, there look at this Instagram model-- he looks so much like Liam Payne it is absolutely ridiculous. And if you were thinking the same thing that many of us were thinking-- in the sense that this guy has to be Liam, well maybe you should do a double take because it actually isn't Liam. The photo above is actually a guy that looks a lot like Liam-- meet Joey Steel, Liam Payne's doppelgänger. While a lot of people like to assume that Liam Payne is David Beckham's doppelgänger-- which is pretty awesome but take a look at Joey Steel's Instagram account! If you didn't know better-- you would assume that you are looking at another account of Liam's because that is how much they look alike. Sometimes the craziest assumptions are true-- such as Joey resembling this One Direction star. If Joey tells us all he can sing-- well there goes it all out the window as maybe Joey should just join 1D. But only if he can sing-- that hasn't been confirmed.

7 Megan Fox: Claudia Alende

Via Instagram

We all find Megan Fox to be incredibly attractive and it is no wonder this doppelgänger is getting all the attention. Turns out this almost eerie look-alike to Megan Fox-- a Brazilian model, Claudia Alende somehow managed to win over the hearts of 3.4 million followers on Instagram and mainly because she resembles Megan Fox! It is no wonder this Brazilian bombshell is capable of giving Miss Fox a run for her money as fans actually have to do a double take when scrolling through Claudia's pictures because she looks so much like Megan Fox. Everything from her drop dead gorgeous look and all-natural curves not to mention her flawless facial features. It must be nice to walk out of your house and have everyone believe you are Megan Fox-- looks like the heavens were particularly gracious towards Claudia's parents considering they were the ones to conceive this doppelgänger. If you weren't aware this was Claudia you would probably just assume it was Megan Fox.

6 Angelina Jolie: Mara Teigen

Via Instagram

So now that Brad Pitt is single do you think he will try to date Mara Teigen? After all, she does resemble Angelina Jolie. But really-- look at this Instagram model, she began modeling back in 2013 and so many people assumed she was Angelina Jolie. And the resemblance is crazy! Not only is Mara Teigen extremely successful but she also happens to be a dead-ringer for the Maleficent actress Angelina Jolie. And considering that Jolie is known to be one of the world's most beautiful woman, being her doppelgänger can't really hurt. And if you thought the resemblances was crazy, take Teigen's Instagram followers as she has about 600,000-- clearly, this lookalike is a wanted woman and if you did not know already, she was actually in a Kylie Jenner Cosmetics commercial for some of her products. These two look eerily similar-- and the Las Vegas native sure gets a lot of publicity just by the fact of how similar she looks to Angelina.

5 Rihanna: Andele Lara

Via Instagram

I am not sure if the universe is prepared for another Rihanna-- but maybe they will be once they take a look at this doppelgänger. Turns out Boston-bred beauty Andele Lara looks way too much like the singer Rihanna. And Lara often is confused by fans for being the edgy star. If you take a look at her Instagram you can see the resemblance-- it is almost freaky how much they look alike. They had identical facial features, that they could pretty much be twins. The only difference between these two is that Lara does not have Rihanna's magical voice. But that's okay because really all that counts here is how much she looks like Rihanna. And if you didn't think just being a doppelgänger was crazy enough, turns out Andele tends to get bombarded by fans who actually believe she is RiRi and they ask to take selfies with her.

4 Kylie Jenner: Gabrielle Waters

Via Instagram

Whoa there Kardashian-Jenner clan, you may just be adding another member to your family. Turns out this Michigan-born beauty looks a whole lot like Kylie Jenner and it's almost freaky just looking at her. Scrolling through her Instagram photos and you manage to have to make a double-take because Gabrielle Waters resembles Kylie Jenner so much it's hard to tell who is who. Of all the Kylie Jenner's in the world, Gabrielle is probably the world's most convincing lookalike. From the hair, the lips, the eyes, and the clothes-- she has the look of Kylie down to a T. These two are almost indistinguishable. It gets more and more difficult to tell these two apart when Gabrielle manages to dress a lot like a Kardashian-Jenner sister and uses the exact same makeup as well. And if you thought looking like Kylie was freaky enough, Gabrielle Waters even mimics Kylie Jenner's insta poses in such a similar way that it would be difficult to tell who is the real Kylie.

3 Jennifer Lopez: Jessica Burciaga

Via Instagram

If I told you, you would not believe your eyes over JLo's doppelgänger-- would you believe me? Just look at the photo above, while it looks like two photos of JLo it is actually a side by side photo of Jennifer and her ever-so-glamorous lookalike, Jessica Burciaga. First off, let me point out one little thing-- both their first names start with a J! Okay, moving on-- now that we have covered that let us get to the important part-- like how much Jessica resembles JLo. Jessica has definitely caused many of her fans to do a double-take because you cannot tell them apart for the life of you! Jessica is a spitting image of Jennifer Lopez-- from the hair, the eyes, the makeup, the smile, everything! The model has photos throughout her Instagram that obviously show a striking resemblance to the Latina beauty-- this resemblance caused her to gained 1.4 million followers and thousands of people commenting saying how much she looks like JLo.

2 Selena Gomez: Elisha Malik

Via Instagram

Hold up, is this really Selena Gomez or is it someone else? While we all are familiar that Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale resemble each other, there are others out there who look a lot like Selena-- her doppelgänger. For instance, take Zayn Malik's sister, Elisha Malik. Yep, you read that correctly, Zayn's sister looks a spitting image of Selena Gomez-- it is almost creepy especially in the photo above. The photo on the right is a picture of Elisha where she took it back when Zayn was engaged to Perrie Edwards and she took the photo of the three of them. Zoomed in, it is freaky how much Selena and Elisha look like twins! Elisha could totally moonlight Selena's on set body double-- if she was ever thinking of getting into acting that is. Every feature from her lips, eyes, hair, they are so similar it is a little crazy. Could you ever imagine if Zayn and Selena Gomez were to date? It would be like dating his sister! Not that it would actually be his sister but they look so much alike it would be a lot like he was. (Not that we see him and Gigi breaking up anytime soon)-- just a thought!

1 Kim Kardashian: Jelena Peric

Via Instagram

While there are many women out there who purposely try to look like a Kardashian, there are some that are actually their doppelgängers. For instance, take Instagram model Jelena Peric. Her makeup is always on point, and her lips and pretty much everything else about her is a spitting image of Kim Kardashian. The 24-year-old Croatian makeup artist Jelena Peric is definitely Kim Kardashian's newest doppelgänger. While she may be just another Instagram model trying desperately to make a name for herself based on her uncanny resemblance to Kim-- I think it is safe to say Peric definitely qualifies as a full-blown Kim Kardashian doppelgänger. Peric has gained 701k Instagram followers and they keep going up. Peric has found a way to capitalize her resemblance to Kim K by mastering ALL aspects of the Kardashian hair and makeup aesthetic-- starting with center-parted, slick black hair, and giant eyelashes on top and bottom. Which are definitely quintessential Kim K.

Sources: dailymail

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