15 Insanely Delicious French Fry Creations

Slice them, bake them, toast them, cheese them, smother them, zest them, wedge them, dip them … serve them on the side, as the main course, before the meal or as an indulgent snack. It’s hard to find those without a taste for French fries. They can be made in a healthier manner or full of gluttonous details, they can be fashioned using green beans instead of potatoes or even made as a full and satisfying dessert of sorts!

And today, we’re divulging some insanely outrageous French fry creations that will have your mouth watering and lusting for the nearest sliced taters. Below you’ll find 15 recipes that put a quirky and innovative spin on the classic French fry side and our hope is that you find one to try out at home! From sweet cinnamon to spicy buffalo, you’ll discover something for all taste buds.

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15 Pesto Fries

Pesto is the perfect addition to caprese salads, light pastas or tomato and mozzarella paninis. And, believe it or not, it’s also a great addition to French fries, just like the ones seen here! It won’t hurt to drizzle some balsamic reduction or hand cut your own fries – although this recipe shares how to make some of your own with the frozen fare.

14 Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you’ll want to check out these cinnamon sugar-covered sweet potato fries. Use them as a guilty pleasure snack to share with friends or as an offbeat dessert at your next dinner party. Just make sure you don’t skimp on the vanilla icing – which can be drizzled or served on the side as a dip! And if you want to get really adventurous with this idea, you can sprinkle on some dark chocolate too.

13 Greek Fries

These fries are so, so simple but they’re still a level up from the classic, full-of-salt side dishes we’re all accustomed to. Instead, if you add a bit of Feta cheese, lemon juice drizzles and some oregano, you’ll be able to create Greek fries that are full of flavor. And this is another recipe that you can start from scratch or just grab a bag of frozen fries and get to work on topping them off.

12 Buttermilk Ranch French Fries


Instead of dipping your plain fries in ranch, infuse those potatoes with the flavor you love from the start! With these buttermilk ranch French fries, you’ll have a family-favorite for the books or at least a late night treat for when your gals come over for wine and boy talk. And this recipe uses fresh potatoes from the start making the entire bite even more delicious.

11 Barbeque Style French Fries

Serve up something extra special at the next family cookout with these “kickin” barbeque style French fries. With this recipe you’ll learn how to create a “dry” rub for your fries; mixing together ingredients, tossing the julienned potatoes in a bag and shaking it all up! It’s incredibly easy to do, even for novices in the kitchen, and a sure-fire way to provide some unique oomph to your weeknight dinners.

10 Loaded Nacho Fries

This French fry creation is everything you love about nachos but made with the delicious crispness of a perfect fried potato. You can check out the exact recipe here, but we urge you to load up your plate with toppings that you love the most: cheese, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, refried beans, chili and more! And don’t forget your dipping sauces either to really make this a new guilty pleasure.

9 Buffalo Chicken French Fries

A fun spin on classic poutine (a Canadian favorite made with gravy and cheese curds) this buffalo chicken recipe are for those with a love of some heat. Ranch seasoning with some buffalo sauce, chicken, cheese of your choice (some like Blue Cheese with this combo, others love mozzarella), it’s simple and innovative! And again, make yourself some fresh-cut fries or use a bag of frozen ones if you’re in a pinch.

8 Garlic Cheese Fries

They’re double, deep fried and then topped with cheese – what’s not to love about these garlic bits of deliciousness? With this recipe you’ll learn not only how to make these fries from scratch but you’ll also learn how to make the cheese topping too, making it a bit more of a shameless plate than if it were all straight from the store without any fresh ingredients.

7 French Fry Casserole

Okay so, we didn’t say this was a healthy list just one full of French fry ideas that will knock your socks off and that includes this casserole dish. Throw some frozen fries in and top it with shredded chicken and cheese! Of course, this is also an easy one to personalize and mix up ingredients with. Then serve it for a meal on the weekends and the entire family will dive right in.

6 Zesty Ranch Fries

Everyone loves Ranch, well, at least that seems to be the case. So, it was only fitting to add two different Ranch fry recipes onto the list. And this one has a bit of zest to it! But what gives these fries their spicy kick, you ask? A dash of cayenne pepper does! You’ll whisk up Ranch seasoning, veggie oil, garlic salt and cayenne pepper to coat your half-baked fries with!

5 Herb Salted Garlic Parmesan French Fries

If you’re not looking for a smothered treat and instead looking for some fries with a more flavorful punch, check out these herb salted Parmesan French fries for just that! You’ll be frying these on the stovetop although you can take this idea right to the oven with some of your baked fries as well, so don’t worry too much if you’re a bit scared of that hot, boiling oil.

4 Pizza Fries

And this French fry creation is everything you love about pizza but made with the delicious crispness of a perfect fried potato (hence, the nachos above). Beef, pepperoni, cheese and more go into the making of this fries spread. Of course, you can personalize them to your own liking – Hawaiian style with ham and pineapple, classic cheese with lots of marinara and more!

3 Chile Pepper & Cilantro French Fries

For those that like a small kick in the pants with their lunch or dinner, you’ll want to check out this recipe for chile pepper and cilantro French fries. They’re baked, so they’re much healthier than their actual “fried” counterparts, and the plate starts off with the freshest of ingredients. There’s garlic added in for extra flavoring too making it an easy side dish to satisfy with.

2 Tijuana Street Fries

Maybe you’re looking for something extra-unique and different, and if so, these Tijuana street fries are the way to amp up dinner this evening. This recipe is full of fun and full of fun toppings including: pork, salsa, queso, avocado, jalapenos, sour cream, cheese and more! You don’t have to be a fan of Tijuana, let alone have traveled there, to indulge in this French fry feast.

1 Loaded Bacon Maple Donut Fries

Here you may be nixing the classic potato fry and going with the help of some canned Pillsbury biscuits but they are far from disappointing. This is one of the more “gluttonous” recipes we mentioned previously, but every once awhile, it’s okay to indulge a bit, don’t you think? Especially where bacon is involved! You’ll be drizzling on some hot fudge to finish these off, preferably around brunch time.

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