15 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Sweat

Do you hate breaking out into a big old sweat or are you one of those crazy athletic folks that already knows just how good sweating is for your body? Growing up, I found it to be absolutely crazy how my girlfriends all hated to sweat, except for my farming friends and my athletic friends. None of the trendy girls dared to show a sweat bead because it was just totally uncool back then. Today is a different world, thank goodness, and people are just starting to learn about all the health benefits associated with sweating.

Not only is sweating super healthy for you and your skin, it also shows that when you are exercising you have raised your heart rate and that you are burning calories. When you are just lounging about outside, sweating indicates that your body needs to cool off. Like a computer that gets too warm, our sweat is our body’s cool off fan. As the sweat evaporates, it cools us down.

There are a lot of things that are just now being discovered about our sweat, although not even 100 years ago doctors were telling us that sweat was bad and disgusting. Strange experiments were done to prove that sweat was full of germs and disease. Today doctors know that sweat can be used to help diagnose certain illnesses and it is a healthy bodily function that can clear out some nasty toxic waste.

15 You Have Millions Of Sweat Glands

It is a hot, hot day and it feels like the central air is broken at your local gym. You start to sweat like mad, although you thought you put on enough antiperspirant to dry up a small pond. But you don’t feel so bad because the guy across the gym looks like he just stepped out of a shower – he is soaked in sweat. Fact is, we all have about 2 to 4 million sweat glands under our skin. Our body’s natural cooling system, sweat helps us cool off when we are too hot. Incidentally, women have more sweat glands than the guys. However, even though guys have fewer sweat glands, they sweat more than we do. This is because their sweat glands make more sweat than ours do. Thank goodness for the small things, right? I would rather have my body make less sweat than become drenched in the stuff while working in the outside garden under the full sun.

14 You Can Make A Healthy Homemade Deodorant

So what is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? Well, for starters, a deodorant only covers up the bad smell that develops after your body sweats. It doesn’t neutralize the odor or make it go away. It masks the bad smell. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, work by preventing you from sweating. The chemicals in antiperspirants clog up your sweat pores. Some of the antiperspirants also contain antibiotics to prevent your sweat from smelling. So really, you get double the protection. Most homemade underarm products are made to prevent bad smells, but they allow your body to sweat naturally. An oily paste made from coconut oil and baking soda will prevent bacteria from making your sweat smell bad, but it does not mask any odor with a fragrance and it does not prevent you from sweating. This means you will still get wet under the pits, but you won’t stink like you would if you kept your pits all natural.

13 It's Made Mostly Of Water

There is nothing more wonderful than spending the day outside, being all hot and sweaty, and then suddenly feeling a semi-cool breeze blow past your sweat soaked body. Ah, you think. This is the life. The only thing that could make the moment any better is a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade. While most of us realize that our bodies sweat to keep us feeling cool, most of us seem to think that our sweat is made of oily body chemicals, toxins, and salt. In fact, our sweat is actually made of 99 percent water. As the sweat evaporates off of our skin, we feel cooler. Incredibly, we produce less sweat as we get older. That means that we not only have to make sure we are getting enough liquids in the summer months, but we also have to make sure that we do not overheat our bodies when the weather is sweltering hot.

12 Sweat Gets Rid Of The Bad Stuff In Your Body

Grab that water bottle and head out for a warm weather jog or find the nearest sweat lodge because it is time to sweat the crap out of your body. Sweating helps your body get rid of the bad stuff stored in your fat. When you sweat, you release bad heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and lead. What a toxic dump, right? So don’t lick the sweat off of your body or anyone else’s body, because you will be ingesting more than just eliminated salts and water. Cholesterol and alcohol are also released through your sweat. That is one of the ways you can tell if someone was recently drinking – their sweat will have a sweet, stale, booze odor to it that will make your nose do a crinkle. So, feel free to sweat it all out, put your hair up in a pony tail and just get yucky. Sweating is great for your body, as long as you remember to stay hydrated.

11 You Feel Better After A Good Sweat

How do you feel after a long workout session or after a good jog? Pretty darn good, right? Sure, you might ache a bit and you might even be feeling your age, but you made it through the workout or the jog and now you can pat yourself on the back and smile. That is the thing: working out and sweating makes you smile. You release stress. You feel good, you just raised your endorphin levels, and your brain is on a self-created “opiate” high. Top it all off with a good layer of sweat and you just know that the rest of the day is gonna be pretty much perfect. Even if it isn’t, you are ready to face off on anything and everything. Sweating is happiness, unless you are a hippo. In that case, your sweat would be red colored and would act as a sunscreen and insect repellent. That is pretty weird but cool, don't you think?

10 Meat Eater Sweat Stinks

What you eat affects how your sweat smells. For example, if you eat a lot of garlic and then go do a workout, you will smell of garlic afterwards and no one will want to be anywhere near you. If you drink some heavy alcohol, such as gin and then spend the day outside gardening in the sun, you will stink of sweated out gin. It also turns out that if you are a meat eater, especially a red meat eater, your sweat will stink more than the sweat of a vegetarian. While I wouldn’t tell you that you should give up red meat entirely, you might want to cut back on the red meat during summer heat waves. Save those delicious steaks for fall and winter, when your body will appreciate the filling meal, and switch to eating more chicken, fish, or switching over to more fresh fruits and vegetables during the warm months.

9 Our Feet Get Really Sweaty

Have you ever wondered why your feet get so sweaty throughout the day? If you are like many people, you have probably bought sneaker inserts at some point to either help eliminate the bad odor or to help keep your feet dry while you are working out because we all know that when you are wearing those gel inserts, your feet will squish around when they get sweaty. Our feet actually have a lot of sweat glands in them. Around 250,000 sweat glands in both feet. That is a lot of sweat glands for such a small area of the body, don’t you think? Our feet can sweat about a half pint of liquid a day. If you have particularly sweaty feet, start carrying extra pairs of socks with you so that you can change them when you need to. Baking soda sprinkled in your sneakers also helps absorb the bad sweat odor that tends to linger in workout shoes.

8 Sweat Helps With Acne

Back in high school I had friends who refused to sweat during gym class or over summer vacation. They believed that sweating caused their pimple breakouts. That is simply not true. Sweating actually opens up your skin pores and helps release the crap caught under our skin. Now here is the tricky part – you have to wash your skin after it sweats. I know, that is sarcasm, but if you are really afraid to sweat because you might break out in zits, then simply wash your face, back, and wherever else after a good sweat. Give your skin pores a deep cleanse with an astringent or just use a mild soap and some warm water. As a teenager working on my mother’s fruit farm, I found that going inside periodically to simply wipe my face with a washcloth made wet with warm water helped remove the sweat and dirt, plus is helped cool me off.

7 Man Sweat Helps Relieve PMS

You are totally stressed and just about everything is driving you crazy. You want to scream, throw stuff across the room, and you are even arguing with the talk show hosts on the TV. It is coming up on that time of month and no one is safe from your PMS wrath. Instead of lashing out at everyone around you, head over to the gym. Studies show that men release a pheromone in their sweat that helps us chill the bleep out. Getting yourself into the gym will get you surrounded by this pheromone to help you relax and fix your wicked mood. Doing some exercise on top of that and you should start feeling flipping great within the next 45 minutes or so. If you don’t belong to a gym, you could always visit one that gives out a free trial pass for a day or even a week. Test out the pheromone theory and see how you feel after a visit.

6 We Love Sniffing Man Sweat

Do you like the way your man smells after he comes in from mowing the lawn? Do you like to hug guys after they have worked out? There is a really good reason for this. Smelling healthy man sweat can increase a woman’s sex drive. Yes, you heard that right. Some proper ladies might crinkle their noses at the sight of a bit of sweat, but the rest of us know that a good man sweat is erotic. It gets us going and it raises our cortisol levels. By increasing our cortisol levels, we suddenly have the drive to chase after a goal or complete a task. It gives us that drive to get something done and then, afterwards, we can kick back and relax. We feel more satisfied afterwards. So the next time your man comes home all sweaty from working out, give him a good whiff and prepare to either tackle him in the bedroom or run off and complete some task that has been begging to get done.

5 It's A Key Part Of Weight Loss

If you are sweating, you are losing weight. I am not talking about water weight, although you can lose a lot of water weight when you work out, but it is replenished by the water that you drink. No, when you exercise and begin to sweat, you are also losing water soluble fat molecules. Sweating also signals that you have increased your heart rate and that you are burning calories. You are also releasing beta endorphins when you sweat. This gives you an euphoric feeling as you exercise and it helps you push through a grueling workout. Afterwards, you feel really good, so don’t be afraid to sweat it out when you exercise. People expect you to sweat when exercising and when you don’t sweat, they think that you are not working out hard enough. The gym, the track, and other workout areas expect sweat, so don’t be shy about the stuff. It’s all good.

4 It Forces You To Drink More Water

You might wondering why when you sweat and you are forced to drink more water that this is a good thing. Think about it. You work out or do work outside in the sun. Your body sweats and you become thirsty. You grab your water bottle and take a few swigs. It enters your body and it flushes out your kidneys. You sweat more of it out and then you have to go pee. You empty out your bladder, drink more water, and the cycle continues. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps prevent kidney stones. It also helps move toxins and waste through your body. Now think about this: do you get super thirsty sitting around on a cold winter day? Probably not as much as you do when moving about on a summer day. You rarely sweat during the winter months and that immediate need to replenish your liquids is just not there.

3 Sweat Is Healing

For the longest time, we have viewed sweat as being gross and completely unhealthy. Research, however, is showing us that sweat is the opposite - it is super healthy to sweat and we should not be in such a huge rush to get it off our skin. Scientists have discovered an antibiotic peptide in our sweat called dermcidin. This body-made antibiotic may help kill off some of the bacteria that is on our skin. In other words, our sweat may help us fight off certain infections. Sweat glands also help heal small cuts and other minor skin injuries. Sweat helps our body close up wounds. Of course, more studies need to be conducted on sweat and our sweat glands, but the news coming out all looks good. We are coming to understand our bodily functions better than ever before and may one day accept the fact that not all body sweat is a bad thing.

2 There's Happy Sweat And Bad Sweat

How your sweat smells or doesn’t smell can say a lot about how you are feeling right now. Children get a sticky sweat that does not have a pungent odor. When they reach puberty, though, their sweat begins to take on some pretty awful smells. Happy sweat generally smells like regular old sweat. Sure, it smells a bit, but it doesn’t make the hairs in your nose curl up. Nervous, stress, and angry sweat, however, are oily sweats containing body chemicals that send a “back off” signal to other people. It is an awful warning smell that lingers in the air and can make an entire load of laundry smell bad. It is the same with fear sweats. Our bodies release chemicals through our sweat glands when our fight or flight response is triggered. Deodorants can not mask the smell of bad sweats, as much as we would like them to.

1 It Comes Out Odorless

After a long, hot, and sweaty day, you go home and head straight for the bathroom. As you pull off your t-shirt to get in the shower, you catch a whiff of your armpits. Whoosh, that is awful, isn’t it? As bad as it smells, your sweat is actually odorless when it leaves your body. After your sweat reaches the surface of your skin, bacteria is attracted to it and begins to multiply. This is what makes your sweat smell bad. The bacteria grows on your skin and on your clothes that are contaminated with the sweat. The best way to get rid of the odor is to take a warm shower and, using a mild soap, wash your skin to remove the sweat. Afterwards, consider using a natural deodorant, such as a deodorant stone or a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil for under your arms to prevent bacteria growth and odor.

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