15 Inappropriate Selfie Fails That Are So Bad That They're Oh So Good

Love them or hate them, selfies are totally here to stay. We probably either adore selfies and take them on a daily basis... or we can't stand them at all. There's really no middle ground, right? Chances are if we're part of the selfie-hating crowd, we really can't handle seeing the pictures that our family and friends post on social media every day. We keep wanting to shake them and ask them what they're thinking. Maybe we even lecture them on the dangers of narcissism and tell them to read a book or something... but hopefully we don't do that too often or no one would ever talk to us and we would lose every semblance of a social life that we had. Oops.

Whether we love or can't stand selfies, we have to admit that they are an art form of their own and there's a right way to do them and a wrong way to do them. Like anything else that we post online, we can make ourselves look really good... and we can make ourselves look really bad. And sometimes, all we're doing is totally embarrassing ourselves. Unfortunately, when some people take selfies and post them on social media, they might not have any clue that they're making themselves look pretty awful. That's the case with these selfies. Check out these 15 inappropriate selfie fails that are so bad they're oh so good!


15 Like Father, Like Daughter

Yup, that really is a dad copying his daughter's selfie poses. This dad/daughter duo's selfies have actually gone viral because people can't get enough of how hilariously awkward this is.

People are even calling him "selfie dad" so that's how popular he is. So who is he? His name is Chris "Burr" Martin and he lives in Washington. Why did he decide to take photos of himself looking like his daughter? He thought that her selfies were "too provocative" so he wanted her to realize what her pictures actually looked like. Awww. That's... sweet? But also kind of strange. Honestly, we're not sure what to think or how to feel about this, so we're just going to say that it's awkward and move on. Cool.

14 Who Selfies On The Way To A Funeral Anyway?


Let's get this out of the way: funerals are no place for a selfie. You can't take one there. Not when you're on the way to the funeral. Not when you're actually at the funeral. Not when the funeral is over. Not if you're going to mention the fact that you're at a funeral or you just were. It's just in poor taste and super inappropriate.

Unfortunately, a lot of people didn't get that memo because funeral selfies are apparently a thing. Seriously, there are tons of them all over social media, and every single one of them is inappropriate AF. It's just crazy. It's hard to think of a worse time and place to take a photo of yourself. It makes you look like you only care about yourself and showing people how good you look when, you know, someone passed away and you're supposed to be respecting them and honoring their memory. Ugh.

13 Best or Worst Photobomb Ever?

It's so incredibly awkward that this girl was just trying to take a cute selfie with her fingers in the classic "rock on" sign... and this boy had to ruin everything by giving her the middle finger.

Honestly, boys ruin everything, right?! Just kidding. Kind of. Not really. The truth is that this might have still been an awkward selfie even if that fail hadn't happened since the "rock on" symbol isn't cool anymore (if it was ever cool, to be completely honest). It's just crazy that someone would think that they could infringe on a total stranger like this. Sure, he probably thought that he was being hilarious, but it's not hilarious. Not at all. The whole thing just makes us shudder and feel super weird. We're so glad that this didn't happen to us...

12 Parent Fail, Selfie Fail


It's safe to say that if you take a selfie and you're a mom and your kid is in the backseat of your car giving you the finger and that shows off in the picture, that's a parent fail. And a selfie fail. It's just... a lot of failing.

Yeah, it's kind of hilarious that this kid would give her mom the finger. We're not immune to how funny this situation really is. But it's also pretty bad since no kid should ever give their parent the finger. That's some disrespectful right there. It's a shame that this ended up on the Internet since this seems like a personal situation, but that's the name of the game with selfies, right? Especially with selfie fails? These are all pictures that we really have no business seeing since they're so inappropriate, but they end up on social media for all to see anyway. Sigh.

11 WTF?!

We really don't know what's going on here... and, honestly, maybe we don't even want to know. We don't know why this girl is leaning over in such an awkward, strange position. We don't know why she's sticking her tongue out. We also don't know why someone is creepily sticking their head in the bathroom door.

Is that her mom? That seems like a logical explanation since this girl looks like she must still be in high school. Whatever's happening, it's not the best selfie ever. Okay, that's pretty generous. It's not even a decent selfie. This is a selfie that should never have been taken in the first place. This girl would have looked so much better if she had just stood up straight and smiled. And maybe taken the photo somewhere other than the bathroom. Yeah, that would have been a good idea.

10 You Should Probably Rethink Your Fashion Choices


This is super awkward. Who matches the school bathroom?! Who matches any kind of wall at all, let alone a bathroom?! We also have to say that her top is kind of inappropriate since it's a crop top and she's clearly a high school student. Isn't there a dress code?

We honestly didn't think that the same pattern would exist on clothing and on high school bathroom walls. It just doesn't seem like something that would ever happen. So on the one hand, we're pretty impressed and interested. On the other hand, we're pretty confused. It's just a very strange thing. We also think that it's kind of strange that this girl would literally post the fact that she matches her school bathroom walls on social media. We would think that would be the kind of awkward thing that you would keep to yourself...

9 Duck Lips Times 100

Okay, so by now we get that duck lips are the worst and we've all agreed that we should stop with that. Right? Haven't we? Well, apparently not, because this girl posted this selfie and she's seriously doing some duck lips.

We've probably never seen someone's lips looking like this. She's trying way too hard to make her lips look super big, and we're not into it. Sorry but there's really no reason to a.) do duck lips in a selfie or any other kind of photo and b.) make your lips look huge when doing so. No reason. No reason at all. It doesn't look cute or attractive or any other good thing. It looks awkward. This could have been a perfectly normal, pretty selfie otherwise, but it was ruined by the duck lips.


8 Funeral Fail... Once Again


Oh yes. We told you that funeral selfies are unfortunately a thing. This girl took the most inappropriate photo ever when she literally stood in front of a casket and smiled for the camera.

Seriously. Just look at her. She's got sunglasses on like she's a celebrity or something and she's smiling at the camera. She's actually smiling. How does she not realize how crazy inappropriate this is?! We honestly have no words. This is beyond words. Hopefully by now it's clear that this is not the time or place for selfies and people will stop this horrible trend. We can only hope. It's out of control. We doubt she got a ton of likes. She probably got tons of comments where people were confused about why she was taking a photo at a time like that. It's pretty much impossible to have a positive reaction to this picture.

7 A Royal Pain

If it's inappropriate to take a selfie in a bathroom or at a funeral, it's even worse when you've just met The Queen. Because... she's The Queen. She's royalty and deserves to be treated as such, which means that she needs a whole lot of respect.

The fact that this kid took a selfie while meeting her is just very inappropriate. Did he realize what he was doing? Did he think long and hard about whether this would be a good idea, or did he just go for it becasue he figured it would be fun? We just can't imaginetaking this selfie. We would never think that this was a good idea. It's pretty obvious from the look on her face that she can't believe what he's doing and that she doesn't approve...

6 Bathroom Selfie Fail


Okay, so at least this girl totally gets that there's a real been there, done that vibe to bathroom selfies. It seems like the bathroom is the number one spot to take a selfie. It's honestly the most popular place ever... and we're always confused by it.

Bathrooms are places where you get in and get out. You do your business and that's it. Sure, you might hang out a bit longer if you want to do your makeup or hair, and if you're in a public place, you might gossip a bit with your girlfriends. But beyond that, it's not really the best place to hang out. This selfie is a total fail since this girl is showing way too much cleavage. In fact, she's showing so much cleavage it's almost like she's showing off her entire boobs, and we just can't get down with that. It's also awkward AF since it seems like her friend (or whoever the girl is who's coming out of the stall) had no clue that a picture was being taken. A fail for sure.

5 Just... No. No Way

At first glance, this seems like a perfectly normal selfie, right? This girl is smiling and her hair and makeup have been done. She's got a big grin on her face and a pretty black and white striped top with sparkles. She's on her way out to meet her girlfriends for drinks or maybe she's going to a party. All perfectly normal.

Except... Oh. It's not a normal selfie at all and it's definitely not a pretty one. Why? Oh, no real reason... except for the fact that she's sitting on the toilet. Yup. She's literally taking this selfie while she's peeing (or worse, going number two, which... let's just not talk about that). It's totally gross and is just not something that ever should have happened. Let's just agree to stop with the bathroom selfies.... and the ones where people are actually sitting on the toliet. It's just never a good idea.

4 Check Your Surroundings Before You Selfie!


If we hate bathroom selfies, then we really hate bathroom selfies where someone is on the toilet. It's just gross. And this is a pretty gross selfie and very inappropriate since these two girls are taking a picture of themselves while a guy is literally sitting on the toilet.

Honestly, when did it become totally normal to take a photo of someone doing their business?! Isn't that a private thing? Isn't that something that no one should see? It sucks that selfies have become so normal and so common and so expected that we don't even know what should be kept private anymore. But bathroom stuff is always private... or, at least, it really should be. We can't even with this selfie fail and that's all that we have to say on the matter.

3 That's An Unfortunate Reflection Fail!

We can see how this would happen, but... it's still a major selfie fail. It might have been an accident since we're not sure that she knew what those letters spelled when reflected in the mirror, but that's no excuse for still posting this selfie.

Why? Because she had to have noticed that once she took the photo, her shirt spelled out this word. And she must have thought about whether or not she could actually post it online. Who doesn't realize that it's not the best idea and that this photo has no business being on social media? Oh man. This is so awkward and makes us feel so weird. We also don't like that she's got her tongue out. It makes it even weirder... if that's even possible.

2 Millennials These Days...

(RNS1-JULY 24) On June 20, Breanna Mitchell posted a selfie on the grounds of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. For use with RNS-AUSCHWITZ-SELFIE transmitted July 24, 2014. Photo courtesy Breanna Mitchell

This photo makes us so sad. It's incredibly inappropriate and disrespectful to take a photo at this concentration camp in Germany. It's amazing that we even have to explain that since it should be super obvious to everyone... but apparently some people don't understand the historical significance of that place.

This girl, unfortunately, posted a selfie here and her post went viral since no one could believe that she really did this. She's actually smiling and looks pretty happy. Just look at the massive grin on her face... and the fact that she's got headphones on and is listening to music or something. She has no idea what she did wrong and it's like she's having the time of her life. This is definitely so inappropriate.

1 Son And Father Fail

It's not a great idea to take a selfie when someone else is going to be in the photo and they clearly aren't into it. If we ever thought that our dad wanted to be in our selfie, this photo should cure us of that idea, because this dad is having absolutely none of it.

There are two super awkward things happening here: the fact that this kid is making the "rock on" sign (we talked about this earlier...) and the fact that his dad really hates that this is going on. It's like he wants to be anywhere but in this washroom. It's also hilarious that he's washing his hands since that just proves how much of a sneak attack this selfie was. We bet that they had a long talk about selfies and the best and worst places to take them. Oh, father/son bonding...


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