15 Inappropriate Disney Moments You Won't Believe

When you think about Disney movies the last thing you think about is sex. Disney movies remind us of our childhood innocence. They taught us about moral values and friendship and romance and so much more... but not our burgeoning sexualities surely? I mean, you would imagine that many of the princes and princesses would be hot IRL but they're cartoons!

Little did you know Disney movies of the past and present have many more sexy moments than you might have previously thought. That's because there are plenty of sexual references that your innocent ears might have missed the first time around. But we're here to expose those sexually inappropriate moments so that you can see your favourite Disney moments in a whole new light.

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15 Buzz Lightyear gets a little too excited (Toy Story 2)


The Toy Story franchise is one of Disney-Pixar's most popular creation to date. The movies are popular with kids and adults alike. I'm certain however that the kids didn't understand the following sexual reference that goes beyond what you would expect to see in an animated movie. In Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear is talking to Jessie when one of the other toys tells the cowgirl that somebody needs to let the dog out of the room. Jessie then shows off some crazy acrobatics riding a toy car down a ramp and leaping to reach the door handle. At that moment our favourite spaceman is more than a little impressed, his wings pop out alluding to him getting an erection..

14 Twins flash Lightning McQueen (Cars)


Little boys love the movie Cars, but there's a joke within the movie that definitely went over their heads. At a press conference for the famous race car, two female cars push through the crowd to get to Lightning McQueen. They're twins called Mia and Tia and they announce that they're his biggest fans before flashing their headlights at him. This is obviously an inappropriate yet very funny joke because if they were real girls, flashing would take on a whole different meaning. Afterwards McQueen says, “I love my job.” What a sleaze!

13 Elastigirl is very flexible (The Incredibles)


The Incredibles is a family movie about a family (of superheroes). That's why you wouldn't expect a saucy moment slap-bang in the middle of the action. In the movie we get to learn how Elastigirl got together with Mr Incredible. It turns out that their first step was getting it on. On a rooftop, Elastigirl clearly damages Mr Incredible's ego by taking down a thief before he has the chance. Elastigirl says that they can share the crime-fighting responsibilities but Mr Incredible says he prefers to work alone. That's when things get nasty. Elastigirl wraps herself around him and says, “Well I think you need to be more... flexible.” Mr Incredible replies, “Are you doing anything later?” They definitely wanted to hook up straight away.

12 The genie has sexy banter (Aladdin)


Aladdin has seen much controversy over the years and rumours about sexual content have surfaced all over the internet. But this inappropriate joke is no rumour. Now, we know the genie definitely brings the laughs in the movie and some of his jokes might not be totally PG. In fact one joke that you probably didn't get when you were a kid is very racy. During Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding a startled elephant causes an earthquake and the genie says, “I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon!” He knows that Aladdin and Jasmine will be consummating their marriage that night, but wow.

11 There's a naked pic in the window (The Rescuers)


This inappropriate moment from The Rescuers is infamous! There's a scene in which the cute little mice are flying on an albatross. They fly past some apartment buildings in New York and there's a picture in one of the windows which you normally wouldn't catch. However if you watch this scene in slow-mo there's blatantly an image of a topless woman in one of the windows. So there's an erotic image in this movie that Disney have not been able to explain away – they can't deny that it's there! Did an animator put it there to see if anyone would notice? Was it just a joke? Who knows!

10 Did you notice the “hooker” character? (Toy Story)


OK, so you know how Sid, the bad kid in Toy Story, has loads of weird toys. There's a creepy AF baby doll's head on mechanical legs and random other things put together. Well one of those toys consists of a crane mounted on a pair of Barbie legs. Many people (who have accepted that their childhoods have been ruined) believe that this toy represents a hooker. You can decide whether you want to believe this or not. But whether this was an intentional move or not, you can't unlearn this once you get the idea in your head.

9 Sex is everywhere in Disney movies (Multiple)


Lots of people have spotted the word “sex” in various Disney worlds. For example, sex is supposedly spelled out by dust clouds in the sky in The Lion King. The word can also be seen in the formation of Rapunzel's hair in the movie poster for Tangled. And apparently you can see the word “sex” lots of times in Pocahontas too. But is it really there? Or do people just see what they want to see? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

8 A fly seriously comes onto a ladybug (A Bug's Life)


I have to admit A Bug's Life was one of my favourites when I was a kid, it was the first VHS I ever bought myself. Innocent little me had no idea however that there was a dirty joke in the movie! It happens during the circus scene when one of the flies from the audience mistakes Francis for a girl, which is super annoying for him. He's a guy not a lady even though he's a ladybug! Anyway the fly says to Francis, “Hey cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?” That cheeky fly is definitely talking about getting down and dirty.

7 Size doesn't matter for Anna (Frozen)


Frozen was an absolutely massive movie. Little girls became obsessed with the newest Disney princesses in their masses. There is a dirty joke in the movie that only their parents would understand however. A jealous Kristoff is questioning Anna on how much she actually knows about her fiancée. He asks lots of different questions about Hans, one of them being, “Foot size?” To which Anna replies, “Foot size doesn't matter.” Some people think she is so innocent that she didn't understand the question. I like to think she's just a sweet girl who knows that a person's inner beauty is more important than the size of their... feet.

6 Meg heats things up (Hercules)


Meg stands for Megara in the movie Hercules but what it should really stand for is Mega Flirt! She's a feisty character and it's as though she's trying to seduce the hero every single time she speaks. It's interesting that Disney depicted such a saucy character. From the very first time the pair meet there's so much sexual tension. She's flicking her hair and wiggling her booty around. And Meg, by way of an introduction, says, “Did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?” She's so on her game.

5 Someone's being inappropriate with the vegetables (Ratatouille)


This quote from Ratatouille conjures up some very inappropriate imagery. The mean chef Skinner catches Alfredo Linguini where he shouldn't be, messing around in the store room. Skinner asks Linguini what he's doing, who tells him that he's just familiarizing himself with the vegetables. Skinner orders him to get out and as Linguini's leaving shouts, “One can get too familiar with vegetables you know!” Oh boy! What a quote! It's hard to imagine how this line could have an innocent meaning and not one that means doing naughty things with vegetables.

4 Pac-Man likes younger ladies (Wreck-It Ralph)


I seriously hope that the quote I'm about to share with you wasn't intentional because it's probably the most sexually inappropriate in the whole list. The deal is, Ralph realizes he hasn't been invited to a party and gets angry. He gets even more angry when he finds out Pac-Man was invited and says, “Pac-Man was invited? The cherry-chasing dot-muncher isn't even part of this game!” Now if you know your slang you'll know that a cherry chaser is a guy that goes after younger, more inexperienced women. Is Ralph telling us something about Pac-Man's sexual preferences?

3 Woody and Bo Peep plan a night of lovin' (Toy Story)


Here's yet another Toy Story reference. It could just be one of the most inappropriate kids' movies in existence. This time we're talking about a line from Sherrif Woody's girlfriend, Little Bo Peep. She says to him, “Whaddya say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” And she's obviously hoping to get some very naughty alone time with her beau. I mean, this is damaging on another level too because Bo Peep comes from a centuries old children's nursery rhyme.

2 Kronk pitches a tent (The Emperor's New Groove)


This is probably another case in which the filmmakers and animators had innocent intentions. But once you see this sexually inappropriate moment you can't unsee it. When Kronk and Yzma are trekking through the forest to find the emperor he pitches a tent to get his head down for the night. But it's the fact that he pitches the tent directly over his crotch that's questionable. What else could be holding up that tent? Hmmm...

1 Spot the penis (The Little Mermaid)


We'll finish with a classic. Yes we're talking about a classic Disney movie that all the girls love. But we're also talking about a classic image that has been floating around the internet for a long time. Surely everyone's seen the penis-shaped turret hidden in the castle on the cover art for The Little Mermaid? Well, now you've seen the glimmering gold member right in the centre of the castle anyway. There are lots of rumours about this sexually inappropriate image. Many believe that it's the work of disgruntled Disney artist getting his own back. Either way Disney obviously had to change the cover art when the phallus was spotted. That's awkward!

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