15 Important Tips For Stalking Your Crush On Social Media

When you have a crush on someone, you may sometimes have the odd desire to find out every single thing about them. If you’re daydreaming about a future with them, it’s only natural to wonder about their past. Social media is great for many things, whether it’s Kim K posting Snapchats of Taylor Swift caught in a lie, Anna Kendrick’s quirky but relatable tweets, or being about to stalk a crush and find out everything you possibly can about them.

You can stalk a guy you like with no ambition. You can scroll through his feed to look at his posts and photos, all while just crushing hard on him. That’s well and fine. You, however, can also stalk a guy you like in a very professional manner. Instead of just aimlessly looking at check in after check in, you can analyze specific details in order to find out more about this guy you’re into.

In fact, you can find out some very important details that may let you know if he is truly someone who you may be able to potentially date. We tend to have crushes on guys and then find out things about them that turn us off. Because of social media, you can find out these things before even going on the first date. How epic is that? You can also find out some things that will help make the conversation less awkward on the first date. All first dates are awkward to some degree so there’s really no way to fully combat that, but you can definitely find some things out that may help make the first date decidedly less awkward.

For the next time you are scrolling through your crush's feed, these are the fifteen things you can find out about him before you even go on the first date.

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15 How Often He's On Social Media

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This may seem like a seemingly insignificant thing but how often your crush is on social media can be a huge factor in your compatibility. He may be someone who is on his phone all the time to check in to the restaurant, then post a photo of his food to Snapchat and Instagram, then give a review of the restaurant via a Facebook status. That’s fine, if you’re also on your phone in this manner. If you only go one Facebook once a week, and Instagram, like, never, you two have very different social media habits. You may become annoyed with his need to document everything in life rather than just live his life.

Likewise, if you’re constantly on social media but see that he’s fairly inactive on his, it’s worth noting that he could find your need to document everything, quite annoying. Again, this may seem like something super insignificant, but in wanting a potential relationship with someone, having similar relationships to social media or being able to put up with each other’s relationships to social media is important.

14 If He's A Hashtagger

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Whether or not you like them, hashtags exist for a reason. They make it easy to find posts about trending topics. They also help small businesses or people trying to brand themselves get out there and expand their following. In theory, hashtags are actually a really cool thing but, unfortunately, hashtags have gotten a bad name due to being abused.

We all know someone who is an over-hashtagger. Whether it is the girl who posts the selfies (#nars, #blonde, #blondebeauty, #selfie, #selfiesunday) or the guy who posts a gym picture (#gains, #nopainnogain, #muscle, #gymlife). Those are just examples, because generally, when you run into a hashtagger, there are even more than just those handfuls of hashtags. On Instagram, you can post up to 30 hashtags, 30 freaking hashtags! Why does a photo ever need 30 hashtags?

If you’re cool with the hashtag life, you may be cool with someone who uses them but if you think hashtagging is lame and it really bothers you, you may want to reconsider dating someone before you become their #bae.

13 Articles He Shares

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Almost all of us have shared an article from one time to another. When you get something out of reading an article on the internet, you may want to share it because it made you laugh, informed you or touched your heart. Whatever the reason may be, what you share and how often says a lot about your interests.

If he is constantly sharing articles about Marvel films, he is deeply into the comic book movie game. If you date him, you’ll likely be going to the midnight openings of movies so be prepared for that. If he shares religious articles, he obviously values his religious beliefs. In that case, you may go to his place of worship with him. Whatever types of articles he shares are likely of topics that he cares about (otherwise he wouldn’t share them) so they serve as flags for what he finds important in life.

12 Political Views

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Ugh, this election, you guys. The crazier this election gets, the more people have to say about it on social media, which can be straight up annoying. If he posts about politics on social media, you can find out two important factors.

First of all, and most obviously, you can find out who they support. If you happen to be a diehard Hillary supporter, you may not be into getting too cuddly with a Trump supporter. In that case, knowing someone supports Trump up front may be massively important.

If you care less about who someone supports, you may still care about how seriously they take politics. Are they someone who posts long, winded statuses about politics on Facebook, or do they keep it light and just post hilarious memes? The handling of the political views (if they're lighthearted or very serious) via Facebook maybe actually be more important than who they actually support.

11 If He Eats Clean Or Does CrossFit


What is it about eating habits and gym habits that can become oddly cult-like? Obviously, eating healthy and working out are two factors to living a healthy lifestyle, and they are indeed part of a lifestyle. If you are crushing on someone and he's a ‘clean eater’, vegan or does CrossFit, you’ll most likely know via social media posts, which can be a great heads up.

If you’re more, like, you know, never working out, you may not mesh well with someone who must hit the gym five nights of the week minimum. Also, if you’re a vegan yourself but you see that he loves chowing down on filet, that’s cool to know ahead of time. If you’re comfortable dating someone who eats meat while you're a vegan, go on and pursue that meat-eating hottie. If you could never date someone who eats meat, though, you’ll know that ahead of time and be able to switch your energy to someone who values the same lifestyles choices as you.

10 Mutual Friends

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Everyone knows everyone. It truly is a small, small world that we’re living in, made even smaller by social media. You can almost instantly find out what friends you guys have in common. That makes for wonderfully easy conversation on a first date – ‘Hey, I saw you’re friends with Alex Smith on Facebook. How’d you two meet? He’s actually my younger cousin.’ Bam, now you guys have a mutual friend to chat about. It makes for a pretty organic conversation on a first date, when first dates can often feel really awkward and forced.

Even better is that if you realize you have a group of mutual friends, you may realize that you’ll be able to hang out with them together. If you realize that he’s friends with that girl from high school who you hate though, you may not want to be like, 'Hey, how do you know that bi*ch Kelly McCann? She's the worst!' When he tells you that she’s actually been his best friend for several years or she’s his step-sister, things could get really awkward.

9 Hang Outs: Who & Where

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Not only can you find out who they know,  you can also find out who they hang out with regularly. If he’s part of a tight knit group of six friends who hang out at a local coffee shop all day, everyday (a la Friends) you’ll be able to find that out via check ins and tags.

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can find out the type of guy he is to some extant. Does he turn up every Saturday night and get bottle service with his bros? More power to him but if kickin’ it at a local bar where you can hear the person you’re talking to is more your scene, you may have different ideas of what constitutes a rockin’ Saturday night.

This may not be a problem on the first date but it could be an issue down the line. You may want to feel out the situation before you end up falling for a dude who has a totally different idea of what fun is.

8 Where He Went To School

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Finding out where someone went to school is a fairly PG nugget of information but, again, it can help make conversation. If he went to, you know, Harvard or some other well known school, you could always bring that up. Since it’s right there on his profile, it doesn’t sound too stalker-like to just bring up the fact that he went to one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Or you can ask about where he went to school, this may sound less stalker-ish and you can still discuss Harvard.

Furthermore, knowing where he went to school may help you from accidentally slamming the school he went to. If you speak down about a state school or a community college that he actually went to, that could make for an awkward moment in conversation. It could easily be avoided by finding out where he went to school ahead of time.

Bonus points if you know someone who went to the same school as him. Boom, more conversational points to help make that awkward first date just a tiny bit less awkward.

7 Where He Works

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Like the whole school issue, finding out where he works ahead of time could work wonders with first date conversations. First of all, like in the school situation, knowing this ahead of time could help you from sticking your foot in your mouth by accidentally insulting him.

It could also help you make conversation with the guy you’re into. If he works somewhere you recognize, you could easily bring up his work and ask him about that. Sure, he may work in the accounting department at Disney, which is most likely the least interesting department in Disney, but, hey, you could still inquire what it's like to work at Disney. You can also ask him about hookups, like does he have any fun perks from working at Disney? Bringing up his place of employment could be a great way to start conversation during a lull in the conversation.

6 His Taste In Music

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Taste in music may not seem like a deal breaker, but it totally can be. If your dude is deeply into hardcore rap and you’re, well, not, that could cause a problem in the long-run. Do you want to hear hardcore rap on long car rides or at 8 am on a Saturday morning when he wakes up early to work out? Probably not.

Having different tastes in music is okay if he’s not a super fan. If he’s really into a style of music that you can’t stand, you may end up being dragged along to concert after concert, listening to music you hate. At least you’ll be able to find out what you’re in for ahead of time.

That being said, if you discover that he’s into a style of music that you’re into as well, this can be a great detail to subtly sneak into first date conversation.

5 TV Shows He Watches

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Who doesn’t post about the shows they watch? Whether they make a status in order to react to something about the show (in a spoiler-free manner, of course) or they post articles about said show, there will likely be a clue as to shows people are into on their social media profiles.

If you don’t happen to be into said show, that’s definitely not a deal breaker, as many couples have shows that they watch separately. If you’re one of the rare women who has convinced her boyfriend to watch The Bachelorette with her, more power to you. In many circumstances though, having your own separate television shows is fine.

Knowing what he’s into can keep you from putting your foot in your mouth on a first date too. If he’s into Game of Thrones, you’ll know ahead of time so you won’t go on a rant about how overrated and boring the show is.

4 If He Has A Pet

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Most people who have a pet have at least one photo posted of their fur babies, if not more. Let’s face it, if someone has a dog, they usually think their dog is the cutest freaking dog in the entire world. That’s cool. Really, it is, because all dogs are really cute and most people like dogs.

If you don’t necessarily like dogs (what’s wrong with you?) knowing he has a dog ahead of time can be helpful. For starters, if you’re really not into his pet, you can end the relationship before it ever starts. If you don’t see the pet as a deal breaker though, you could subtly bring up how your family had a pet dog growing up. This will likely turn the conversation to his dog and will also let him know that you have experience with pets. Win-win!

3 What He Was Like In High School And College

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We are not the people we once were in high school or college. Most of us grow up and evolve into different, more mature people. That’s just the way the world works. But also, the way the world works now is that evidence from your former self will still be available on social media. This can be good news or bad news for some.

If you’re about to go on a date with a guy, you may want to know everything there is to possibly know about him and one of those things may be that he was a total douche bag in high school. He also may have been chubby, a nerd or a goodie two shoes. It’s always interesting to find out what someone was like in high school or college but remember to not judge them for this. All of us have things in our past that we are not proud of and that does not define who we are today.

2 His Past Relationships

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Oh, if this isn’t the jackpot of things to find out via social media. With everything being so public all the time, you’ll most likely be able to find out about his past relationship on social media, but proceed with caution because it may make you crazy.

If you dare go down this rabbit hole before the first date, it may be something you think about for a majority of the first date. Perhaps his ex had great hair or eyebrows or a thigh gap. The whole date may consist of you comparing yourself to his ex in your head. You may be thinking about the sweet status he made on their three year anniversary.

It’s a dice roll and sometimes, it’s better to just not know about this before the first date. Plus, in a way, it is nice to give him privacy in this aspect. Let him open up to you about his past relationship when he’s ready.

1 How Much He Puts Out There

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With social media, there tends to be three kinds of people: the oversharers, the sharers, and the undersharers. If the guy you’re into is an undersharer, you may actually have difficulty finding out any of the above items. He may be super tight lipped about his life in regards to social media. That’s fine, and preferable in some situations, though you two may clash if you’re someone who has to post a photo of your food before eating it.

The oversharers can be the worst, and it can be best to find this out ahead of time. Do you really want to date someone who is going to make a post on your 1 week, 3 week, 2 month and 18 week anniversaries? If you don’t, don’t get serious with an oversharer.

Knowing their social media habits can tell you a lot about them in real life, including how open they are about what is going on in their life. If you’re someone who is more private, keep that in mind if you’ve stumbled upon your guy’s Facebook and he checks into the place he works every single day. Beware of the oversharer.

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