15 Important Things Brides Often Forget

A wedding can be the most important day in a couple’s life. It symbolizes the start of their marriage and the beginning of their life together! Some couples will be relaxed and not worry too much about the gritty wedding details, but others will be stressing night after night, trying to make sure they don’t miss anything!

The most crucial thing at the wedding is that you and your new spouse are present! But, if you are looking to hit the most important things, this list is one that will assist in avoiding any major hiccups on your big day. These important things to think of will ensure that if there are small bumps in the wedding, you will be able to resolve them to the best of your ability.

The truth is that no matter how much you rack your brain, there will probably be something missed and that is okay! No wedding is perfect! Just cover the most important things and you will have a wedding to remember! No one will be paying much attention to the minute details, only you will see it, so don’t let it bother you too much. Take some stress off your shoulders by checking off these 15 important things that most brides often don’t think of for their wedding. Once you have it off of your list, you should be able to relax a bit and feel more prepared for the day to come!

These are 15 important things brides don't think of for their wedding.

15 Bring Backup Supplies

Weddings often involve a lot of food, walking around, and posing in different places and with different people. It is almost guaranteed that someone (either you and your groom or a member in the wedding party) will spill something or get a blister at one point in the day. The bride’s heels and the rented groomsmen dress shoes can be uncomfortable at long use. The day will require you all to walk from place to place (down the aisle, to the venue, down a hill for photos) and your feet will feel the brunt of it. Make sure to bring some backup supplies such as Band-Aids for those blisters that can pop up. If you have a slob in your party, Tide To Go is a miracle worker for spills on any clothing. Your dress is white, so it is a really good idea to have the tide to go close at hand for any and everything that may occur!

14 Wedding Cake Knife

Most brides do not consider or completely forget about how they are going to cut the cake! Some venues will provide a wedding cake knife to the couple and put it out with the cake. Other venues will not do anything and you will have to ensure that the knife gets to the cake. One option may be to give your knife to the vendor and give them direct instructions to put it out with the cake right away. Another option is to give it to someone you trust that will be at the reception venue early enough to go and place the knife there subtly. That way when you and your new husband walk up to cut the cake, you won’t be looking around for a knife to do the job! Save yourself the embarrassment and make arrangements for the knife to be readily available when the time comes!

13 Payment and Tips

Weddings involve a lot of different people to put the whole event together, and make it flow smoothly. Just a few of these vendors include DJ’s, wedding planners, florists, and caterers! Most services that you hire will require payment in advance, but others will require it once the event is complete. A good idea is to plan out how you will get final payments and tips to those who need it. Some people like to tip the DJ for their amazing work, but the bride and groom have much more to think about than handing over an envelope of money to the right people. Instead of giving yourself extra stress, delegate the task to someone you trust to handle your cash! Whether it is a mother, best man, brother, or friend, take the stress of payment off of your shoulders and give it to someone you can trust. The easiest way to go about this is to make envelopes with the vendor or service written on the front, that way your assigned person will easily be able to give the right amount to the right person. Enjoy your day and assign someone else for the task of payment and tips.

12 Dress Heat

Most wedding dresses are big, puffy, flowing, and thick. Many brides do not consider that over the day they will get hot in their dress! Even if you are having a winter wedding, venues can get hot with all the bodies in the room, or the nerves can get your body temperature up. Fix the dress heat by wearing booty shorts to prevent chafing, or put baby powder in areas where you sweat to avoid the rubbing of skin. You should also ensure that you have deodorant handy to re-apply during the day, as well as perfume so you are smelling great when you go to hug your guests. Finally, pack along an elegant fan and a light spray water bottle so that you can fan yourself and give your chest or back a light spray of cool water (do not spray the face or hair to avoid your makeup running or your hair coming undone). Use these tips to beat the heat for your wedding and you will be the coolest bride around!

11 Crying at Ceremony

Emotions run high at weddings as parents see their kids married off, and vows touch hearts of all in the room. Be prepared for any tears that may come your way by having tissues readily accessible! One of the best ways to have tissues available without having an ugly box out, is to fold some tissues into you and your bridesmaid’s bouquet. It is classy and not visible, and the wedding guests will never guess you pulled the tissue from your bouquet! Worried more about those in the crowd crying their eyes out? A cute way to have tissues for the guests is to decorate tissue boxes in your wedding colors and place them at the end of every row. That way the tissues can be passed back and forth without the sound of zippers and Velcro as people try to find some left over tissues in their purses.

10 Eating

You and your groom will be busy from dawn until dusk. A wedding involves a lot, and demands many things of the bride and groom. Remember to bring along snacks and be sure to sit down and eat your meal at the reception! Many couples will get so caught up in the excitement and busyness of the day, that they will forget to eat breakfast beforehand or will try to talk to everyone and just skip sitting down for the dinner. This is not good as the lack of nourishment can make you sick, weak, faint, and can even get you drunk too fast. You want to remember it's your wedding, and you want to feel good for the whole day so be sure to get some food into your bodies. One way to ensure you aren’t distracted from dinner is by getting the venue to serve the wedding party first and then the guests can begin to line up for the buffet. By the time everyone is served, the wedding party will have a full belly and will be able to walk around again to greet and mingle with their guests!

9 Guard the Presents

Most likely your venue will have a spot for the guests to put their gifts and cards. Wedding gifts are expensive, and many cards will contain money for the couple. It may seem unthinkable, but people such as party crashers or angry guests will target the gift pile and stealing could be a potential problem. Avoid any theft by having your trusted delegated friends to keep an eye on the gift table while guests arrive. You can have them stand by the table and greet people as they come in, but be sure to give them basic instructions to make it look less obvious that they are guarding your gifts. Once everyone is in and seated, have your gifts loaded into the cars that can take the gifts back to your place when the wedding is over. Using this strategy your gifts will be safely locked away until you get home and can begin to unpack and unwrap them!

8 Wanted Photos

When it comes to photography, each couple will have a different idea of what photos they want captured on their wedding day. There may be photos that you want to take that are so unique, that the photographer may have never done them before. Whether the couple wants to make sure they have photos of the guest book, the DJ, a fun pose with the wedding party, or the groom’s reaction as the bride walks in, be sure to have a chat with your photographer(s) so you can go over a list of the photos that you would like to have. Many photographers will keep a list of the photos you want with them, but another great way to get the photos you want is to ask a few talented friends to take a bunch of pictures during the event, that way you will have plenty of photos to choose from!

7 Quality Time

The day of the wedding is extremely busy and you will be constantly dealing with different people coming to congratulate you. Wedding guests often consist of friends and family, but other invites may have been sent to individuals you don’t necessarily know very well. Perhaps your mom insisted on inviting those twice-removed cousins that she remembers from when she was a kid. Make sure that you spend quality time with the people you love at your wedding. Most of the time strangers and acquaintances can take up your time, which is fine, but be sure to seek out those you love. You want to make sure your wedding is filled with moments spent with those closest to you! Don’t be rude, but also keep in mind that you are the bride, so politely excuse yourself and thank the stranger for coming and then move on. There is nothing wrong with making sure that your wedding day is spent with those most important to you!

6 Legal Documents

You may now kiss the bride… now it’s time to party! But before you run out of the chapel doors to your dinner and dance, it is important to remember if you have all of your legal documents signed and in order! When you get married you will sign a marriage certificate and license to ensure that your marriage is legally binding. Discuss with your pastor or Officiant to make sure they will be the ones to have everyone sign the documents. For some couples, they may be heading on an international honeymoon, where having your marriage documents will be necessary. Speak with your Officiant to ensure the documents get to your car, or enlist someone who you trust that can then pass them off to you. Having a plan to sing your marriage certificate is an important thing that many brides often don’t think of for their wedding day!

5 When/How You Leave

How do you know when enough is enough and it is time to leave your wedding? There will always be one more guest to talk to, so how do you figure out when it is time to go? One great way that some brides do is have an exit listed in the wedding program. With an exit strategy your MC/host can tell everyone that the bride and groom will be leaving at midnight so they can all wave goodbye to you. Have your MC give you a heads up a few minutes prior to the exit so that you can be sure to say your final goodbyes to those important people, and get that last slice of cake. Another creative and fun way to leave is to plan a sparkler exit! Your guests will be occupied with lighting their sparklers and creating the tunnel to sparkle you out, plus, a sparkler exit can get you some amazing photos!

4 Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can be amazing with beautiful weather, but unfortunately the weather can be unpredictable and can leave your guests soaked or dehydrated. Be the bride who thinks ahead and plans for any weather! If the weather is suddenly hot, have someone keep water bottles packed up, then you can put out a cute basket with the water so that your guests can stay hydrated in the heat. Another idea that can be a lot of fun for pictures is to give your guests a pair of sunglasses attached to their wedding ceremony program! On the other hand, if the weather is supposed to be rainy, go and buy enough umbrellas beforehand so that you have enough for your guests. If you plan for rain and heat then you will be over prepared, and the wedding can continue no matter what the weather happens to be when the day arrives! Let the wedding go on, rain or shine!

3 Wedding Shoes

The outfit of a bride is only complete when she has the dress, the flowers, and the shoes. Depending on if your shoes are heels or flats, it is always a good idea to try your shoes on a few times. Wear them around the house for a few days before the wedding so that if they are uncomfortable you can find some new ones, or fix them up. You may find that your shoes are cutting into your heel and with proper time you can adjust them accordingly with shoe inserts. If the shoes are too tight, some have said that putting a sealable bag of water into your shoes, and then placing your shoes in the freezer can help them expand a bit. Another way to stretch your shoes is to wear thick socks in them around the house for a few hours. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in so you aren’t tripping on your wedding day!

2 Bring Other Shoes

The shoes you wear for the day of your wedding should be comfortable, but by the end of the night no matter what shoes you are wearing your feet will probably begin to get sore. A great way to avoid the extreme discomfort of sore toes is to swap out your heels for some cute flip-flops or slippers; they can be something simple that you have had lying around the house. Even if your dress doesn’t cover your feet, go for comfort, because the photos will probably be finished, and who cares if your feet are in sandals at the end! Plan with one of your bridesmaids, or the person responsible for driving you around to pack your comfortable shoes in their car. Then when your feet are tired, give them the signal to grab your comfy shoes. Don’t put yourself through the torture of blisters and cuts; be comfy so that you can dance all night long!

1 Relax

One of the most important things that brides often don’t think of for their wedding is to relax. Brides can get so caught up in the moment of trying to make everything perfect that they forget to relax and actually enjoy the day. If you have planned and delegated as much as you can before the wedding, then it’s time to let out a big sigh of relief! You have done all you can do, and no matter what happens, your day is as planned as it will ever be! Even if the wedding has some hiccups or some accidental moments (such as the best man forgetting the rings), just go with it! No wedding is 100% perfect, so sit back, relax and enjoy the day you worked so hard on organizing! Enjoy the moment with your friends, family, and new spouse. In the end all that matters is that you were able to celebrate the beginning of your marriage!

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