15 Husbands Disclose What They Think Of Their New Wives

When two people get married, the assumption is they are madly in love with each other. Why wouldn't they be in love? They're dedicating their entire lives to each other, so it only makes sense for them to actually want to be with each other, right? Well, sometimes people get married for all the wrong reasons.

Sometimes it's for financial stability, medical benefits (because they're settling), or because they're not willing to put in the effort of going out and finding the right person instead of the "right now" person. What makes these couples sad is that there is usually one person who is madly in love with the other, and it is the other person who isn't willing to put one hundred percent effort into the relationship. In the case of these fifteen new husbands, it is the wives who unwittingly married the man of their dreams, but the husbands are secretly harboring negative feelings and are more interested in complaining, letting off steam, or even bragging about it on the Internet instead of growing up and having an adult conversation with their new wives. Here are fifteen husbands who fess up what they really think of their new wives, and head's up, it's heartbreaking.

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15 You Thought!


This husband really believed that marrying a woman obsessed with cleanliness would mean he never has to lift a finger, but she proved him wrong the moment they wed! Had he put a little forethought into the situation, he would have realized that he's not marrying a servant, he's marrying someone who is willing to put in some hard work and expects him to do the same. While he didn't outright mention wanting a divorce, it's obvious her cleanliness is getting to him and he's having to change his habits. When you're married, things really do change. Certain areas that may have been taboo in the past are now brought to light and the other person isn't afraid to tell it like it is, so hopefully, their marriage survives this little speed bump and all goes well.

14 How Could You Have Missed That


What makes people different isn't always what makes them more attractive. Rose-colored lenses definitely make a difference in a person's life but once you're surrounded by something as annoying as a voice, there's little you can do to look beyond the sound. It isn't right to ask her to be quiet, but it also isn't right to be so annoyed that you can't stand to listen to her anymore. What's worse is she has absolutely no control over the pitch of her voice, which leaves them both at a disadvantage. Will he stick it out with her until the end and just try to ignore how her voice sounds or will he give it to her straight and back out of the lifetime commitment he just made? Unfortunately for us, we'll never know.

13 You Can't Blame Her


Love is certainly a beautiful thing but even when you're head over heels, it's always a good idea to wait before jumping into something that can change the course of your life forever. Getting married is a huge commitment and a baby is forever. Even if he manages to divorce her, guaranteed she's going to fight him for custody of their child. If he loses, he's not going to get to see the baby as often as he'd like and he's also going to have to pay the crazy girl monthly child support for the next eighteen years. Were the brief moments of love worth it? Probably not, and the way he feels about her now is likely her fault, but all too heartbreaking nonetheless.

12 Dang


Ouch. Unrequited love is a terrible thing, but loving someone and marrying someone else is worse. Anyone who would rather marry someone they don't love than be alone is destined for a doomed relationship. It says a lot about the person as well, which in this case indicates he has tons of issues. He wants someone he loves but isn't willing to take the risk of breaking up with his current girl, so in the end, he marries the unsuspecting bride and conveniently forgets to tell her that he's been pining over her best friend for who knows how many years. At least he's going to try to make things right by keeping quiet about it, but there's no telling how long it'll take before this little secret comes to light.

11 Get Out!


When a person grows up in a household that provides for her every need, it's only natural that she would expect her husband to step into that place to wait on her hand and foot. She needs a slap of reality and he needs to understand that change takes time. Before he signs those annulment papers, he needs to give her a chance to understand her position as his wife and his position as her husband. Her expectations are obviously too high if he is already on the cusp of leaving her, but does she know? Have they spoken about it? Are both parties willing to put in the effort to make their marriage last? If he's already thinking of the annulment papers, then probably not.

10 Now What?


How can a person be so in love one day then suddenly have no feelings the next day? He married the girl of his dreams and they enjoyed a happy honeymoon, but now he decides that he isn't interested anymore and she's just got to deal with it? Heck no! He doesn't know how to proceed so maybe he doesn't fully understand the complex emotions he has for his new bride, but whatever it is that he's going through, he owes her a few therapy sessions or self-improvement classes. There's no way he can just walk out of her life with a simple, "Sorry, I fell out of love with you. Better luck next time." They both deserve more out of their relationship. Let's hope he does the right thing and figures himself out before he shatters her heart.

9 You Can't Run Forever


This annoyed husband is willing to put up with his wife's "little mannerisms" for the rest of his life, but if he's already at the point where he is choosing to stay late at work, it's doubtful they'll make it much longer. Guaranteed she has no clue that she's driving him insane. Once again, lack of communication steps up to two lovers and drives a horrible wedge between them. Take this as a lesson ladies and gentlemen, no one should ever feel like they're stuck in their relationship. Life isn't always perfect and neither is the person sleeping next to you. Keep that in mind and work to meet each other halfway, otherwise, you'll end up hating each other and wasting years of your lives.

8 Just Be Honest


When you can't be with the person you love most, just marry their sibling so you can always be a part of their life; that should work out just fine, right? Right? WRONG! This was likely one of the worst decisions he could ever have made. Not only does he not love his wife, but he is using her to get closer to her brother, who likely isn't interested in him in the slightest. How could the poor bride have fallen for such a scheme? And why is her spouse such a horrible person? Hopefully, he slips up and she notices, then she can dump him on the curb with all the other garbage and move on with her life single, happy, and free from her useless ex-husband!

7 You're Worthless


There is little worse than a man marrying a woman who truly loves him, and likely has always loved him, only because he has her money in mind. She deserves a good man who knows how to treasure her, not her bank account. It's possible that he was planning this from the start and did whatever it took to please her just so he can take a bit of her inheritance. If it's an old game, then he's certainly the master. With any luck, she'll realize that he doesn't actually love her and she'll leave him without a cent to his name. If she's got money, then she's got access to the best divorce lawyers in the country. Call them, girl, and find a man worthy of your heart!

6 It's Never Too Late To Run


Interestingly, many men and women hide their biggest flaws until after they've locked down a spouse. They make the other person believe that they're perfectly compatible and that their lives are going to be one long romantic comedy, then the ring is on their finger and BOOM! An entirely different person appears. In this instance, the wife seems to have cornered the husband, forcing him to feel like there is no escape from the living hell she's put him into. Whatever it is that she's been doing to him can't be good and he needs to find a way to reveal her true form, but until then, he has decided to suffer in silence. Hopefully, he can pull himself out of the relationship and leave her far behind him.

5 So Leave...Right?


You know a woman is bad when she's sweet to everyone else but you. When you marry someone, they open up in ways you never knew they could. They reveal their true selves to you and let their mask of perfection fall by the wayside. In most marriages, this is a good thing because you learn that you don't fully know the person you've decided to spend the rest of your life with and now you get to embark on a journey together, a journey in which you get to explore each other to the full extent of the word. Unfortunately for him, her true self is cruel, vicious, and likely abusive. Even if no one else will believe him, he needs to find a way out and he needs to do it fast.

4 You Sure You Came Out On Top?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and having a wife who has little more than a pretty face isn't really saying much. It takes a pretty shallow man to marry someone who doesn't have the personality to back up her looks. Guaranteed they'll be divorced as soon as her looks start to fade, earlier if he can't handle her lack of intelligence, but he's such a jerk that she'll actually be better off. If he wanted to be with someone full-time while he goes off and cheats part-time, he should have just gotten himself a girlfriend who is willing to have an open relationship. Even if she isn't as smart as he is, she deserves a man who actually cares about her. Let's hope she finds Mr. Right as soon as this guy is out of the picture.

3 Cut The Poison From Your Life


Any relationship that makes one person feel worthless is a relationship doomed to failure. No one should have to be stuck with a person who makes them feel worthless to the point of depression. It hasn't even been a full year yet and he's already breaking down mentally. Whatever these two decide to do in order to fix their obviously dysfunctional marriage, they'd better do it quickly. He needs time to heal and she needs time to reflect and change. She knew it was a fault from the beginning, which is why she held back and hid her true self from him while they were dating, but now he finds himself at her mercy and there's nothing he can do about it. Good luck man, find the help you need and leave that abusive woman.

2 That's Not The Kind Of Surprise You Should Have Received


Sometimes couples need to take some time to adjust to each other, while other times they need to be open and honest about things that bother them. Nothing turns a person off like a squealing pig in bed. Even if it's something she can't control, he should at least let her know that the way she responds to his touch is a huge turn off for him. One of the best things you can do during intimacy is to communicate what you're feeling and what you want. In this instance, he's feeling turned off and would love it if she quiets down, but how can she know if he doesn't tell her? The same for her technique. All he has to do is help her out and they'll be just fine. Let's hope he takes the high road and talks with his wife.

1 You Don't Deserve Her


Nothing says "I'm a jerk with an inferiority complex" like a man who feels the need to boast about cheating on his new wife. No man who truly loves a woman would ever think of cheating, let alone cheat with several women back-to-back. Why marry if you're not going to really love her? Why not just be honest, admit you're a man whore, and that you're more interested in stringing women along than actually committing to them and treating them with respect? This man hasn't earned the right to call himself a husband. Hopefully, his wife will open his Whisper account and take a peek at what he's written so far. She deserves to know the truth and to get an annulment as soon as humanly possible.

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