15 Huge Don'ts For Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping or nude swimming is a great way to have fun and cool off on a hot summer day. It's an adrenaline rush, stripping down and being all naked in a society that tells us to cover it all up. A lot of people have skinny dipping on their bucket list, although many of us who are over 30 can remember skinny dipping as a kid in someone's swimming pool or pond. I know I did several times and I loves every minute of it.

Skinny dipping is a freeing experience. You and your friends get to throw caution to the wind and just act like a bunch of kids playing in the pool or lake. In spite of all the fun associated with skinny dipping, there is a long list of things you need to avoid and not do.

First, you want to be safe. Second, you don't want to break any laws or, worse, get caught breaking any laws. It is all fun and games until the police show up, right? Avoid that situation at all costs and seek out a private place to strip down and get wet. You will love every moment of the experience.

15 Get Drunk

Alcohol and skinny dipping do not mix. While alcohol might make you and your friends feel braver about taking off your clothing, drinking and swimming are dangerous. In lakes and rivers, it is easy for someone to get pulled under the water or injure themselves on a rock. Alcohol increases the risk of injury. Instead, pack energy drinks, sodas, and bottled waters for the event.

14 Keep Your Clothes Far Away

If you are skinny dipping someplace you shouldn’t be, keep your clothes nearby. You never know when you might need to quickly hop out of the water and grab your gear for a mad dash to the car. Hiding your clothes in the bushes might seem like a good idea, but not if you can’t reach them right away or, heavens forbid, you forget which bush you hid them in.

13 Public Location

Being naked in public is illegal in most of the United States, unless you are in a privately owned nudist camp. This leaves only a few safe options when it comes to skinny dipping. First, check out some of the clothing optional or nude beaches that may be close to your location. You can also seek out a private pool or lake and speak to the owner about having a skinny dipping party with your friends. Some people are open to the idea and others are not.

12 Force Others To Join

Not everyone wants to experience the thrill of skinny dipping and may have already had a bad experience with it. Don’t surprise someone with a skinny dipping party until after you know whether or not that person would be into it. Most of all, never force anyone to join in a skinny dip. If your best friend is uncomfortable with the idea, leave her out of the skinny dipping party so she doesn’t feel awkward. Never tell anyone they must do it.

11 Do It On A Whim

The best skinny dips are when there is planning involved. Your friends will appreciate a skinny dip far more if they have advance notice. It will give everyone time to shave and prepare for the nudity. A surprise skinny dip will leave many feeling extremely uncomfortable, especially if any of your friends have their period.

10 Get All Touchy

You and your friends may be naked, but that does not give you or them the automatic right to touch anyone inappropriately. Skinny dipping is for fun, not sex (unless it is just you and your intimate partner in the water, alone). Avoid brushing up against friends in the water and keep your hands where everyone can see them.

9 Steal Clothes

Yeah, stealing people's clothes is real cute. Not. Resist the urge to be “funny” and run off with everyone’s clothes. When your friends are skinny dipping, they are doing it to have fun. A jackass running off with their clothes is not only uncool, it spoils everyone’s fun.

8 Stare At Others

When you go skinny dipping with friends, you are all going to get a glance at each others bodies, but you should never stare. It does not matter if Jimmy has a super long schlong or if Krysta’s boobs are perfect. You do not stare. It makes other people feel uncomfortable and even insecure about their bodies. Besides, you sure as heck wouldn’t want anyone staring at you like that.

7 Have Kids Around

Of all the don’ts you need to follow, this one is of absolute importance. Make sure that there are absolutely no children around when you go skinny dipping. Not only is public nudity illegal, if a minor sees you, you could get further fines or charges pressed against you and your friends. Stay dressed in kid friendly areas. No exceptions.

6 Stay Dressed And Watch

All your friends strip down and jump into the water. You don’t want to join in, so you sit down and watch. Don’t you think that is a bit creepy? If you aren’t comfortable with joining a skinny dip, you have two options. First, you can say your goodbyes and leave. The second option is to be the lookout. This only works if your friends are skinny dipping on public property and they don’t want to get caught. If they are on private property and have the owner’s permission to skinny dip, go back to option one and leave.

5 Do It Alone

No woman or man should ever attempt to skinny dip alone, especially on public property. Skinny dipping alone makes it easy for someone to come along and steal the stuff you left on the shore, such as your clothing, car keys, and cell phone. Being a woman, you are also raising your chances of getting sexually harassed, abducted, or raped.

4 Be Shy

Everyone’s body is unique and different. None of us look like the Photoshopped model in the bikini ad of a magazine. Get over it and get over your body hangups. If you are shy because you think everyone will judge your body if you join in the skinny dip, think again. Everyone will probably be so worried about their own body that they won’t have time to think about how you look naked.

3 Call It Off Because Of Period

nice legs in water

Gone are the days when women called off swimming of any sort because they have their period. The time old trick has been to use a tampon before getting into the pool, but now women are using something else. The moon cup collects menstrual blood inside the vagina. This means that we can go swimming and skinny dipping without anyone knowing that it is that time of month. Talk about freedom.

2 Take Photos

Make it a rule among your friends to not take pics during the skinny dipping event. Unless you want to risk your bare butt being posted to Facebook or Instagram, taking snap shots of your friends is a really bad idea. Have everyone agree to the no photo rule and even ask everyone to keep their cameras and smartphones in their car. You are all there to have fun, not to risk a photo being taken and possibly losing your job if it goes viral.

1 Get Caught

Above all things, when you are out skinny dipping, always choose a location where you won’t get caught. If you do get spotted by someone or a group of people, you can pretty much bet your bare bottom that they are going to call the police on you. Always be prepared for the run, the mad scamper to get your clothes on, and be ready to make a run for your car or into the woods. You don’t want to get charged with indecent exposure and any other charges that can be added to being naked in public.


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