15 Household Rules Kelly Ripa Actually Makes Her Kids And Husband Follow

Television personality and actress Kelly Ripa and her husband, fellow actor Mark Consuelos, seem to have it all. They both have extremely successful careers, lots of talent, money, and a gorgeous family.

Furthermore, it seems that the two lovebirds share a successful marriage as well. After all, they have been together for a whopping twenty-three years, which is a very long time, especially when it comes to a marriage between two famous people.

But things are not always easy in their household. Ripa does not appear to be a “go with the flow” kind of person at all. According to parents.com, she is a very strict wife and mother.

She gets judged by the public a lot because of how strict she is, and she does not seem bothered by it a bit. Here are some of the rules that her family must abide by.

15 Kelly Picks Out Some Of The Things Lola Wears


It’s no secret that Ripa likes to have a lot of control over things. One of the things that Ripa has to control in her house is her daughter’s wardrobe. According to moms.com, the star has claimed that she and Lola always have a conversation about what Lola should wear every morning, so she decided that giving her daughter limited clothing options is what works best for them.

14 Mark Always Makes Her The Same Kind Of Coffee In The Morning


Lots of people love coffee, and Ripa is one of them. Each morning, her husband makes her the same cup of coffee.

According to cheatsheet.com, the television star drinks a cappuccino that is made with half-and-half every single day. Afterward, she cooks breakfast for the kids. However, Ripa waits a bit before she eats her own breakfast.

13 Their Sunday Breakfast Menu Never Changes


Ripa really enjoys eating healthy, and she prefers her family to do the same. But when Sunday morning rolls around, that changes just a little bit.

According to thelist.com, Ripa, Consuelos, and their children enjoy eggs, cream, and cheese. Sometimes she even makes her husband breakfast in bed on Sundays.

12 Mark And Kelly Have To Have Separate Sides Of The Closet


Ripa and Consuelos like to have lots of organization in their house, and that includes the close space they share. According to eonline.com, Consuelos is not a huge fan of sharing closet space.

Both of them have their own section in their closet. That’s a bit extreme, but it certainly makes finding certain articles of clothing easier.

11 The Kids Can’t Watch TV During The Week


Ripa has some pretty strict rules for her kids when it comes to television. According to babygaga.com, she does not allow her kids to watch tv during the week at all.

The weekends are only a little different. Ripa lets her children watch television for one hour during the weekend. Her rules about television are a bit surprising when one considers the fact that she and her husband both appear on television on a regular basis.

10 Lola Has To Deal With The Fact That Her Mom Tells Embarrassing Stories About Her On TV


Over the years, Ripa has shared plenty of stories about her kids on television. But when it comes to her daughter, most of those stories have been rather embarrassing.

According to people.com, she recently did this again. On an episode of Live With Kelly And Ryan, Ripa talked about Lola’s 18th birthday party, and how she walked in on her parents at a rather revealing time.

9 They Have To Keep The House Spotless


Once a person has a certain illness, they usually try to do everything they can to avoid getting it again. But Ripa takes that to extreme levels.

According to webmd.com, she once had pink eye six times in a short period of time. Since then, the family has been keeping all of the rooms in their house neat and spotless, and every room even has a humidifier in it.

8 The Whole Family Has To Use A Calendar


These days, pretty much everyone just uses the calendars or apps they have on their smartphones to help them keep track of upcoming events. But, Ripa, Consuelos and their kids do things the old-fashioned way.

According to redbookmag.com, they still use a regular calendar. She claims that the daily visual aid helps them remember what’s on the schedule.

7 They Have A Specific Spot For The Little Bit Of Junk Food That Is Allowed In The House


Ripa has a pretty clean diet for the most part. But she is still human like the rest of us, which means that she does enjoy some things that probably are not beneficial as far as her physical health goes.

According to abcnews.go.com, the star does enjoy sweet stuff from time to time. She even has a drawer for junk food.

6 Kelly Posts Embarrassing Pictures Of Lola On Social Media


Ripa is certainly no stranger to embarrassing her children. According to closerweekly.com, she frequently posts embarrassing images of her daughter on the internet, much to Lola’s dismay.

Lola doesn’t like her mom to post any images of her. Recently, Ripa posted an old image of her on Instagram, and Lola called her shortly afterward and told her to take it down.

5 The Kids Don’t Have Privacy When It Comes To Their Phones


These days, nearly everyone has a cell phone, including little kids. But it is pretty hard to keep little ones out of trouble on the internet, which is why Ripa feels as though it is okay for her to go through her children’s cell phones.

According to latinpost.com, she once took her daughter’s electronic devices away from her because Lola violated Ripa’s rule about not having any phones present during study time. Before she took the devices away, she went through Lola’s phone while she was in the shower.

4 Her Kids Have To Hand Their Phones Over To Her When It’s Bedtime


Lots of people scroll through their smartphones at night when they are about to fall asleep, but Ripa is not a fan of that. According to closerweekly.com, the kids have to give her their phones when it’s time to go to sleep. Ripa claims this is because some studies have shown that phones can have a negative impact on a person’s sleep.

3 The Kids Can’t Interrupt One Another


Good manners are essential, and Ripa and Consuelos have certainly tried to teach that to their children. Two of their kids, Lola and Joaquin, like to interrupt one another, so which Ripa does not tolerate.

According to people.com, Ripa and Consuelo's use family dinners to encourage good manners in their offspring. They give everyone at the table a chance to talk about how their day went, and what they did and did not like about it.

2 Kelly And Mark Keep On Eye On Their Children’s Social Media Accounts


Ripa is very involved in the lives of her children, which is great. But they don’t get much privacy, especially where social media is concerned.

According to latinpost.com, Ripa has no problem looking at her kid’s social media accounts. She believes that anything that is posted online is not private, and therefore she should be able to see it.

1 The Kids Don’t Have To Like Her


Ripa seems to get just fine with her two boys, Michael and Joaquin. However, things are a bit different with Lola.

In the past, the star has claimed that she does not think Lola likes her very much, but it does not phase her. According to msn.com, she does not care if her children like her or not because she is their mom, not their friend.

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