15 Household Rules Katie Holmes Actually Makes Suri Follow

It's never easy to raise a child alone, whether the person is rich and famous or not. Any good parent wants to give the best life to their child and do everything to make them happy. When they have to do it without the support of their partner, it becomes a huge challenge. However, it's not impossible and Katie Holmes is a good example of it. Despite the fact that she was criticized for some questionable parenting decisions at the beginning of her daughter Suri's life, now she does her best to be both mom and dad to this little girl. And it's not surprising that it includes certain rules that Suri has to follow. Some of them are strict, while others not so much, but, according to Katie, all of them exist to ensure the happiness of her daughter.

So let's see how Suri Cruise is being brought up by her famous mom!

15 Suri Started Wearing Makeup And Designer Clothes Very Early

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Being only 5 years young, Suri already wore full makeup – from mascara to lipstick. Besides, she's been wearing super-expensive designer clothes and shoes since she was a toddler. Most moms don't allow their daughters to have it all so early, but Katie was fine with it. We can understand why – after all, Suri looked amazing, resembling a little princess.

14 Tom Cruise Can Only Spend 10 Days Per Month With Suri

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After the relationship between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise fell apart, Katie got full custody of Suri. Meanwhile, Tom got permission to spend 10 days per month with his daughter. But he never took them because his "strong beliefs" didn't allow him. According to the rules of his church, he can't meet Katie at all because she's "suppressive" and Suri is a "potential trouble source" to him.

13 She Can Get Birthday Presents From Her Dad

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So ever since Katie and Tom parted ways, Suri never got to see her dad. Wanting her father to be a part of her life, Katie repeatedly reached out to him to set up a meeting, but, according to Celebrity Insider, he always refused. The only way Tom "shows up" for Suri is sending her expensive gifts for birthday and Christmas every year.

12 But She Can't Talk About Him

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It must be hard for Katie to talk about her ex, considering what their relationship turned into, so she doesn't want his name to be mentioned in her house. According to the actress, by not speaking about Tom in public or in private, she eases the transition to life without him. For her, bringing up Tom means opening old wounds to Suri, so it's best to pretend he doesn't exist.

11 Katie Makes Sure Small Acts Of Kindness Are A Daily Thing For Suri

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It is important for Katie to help Suri grow into a person with high morals and good values. The actress herself was raised in the same way by her parents and she turned out wonderful! So these days Katie teaches her daughter to be humble and empathetic and encourages her to help the homeless, do small acts of kindness every day, and give back to the community. It's a great rule to follow, isn't it?

10 Friends Need To Be Thoroughly Checked

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Katie is a caring mother, but sometimes she can be slightly submissive. When it comes to choosing friends for Suri, she likes to take control of the situation and, first things first, check everyone she wants to communicate with. For this reason, Suri doesn't have a lot of friends and she's rarely seen with her peers in public. It's understandable that Katie wants to protect her daughter, but doesn't she deprive her of all the fun?

9 She Needs To Be Money-Conscious, Despite Being Rich And Famous

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Suri has been showered with lavish outfits for years, but now it seems that it has changed. The girl is getting more taste of reality and learns to become more money-conscious. She has cut back on expenses and doesn't buy these ridiculously expensive and fashionable outfits anymore. When Suri gets to choose something for her public outing with Katie, she now prefers J.Crew over high fashion pieces.

8 Suri Can't Have The Same Beliefs As Her Dad

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Tom Cruise's beliefs were one of the main reasons for separation, so Katie is trying to make sure that her daughter doesn't decide to follow her dad's lead. To keep her as far as possible from it all, the actress sent Suri to a catholic school that has no association whatsoever with the notorious society.

7 She Has To Work Hard At School

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Suri has been homeschooled for years, and now she attends a catholic school named "The Sacred Heart". When it comes to the girl's performance, Katie has high expectations and teaches Suri that effort matters the most. She wants her to work hard, get only the highest grades, and grow into an intelligent and independent individual.

6 But School Isn't Enough, According To Katie

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There's much Suri needs to do because she also has extracurricular activities, such as gymnastics and ballet. According to Katie, it gives her daughter the important skills, as well as teaches her dedication and discipline and, above all, self-confidence. Looks like Katie seeks to ensure that Suri becomes as well-rounded and cultured as possible.

5 She Has To Attend Mass

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Being enrolled in the convent of the Sacred Heart School, Suri has to attend mass on Thursdays. One of the school's main goals is to help kids learn how to pray, so mass is an important event for them. Since Katie was the one who decided that Suri had to attend this school, she also makes sure that the girl never misses it.

4 Suri Has To Follow A Daily Routine And Help With Chores

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It's understandable that after all the messiness brought in by separation from Tom, Katie wanted to create stability in her life. Consistency and discipline are important for the actress. For this reason, she maintains a daily routine these days, while ensuring that Suri also sticks to it and does some of the household chores, just like the rest of us.

3 Despite Everything Else She Has To Do, Suri Needs To Find Time For Mom

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From all the rules Suri has to follow, we can understand that she's quite a busy girl. But, nevertheless, she still needs to spend quality time with her mom. It's hard for Katie to see her little girl grow up and become more independent, but the actress understands that it's going to happen and wants their relationship to be as close as possible at this time.

2 Suri Can't Regret The Past

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According to Katie, what happened in the past should be left in the past and she teaches the same value to her daughter. The actress also says that we shouldn't only learn from our mistakes, but we should also learn not to hold onto any regrets because we can't change anything from the past. The only thing we can change is what we will do in the future. What a wise woman!

1 Katie's Main Rule For Suri Is To Grow Into A Decent Human Being

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Although Suri has quite a few strict rules, there is one that comes above them all. Her daughter's happiness is the most important thing for Katie, so everything she does, she does it to ensure that Suri grows up to become a good human being who will bring happiness into her own life and into the lives of people around her. To set an example for Suri, Katie always listens to her, accepts her opinions, and teaches her the meaning of the accomplishment.

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