15 Yummy Pics Of Caitlyn Jenner

As most people know by know, a few years ago, Bruce Jenner admitted that he wanted to live his life as a woman, and transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner. She was on the cover of Vanity Fair and has also written a memoir. Since she has become a woman, she has a new sense of self to present to the world. Caitlyn Jenner had to learn about female fashion and what works for her, as well as what she's comfortable sharing about herself. She has basically blossomed right before our eyes and frequently steps out looking totally hot. Besides being physically hot, Caitlyn also seems to be way more comfortable and confident in her body, which makes her doubly hot. It's inspiring and awesome to see the happiness on her face. Here are the 15 hottest pics of Caitlyn Jenner since she went through her transition.

15 The Vanity Fair Shoot


Caitlyn first introduced herself to the world through her Vanity Fair shoot, so naturally, she went all out in the hot department. That corset top really shows off her assets, and she certainly looks comfortable in her own skin. That's amazing since this was the first time that she had presented herself as a woman in public. Ever. The curls and the delicate earrings really add a classic touch to the overall proud vibe of the shot. It was undoubtedly a huge moment to share herself and her story in the manner that she did, but it seemed like the perfect timing to come into herself in all her feminine glory. She expressed as much in quotes around that period of time. That's the epitome of those moments that you're pushed into growth because it's less painful than staying stuck. She said, "I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world, Caitlyn. Can't wait for you to get to know her/me."

14 Chilling In Bed


This photo of Caitlyn is pretty sassy. She's relaxing in a bed with the covers pulled up over her chest with a glass of wine in hand. The question is, who took this photo, girl? This is one of the more relaxed photos of Caitlyn which undoubtedly makes for a fun shot. It feels a little more personal and playful than the average red carpet photo. Caitlyn has spoken about her years as an athlete and how much training went into that, so it looks like now she's getting the chance to relax and enjoy her life. Of course, balance is always the way to go, and it seems as though Caitlyn is totally realizing and embracing that truth these days. You can't be everything in a single day or do everything, so you might as well enjoy yourself along the way.

13 Rocking This Bodycon Dress


Every member of the Kardashian/Jenner family has a strong affinity for bodycon dresses, and lately, they've all been wearing nude shades. This is Caitlyn's version of the bodycon dress and she looks gorgeous. You can't really hide in a bodycon dress since they totally hug the body, so this shows how totally fit and curvy she is. It looks like it's made from a knit material which makes the style look a little more mature than something that her daughters would rock, which seems like the ideal choice for a red carpet appearance. It took quite a while for Caitlyn to come out and explain who she was, but her exes actually knew. Caitlyn said that her first wife found out that she was wearing her bras and had a noncommittal response. Her second wife caught her in drag and that's actually what led to their split.

12 This MAC Snap


Now that Caitlyn is a woman, she gets to wear as much makeup as she wants, and she even did a line with MAC. The line was created with the intention of being for "All Ages. All Races. All Genders." It's for everyone. Caitlyn looks hot in the photo thanks to the bra-like slip she has on, as well as the way that she's gazing at the mirror as she applies her lipstick. Caitlyn felt like she couldn't be herself for years and actually once said that she used to take makeup from her kids. But she had to wear it in private before she was ready for the world to see her in it. The fact that she now feels comfortable wearing makeup out in the open is a beautiful thing. She's even doing national makeup campaigns. That's quite a difference from the days of trying to hide herself away. People tend to look their best when they're comfortable with who they are.

11 On Fire


This photo of Caitlyn Jenner is smoking hot fire. A fitted red pantsuit with a plunging neckline revealing a red bra underneath? On fire. She wore this outfit for the Voices on Point Gala where she was presenting an award. It's one of the sexiest looks that she's worn in public thanks to her cleavage. Caitlyn generally chooses to dress a little more covered up, but she looks great with a fun peep of sexiness as well. Caitlyn has made it clear that although she's perceived as a spokesperson for the trans community, she doesn't exactly see it that way. She has said, "I am not a spokesperson for the trans community, I am not. The media kind of projects me as being the spokesperson, but from my standpoint, I am not. I am a spokesperson for my story, and that's all I can tell." She's just trying to do what's right for her and her family each and every day.

10 With Her Ex


Caitlyn and Kris both look gorgeous in the photo. It's kind of remarkable to see the two together in a picture since they do have a recent history of not getting along that well. After the two split up and Bruce transitioned into being Caitlyn, Caitlyn released a book and other personal information that didn't exactly paint Kris or their relationship in the best light. Kris was actually so hurt by a lot of the comments that the two don't really seem to be on speaking terms. Break ups are never great, no matter what the circumstances, so the fact that these two ever ended up in a photo together post-split shows that they were exercising at least a bit of maturity. The light white and beige outfits look good on them. They matched with the rest of the women in their family for that particular event as well. Who knows if we'll see those two together in another photo anytime soon, though.

9 With Her Kids


This is a beautiful family photo of Caitlyn with her daughters Kendall and Kylie. She and Kendall actually look alike in this one. The photo seems to be from around Christmas and Caitlyn is wearing a festive red dress. Caitlyn has proudly spoken out about parenting and what a big and important job it is to raise kids well. She has said, "That's the most important thing you do in your life - raise children and try to do the best job as a parent and give your kids the best shot in life to go out there into the big, bad world." Caitlyn has definitely been through a lot of monumental events in her life, so she would have a lot of knowledge and strength to pass along to her children. She ended up with quite a few of them between her blended families, so she has had a lot of chances to parent through the good and the bad.

8 Coordinating With Kylie


In this photo, Caitlyn is out and about with her daughter Kylie and they're both wearing light color tones and neutrals. Save for Kylie's lips, that is. It's a candid shot of the women walking and talking, but while Caitlyn didn't have a chance to pose for the photo, she still looks great. Caitlyn is showing off plenty of leg with her white lace skirt and low heeled shoes. Caitlyn has explained that she has always learned a lot from other women, and since she became a woman a bit later than many others in her life it's safe to assume that she's even done some learning from her children. She has said, "I have always actually been with and attracted to very strong women, and I think I've learned a lot from them." It might not be the average way to go about learning who you are, but who ever said that average is the best? It's safe to say that no one did.

7 The Leather Pants Look


Leather pants are kind of hard to pull off but Caitlyn pulls them off quite naturally here. She's been snapped multiple times out and about in leather pants so she certainly has a thing for them. Caitlyn loves her dresses but she also likes to wear pants when she's out running errands or dining with her family. Caitlyn has spoken about the fact that when she became a woman she had to learn all of the style tips to go along with it. She has said, "I had really no sense of style. Everyone around me in my family had the sense of style - I learned as much as I possibly could." Luckily she has plenty of stylish women in her family who are probably more than happy to help her out. On Caitlyn's reality show, they even show that some of her kids brought her some shoes that they thought she might like. She had to start from ground zero, but what a fun opportunity to do a lot of experimentation.

6 Sports Illustrated Cover

Sports Illustrated

This is a super hot photo of Caitlyn as part of the cover shoot of Sports Illustrated. It also shows how far she has come throughout her life and is a nice homage to her past as Bruce Jenner the Olympic athlete. In the shot, she wears a jumpsuit covered in gold sequins to compliment the gold medal that is hanging around her neck. It's the perfect blend of honoring both who she used to be and who she is now. Most of us change a lot throughout our lives and might even barely recognize the people that we used to be. But it's safe to say that Caitlyn's transition is a bit more extreme than the average person's. Being able to honor all of the different parts of ourselves can be challenging but it's also super empowering. Caitlyn looks totally empowered and confident in this photo, which just makes her look amazing. Confidence is pretty much everything.

5 Rocking Those Jeans


It has to be said that Caitlyn looks pretty awesome in jeans. It's not easy to find the right fit in denim but those babies look like they were made for her. (Hey, maybe they were.) The look on her face in this photo just screams "I look good and I know it." It's practically a smirk. She paired the flattering flare leg denim with a structured cropped coat and bag for a no-nonsense look. Caitlyn has shared that one time she got caught dressed in drag while she was out driving her car: "I’m driving on Santa Monica Boulevard… and am at a stoplight when my next-door neighbor pulls up to me. I can tell he is surprised... it was a close call." She ended up telling the guy that she was dressed up in costume for Halloween. That sounds like quite a stressful experience trying to keep something like that hidden while trying to enjoy life. Luckily, she doesn't have to hide anymore.

4 This Smiling Shot


This photo of Caitlyn is obviously a hot one because she is smiling super big and she's also smiling authentically. It's not that often that we truly see Caitlyn smiling in a photo, so it's a nice change. She's clearly speaking at an event of some sort in this photo and she looks legitimately happy. Happy people always look the most beautiful. Caitlyn has been quoted saying that she has nothing to hide and just wants to enjoy her life. She has said, "I'm just going to go live life. I'm going to go enjoy life. I have nothing left to hide. I am kind of a free person, a free soul." That's a wonderful concept, and it's one that we should all be living by at all times, no matter what. We often wait for things to make sense we really start enjoying ourselves, but when we do that, we end up putting off our happiness for no reason.

3 This Jumpsuit


Is there anything sleeker than a black jumpsuit? Caitlyn looks super put together here as well as very sexy. It seems like the jumpsuit is a tube top style one which she's paired with a coat. It shows off the shape of her body while being demure at the same time. While it's likely that Caitlyn has faced plenty of challenges embracing her new self, it also sounds like she had had quite a bit of support along the way as well. She has said, "Honestly, since the Diane Sawyer piece, every day it's like, it's exciting to go to the mailbox... Because I get letters every day from all of these people from all over the world." While there are many people who have questions about her transition, there are also people who can totally relate to it and have reached out to her. That certainly must feel nice when going through something that can be so polarizing.

2 The ESPY Awards


This photo from the 2015 ESPY Awards shows Caitlyn taking the stage in a gorgeous white gown. That was the year that she won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and expressed her hopes that people would start increasing their acceptance for other people who are transgender. Caitlyn admitted that the transition was incredibly hard and vowed "to do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how transgender people are viewed and treated." She has continued to do so by being outspoken and open about her process as well as her feelings throughout, even when she's been met with naysayers. That kind of commitment to the self is always hot. Wearing a floor-length, fitted, white ball gown certainly doesn't hurt, either. It was all eyes on Caitlyn that night and for good reason. She looked put together and beautiful.

1 This Sexy Dress


Caitlyn generally dresses pretty conservatively, and she always looks good, no matter what she's got on. But every once in a while, she steps out in a super sexy outfit. The number that she's wearing in this photo is one of them. This black dress is fitted and looks absolutely amazing on her. You can't see her toned legs and yet the overall look is still totally hot. You can see her red-painted toes peeking out from underneath the dress, which adds to the general effect. Caitlyn appears to be at an event of some sort. Caitlyn admitted that she even tried her mom's dresses on when she was a kid, so she's had her eye on women's clothing for many, many years. It must be a crazy feeling to finally feel like she can wear what she truly loves to wear and look amazing at the same time.

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