15 Hottest Jobs A Man Can Have

While most women don’t care about the specifics like what salary a man makes, they definitely do care about what occupation a man has – that’s because your occupation definitely says a lot about you. It tells your partner a bit about your personalities, your values, whether you’re a free spirit or a guy who loves stability, whether you’re super creative or super brainy (or both!), etc. It’s also one of the first things you often get to know about someone, so even though you know not to judge a book by its cover, it’s easy to make a quick judgment based on their career choice.

Last year, Tinder compiled some data and released a list of some of the jobs that women most frequently swiped right for – and let’s just say the results weren’t too surprising. While it’s entirely possible that the love of your life will end up having some random occupation that you never even gave much thought to, there’s no secret that the occupations on this list are the ones that often cause a woman’s ears to perk up. Perhaps it’s because they indicate that the man is a bit of a risk taker; perhaps they indicate he’s a warm heart who saves lives. There’s just one thing we can agree on – these are 15 of the sexiest possible jobs a man can have.

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15 Entrepreneur

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As with anything, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, and the traits that some women find sexy might be totally turn-offs for other women. This job is the perfect example. For some women, a man who is an entrepreneur might seem a bit too unstable – depending on where they’re at in their career, they might not have a successful company, and may be scrimping and saving on every other aspect of their life in order to fuel their passion. However, for many women, entrepreneurs have many sexy qualities – they’re driven, they’re ambitious, they’re fiercely independent and are only content if they can be their own boss, and they’re innovative. They believe in their ideas and they believe in working hard. If you’re okay with someone whose job isn’t quite as stable as a regular 9 to 5, someone who is truly passionate about their work, then an entrepreneur just might be your dream guy

14 Firefighter

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This one might seem a little cheesy, given that when you think ‘sexy firefighter’ you probably think of, well, strippers in costume, but it still makes nearly every list of sexiest occupations for a reason. First of all – almost every woman loves a man in a uniform. That’s just a given. But there are so many reasons why being a firefighter is an insanely sexy job. On the physical level, because of the job requirements they face, firefighters are usually very physically fit –those abs courtesy of the regular fitness schedule are definitely a nice bonus. Second, they’re brave and compassionate – they literally make their living by rushing into burning buildings to rescue people, which is a pretty incredible thing to do. They’re the type of men who are good in an emergency, because they’re used to dealing in emergency situations, so you know you can count on them when the going gets tough.

13 Doctor

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The running joke in television shows and movies about women telling their daughters to find a doctor exists for a reason. Yes, they’re paid well, which means you’re likely set for a life of financial security. However, there’s also another big reason – they quite literally save lives for a living. They heal people. In order to make it through the rigors of med school and residency and to climb the ranks, they have to be both incredibly intelligent and insanely dedicated — those long shifts are no joke! They can do incredible things, and can impact people in a way that not many other professions can. Plus, while there are some doctors with a God complex, the majority are just sweet, humble people who went into their particular field because they wanted to make a difference and save lives – and that’s super sexy. And if he’s a paediatrician? Forget about it – a man who devotes his life to helping children is too sexy for words.

12 Architect

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It can seem like there’s a somewhat disproportionately large amount of male characters in movies and on television shows that are architects, and there’s a good reason – it’s an underrated and pretty sexy profession. Sure, on paper, it might not sound that different from a regular office job, but it’s kind of the perfect blend of two worlds. Architects craft structures that need to exist in the real world, so they need to be logical and engage that side of their brain – while engineers deal with the nitty gritty details, the architect still needs to have a good enough idea about what’s possible in reality. However, they’re also designing those structures, which means they need a certain degree of creativity. It’s the perfect combination. Plus, who knows – if you end up marrying an architect, perhaps one day you’ll live in your dream house that he lovingly helped design according to your specifications.

11 Engineer

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While some women have always gone for the jocks and the obvious alpha males, there are other women who’ve always had a bit of a thing for the nerdier, quieter guys – and, while there are certainly obnoxious engineers in the world, a large majority of them tend to be nerdier guys who got into the job because they love numbers and logistics, because they love figuring out exactly how things work. Engineers are innovative and fantastic problem solvers, and they’re also very detail oriented – an engineer probably won’t forget your birthday or do a shoddy job installing that curtain you needed help to install. They’re also super brainy, which is a sexy trait. So, if you’ve always had a thing for the quieter, nerdier guys of the world, your dream man might very well be working in the world of engineering, busy making plans for building really cool things that he can tell you all about over dinner.

10 Athlete

via: livingfuel.com

There’s no doubt about it – women absolutely love professional athletes. I mean, there’s a reason that so many women are reduced to shrieking messes when a pro athlete jogs by on his way to the field or court — they exude a certain amount of charisma and, well, they’re sexy AF. Their body is essentially their most integral tool, so they make sure to take fantastic care of it to ensure they’re at their peak physical condition on the field, court, ice, or wherever they play. That means they’re in fantastic shape – a great bonus. However, pro athletes also have another sexy quality – determination. It’s a tough industry to make it in, so the ones who do have put in hours of work and dedication in their quest to achieve their dream. Many athletes get a bad rap for being players, but there are quite a few professional athletes that are devoted, wonderful husbands or boyfriends – so we keep fantasizing.

9 Lawyer

via: huffingtonpost.com

Lawyers embody a lot of sexy traits – they’re intelligent, they’re strong, they’re powerful, and they’re charming. It’s easy to see why women find that sexy. Plus, they have to have a lot of confidence in order to argue their case or deal with clients, and as we all know, confidence is one of the sexiest personality traits someone can have. Now, it can sometimes be tough to date a lawyer, because their hours are pretty demanding – they’re frequently pushed to bill as many hours as possible and work on case after case, but that’s just what the job requires at many law firms. However, you know he’ll be a great conversationalist, he’ll be trustworthy, and he’ll be a good listener. Just know that, when you’re having a lover’s spat, there’s a pretty big chance that you won’t win that argument – after all, he basically argues for a living. There’s just no competing with that.

8 Personal trainer

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Okay, it’s not hard to understand why so many people would swipe right on guys who are personal trainers – you know that he’s guaranteed to have an absolutely smoking physique. Now, personal trainers come from all walks of life, and while many are former (or current) athletes, there are also many who get into it because they love fitness and they love helping people, and training is the best way they could find to combine their passions. Whatever their motivation for entering the occupation, they’re passionate about helping others bring out the best in themselves, and about health – which is pretty amazing. Plus, let’s be honest – the idea of watching a super fit personal trainer getting his sweat on is crazy sexy. If you dated a personal trainer, you’d be hoping he would just drop and start doing crunches all the time. Call us shallow, but there’s nothing wrong in appreciating a fine physique.

7 Police Officer

via: pinterest.com

The idea of a sexy cop is probably second only to the idea of a sexy firefighter in the cheese factor, but hey – the heart wants what it wants, and for many women, that’s a sexy man in a uniform. Cops are sexy partially because of the uniform, and partially because of the power and authority they yield – they literally enforce the law. That’s kind of hot. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that pop culture has given us a ton of sexy cops, from Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-nine to Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street. Perhaps it’s a thing from all those years of flirting with cops to get out of speeding tickets, but there’s just something about a sexy cop all dressed up in uniform. Plus, you can’t discount the fact that, like with many of the sexy professions on this list, cops put their lives on the line every day to protect others – and that kind of selflessness is definitely hot.

6 Teachers

via: vans-bomer.tumblr.com

The phrase “hot for teacher” has become a pop culture phenomenon for a reason – most women out there have, at some point, had a crush on a teacher or professor. It’s just a thing. So, it comes as no surprise that many women swipe right when they see a guy is a teacher. First of all, they’re probably pretty brainy in their subject matter of choice, which is great. They’re also incredibly patient – you’d have to be in order to be surrounded by a classroom full of children every day. And, they’re also probably good with children, something that’s a definite plus if you’re thinking past the fling stage and into the long term. They’re passionate about helping shape young minds, they have pretty good job security, and they probably have lots of great stories at the end of every day – what’s not to love? Plus, in case you ever wanted to indulge your teacher fantasies, they might oblige.

5 Veterinarian

via: kansascity.com

Dr. Evan Antin made waves on the internet last year as everyone became obsessed with the sexy vet, but even if you ignore him, being a veterinarian is still a sexy job. After all, they have a lot of the same skills and schooling as a doctor, meaning they’re crazy intelligent – in fact, they have to learn the anatomy of tons of different creatures, which is arguably even harder. And, obviously, they’ve likely picked their career because they love animals – another sexy trait. They’re driven to succeed, they’re gentle enough to gain the trust of every creature that walks into their office, and they rock a kind of quiet confidence in their abilities that is just crazy sexy. I mean, it’s no mistake that the internet is obsessed with finding the next sexy veterinarian – we want more! Plus, if you’re dating a veterinarian, you might even be allowed to visit the adorable animals in the waiting room whenever you want, which is pretty amazing.

4 Musician

via: mynewplaidpants.com

This one is kind of a tricky one, because the stereotype of the bad boy musician exists for a reason – many musicians opt to lead that lifestyle, and dating a bad boy Casanova musician will likely end in heartbreak. However, you shouldn’t let a few bad eggs ruin the bunch – musicians are incredibly sexy, even if they’re not bad boys. First of all, they have the ability to craft songs or serenade you, which is pretty sexy. They’re creative, they’re likely talented, and they’re passionate about what they do. There’s a reason that so many women fall for musicians, particularly after seeing them perform – they just have a certain charisma that draws you to them, whether they’re front and center playing the guitar or tucked in amongst the orchestra, rocking the violin. Someone who has worked so hard to master their craft and to make it in an industry that is notoriously difficult is someone who will likely put in the effort when it comes to your relationship.

3 Pilot

via: hmaviationbestpilotsschool.blogspot.ca

When it comes to the occupation that causes most Tinder users to swipe right, pilots came in at the very top – above many other occupations typically considered ‘sexy’ where men wear uniforms and cultivate strong physiques. While it may seem farfetched, considering that you probably don’t exactly meet tons of pilots in your everyday life, according to the experts, it makes sense. Dr. Ginnie Love chatted with Travel + Leisure, and said that “women like the idea of a powerful man. Being a pilot says, ‘I’m fearless, daring and intelligent.’ It’s the ultimate phallic symbol – a jet liner.” Well, while we won’t comment on any subconscious phalla-cies, the rest is a great explanation for why women are so crazy about pilots. Plus, let’s be honest – being with a pilot probably means a lot of travelling perks, which means plenty of sexy, romantic vacations for two, and that sounds like a relationship dream.

2 Construction worker

via: texashafts.com

While some women are turned on by men in business suits, the type of guys who have a corner office and high-powered job, other women go absolutely nuts for guys who work with their hands for a living – if you’re in the latter group, a construction worker just might be your dream guy. First of all, they’re tough – construction workers often have to work in all types of conditions, and perform no matter what. Second, they’re good with their hands, which… well, we’ll let your mind take that one where it will. And finally, they’re usually pretty down to earth, which can be a fantastic quality in a partner. We could make jokes about tool belts, but we won’t go there – just know that a blue-collar guy who works hard is super sexy to a lot of women. Plus, if you ever end up marrying a construction worker, chances are you’ll never have to worry if something around the house breaks – he can probably fix it with ease.

1 Chef

via: huffingtonpost.com

Let’s face it, there’s not much sexier than a man who can cook you a great meal. Sure, expectations have changed a lot in the past few decades, and women are no longer the ones expected to be in the kitchen every night preparing dinner. The cooking duties in any relationship are generally split a little more evenly, but it’s still incredible when a guy is great in the kitchen and can prepare more than cereal and mac ‘n’ cheese from the box. Imagine this – you had a long week, you sleep in a little bit on Saturday, and when you wake up, there’s a plate of fresh French toast with caramelized bananas, a decadent caramel sauce, and a big, steamy latte, ready to be delivered straight to your bed. I mean, that’s basically living the dream – who wouldn’t want that? If you can deal with a chef’s hours, which tend to be different than the normal 9 to 5, a chef might be your perfect match.

Sources: usnews.comtravelandleisure.com

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