14 Most Horrific Gyno Experiences Women Have Had

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14 Most Horrific Gyno Experiences Women Have Had

It’s never fun going to the gynecologist. It can be a very uncomfortable situation, because let’s be honest, it’s awkward sitting on a table with your legs spread open and a stranger poking around inside. For some women just the idea is an absolute nightmare! And that’s if everything goes right at the gyno’s office. They’re professionals so it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong.

Unfortunately for these women, the experience became a lot worse for several reasons. Some are funny, others are dreadful and others are infuriating.

Just as a reminder, you need to go to see the gyno though, it’s important for your health. So you can’t let these crazy stories put you off! These are very unfortunate and one-off cases. You have to make sure that everything is in working order down there. An awkward experience isn’t worth the risk of having a health problem because you didn’t go.

Hopefully none of you reading this have had similar experiences and your gynos treat you well with professionalism and care, but here are some of the stories where that didn’t quite happen. Keep on reading to find out more!

14. The Self-Righteous Gyno

via thecontextofthings.com

via thecontextofthings.com

“I switched gynecologists because I wanted a woman. She asked if i was sexually active and I said yes. That’s pretty normal, but when I asked her about birth control options, namely the IUD, she gave me a weird look and said those are only for women in monogamous relationships. Her saying that because I had more than one partner made me feel awful about myself. Also, that’s not even true, any woman who wants an IUD can get one.”

This story was a bit of a surprise right from the start since the last thing you would expect from your doctor, especially a female gynecologist, would be something as childish as “sl*t-shaming” for simply having a healthy sex life. Talk about seriously unprofessional behavior! This is one of those moments where the doctor needs to keep her opinion to herself, hopefully this isn’t regular behavior for her.

13. The Religious and Macho Gyno


I decided it was only fare to share with you my personal gyno horror story.

I was 29 years old and three months away from turning 30. I had and have never wanted to have children and can’t take hormonal birth control which makes sex a scary task. I went to my gynecologist to tell him I wanted to get my tubes tied. He not only demanded a full explanation as to why I didn’t want to have children but he then proceeded to insult my intelligence and rights by saying: “You’re a stupid girl who doesn’t know what’s right for her. That’s why we are here on earth, to have children, that’s why God put you on this earth! I would never do such a thing as to permanently prevent a woman from having children, nor would I take that right away from your husband.” I told him how my husband didn’t want to have children either, to which he replied: “Well… if you get divorced your next husband might want children and I’m not going to prevent him from that just because you don’t want to.” My rights didn’t matter to him, my wishes didn’t matter to him. It was all about what God wanted and my nonexistent second husband. After getting a “no” to getting my tubes tied from seven other gynecologists my husband and I decided it would be easier if he got a vasectomy.

12. Painkillers Didn’t Kick In

via memecenter.com

via memecenter.com

“I noticed I had some dry areas off to the very side of ahem the most sensitive area. Go in, dr says.. It looks like a form of eczema, but we should biopsy it anyways..

Next, I’m getting a shot of lidocaine to the vag. They kept testing to see if I was numb, then said “It’s kind of hard to get this area exactly numb because of the folds of skin.” Awesome….

So, it sort of feels numb down there, but not really, and they decide it’s good enough to go in an do the biopsy, which was really them just taking some scissors and snipping a piece of my vag off that might be close enough to be considered part of the clitoris. And, I was NOT numb.. I screamed. Then, afterwards, the lidocaine decides to kick in.

My husband (now ex) can’t get off of work to pick me up, even though I’ve just had part of my vag crudely snipped off… so, I had to take the bus home. And on the ride, it’s bumpy and the lidocaine wears off.”

11. Sometimes You Can’t Trust Their Opinion

via imgflip.com

via imgflip.com

“When I was 19 I went to the gyno because I noticed some bumps on my lady bits that were painful. I had only been with one guy and we used protection every time so needless to say I was concerned. Flash forward to exam time- she takes one look and says (in the most sarcastic and b!@chy tone) ” Congrats, you have herpes.” I explain how safe we are and ask how this could happen. She proceeds to call me a liar and tells me she can’t help me if I’m not truthful with her. I was humiliated. She does a test- comes back in and says it’s positive. Fast forward 4 years, the same man (now my husband) and I are wanting to start a family, I go to a new gyno and explain what I was told and would like to hear options…. she takes a look and says” oh honey, you don’t have herpes… it looks like you’re allergic to the soap you use!” Turns out the previous doctor was completely wrong and I thought I’d been living with herpes the last 4 years”.

10. Something Smells Burned


Getting burned can be an extremely painful experience, some part of our body we can´t even imagine how could they could possibly get burned. Unfortunately, this woman learned that even her lady parts can suffer such an injury.

“My doctor had a device on the wall that warmed up the speculum—kind of like a mini towel rack—so the tool wasn’t cold when it went in. When she put it in my vagina, I immediately said ‘Whoah, that’s warm. She said, ‘Yeah, we warm it up a little.’ But as she cranked it open, my vagina began to burn, and I yelped ‘Holy f–k, get that thing out of me!’ The doctor took it out and immediately apologized. She was so frazzled, she had to leave the room. When she came back, she gave me some wipes because the inner walls of my vagina were bleeding from the burn. It was my birthday, and I couldn’t even have sex because my vagina was so badly burned. I drank a lot of wine, though.”

9. A Painful Encounter


We can all sort of relate to pain. When someone has a tummy ache we can relate, we can understand the discomfort and ache it can cause. It would only be natural to imagine that if you have a female gynecologist she could relate to the pain and discomfort that some procedures would involve. Which makes it more shocking for the next woman, whose female gynecologist was extremely insensitive and quite frankly a b….

“Years ago, I went to a gynecologist who was super rough with the speculum and I nicely—nicer than I should have been considering how painful it was—asked her to be a little more gentle. She snapped at me and said, ‘Well, it doesn’t hurt me, so it shouldn’t hurt you.’ Like, ‘No sh*t, lady, you’re not the one with a metal clamp in your vagina—of course it’s not hurting you.’”

8. Plus-Size Shame

Psychologist, marketing executives, writers, feminist and an endless list of people are working hard into helping women feel more positive about their bodies. We are now beginning to finally grasp the simple idea that every woman is beautiful in her own size. As women we know far to well how easy it is to feel unappealing by the simplest look. We really don´t need anyone making us feel bad about our bodies because, generally, we do that all on our own. Unfortunately for the next anonymous woman, going to the gyno turned out to be a body shaming experience.

“I once had a gyno tell me she was surprised I was sexually active … I was probably 19 at the time and just started dating my now husband (who would turn out to be the only partner I’d have intercourse with) so I asked about birth control. I’m a plus-size woman, she looked me up and down and said, ‘REALLY? Huh, ok well…’ and then launched into options.”

7. Dr. Conservative


“My first gynecologist (went to her three times) asked me (as she should have) if I was sexually active each time I saw her. I said yes all three times. The first time, she asked if I was in a relationship. I said yes. The second time, she asked if I was with the same partner as the year before. I said no. The third time, she asked me ‘and howwww many partners do you have right now?’ I never went back. Generally felt shamed because I don’t think it was really any of her business what my relationship status was at any point.”

A woman is allowed to explore her sexuality, and the number of sex partners shouldn’t play a role in the way that you are address by your doctor. Which is why is outrageous what this doctor told her patient. We can’t blame her if she decided never to go back there again.

6. Religion and Intimate Health Don’t Mix

Via: www.hmxuan.com

You can never trust religion to give you truthful answers when it comes to intimacy and sexual health. Let’s be honest! Most religious institutions don’t like the idea of intimacy before marriage. However, it was very unfortunate the scare that the next woman got by going to Catholic center to get tested for STDs. Luckily, she was able to find trust worthy health access to tell her the truth. But I suppose her experience is useful to other women to always seek a second opinion just to be certain about your medical situation.

“I went to the health center at my Catholic college (which didn’t do wellness exams) because I was spotting and had some pain. I was told that I probably had an STD even though I had only been with one guy who was clean. So that was horrifying! Ended up going to a Planned Parenthood and it was a UTI all along.”

5. No Means No


Going to the doctor can be scary, because you never really know what diagnosis you’re going to get. Going to a gynecologist can be even more scary because you’re opening up a very private area of your body to a stranger. When a gynecologist chose not to believe this woman the damage was psychological more than physical and it lasted for a very long time.

“When I was 16 I noticed I was having some vaginal discharge. I had only been having my periods for a few months. I didn’t know what it was so I asked my mom to see the obgyn. When I went in the doctor asked me if I had sex. I answered no because I hadn’t. When she began the exam she held up the speculum and said, “Are you sure you’ve never had sex yet? This is the one we use for little children and I have to use it if you’ve never had sex yet. This is the one for little children, have you had sex?” I reiterated my answer and didn’t go back to a gyn till I was 26 despite suffering from sever dysmenorrhea.”

4. The Unexpected Apprentice


“One of my friends (I know, sounds fake but it’s real) had an appointment with her gyno when they asked her if it was okay for an intern to join. She obviously didn’t mind, until the guy who walked in was someone she had a one-night stand with two days earlier.

Too embarrassed by the whole situation, they both didn’t say anything and had to sit through the entire examination. And no, you might hope they ended up boyfriend or girlfriend, but they never talked to each other again.”

One thing is to open-up your lady-parts to have sex and an entirely different story is to open-up your lady-parts to your doctor. You never really imagine that the person who you have sex with can be examining your insides, which makes it a very embarrassing situation for this woman. But at least her sex-partner can rest in peace knowing that she´s safe by going to the gynecologist.

3. Doctors Are For Medical Advice Only


“My friend had been dating this guy that ended up giving her herpes. When she went to the doctor’s to get it checked out, the gyno went on to give her relationship advice and told her, ‘Well you think he’s the one … but obviously he’s not.’ As if she wasn’t uncomfortable enough as it is.”

Unless you’re going to a psychologist or maybe a psychiatrist you don’t really want to hear relationship advice from your doctor. Specially when your sex-partner has given you herpes. But we still have to hand it out to the doctor for wanting to go that extra mile to bring some type of comfort to this woman with the uncomfortable diagnosis of having herpes. Unfortunately, the advice came too late. We don’t think he’s not partner material because he has herpes, but because he didn’t come forward about his diagnosis and let her take the chance knowingly. Now that’s shady.

2. When Doctors Don’t Keep Kids Safe


“I was a very responsible teenager and asked my first gynecologist how to make losing my virginity—not that it matters, but to my loving boyfriend of over a year—less painful. He wrote my age, 18, on a slip of paper, showed it to me, and said, ‘You are this old. If you were my daughter…’ He went on about how I was too young and essentially said sex is bad. I still have rage strokes when I think about it.”

This girl was being responsible by going to the doctor to have safe sex. It is appalling that she had to go through such an experience, specially because at 18 most teenagers are getting it on. Which is why it´s important for them to have access to health care to avoid diseases or unwanted pregnancies. If anything he should have congratulated her for being responsible, instead of demonizing her for having sex.

1. Be Careful Who You Trust


“In college, I accidentally went to one of those pro-life centers masquerading as a women’s clinic. I had sex for the first time after swimming and got bacteria vaginosis. This fake clinic offered an STD test, which I did, of course. They told me that I had herpes simplex 1 and tried to convince me that I couldn’t have sex with it even when I don’t have a cold sore. Then they showed me abortion pictures. I cried to my mom and never went back again. There’s a lot that’s been written about these fake clinics already, and they’re all horrifying.”

Nowadays is hard to know who to trust, but you never imagine that a woman´s clinic is going to give you misinformation. Unfortunately, not all clinic are run by trustworthy doctors who you can trust to give out truthful information. However, we’re happy that this woman was able to realize that it was a fake women’s clinic and that whatever she was told was not true.

Source: chatelaine.com, womenshealthmag.com, revelist.com, entitymag.com

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