15 Horrendous Makeup Trends That Need To Go Away

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15 Horrendous Makeup Trends That Need To Go Away

Are you guilty of committing some of the most horrendous makeup crimes of all time? These trends have either recently surfaced or refuse to go away, but it’s hard not to think of them as the monstrosities that they really are. Ditch the glitter, quit contouring, and stop trying to keep up with the latest blending techniques. It’s possible you might be stuck in the 60s with the way you’re doing your mascara, but chances are, you totally agree with everything on this list. When you see someone doing one of these makeup mistakes, it totally makes your blood boil. If you’re a true beauty lover, you know what’s right and what’s wrong, which is why this list is practically your bible. You know how to treat your skin like a goddess, and that’s why you won’t hurt it with any of these harmful looks. Here are 15 horrendous makeup trends that need to die, but we just can’t seem to get rid of them!

15. Body Contouring

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Contouring your face is ridiculous as it is, but one of the latest makeup trends has taken things way too far! Girls are now contouring their chest and butt to make them look bigger. While some of the makeup experts have definitely wowed us with how misleading the talented contouring can be, it’s gotten beyond out of hand. When girls feel obligated to paint their butt and boobs on, it goes to show how society has warped our minds to not love our bodies as they are. Makeup is a wonderful thing, but this is a trend that needs to get the hell out. It’s expensive, and while it might make you look flawless in a photo, it’s time-consuming and will totally ruin your clothes on top of everything else. Think of how annoying it is to get makeup stains out of anything. Now your bras and shorts will be stained forever!

14. Painful Charcoal Face Masks


Your skin regiment is part of your make up routine, and while it might not be what the rest of the world sees, it’s a trend that needs to stop. Why? It actually damages your skin instead of helping it. There’s a reason everyone is in pain when they rip these masks off. When removed, cells from the outer layer of skin are being taken off along with the mask, and any hair as well. The reason your skin feels so soft and smooth after using the mask is because you’ve literally just stripped off a surface layer of skin. It also peels off all of the natural oils that sit on your skin to protect it, leaving your skin vulnerable for up to thirty days. You can cause permanent damage to your skin if you keep using these horrible charcoal masks! It’s definitely time to abandon this part of your regiment because you’re destroying your skin instead of helping it.

13. Using Stupid Objects As Makeup Applicators


Everything about this trend is stupid. It should go without saying that you should stick to your sponges and blenders to apply your makeup, but that idea has gone south as of late. What are we using instead? Rubbers and tampons and one girl even used her boyfriend’s dangly bits to apply her foundation. Other various objects that have also been used in this appalling trend is sneakers, shovels, and toilet plungers in order to blend in your makeup. While it’s funny, it’s totally unnecessary and it’s gone too far. Makeup trends have a way of lasting for an excessively long time when the joke was over months ago, but while internet celebrities continue to make the trend go viral, we’ll be stuck watching girls use high heels to contour their face. Using stupid objects as makeup applicators is a trend that needs to die and we wish we could forget about it because true makeup lovers know it’s a matter to be taken much more seriously.

12. Glitter Beards


Even men aren’t safe from horrible beauty trends. While we could have taken this moment to address the monstrosity that clip in man buns are, we’ll continue to wage the war against glitter. First of all, men, this is not a flattering look. It’s completely absurd and needs to be stopped, and if you ever perpetuated this trend by dipping your beard in glitter, or you know a man that has done this, you’re guilty of allowing this. Unless you’ve been mauled by a child with a glue gun and glitter obsession this is unacceptable. You will also face a life time of being haunted by your mistake because glitter never truly goes away. This is one of the most horrendous trends of them all, and men are the guilty party of this beauty crime. That much facial hair is overbearing, to begin with, so next time, shave instead of turning your face into a sparkly mess. Spread the word to your men, ladies.

11. Purposefully Clumpy Eyelashes


While many are saying this is a sexy trend making a comeback from the 60’s, we’re not buying it. It’s meant to make your eyelashes disorganized and chaotic, which allegedly has a gritty rock and roll style beauty to it. In reality, you’re going to end up pulling out way too many eyelashes when you try and wash that mess off. While imperfect makeup has a way of making you look unique, the caked on doll look isn’t something we want to see. It’s a trend trying to descend its way from high fashion into the masses, and we hope it dies a quick and easy death before it catches on. Considering how important your eyelashes are to your beauty, it isn’t worth the risk of losing them when they’re that clumped together. Stick to the mascara the promises to keep your lashes free of any excess makeup and they’ll totally thank you for it.

10. Overdone Eyebrows


The problem with overdone eyebrows is the eyebrow shaming that follows. If your eyebrows aren’t thick enough or long enough, the ridicule will follow. While it’s true that eyebrows frame the face, that doesn’t mean everyone should feel obligated to drop fifty dollars on makeup for your eyebrows in order to thicken them up. Once upon a time, thin eyebrows were all the rage, and once upon a time, even uni-brows were in fashion. The overdone and thick eyebrow trend needs to die for the sake of everyone’s sanity. The grooming, stenciling, shading, and detailing is exhausting, but then you have to do it all over again for the other eyebrow to try and achieve some semblance of symmetry. Let’s promptly say goodbye to this awful standard, shall we? Makeup trends have a way of being the absolute worst because they impose beauty standards upon you, and you’re totally over them.

9. Super Dark Smoky Eye


There are so many ways to go wrong with the smoky eye look. While it’s easy to add too many colors and blend poorly, it’s even easier to make the look too dark and totally unattractive. That’s why this look totally needs to die because while doing it wrong is an honest mistake, doing it too dark is beauty crime. There’s nothing worse than looking like a raccoon, but some girls got the idea in their head that that’s a cute look. You end up looking like someone straight out of a Halloween horror movie, and you’re totally delusional if you think it’s attractive in any dimension. Dark eye makeup has its time and place, but the too dark smoky eye look is on its way out the door and hopefully, it never comes back. Too many celebrities looked at their absolute worst when they tried donning this ugly look.

8. Huge Eyelash Extensions


There is a lot to cover when it comes to this popular beauty trend; there’s the obvious good, but the bad and the ugly is why this trend needs to go away. The good is simple; your eyelashes look like a million dollars. The problem is it costs hundreds of dollars every couple weeks, and it damages your eyelashes if you mishandle them. On top of that, as they fall out, you’re left with a gross spidery look. If this trend doesn’t die altogether, the girls that get the longest extensions possible and end up looking like they have butterfly wings on their eyes need to quit it. It’s a hideous look, but if you become addicted to continuously making them longer and longer, you might not be able to stop – even if it looks terrible. Save yourself the money, the stress, and the potential disaster if you end up losing all of your beautiful eyelashes. This trend needs to end.

7. Lip Liner


Can we blame Kylie Jenner for this one?! After the Kylie Jenner lip challenge ended with a lot of seriously damaged lips, we thought that the drama was finally over. Her lip kits are still flying off the shelves, though, and this trend shows no sign of going away anytime soon. It’s way too easy to fail with this makeup look. Everyone can spot those lines over your lips trying to look way plumper than they already are. Lip liner didn’t give Kylie the pout she has now without help from elsewhere. The trouble isn’t worth the outcome with this makeup trend, and we can’t wait until we see those lip kits off the shelf for good. Give yourself some color with lip stain instead, and don’t feel obligated to plump up that pout because it’s the latest thing to do. Your lips will thank you too because it’s totally drying on the delicate skin.

6. Impractical Nail Art


If you thought coffin nails were overdone, just wait for the latest makeup trend that is storming into your favorite beauty bar. Those long claws might seem impractical, but they’ve got nothing on the nail art that has plants and sculptures glued on to your nails. Anything from feathers, studs, to crystals, could be found on your nail nowadays. Even flowers have made an appearance! While it might look photo worthy, your hands would be totally immobilized while you sport the outlandish frills from your fingertips. While we’d like to see the overdone nail trend die, we’ll settle for tiny nail sized pom poms to take a hike first. If you think you’ll be able to get anything done while wearing those sparkly acrylics, you’re kidding yourself. Go for a pretty color and pattern instead and definitely don’t make them so long you might claw someone’s eye out by accident.

5. Neon Eyeliner


Eyeliner is totally frustrating as it is, but this trend adds a whole other component that’s bound to make you hate makeup forever. While colored eyeliner sounds cute in theory, it runs the risk of making you look like a twelve year old that just discovered make up for the first time and is trying too hard. It’s the equivalent of putting in neon colored streaks in your hair – that didn’t look good anymore once you entered middle school. While it might be fun to bring it out on a special occasion, like when you’re going to a festival or a Halloween party, it’s best to leave that stuff on the shelf where it belongs. It draws all the attention to your eyelids and leaves the other natural beautiful colors of your eyes and skin washed out. You should definitely stick to colors that will make your eyes subtly pop, like black.

4. Butt Glitter


Yes! Butt glitter! It’s hard to believe that this is a makeup trend but it honestly is. This is the look you won’t be able to get away from at festivals. A makeup artist was inspired by the feeling of sand all over her butt, and thought to herself, why not glitter? Sure, for festivals and concerts, it might be acceptable, but anywhere else? The trend totally needs to get out. The overwhelming load of sparkles is far too shiny and in your face, and it takes weeks to rid yourself of glitter once it’s found its way on you. Butts are a super attractive part of the body, and you should feel encouraged to show it off, but minus the sparkly storm all over that derriere. This is the sort of stuff you see in a Katy Perry music video, and it should belong there. We’re over this trend, but we know as long as festival season is alive and well, the glitter butts will be everywhere.

3. Frosted Lipstick


This look should have been left in the 90s where it belongs, but for some reason, we just can’t shake it. If you’re wearing frosted lipstick, you’re making yourself look totally outdated and like you don’t know what you’re doing. Being out of style isn’t trendy, but some girls haven’t gotten the memo. If you’re at a loss on how to update your look, try a nude color or a softer pink to enhance your natural color. Stay away from anything that’s too opaque. If you want to be shimmery, use a bit of gloss. Even celebrities today won’t quit using frosted lipstick, so there’s little hope that we’ll see the awful look vanquished any time soon. It’s a horrendous trend that brings flashbacks to your childhood or when you first started to wear makeup, and it’s a memory that should not be resurfaced. Learn how to enhance your lips to modern times.

2. Winged Eyeliner


Maybe this beauty technique is so difficult to achieve because we shouldn’t be doing it. Let’s say goodbye to this terrible trend for good. It’s never been a look for anyone because it’s only meant for girls with hooded or almond shaped eyes. It’s easy to make a million mistakes when you’re applying eyeliner, which is why so many girls fail when trying to wear winged eyeliner. The look is over, so throw out your liquid eyeliner. Too many people try to apply the look when their eye shape just doesn’t allow it, and it ends up sagging their face down instead of lifting it like many people think it will do. Not many celebrities can pull it off, either, but it’s safe to say we’d be better off if this horrendous trend would just leave. There are many ways you can use eyeliner to create a sultry and sexy look for yourself, but quit trying to do this one.

1. Sparkle Or Glitter Eyeshadow


Adding too much color to your face is dangerous when it comes to makeup, which is why eyeshadow tends to be the enemy. What is undeniably the enemy? Sparkle eye shadow. It’s a bad look that can create the appearance of immaturity, but what is worse is the potential damage it can do to your eyes. One woman got a piece of glitter stuck in her eye and ultimately ended up going blind because it created an infection. It’s an unflattering look and it’s dangerous. What other reason do we need to end this hideous trend once and for all. You run the risk of looking like Kesha if you think it’s a cute look, so avoid the pain and embarrassment and move on to a more mature look. There are a lot of hideous makeup trends that need to die, but this could be the worst of them all, especially when it poses a high risk to your eye health. Ouch!

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