15 Horoscope Combos That Will End In Disaster

Whether you're a die-hard astrology follower or you don't really believe that stuff at all, you probably can't deny the fact that each sign has some pretty interesting and notable characteristics. Knowing that, it's good to keep in mind that understanding a little bit about who people are based on their sign can actually be really helpful when it comes to dating. You may not agree but you honestly will after thinking about it for a little bit. After all, if someone has some personality traits that are unchangeable because that's just the way that they're made up essentially, you can save a lot of time and heartache and not even get involved with them in the first place. On the other hand, understanding your differences might help you smooth some things over and see what's worth working on. Here are 15 horoscope combinations that are the most likely to end in disaster.

15 Scorpio And Leo

Scorpio and Leo are both intense signs which doesn't always translate to harmonious love, even though you often think that being intense is a good thing when it comes to love and passion. The Leo can be incredibly controlling while the Scorpio can be incredibly possessive, so they are both starting out with some intense emotions. The two are likely to get into explosive arguments since they're both prone to fight over what they want. Leos also like attention and to have their egos stoked, which the Scorpio can find tiring and unimportant. Some have even suggested that Scorpio and Leo couplings are more likely to end up in crimes of passion than other signs because the Leo is likely to keep certain things secret from the Scorpio, while the Scorpio is likely to highly react when they find out about it. Especially if these secrets have to do with infidelity.

14 Cancer And Aquarius

The Cancer and Aquarius might be drawn together at the beginning of a relationship, but what pulls them towards each other tends to get old pretty quickly. The Aquarius tends to have an exciting and busy lifestyle, while the Cancer needs time to retreat into their home space to recharge. The Cancer is often drawn to that aspect of the Aquarius because it sounds fun to get out and about in the excitement of an Aquarius life... until they get burned out and need some alone time. Which let's be honest, who doesn't. But it becomes problematic in a relationship because you two are definitely on different pages. The Aquarius won't understand the change of mood of the Cancer willing to chill out with them, which can cause some misunderstandings and lack of patience with one another. The Aquarius can actually get bored with Cancer's lifestyle even though Cancer has plenty going on in their head, which can lead to infidelity, unfortunately.

13 Leo And Taurus

The Leo and Taurus are basically going to butt heads all over the place because they are both very stubborn signs. So if you're a stubborn person and have dated an equally stubborn guy, well, you know how that goes. Both signs have totally different priorities that they won't back down from. Leo's are more likely to be seeking out the limelight and even looking for ways to find fame and fortune, while the Taurus is more likely to be seeking out some stability from life. Neither of them is likely to change their opinion on what they think is the right way to live life, so Taurus won't get the security they need from a Leo, and Leo won't feel supported on their journey. It generally doesn't work too well. However, these signs can work on mutually respecting each other, since they recognize the other won't back down just like they won't, and they see that as a sign of strength and independence.

12 Scorpio And Aries

The Scorpio and Aries can get into a whole bunch of trouble since they're both really independent signs. At the beginning, these two might be totally infatuated with each other, since Aries is a very flirty sign and Scorpio is a very sexual one. But the problem is that the Aries will continue their flirting elsewhere as opposed to just directing it onto the Scorpio, and the Scorpio is prone to jealousy and probably won't take it too well. No matter how much the Aries tries to convince the Scorpio that their flirting doesn't mean anything, the Scorpio might not ever totally trust them and be worried that they're going to cheat, which will ultimately end up becoming a reason for their breakup. Aries and Scorpio simply have a hard time finding their shared love language. So that can be kind of a bummer if you're one of those signs and meet a great guy who unfortunately happens to be the other one.

11 Gemini And Cancer

The Gemini and Cancer are extremely unlikely to work out long term. Geminis are known to have the kind of energy that makes them total and complete players. They are also not shy about speaking their mind. Some of those tendencies might come off a little harsh and unnecessary to the more sensitive and loyal cancer, if not downright unkind. The Gemini is known for having a bit of the dual personality going on, and the intuitive Cancer might be overly confused by the Gemini's changes in mood and behavior, thinking that it has something to do with them. The Cancer is after all quite sensitive. The unpredictable can bring out some of Cancer's insecurities, which will then in turn cause Cancer to cling more to the Gemini who doesn't like clingy behavior at all. If these two can't figure out how to communicate things will go south pretty quickly.

10 Virgo And Leo

Virgo and Leo differ when it comes to the way they feel about living and spending money. The Leo loves to live large and spend their money, while the Virgo is more likely to be comfortable saving their money and avoiding overly extravagant purchases that make them feel out of control. The Virgo loves to keep order, have a schedule in place, and know what is coming and going from their finances. The Leo's carefree living large nature can make them feel extremely off balanced even to the point where their well-being feels threatened. The Virgo tends to take their emotions into their intimate life in a way that the Leo does not, so often these two do not even make it to the point where they want to sleep together. They are both likely to rationalize their own behavior which often takes them right out of the relationship.

9 Libra And Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn clash in a way that can get pretty damaging. The Libra tends to be an incredibly giving sign that loves to please the people that they care about. The Capricorn, on the other hand, is the type of personality that likes to always get their own way and can be a little controlling, which means that they might end up taking advantage of a Libra who is always willing to give them what they want without a fight. Libra's also tend to be pretty open about their feelings, where the Capricorn is more likely to be aloof and distant about theirs, which means they are not going to be communicating well when it comes to topics of relationship emotions. However despite being total opposites, if the Libra and Capricorn really want to make it work they can agree to settle on a middle ground so that they respect each other needs. But it's going to take work.

8 Taurus And Aquarius

The Taurus and the Aquarius are extremely unlikely to ever become a thing. Both of these signs are very particular about the way that they live their life and are unlikely to budge for another person, so in some ways, they can doomed to fail as a couple before they can even get close enough to try it out. Aquarians tend to be more open, free-spirited types that move at a fast and not always predictable pace. The Taurans, on the other hand, love stability and can even be a bit possessive, so it's easy to see how this match wouldn't really work. The Aquarian won't be bothered by the Taurans desire to get them to calm down and stay in one place, while the Taurans will be uneasy with the fact that they can't control the Aquarian and possibly question whether they can even trust them to stay loyal to the relationship.

7 Pisces And Leo

The Pisces and Leo don't see eye to eye on quite a few things. While the Leo has big dreams, they are one of the signs who are actually more likely to go out and act on those dreams. The Piscean, on the other hand, is a little more dreamy and more likely to be sitting around daydreaming about those things instead of actually doing them. The Leo will find this boring and really frustrating especially when the dreaminess turns into moodiness. In fact, the Leo might even see this quality of the Piscean as a weakness and lack of strength. The Leo also seeks out a lot of attention and the Piscean can be made pretty uncomfortable by these displays for attention getting. The Leo likes to get right to the point about things, while the Piscean might sit and stew in their emotions. So that might be a rough match.

6 Sagittarius And Capricorn

The Sagittarius tends to have a really bubbly, fun personality that is always looking to have a good time. The Capricorn, on the other hand, are a more grounded type of person that might even go so far as to be a little dark or have melancholy moods. Because their base emotions are so far off from one another they just don't really understand each other. The Sagittarius will find the Capricorn to be too broody for a good time, and the Capricorn will think that the Sagittarius is annoying and sometimes childish for not understanding their way of seeing things. In a certain way these two should be a case of opposites attract since it seems like they would be able to balance out each other's intense and opposite behavior, but too often they see each other with a negative viewpoint as opposed to something that can be worked on.

5 Aquarius And Scorpio

The Aquarius and Scorpio are squaring signs which means that things can get a little intense between them. The Scorpio tends to go for some level of comfort and commitment within a romantic relationship, while the Aquarius can be pretty adventurous and sometimes looks for excitement outside of the relationship. The problem with this is that the intense Scorpio can come down a little tight on the Aquarian which might feel possessive when the Aquarian would prefer a little more breathing room. They have a hard time imagining how to make something work if they are not allowed to do what they feel like doing. While it's good to have your own life within a relationship, it is important to remember you are still in a relationship. They are the type of couple that is probably going to hate each other once they break up and they are probably not going to form some kind of friendship out of the relationship's ashes.

4 Pisces And Gemini

The Pisces and Gemini combination often start out with some sort of a crazy attraction, but it quickly fades aways when they realize that they aren't on the same page at all. The Gemini feels a need to have freedom in their life, and if anyone tries to contain them they will get restless feeling and bored. The Pisces, on the other hand, loves stability and commitment and is more likely to be seeking out a fairy tale type of romance in their life. The just don't see eye to eye on what's a happy way to live. These two might even have a hard time recognizing each other as passionate beings because they are on such different pages with their approach. The Gemini just might not find the Pisces attractive when it comes to the bedroom since the Pisceans are more likely to want their one life while the Gemini is more open in that matter.

3 Virgo And Gemini

The Virgo and Gemini match could possibly be complementary to each other, but they are also probably going to really and truly annoy each other. The Virgo tends to be of a very practical nature, while the Gemini's seemingly split personality can be hard for the Virgo to understand or tolerate. The Gemini might feel like they live a carefree existence but are totally open to change, but the Virgo is more of an organized planner and they love being that way. So while Geminis see their own lives as a totally positive thing and don't see anything wrong with how they act, the Virgo thinks they can't make up their mind or stick to a plan and see it as a negative thing. These two generally don't match in a physical sense since the Gemini is open to exploration and the Virgo is a lot more shy and sensitive. The Gemini sign has a highly masculine energy whether it's in a man or woman, interestingly enough, while Virgos have a more feminine energy even when it is found in a guy.

2 Aries and Cancer

The Aries and Cancer love compatibility is not a good one. Although the two of them are not all that different, their relationship is sure to end in disaster. The Aries is usually one who is cold, while the Cancer is sensitive and needy. Aries is definitely the wrong partner in this case. The Aries lack of opening up and showing emotions will make it very difficult for a Cancer who is constantly seeking that validation and affection from their partner. But don't be fooled by the Aries hard exterior, the reason the Aries acts this way is because they fear being too emotional and vulnerable, whereas the Cancer has no problem expressing their emotions. Maybe with a few tries if the Cancer is willing to make it work with their Aries they can crack away at the Aries hard exterior. No relationship should be that much work, so we are thinking these two are already done before they started.

1 Cancer And Aquarius

The Cancer and Aquarius are not likely to make it long term as a couple because they speak a different love language. The Cancer is a more emotional sign and is likely to be touchy-feely and want to cuddle. The Aquarius, on the other hand, can actually seem pretty cold and icy to the Cancer since they don't feel the same need for sweet contact and reassurance like the Cancer does. The Aquarian tends to be a more guarded sign when it comes to emotions, while the Cancer likes to get everything out in the open. Even when the Aquarian cares for the Cancer the Cancer will have a hard time understanding why the Aquarian can't give them the openness that they crave. It is possible for the two to find a common ground, but there will have to be a lot of love in place to get there. The more you know, right?

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