15 Hollywood Guys Who Might Legit Be Vampires

When it comes to movies, nothing is sexier than a great vampire flick! but what if the big screen became reality. Some of our favorite leading men are highly suspicious. Somehow they maintain their youthful looks throughout the years and we rarely see them out during the day. All of them, still as handsome as the day they first stepped into the Hollywood spotlight. From Buffy to Twilight, Hollywood makes millions on the vampire industry. Because it is fascinating to everyone. Could it be that they are just easy movies to produce with so many hunky vamps roaming the streets! Fans are on to these celebs and their super dark shades won't shield them for much longer, because we know the truth. They may seem like the ultimate party boys but remember that vampires never need sleep! These men are strong, smart , successful, and never need a stunt double. Does your favorite actor chow down on a super rare roast beef but skip out on the garlic mashed potatoes? If so you need to watch out! He might just be the real deal. Read on to find out if your favoirte famous hunk is among our list of famous men we know are vampires!

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15 Paul Rudd

We first met Paul in his breakout role, Josh Lucas from Clueless. America fell in love as this "guy next door" burst on the scene in role after role from Romeo and Juliet to Knocked Up. Paul's career has never slowed down but it's been 20 years since Clueless. Wouldn't you expect him to look a little different? No saggy skin, no wrinkles? He may be a hottie with gorgeous green eyes, but he isn't fooling anyone. Sure, you can catch a few photos of Paul out during the day, but someone in Mystic Falls probably made him a ring. Is it me, or does his beautiful skin glow? His timeless looks are just too good to be true. All facts suggest that Paul Rudd is immortal! Just when I thought I might be a little crazy, I found an online quiz. Guess which Paul Rudd is older, by Vulture.com. It seems I'm not the only one suspicious.

14 Robert Pattinson

He looks like a vampire with his mesmerizing eyes and gorgeous pale skin, but could Robert be the real deal? He certainly has no problem playing one on the big screen. Recently a group of genealogists have traced his DNA back to the original Dracula. According to Ancestry.com, Rob is a distant nephew of the real Vlad the Impaler. This is the Transylvanian warlord/ real life vampire that inspired Bram Stoker's character. Like a real vamp, Robert seems to seduce the ladies just by existing. He never ages and we never catch Rob getting noticeably excited or upset. In every photo of him at the beach, Robert looks extremely uncomfortable. Could it be vampirism or does the hottie just hate the sun? Time will tell if it was all an act or if Rob has truly left his vampire roots behind.

13 Brad Pitt

via fansshare.com

Brad Pitt definitely has vampire potential. He has maintained sexiness over decades, which is unheard of in Hollywood. He played vampire Louis in Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire and his performance was just a little to perfect if you ask me. Brad has spoken openly about his battle with depression, but all vampire fans know that depression can be common among the living dead. Less sunlight, avoiding your favorite food source, and constantly explaining your extraordinary abilities can take its toll. Vampire fingernails are said to be very strong and perfectly clear. Brad frequently wears dark nail polish to hide these traits. It is also said that vampires love to travel. This helps them hide vampire qualities and avoid seasons they find more uncomfortable. Brad has homes all over the world, hmm.....

12 Keanu Reeves


One thing about Keanu is clear, the man does not age. The evidence is astonishing, but that isn't the only thing leaving fans wondering if Keanu is a real vampire. If you dig up old photos of French silent film actor Paul Mounet, the resemblance is uncanny and his body was never found. Celebrity investigators have also suggested that Keanu could be 9th century emperor Charlemagne. What might be even more incredible is his most notorious doppelganger, Josef Stalin. Could all of these historical look-alikes prove that Keanu is immortal? The actor is now in his 50s with no sign of a wrinkle. Very suspicious? or a great plastic surgeon? Keanu has a typical vamp personality. He is calm, relaxed, and never caught with a tan. Though Keanu was a cast member in the movie Dracula, it's surprising that he wasn't cast as the lead vampire. Perhaps his manager was worried it would expose his secret!

11 Nicolas Cage


Like many of our vampirific celebs, Nic Cage never seems to age. He also has a historical look-alike. Nicolas may have been a civil war prisoner in 1870. The photograph of his doppelganger is from Bristol, Tennessee and experts say it has not been manipulated. In an interview with David Letterman, Mr. Cage addresses the rumors saying that he is not a vampire and does not drink blood. But what would we expect a modern vamp to say? While working on the film Ghost Rider, Idris Elba claims that Nicholas went up to Dracula's castle in Romania and spent the night alone. He says that the actor told him he needed to channel the energy. Totally something a vamp would do! Like most of the suspected vampire celebs, Nic stars in a vampire movie of his own. Have you seen 1988's Vampire's Kiss? This ridiculous comedy, complete with plastic fangs, was obviously an attempt to throw us off his immortal trail !

10 Jay Z

Like our other suspects, Jay Z has a look-alike from the past and refuses to age. The researchers from the NY Public Library shared a photo on their Tumblr from 1939 that looks identical to Jay. Not surprisingly, the man cannot be identified but could it be Jay's long lost great grandpa? This could explain his obsession with The Great Gatsby. Jay Z also promotes that creepy triangle hand symbol reminiscent of the illuminati. This has had conspiracy theorists buzzing for a decade. If that wasn't enough, Jay has recorded some suspicious titles. In My Lifetime, Young Forever, The Best of Both Worlds, Don't Let Me Die, Encore.....is the artist trying to drop fans a hint?

9 Ian Somerhalder

It really doesn't get more vampy than the tall, dark, and handsome Ian Somerhalder. He plays the immortal Damon Salvatore in the series Vampire Diaries, but fans have begun to wonder if there could be more to his casting than just talent. Like the other vamps on the list, Ian refuses to age. He also campaigns tirelessly for environmental causes like biodiversity and climate change. Who has more interest in preserving the earth than someone who will be living on it for hundreds of years? Not only does this handsome maybe vampire stay super pale, he married another vamp!! That's right, Damon Salvatore is married to Rosalie Hale from Twilight! Could any vampire match be more perfect? OK , the pair hasn't been caught ordering blood shots but the pair are seen eating salad. They both seem to sparkle a bit too and they haven't made babies yet. That is a classic sign of a vampire marriage.

8 Orlando Bloom


It has long been suspected that Orlando Bloom is of the immortal class. His doppelganger is Nicolae Grigorescu. Nicolae was from Romania, you know.....like Dracula! He is said to have died in 1907 but there is no recorded cause of death. Perhaps he just waited a few years before popping on to the Hollywood scene to try his luck as a pirate. Another trait that may give him away are his vampirish teeth. Like most Hollywood actors, he appears to have had his teeth altered, but looking closely we detect a bit of fang. Anyone know his dentist? Orlando is charismatic, beautiful, and has always been thin. These are all signs of vampirism. His recent nude romp with Katy Perry may have been an attempt to throw us off. We can tell he has no issue with sunlight but if you can manage to distract yourself from his stunning physique, check for a shadow in those pics.

7 Johnny Depp


Johnny always keeps us guessing and fans can never be to sure what is going on with him. He absolutely must be a supernatural of some sort. He definitely has the ageless, sexy, and creepy aspects of a vampire down. He is never seen eating human food except during filming and it's no secret he attracts beautiful women ( or victims) with ease. Johnny played vampire Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows with no trouble at all and he is rarely spotted without dark glasses. He resides in France, and everyone who has read an Anne Rice novel knows that is where all the vampiest vamps live. If all that wasn't enough cause for concern, Johnny named his band the Hollywood Vampires and it's reported that he took them all to visit Dracula's castle in Transylvania. Super suspect if you ask me!

6 Kanye West


Gotcha Mr. West! Remember when Kanye showed up at the Met Gala with creepy blue eyes? Thought they were just contacts? Think again! He forgot his contacts and those are his real vampire eyes! So, maybe he can explain that one away but how about when Vogue released an image of Kanye photographing Kim and North in front of a mirror. His reflection is missing and we all know what that means! In addition to these slip ups, Kanye has rapped about vamps and even wore vamp t shirts while performing. These are all dead giveaways but that's not all. Kanye is always fully clothed at the beach! Who does that? While no historical doppelganger has been spotted, we are on the hunt. There are just too many signs suggesting Yeezus isn't quite human and he can't fool his fans.

5 Christian Bale

via tumblr.com

Something about his smile just screams "I'm concealing fangs". Suspicions about Christian have spread far and wide. Fans are dying to know the truth. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to the discovery of Mr. Bale's immortal tendencies. Sure he is creepy and seems a little dark but did you know a dead body was once found in his backyard? Sure, he was out of town....but???? Like all the rest, he never ages. Christian also does his own stunts, proving he has vampish super abilities. The actor never wears color. Unless he is playing a character he is pretty much always in solid black. Maybe this wouldn't be so strange if he didn't maintain his vampirish wardrobe when on the beach too! Christian seems to avoid the sun at all costs. Either he is really Batman or he is a member of the undead for sure!

4 Pharrell


Of course Pharrell says he's not a vampire...but isn't that exactly what a vampire would say? After all, he has maintained a flawless baby face for over 20 years! There is even a pic circulating the web of a man from 1492 who looks almost identical to the Happy superstar. He also has charming super abilities and seems to always achieve super success. Perhaps he is glamouring us through music? Add him to the list of celebs who go to the beach fully clothed. Clearly working hard at his daywalking skills but he hasn't mastered it enough to go shirtless. The large hats help him to attend events without the dark shades of normal celebrities. In addition to all the evidence against him, Pharrell is never sick. Co workers always comment on how he never misses work and while most singers do have throat and sinus issues occasionally, Pharrell never happens to be under the weather....hmmmm

3 Christopher Walken


Take a look at that hair! those eyes! that vampirish skin! If anyone looks like Dracula, it's this guy. He may not have the immortal looks of the other celebrities but his undead characteristics can't be denied. Even his American accent somehow sounds a little Transylvanian. He gave a pretty convincing vampire performance in the 1995 flick The Addiction. Christopher might be our only contender creepy enough to compete with Dracula himself. There are almost no photos of him out and the sun and the only beachy pics show yet another fully clothed celeb frolicking in the sand. Super weird and vampish! It's rare to catch Mr. Walken exposing any skin at all. There are some younger photos of Christopher where he appears to have a reflection in the mirror, but at this point, that is not enough to fool us!

2  Jared Leto


Jared Leto totally looks like the sexiest vamp on the planet and soon he will play one for us on the big screen. The 30 Seconds To Mars singer is set to revive Tom Cruise's role of Lestat in a remake of Interview With A Vampire. We can't wait to get a glimpse and this leads us to wonder if the perpetually youthful star could be the real deal? His rumored bromance with our other vampire suspect, Ian Somerhalder, does nothing to squelch the curiosity. He has also been bromantic with The Vampire Diaries' Nathaniel Buzolic. Perhaps the biggest evidence for Jared's immortality is the coffin he admits to keeping in his living room. He claims he doesn't know where it came from. Super Spooky right!?! He is also known for rocking eyeliner which is totally a vampish thing to do.

1  Alexander Skarsgard

What could be better than the thought of Eric Northman IRL? Well, we think it could be true. Alexander Skarsgard definitely has the looks and doesn't seem bothered by blood but is he a real life vamp? After all, he isn't the only vampire in the family. His younger brother Bill plays the immortal Roman Godfrey on the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. When asked about the family vamp status, Bill gave us some clues.“Yeah, we’re a family of vampires, Swedish vampires, being bred on a secret island,” he said. Sounds like a confession! With that, the eyes, and the vampish pale skin, Alexander must be a real vampire. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking. He certainly seems faster, smarter, stronger, and more successful than the average human. We could start stalking his gf Alexa Chung and check for bite marks!

Sources: www.observer.com, www.real-vampires.com

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