15 Holiday Gifts Every Guy Wants To Receive

Christmas may be a fun time of year, but it's no secret that gift shopping is a total hassle. Sometimes you just never know what the other person wants! Some people resort to gift cards (which is totally fine) but definitely not personal enough, especially if you want to get a sweet treat for your boyfriend. The only problem is that men are the hardest people to shop for! Girls are pretty easy to buy for -- we love jewelry or make-up -- but guys can be a complete mystery! Even more frustrating is when you ask and they say that they “just don’t care.” Grrrr! We can’t just “buy whatever” and call it a day! Females are sentimental, and we want to buy him something he can truly enjoy. Sure, kids want Legos or toy dinosaurs, but what could men really appreciate and want? You don't need to struggle and stress about this anymore! We’ve got you covered. Here are 15 things your man will enjoy this holiday season.

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15 A Watch

What is it with men and watches? Guys lusting after expensive watches is typical and totally cliché. We have phones now that tell the time, so what's with the watch obsession? Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with a blinged-out, fancy watch. He’ll be the envy of all his guy friends and feel like a million bucks. And, well, it is sort of practical, too. While we don’t understand why you can’t just look at your phone or other technology, we all need to tell the time somehow, and if that is the way he wants to do it then gosh darn it, you are getting him a watch! While we are not encouraging you to spend all your money on a grandiose Rolex, a nice men’s watch can not only be useful, but stylish too! Just like girls compare jewelry, it seems that men compare watches. But just because men love showing off their watches doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to your budget. A simple watch will do the trick and he will appreciate the sentiment.

14 A Flask

Nothing says manliness like keeping a flask on hand. If your boy likes to let loose a little, this will be the perfect gift for him. They can be decorated and personalized too, so everyone knows it is his flask. They range from the cheap to super high-quality and expensive. There is nothing more suave than a guy pulling a flask from his coat and taking a swig. Talk about swagger! And of course, your guy does not need to imbibe. It just simply looks cool to have on hand! But if your boyfriend does down drinks, flasks are super handy and work in a pinch. What a quick way to access your drink! He can easily share with his boys too. This is a great item to have for boy’s night out. But that does not mean he can’t share with you too! Take a gulp and enjoy and remember how lucky you are to even have a boyfriend to buy stuff for in the first place!

13 Leather Boots

When it comes to shopping, we're usually the ones who are more, shall we say, enthusiastic about purchasing something new. We have all seen the dreaded man waiting outside of the dressing room, bored out of his mind as he waits for his girl. Well, how about we give some guys some style for a change? Yep, guys can have fun shoe shopping too! You would be surprised how much men care about the quality of their shoes, particularly if they are leather. We mean, think about it: shoe-shiners exist for a reason! Men don’t get to go shoe shopping often, so they will love a nice leather boot that they can strut around in. Also, high-quality shoes are sturdy and last a long time. This means your man will be able to use his gift for practically forever. Style and longevity? Count us in! Your man will for sure fall in love with them and never wear any other shoe.

12 An Adventure

This is a present that you can’t wrap, and there are many options to choose from too. Guys love action like snowboarding. Take your man to hit the slopes! Maybe he is an expert and can teach you, or maybe you can both struggle together and share lots of laughs that are sure to become excellent memories. Some more options are rock-climbing or biking, maybe get him lessons to learn how to fly a plane! The possibilities are endless. Not a huge action person? Well, get another kind of action at an amusement park, like Disney World. You can surprise him with a romantic trip for two and experience the thrills and scares of a roller coaster or other attraction. Doing something you will know he will enjoy will likely mean a lot to him, especially if you are trying something new. So get creative! There are multiple ways to have a blast.

11 Video Games

This is a tried-and-true gift for males. Some guys will spend hours at a time playing video games! Anything that keeps a man that occupied must be pretty important to him, and therefore an excellent choice for a gift. Maybe it’s two-player so you guys can play together! Some men already have all the video games possible, so what do you do then? Fear not! A lot of games have incentives where you can use real-life money to buy gear for your character and give the character the upper hand in battles. This is where you come in! Buy him a card that has money on it that he can spend, however, he wishes in his virtual world. Real money turns to virtual money, and everyone likes money! If you really feel like splurging, (and we mean really, really feel like splurging) you can buy him a new game console entirely. You’ll definitely be the best girlfriend ever.

10 Beard Trimmer

Just like the pesky hairs us ladies get on our legs and armpits, guys get hair... well, everywhere! The difference is the type of hair. Men have coarse hair that sometimes a simple, disposable razor cannot conquer. Maybe your boy likes his face smooth and clean: awesome! A beard trimmer is perfect for that. Maybe he likes a little sexy stubble: beard trimmers are perfect for that too! Beard trimmers are so much easier (and sometimes less painful—yikes!) than your average, everyday razor. Your guy will love the simplicity of a gift that turns a hassle into no big deal. And you will feel the benefits too when you give your guy a smooch! This is a gift that may seem random, but your man will actually really appreciate this. Trust us, this is a necessity that your guy will genuinely use and love to be surprised with.

9 Wallet

So we know by now that guys love watches, and the thing is that while we all use wallets, guys really love their wallets. As a girl, have you ever asked for a wallet for Christmas? Not really. It's not that appealing to us (okay, it's not appealing at all) but for your boyfriend, you might as well get him front-row seats to a Lakers game. To give men credit, however, a perfect wallet is like a perfect purse. It has to carry all the things you need on-the-go. Also like watches, the type of wallet you purchase is crucial. It needs to be durable yet hold everything at the same time. There are some fancy-schmancy foldable ones you can buy, but honestly, just pick one out that you know will last a long time. Wallets bouncing around in pants pockets all day takes a big toll on the item! Not to mention if you accidentally throw it in the wash! This wallet has to stand the test of time.

8 A Drone

There is a craze going on with men nowadays... and it’s drones! Boys just can’t shut up about them. Admittedly, they are pretty cool. They can fly higher than you can imagine and give you a great view as if you were flying with the drone itself. Now, this gift is a little on the pricey side, but it’s a guaranteed success with guys. Drones are the future. Did you know Amazon is going to try to deliver packages via drone now? Guess we can’t blame the guys for being fascinated with this new technology. It can take videos and photographs from angles we never get to see. There is also drone-racing where other people with drones can meet up and race each other. There are endless possibilities to this technology. Aside from capturing high-angle photos and videos and it’s just fun. Boys find it fun to navigate the drone wherever they want.

7 Tool Set

Have yourself a handyman? Let your man run wild around the house with his new tool set sounds like a gift for us, too, since our boyfriends can now fix things around the house! There is always going to be something in your apartment or car that needs fixing, but your guy will be totally ready and willing to help with the new toolset you gave him. For whatever reason, some men enjoy hard work and a tool set will be like a new toy for him. He will be walking around totally feeling like Ryan Gosling from The Notebook. He may even offer his services to other people he loves it so much! A toolkit is comprised of all the essentials he will need to get work done and maybe have some fun too! For a lot of men, it is the feeling of accomplishment that comes with fixing something. Help him feel useful and needed by getting him a tool set. He’ll like it, we promise!

6 A New Tie

Getting your BF a tie for Christmas might not seem all that fun or even original, but the truth is that guys can always use a new tie. Even if he already has some, he will always need more! You can never have enough ties! You could get him a handsome, regal one that makes him look irresistible, or a joke tie that lights up and startles the room. Either way, he will grab attention and have all eyes on him. Ties range from cheap to expensive price-wise, but luckily there is not much of a difference between the two if we are being honest! Ties have turned outfits from meh to masterpiece since the beginning of time, and the effect works just as well as it did decades earlier. You will not help but be proud with such a gentleman on your arm. Okay, so the gift is partially for you since you get to show him off! You just can’t go wrong with a tie.

5 Sports Memorabilia

If your boyfriend has a favorite sports team, you probably know about it because he will just not shut up about it. This is the perfect opportunity to provide him memorabilia for his favorite team. Whether he loves football or basketball, you can buy a jersey, a hat, or even a bobblehead. We bet you he will wear the jersey all the time, and a bobblehead would be a hilarious stocking stuffer! Either way, he will be so flattered that you remembered something he loved. Even better? Get a signature from a famous athlete, or tickets to see the game! He will turn into a total fanboy and go totally insane. Now, we can’t all afford court-side seats to our fave team, but he can wear his jersey or hat and cheer on the TV. Maybe you’re a sports fan too and cheer right along with him! Anyone have a foam finger?

4 Shot Glasses

Like flasks, shot glasses are great gifts and will make any evening or gathering much more fun. But also, did you know they are collector’s items? That’s right, people collect shot glasses on their travels and keep them on display. Most tourist spots sell shot glasses, which makes them fun to collect. Every time someone goes somewhere, they can buy a collectible shot glass at the gift shop! A lot of guys are into it, and we are sure your man will be into it as well. If not, well then, he can use it for its intended purpose: turning up! Well, responsibly, of course. Or maybe there is a shot glass that just reminds you of him and you want him to know you are thinking about him. There are many ways shot glasses can celebrate your boo. Whether it is setting them up for display or using them to get turnt, shot glasses are a cheap way to your guy's heart!

3 Holiday Dinner

Maybe you can’t afford much this year. That’s totally okay! You can still do something sweet for your man by making him dinner. Oh wait, you don't know how to cook? Even cuter. He will be so flattered that you are trying something hard and new for him. Obviously, cook his favorite food, but a strong contender is a nice steak and some wine. Put on fancy music, set up a table cloth, and roast chestnuts by the open fire! Any decent man will understand if you can’t pay for anything else, and just enjoy the romantic time with you. If worst comes to worst and you actually make a disaster of your cooking, just order Chinese (on you, of course!) and watch a holiday movie. Hopefully, that will not be the case, and you can have a sweet and winter-themed dinner by candlelight. You both will be sure to make moments that you will never forget.

2 Concert Tickets

Got a music fan (or even a musician) for a boyfriend? If there's one thing that we can all agree on, it's all that we call love music! If the timing is right and his favorite band or artists has a holiday gig, get tickets ASAP! Front-row, preferably. Or in a mosh pit if that is his thing! You two can groove together all night long. Whether it is a local band or a band that sells out arenas, live music is just plain ol’ fun! It will especially mean a lot if it is a band or artist that…is not really your thing. He will be so touched that you respected his interests and took the time to go with him. Another romantic thing you can do is see an artist that plays "your song" -- you know, the song that is special to you both and defines your love. Hearing it in person will be absolutely magical. It will be a precious memory for the both of you to look back on.

1 Show Interest In His Passions

Whether it's taking an interest in your boyfriend's fave team or band, it's true that when you invest time into things that he likes and try to learn about them, he will fall in love with you (even more, of course). Does he like cars? Buy him NASCAR tickets! Does he like art? Go to a museum! Is his family important to him? Spend some time with them over the holidays! Does he like nature? Go hiking! We guarantee that this is the best out of the list. You should not have to spend too much money to make him happy. And hopefully, he will do the same for you in return. Maybe there is something very special and sentimental to him…go with that, no questions asked. Showing that you care enough to learn about his interests is priceless. He will feel so cared for and that's really the holiday gift in itself. So go on, what are you waiting for? Pick out your gift and make his Christmas the best one ever.

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