15 Hobbies That Make You More Attractive To Guys

Whether you have a guy that you feel is losing interest or you are on the hunt for a new guy, finding ways to become more attractive to the opposite sex will not only increase your confidence but will help your relationships both present and future. Even if this doesn't help your current relationship, this advice will certainly help you in the future. You can spend all the time you want on picking out the hottest outfits and getting your hair just right but once the initial attraction has been established you need to find ways to keep him interested. Trying out new hobbies will not only make you more attractive to guys, you will gain perspective on what interests keep his attention. You might even find that you enjoy the same hobbies. And when you have his full attention beyond how great you look it will be a much needed confidence boost! He won't only find you attractive physically but he will find you completely irresistible. Try out these hobbies that guys like and have a new kind of fun while boosting your confidence.

15 Running

Not only do guys like to date a girl who is in shape but statistics show that they even get into lots of accidents each year due to being distracted by women runners. This is obviously an attractive hobby but to amp it up a bit try some of these tips. Skip the loose fitting comfortable sweatpants that you usually wear while working out and trade them in for a more appealing look. Wear leggings or yoga pants to highlight the body you are trying to sculpt and he will be sure to take notice. Invite him for a run, if he sees how dedicated you are to this hobby he will look forward to going out for a run with you as an added encouragement for himself. Having things like this in common make it easier for you to spend time together and will have him thinking about you whenever he goes for a run without you.

14 Fishing

It makes sense that engaging in a hobby that guys usually enjoy would make you more attractive but you must go beyond just tinkering with the hobby. Really get into fishing and learn about the different spots and seasons in which you can catch certain types of fish. Believe it or not there is more to fishing than just putting a worm on a hook and hoping for the best. There are many different methods for catching certain species of fish like using different baits or picking a specific location. Take a look at your local Department of Natural Resources website to find which locations are reporting the most catches and what types of bait others are using. Head out fishing with some friends and get a little practice casting before bringing your guy along to observe your new hobby to avoid looking like a newbie when making beginner mistakes that everyone makes.

13 Archery

This hobby can be a fun way to show off your hand-eye coordination. It’s hard enough to find someone to spend your life with that is interested in the same types of hobbies as you but it makes it even harder when the hobby requires actual skill. This may be the kind of hobby that you learn everything you can about from the guy you are most interested in and ultimately it may become something that helps you bond. You could also take a course on how to be the best archer possible and learn some skills that will impress your guy the next time you head out to the range. To make sure this is something you are definitely interested in partaking in before actually heading out to show off your skills, check out some videos online to see if you have what it takes to pick this hobby up.

12 Geocaching

This is a fun hobby that you can enjoy in groups or with some friends, including the guy you want to find you more attractive. All you need is an app on your phone to get started. Head out to your local park or use the app to find the best geocaching locations in your area and enjoy the adventure. Guys find this kind of hobby particularly attractive because it adds a bit of adventure to you and the way he sees you. Heading to the woods to find treasure will make him associate you with adventure and being up for anything. Plus it’s a fun hobby for anyone to enjoy that can also serve as a cheap date idea. The best part is that you will have lots of conversation starters about your last cache or the one you couldn’t find. This gives you plenty of opportunities to invite him along or to make him jealous that he missed out on all of the fun.

11 Football

Even if you are the least athletic person on the planet you can attract a guy by hitting the local sports bar to watch the game. Earn extra bonus points by joining a fantasy football league online or check your local craigslist for leagues looking for new members in your area. You don’t have to necessarily date the other guys in the fantasy football league but you will have a reason to watch football as well as something to talk about with your guy. Be careful because this hobby can become pretty addicting and if you already have a competitive personality you may create more harm than good with this hobby. Guys take their favorite team so seriously it’s almost as if they are actually one of the players so try not to hate on his team too much. There can be cute banter if you support rival teams and then there are ugly rivalries, tread carefully until you figure out how to rock this hobby.

10 Cooking

That old saying that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach is not just an old wives' tale, there is some truth to it. Everyone loves a good meal and when he learns that you can provide that for him, he will be dying to get into your good graces. A lot of men look for a woman who is like their mother in some ways and cooking is the most common attribute that they would love to have in a potential mate. Whether you are a seasoned cook or just learning a few recipes to cook at your next dinner party, you can use this hobby to your advantage. Keep working out your recipes until they are perfect and be sure to invite him over for a meal with all of the fixings. You can always take a cooking class to help improve your skills and you may even meet a cute guy there that shares your interest.

9 Photography

These days anyone can be a pretty good photographer with all of the apps and high tech phones available but not everyone has that eye for beauty. If you are one of the lucky ones that enjoys getting the perfect shot and will not stop at anything to get a perfect picture for Instagram, this hobby can help you meet guys. Whether you are heading to the beach for a serene ocean shot or the park to capture the beautiful colors of Fall, this hobby is bound to get some attention. It can be a real conversation starter when meeting new guys that may be taking their own shots of the same subjects as you. Even a curious bystander would be interested to see some of your work. So before heading out with your camera be sure to dress in your best and be ready just in case that cute photographer is admiring the same scenery as you.

8 Frisbee Golf

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This is a great hobby for groups, dates, or just going solo when you feel like getting outside. This hobby is great for exercise and you don’t have to be a pro in order to begin playing. The best part is that most frisbee golf parks are crawling with guys and they are always ready to help a newbie find their bearings on a new course. A great way to start a conversation with guys you meet at a frisbee golf course is to ask where the next tee is located or how many holes are on that course. They will immediately be clued in that you are a first timer and will most likely ask you to join them if they aren’t already half way through a game. You can ask for pointers along the way or ask more intimate details to get to know the guys and learn about them on a personal level. After you exchange numbers this is a great way to get a second meet up by asking them to play again.

7 Gaming

These days it seems that everyone is into online gaming and with chatting during game play being so easy this is a great way to meet someone. Whether you like action, adventure, sci-fi, or all three there are so many games to choose from. Some games even have local meet ups which may be a great way to meet new guys because meeting people off of the internet, although it has become more accepted, is quite dangerous still. If you already have a guy in mind that likes to game you can join him online and have a great reason to communicate more. Online gaming can be a great way to have inside jokes as well as a great way to get to know each other better. A large part of most online games is communicating with other players and that is all the excuse you need to get to talk to him more.

6 Hiking

Getting outside to get some fresh air and some exercise is a great hobby to have no matter who you do it with but this is a hobby that guys do find attractive so there are even more benefits to this healthy activity. Guys like to get outdoors and enjoy nature, and when they find a girl that enjoys this hobby as much as them, they find this really attractive. Having someone to enjoy the beautiful sights with you once you have trekked up a large mountain is part of the reason men find this hobby attractive in a woman. They also really enjoy seeing you working hard in a beautiful scenic setting, shaping your body to perfection and becoming one with nature. Join a local club or head to a popular attraction in your area and be sure to dress well in case you meet Mr. Right.

5 Skydiving

Guys enjoy a girl that appreciates adventure and the thrill of doing things a little out of the box. Since this hobby is an extreme way to spend your free time it makes it pretty hard to find other people who enjoy it. When your guy thinks that you are up for anything and enjoy a little adventure they are more likely to be interested in finding out everything about you. Thrill seekers have a hard time finding things that can give them the next rush but having someone to share things like skydiving with can bring that sought after rush back again. Guys find women who seek adventure very attractive and the idea that you will be down to do anything will make him borderline obsessed with you. This can be a fun hobby that you can enjoy with some friends or you can even invite the guy you are interested in along and show him up with your fearless ways.

4 Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity that many people enjoy so it’s a great hobby to choose if you want to keep your options open for what types of guys you are attracting. Whether you are heading to the beach or the local YMCA for a dip you will be sure to run into many men that enjoy this activity. It helps that this kind of hobby has everyone half naked to begin with. Be sure to pick out a flattering swimsuit and have some conversation topics ready to go because you are sure to have some admirers at the local pool. If the guy you are most interested in doesn’t frequent the local pool but you are dying to show off your new bathing suit, invite him to a beach party or just a lazy beach day. He will not turn you down because he already knows that he is going to get the chance to see you in that new suit you picked out.

3 Auto Shows

Even if you don't have a prize winning classic car you can still frequent the auto shows and watch them on television. Some guys just like cars even if they don’t want to drive them, they enjoy looking at them or working on them as a hobby. Some guys are easily impressed by a girl who can change her own oil so you could imagine how fast the guys will flock to you if you enter your own car into the local auto shows and actually win a trophy for your hard work? If you are not quite ready to compete with your very own classic car just yet you can still visit the local car shows when they come to town and study up on the different things they get judged on. This will give you quite a few interesting topics to talk to your guy friends about when hitting the shows together.

2 Dancing

It’s obvious that guys find dancing girls sexy, there wouldn’t be such a huge profession that profits from this if it weren’t true, but that doesn’t mean you have to take your clothes off to get his attention. There are many different types of dance and guys find pretty much all of them sexy for one reason or another. Even if you are into dancing just for fun or exercise this can be a hobby that lasts a long time while attracting many men along the way. Join your local gym and start working out at a Zumba or hip hop dance class, you would be amazed by how many guys join these kinds of classes just to meet women. If you are lucky enough to live by a dance club be sure to practice your moves at home first and then head out for a night on the town dancing, you are sure to attract plenty of men with your moves.

1 Gambling

Playing poker with some friends or hitting the slot machines at a local casino can be a good way to meet guys or it gives you something to do with a guy that you already have an interest in. If you play your cards right so to speak you may even get an invite to a fun poker game that your guy frequents. This is a good way to meet some of his friends and it allows for lots of conversation during the games. Practicing your strategy on apps or online games is a good way to look like a pro that he may want to learn a few tips from. If you are a beginner be sure to start with small amounts for betting at casinos because even though you may gain some attention from your guy friends you could also lose a lot of money really fast and that is no fun for anyone.

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