15 Hilarious Times People Were Caught In Haunted Houses

October ends with Halloween, a typical time for pranks, tricks, and treats, especially for the kids. But this October, we also have Friday the 13th, a day, the night especially, when the unexpected can happen to any of us. So don’t walk under a ladder, and if you see a black cat, walk away.

LOL. Actually, according to the Pew Research Center, 18 percent of people in America say they have seen a ghost.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there, old wives’ tales if you will. But there are also incidents caught on camera and tape where people got caught in a so-called haunted house and had the snot scared out of them. Some of these incidents were set up beforehand by pranksters, while others were not planned and simply happened in real situations where premises were indeed haunted.

What’s even funnier, though, is when people knew they were entering a place that was supposed to be haunted, and they still had the crap scared out of them when something out of the ordinary happened. It’s like being told something is hot, and then you touch it anyway and say, “Oh snap, it’s hot!”

For years, there have been stories that have been circulated about a young girl in a car accident who comes back on Friday the 13th and/or Halloween to hitch a ride, and then she leaves her sweater in the car. And when the driver who picked her up goes back to return her sweater, he/she is told the girl has been dead for 20 years. That’s just one of many stories, but then there are those that have had the snot scared out of them from ghosts that supposedly live in houses where people were murdered. Some of it is set up, and some of it can’t be explained.

And then there's comic and TV host Ellen DeGeneres and her penchant for using people and props to scare her celebrity guests.

Here are some of the stories and the reactions that were caught on camera.

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15 Cataract Coffin Factory Frightens And Scares

One of Niagara Falls’ biggest attractions isn’t the water cascading down in sheer power and beauty; it’s the Nightmares Fear Factory, the site of a former coffin factory. No matter how people are warned, what they see and experience once they enter the premises makes them scream in sheer horror, and their eyes bug out, their mouths drop open, and some of them even wet their pants. The legend is that the coffin factory owner was often tormented by young people looking for a thrill. One night while he was being bullied, some coffins fell over and crushed him. To this day, locals believe he walks the halls of the abandoned factory and haunts them. Shown here are some grown-azz men grasping each other as if their lives depended on it while they went through the venue.

14 On Snap! Fright Makes Hair Spike

People just don’t believe the Nightmares Fear Factory can scare them. Warnings are issued, but men and women alike venture inside. These folks got such an unexpected jolt that the guy on the far left had his hair spike into the biggest afro of his life. Something happened so frightening that they all grabbed onto each other, and casual friends became unexpectedly intimate. When people go into the building, it’s completely dark, and suddenly the flash of the camera illuminates something so vile, so horrible, they basically lose control of themselves. They scream and grab each other as if the world is coming to an end. Even macho men break down at this haunted place. Even though people are warned, whatever they are subjected to makes them damn near wet their pants.

13 Triple Play On ‘American Horror Story’s’ Sarah Paulson

Ellen DeGeneres is known to pull a few pranks now and then, and with Friday falling on the 13 this October, expect some spooky and unexpected things on her talk show. One of her favorite stars to pull a prank on is American Horror Story regular Sarah Paulson. Just last month (September), DeGeneres scared the b-Jesus out of her not once, not twice, but three times during one show. First she hit Paulson in the dressing room before the show, at which point the freaked out actress actually cried. Then during the show, DeGeneres frightens her with an impromptu witch. But the biggest reaction came from Paulson when a crazy-azz looking clown popped up. It all scared Paulson so much that she hid under a table!

12 Ellen ‘DeGenerate’ Recruits Adam Levine

It is bad enough that talk show diva Ellen DeGeneres pulls scary pranks on her celebrity guests. Recently, the comic genius not only recruited music artist Adam Levine to help her, she also decided to switch from pranking her celeb friends to frightening audience members as well. Levine and DeGeneres hid inside a bathroom stall. As if entering the stall to an encounter was not startling enough, the two added props that turned surprise into a good old fashioned scare. They wore masks and wigs, and Levine was often armed with silly string, which he generously disposed of during the encounters. Funny thing is… according to the show’s producers… no one ended up peeing their pants! Who admitted it anyway!

11 Who’s Got Popcorn?

Did you ever catch an uncle or gramps sleeping with their mouth open, and being a bit mischievous, you got some popcorn or peanuts and started throwing it at them to see if you could land some of it in their mouth? Well, these three ladies are definitely candidates for some popcorn basketball. Inside the Nightmares Fear Factory, these gals took such a fright, that their pie holes took to opening to the max. Check out the hand action, too. One grabbed her chest while also grabbing the lady in front of her, and one grabbed the one in the middle, too, while contorting her other hand as well. That poor gal in the middle was getting it from both sides. It’s less than $15 to get in for an experience that is pretty much guaranteed to scare you. The experience can last up to 15 minutes, depending on how much you can take. Seriously, some folks come running out within 15 seconds.

10 Not Scared Of An Anaconda, But…

Hip hop star Nicki Minaj didn’t seem to be afraid of a very large snake in one of her most famous music videos. In the “Anaconda” video, the long and thick beast wrapped itself around her as she recited her lyrics as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her. But when the dynamic diva appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show last December, she jumped and screamed like a 4-year-old at a haunted house when DeGeneres pranked her with a horrid creature jumping out of the ottoman next to her. Surely since it was December, not Halloween or even a Friday the 13th, the usual stoic Minaj was caught off guard by the prank. It took a minute for the rapper to calm down, and then she told Ellen: “I hate you so much! I could have broken my neck!”

9 Let’s Get The H Out Of Here!

These ladies, despite being warned, decided to take the chance to enter the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Thirty years after the old coffin factory opened its door as an attraction guaranteed to frighten even the most stoic, thousands still believe they can handle the haunted hallways without being spooked. Since the fear-filled place started its chicken list a few years ago, more than 157,000 have made it. The chicken list lists people who entered the hallowed hallways, and before making their way all the way through it, begged to be rescued. These three lovelies are just an example of the kind of folks who tend to not make it all the way to the end of the venue before crying out to be escorted to safety. During its 30-year stint, the Nightmares Fear Factory has been able to keep its secrets as to whether it uses actors or displays, or perhaps it’s actually haunted?

8 Modern Family Actor Gets Spooked

Eric Stonestreet plays Cam on the hit TV show Modern Family. He’s been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show six times, and she’s scared him so many times, that recently he decided to bring two bodyguards with him to keep her from pulling off another prank. It didn’t work. While the bodyguards were occupied elsewhere (or DeGeneres maybe paid them off), she spooked the seasoned actor once again. It’s always something different. One time it was a clown, which ironically he sometimes plays on the show. One time it was a big black and white dog. Actually, last month, when Stonestreet was on the show, he got a bit of revenge. When a costumed man jumped out of nowhere and then started to run away, Stonestreet ran after him and tackled him. A hilarious wrestling match ensued.

7 Terrified Trio Tastes Fear

Dudes always think they can’t be frightened. They like to take their dates to scary movies or haunted houses so that the ladies will grab onto them when they get scared. Chances are the dudes have already been through the haunted house and know all its spooky points, and they’ve already seen the movie and have down pat where the terrifying parts come in. But those same guys get the crap scared out of them when they ventured into the Nightmares Fear Factory. Some of them even cry out the safe word – “Nightmares” – and get rescued before completing the pathway, and then they end up on the chicken list. In this case, these dudes grabbed onto each other rather than some clueless chicks they were hoping to get close with.

6 Ellen Double Dishes On Selena Gomez

With Friday the 13th this October, expect talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to be hosting some pranks on unsuspecting guests. Some of her recent targets have included Selena Gomez, who she actually double pranked. And to top it off, DeGeneres used a dear friend of Gomez to help carry out one of the pranks. A guy dressed like pop star Taylor Swift jumped out and a terrified Gomez nearly jumped out of her skin. But she actually then challenged DeGeneres to “get her good” next time, not realizing next time was moments later when someone dressed like a “Frozen” character came popping out next. Gomez exclaimed: “Oh my gosh! What the hell!” Ironically, DeGeneres once pulled a prank on Taylor Swift, too. She really is the best at this!

5 ‘I Ain’t Ever Scared’ Claimed Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus busted out of her Hannah Montana role and pushed the envelope as a music artist, she seemed emboldened to take on just about anything. She was sitting in the interview chair and talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her show and even said to the talk show diva – famous for trying to scare the b-Jesus out of people – that not much scared her anymore. Within seconds, DeGeneres proved her wrong when she had a funny looking man jump out from behind Cyrus, and yep, Miley just about peed on herself in fright. Of course Ellen got a good laugh out of it. The guy with the funny face was dressed like Robin Thicke and had a foam finger. SheKnows.com jokes now that Cyrus is afraid of foam fingers and performing with Robin Thicke. LOL.

4 Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Less Likely To Get Spooked

Not to put him on the spot, but this dude is the kind that can get a job as a security guard for a nightclub or celebrity, just by his size. People tend to affiliate large as capable of being in charge. But just like all the other thousands of folks who believe a little ol’ haunted house like the former coffin factory in Niagara Falls won’t phase them, this cat dang near wet his pants once he entered the abandoned coffin mill. He had to grab something, and that turned out to be his lady friend, who was latched onto some kind of stuffed animal. Don’t know if she was cringing from something she saw, or if she was reacting to his kung-fu grip around her. Wonder if these two made the chicken list.

3 Bond Girl Doesn’t Like Spiders

Like a lot of people, the gorgeous 50-something Halle Berry is afraid of spiders. The fear is actually called arachnophobia, and the lovely Berry has it bad. Well, she made the mistake of making that known, and so Ellen DeGeneres decided she was going to take advantage of that knowledge. DeGeneres starts to talk about Berry’s fear to her, and lo and behold, out jumps someone dressed like a giant spider. Berry not only set a new record for the high jump, she also dropped the f-bomb during the process. Frankly, anyone would be scared at the spider thing that came out. The man or woman was covered in black fuzzy fur and had all kinds of tentacles. DeGeneres has been pulling these pranks on celebrities for years, and doing a dang good job of catching even the most seasoned performers off guard.

2 Hoodie Gang Loses It

These cats pride themselves on being modern men. That means not much scares them, or so that’s what they thought. Just a few steps inside the Nightmares Fear Factory, and bam! They were all in “my gosh!” mode. Check out how they each are grabbing onto the next one, and the poor girl is being engulfed by one of the dudes. Reportedly, the venue features live actors in creepy costumes and makeup who suddenly appear out of the darkness and come at the people walking through. Of course there are also sound affects, such as moans and groans, and there is even the characters yelling at the people they encounter. Some people have been known to get physically ill, while others have wet their pants or even worse.

1 ‘Baby Baby Baby’ Cried Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has grown right before our eyes. But man or not, super prankster Ellen DeGeneres still managed to bring out the scared little boy in him. Indeed, when a half-naked replica of himself popped out of the coffee table on the set, Bieber fell back, legs all in the air and arms flailing. He then exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! I’m still shaking!” Bieber and DeGeneres are big friends, and he often appears on her show. One time the two got together and prank called a fan. He pretended to be a professor at the college the fan was attending and wanted to know why her grades were failing. Bieber and DeGeneres are so tight that he once appeared on her show four times in one month.

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