14 Hilarious Eyebrow Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Whether they are way to glam or downright scary, eyebrow fails can be pretty hilarious. This trend has gone way too far and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You can find hundreds of eyebrows styles, some are pretty creative. Glitter, art, tattoos, you name it! People are stepping out of the house these days, framing their face with all sorts of crazy. Kudos to you ladies who are rockin the eyebrow trend like a boss, and even to those of you trying hard to get it right. It takes courage to try something so daring, especially when it can change the whole look of your face. If your skills just aren't there yet, see a pro! Don't go down in the hall of shame like these ladies have. Instagram brows are not for the faint of heart. Guys, don't worry, it has to end at some point. Meanwhile, if your girl shows up with too much eye bling or any foreign object glued to her brows....just say no. Fake bumping into her if you have to but please don't let her go around frightening those of us just trying to walk down the street.

14 Getting Artsy

These stunning works of art belong on a canvas, not on your face. If you are so crafty that you have considered removing the brows you have in favor of producing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece everyday....STOP. While I appreciate that she matches the shadow palette to the floral motif, this has got to end. I don't care what your art teacher told you. You are not that good. Nobody is! I haven't seen a Picasso yet that would have been more complete with eyebrow art. Frida Kahlo is the queen of art and brows, she left the brows alone! Take a tip from the pros. Practice your talents on any medium besides your own face. A for effort, now wash that off. This would be an amazing look for a costume party or for Halloween but it has no place at work, school, or even at home. If the urge is too overwhelming and you must make art above your eyes, get a job at a preschool. The kids will love it!


13 Way Too Far Apart

We all have friends who work hard on their brows. Sometimes these ladies get a bit overzealous with the plucking. When you start using a shape of brow that isn't your own, it gets easy to forget what your natural shape was. Don't get carried away with sculpting and shaping. A good rule of thumb is to follow a straight line up from the cornerof your nose to the inner corner of your eye. When working on your brows, use a skin tone pencil to mark the places your eyebrows should begin and end. Adhere strictly to these guidelines so you don't get to crazy. If you are guilty of overdoing it and you just aren't sure how to get back on the right track, it can be a good idea to go see a pro at least once. They can help you figure out what basic brow looks best and you can continue from there.

12 Eyebrow Neglect

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You can catch a case of eyebrow neglect anywhere , anytime! Don't be a victim like NBA star and model Anthony Davis. You may get away with brow neglect if you are a superstar but it doesn't work for normal folks and can be downright scary. Brows can be your most neglected facial feature. If you are worried about becoming a brow failure, start small and simple. Just pluck the random stray hairs and snag a few of those crazy ones creeping around in the center. No matter how bad it gets, never ever use a razor! Men are the most easily tempted to use a razor and fix those bad boys but don't do it. You can easily take off too much and that is a really hard fix. Razors also have a tendency to create ingrown hairs. Those do not look good hanging out above your eyes!

11 Bleached Brows

Kim K can get away with anything, but please don't try out this bleached brow trend. The first question you will get is "what happened to your face?". When someone's brows are out of whack, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what looks off about you. You simply don't look right. It may be funny to other folks, but you won't find it funny when they are laughing at those white caterpillars that used to be your brows. Then tomorrow you will be busy trying to figure out how to get them back to normal. It won't be an easy task. Miley is bleaching her brows now too and it makes us cringe. It's hard to tell when a bleached eyebrow look is high fashion or just too Voldemort. When in doubt, stick to a hue that closely matches your hair color.

10 Straight Browing

Nobody is sure whether to laugh or run scared at these straight line brows. They are intense! If this is a look you crave, grab your sharpies ladies. You could probably achieve a similar look with a ball point pen. No matter your tool of choice, the straight brow conveys a woman with confidence. She cares about her appearance and smothers bunnies in her spare time. We can't be sure who originated this trend but it is popular among the incarcerated. This is a great look if you want to save money on eyebrow stencils and pencils but you have lots of office supplies. All you need is a good pen and a ruler. You can be on fleek too! Straight Up Now Tell Me....who told her this was a good idea? If your friends are suggesting something similar, it's time to get new friends.

9 Going For The Cartoon Look

I'm not sure which Disney character Miss Prison copied these from but it definitely was not a princess. These either took an amazing stencil or some serious freehand artwork. I'm not sure which beauty company makes a stencil quite like this one but it is better suited for Comic con or halloween. Let's hope these aren't permanent and she can wash them off when she sobers up. Judging from her expression, I wonder if someone did this to her while she was asleep. Miss Prison does not appear pleased with her new look and I pity the person who played this prank. Watch Out! When it comes to fashion, trying new things is a must. Knowing when they failed is also a must. Orange may be the new black but cartoon eyebrows will not be replacing a beautiful natural brow.

8 Babies With Brows

Putting eyebrows on your baby is now a thing, and it is epic. You will pee your pants if you Google these pics. I have no clue who came up with the idea but who would have thought it would be so hilarious? I suppose some parenting expert out there will find fault with it and call it a fail sooner or later so laugh away quickly. The babies sure seem to enjoy it. It's hard to say which is funnier, babies or pets. Why weren't babies born this way? What better site to comfort a mom after a long hard labor. A baby who exits with an Anthony Davis unibrow would be sure to liven up the delivery room. Viewing these babes is a must when you are bored. This is a great idea for new parents who have outgrown their "draw on your drunk friends" phase.

7 Polka Dots!

This lovely lady wanted to jump on to the polka dot trend but she seems to have misplaced her dots. They belong on your clothes, not your face. If you must remove all traces of your natural brow, make sure that you draw a complete line when making your fake one. It looks like she started out fine but gave up halfway through. I'm not sure how this happened but she seems pretty serious about them. Maybe when she falls asleep a good friend will connect her dots. It could be that she was running out of eyebrow pencil and employed a new cost-saving technique. It's hard to imagine someone doing this on purpose. Maybe adding some bling will help....but I doubt it. If there is anyone who loves her, it's time for a brow-tervention.

6 Make It A Double


As the eye makeup trends get more and more crazy, it becomes harder to distinguish the brow from the shadow. This makeup maven has left us to believe she has two sets. It's hard to figure out exactly what she is going for. She has some makeup talent, that is clear. Some people just take their talent too far. Both sets alone look pretty good but together we have a hot mess. If anyone has ever asked you why you have a double set of brows, re-evaluate your technique. You might just be taking this makeup thing too far. It's important to remember that eyebrows can ruin your life, or at least your face. Don't overdo it. More is not better in this case. There is such a thing as getting too fleeky and allowing the brows to take over your face.

5 Beware The Caterpillar


If there is any question at all , whether an insect lives on your face....your brows are BAD. Unfortunately for this woman, they are permanent. Brow feathering is a new trend intended to produce a natural looking brow in tattoo form. The artist uses individual strokes to create hairs. The problem is that all artists are not created equal. This poor girl must have had her brow tattoo done at a discount shop. Everyone loves caterpillars, just not above their eyes. The thick individual strokes look poorly drawn on. I hope for her sake there are charities that help the brow abused population. Not only are the strokes too thick and spaced out too far, they are a bit too dark as well. Just in case you have seen a caterpillar brow strolling down the street and wondered what's up, now you know!

4 Going Metallic?

Like most of Ke$ha's fashion, this is an epic fail. Please don't try this one at home. Adding metal studs to your brows is pretty bad but it looks like her stylist misplaced them a bit off of the original brow. Maybe the glue just wore off and they started to slide around. Either way, these punk brows have got to go. She isn't the only celeb to try it and it just doesn't look good on anyone. She should consider firing that makeup artist asap, but something tells me this was probably Ke$ha's idea and she could care less what anyone else thinks. If you love all things Ke$ha and you really want to try this out, Benefit has a Bling Brow box set. It is a bit more subtle and doesn't have the margin of error of a full faux blinged brow. I would suggest them for K but subtle isn't exactly her style.

3 Re Branding


This young lady really loves her Nikes! Sure, we all have favorite brands, but displaying them on your face is never ok. While I personally prefer the Louis Vuitton logo, this chick should stick to bags and shoes when it comes to showing off the brands she loves. I'm sure Nike appreciates the free advertising....maybe. Rest assured someone told her this was attractive. It was probably a clueless man. If your man suggests a swoosh for your face, it is time to hunt for a new hottie. It looks like she shaved off one brow to complete the look but she left the other. At least she will still have one to work with when she comes to her senses and washes off this craziness. Somebody send her some free Jordan's just for the effort!

2 Sharpie Brows


Who let her leave the house like that, much less hit the red carpet? Unfortunately Christina is not the only leading lady to fall victim to the sharpie brows. You can see a pair on the streets everyday. Just say NO to this overdone, awful brow! The sharpie brow may or may not have been formed with a marker, but it definitely looks that way. This brow style usually goes after victims who overpluck and have a tendency to overdraw their brows. You want your brow to , at least, look like it is possible to be your natural brow. Nothing about the sharpie brow looks natural. It's too dark, too thin, and too even from one side to the other. Like Miss Aguilera, you will be left looking like a barbie with an awkward drawn on face.

1 Uneven Pairs

There is nothing worse than an uneven set of brows! Victims range from celeb status to the grandma next door. Results are equally tragic. Years of grooming and plucking can leave women with uneven brows. When they attempt to fill them in and shape them, some end up even more noticeable. A lot of ladies create their own uneven look by aggressively trying (and Failing) the new bold brow trend. One more cause of the uneven brow is botox. You are definitely going to see this side effect among celebrities and now that we have talked about it, you will notice it everywhere. Botox can cause someone to hold one eyebrow higher than the other giving an uneven look. Whatever the cause, uneven brows suck. Friends don't let friends walk around this way!

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