15 Hilarious Bridesmaids Moments You Totally Forgot About

It’s absolutely crazy to think that Bridesmaids came out over five years ago. At the time, it seemed like such a groundbreaking film — not because it was about anything serious, but because it was the same kind of irreverent (and sometimes raunchy) comedy that studios were aiming at male audiences, except it was by women, for women, starring a cast of insanely funny women. Women absolutely loved it, and we’re willing to bet it’s still a staple of your movie nights with the girls (or maybe something to play during wine and magazine night, a la Annie and Lillian).

If it’s been a while since you’ve re-watched the flick, take a trip down memory lane by revisiting these gut-busting moments that showed off just how comedically skilled all the ladies in the cast were. I mean sure, everyone knew that Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig had some comedy chops, and they certainly deliver a lot of the film’s laughs, but even Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey serve up some serious humour during particular scenes.

Here are 15 hilarious moments from Bridesmaids you may have forgotten about — just don’t blame us if this makes you want to sit down and re-watch the whole movie for the trillionth time.

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15 The Toast-Off

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The scene where Annie goes to Lillian’s fancy engagement party (thrown by her new BFF Helen) has the potential to be incredibly depressing. Annie isn’t in the best financial situation, she feels like her BFF is getting taken away from her, she’s feeling utterly single in a crowd of couples… it’s just not her day. And then, she gets up to do a toast, and delivers a touching message to Lillian. The problem is, Helen decides to follow that up with her own toast, and things spiral from there. Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to have the last word, of wanting to deliver that one gem the crowd will remember for the next week, and the way the writers set it up is just hilarious. They desperately want to prove, somehow, in their speech that they’re Lillian’s true BFF, and all the mic snatches and inside jokes are comedy gold.

14 The Food Poisoning Fiasco

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Okay, caveat — this scene may not be for everyone. However, it is cool to acknowledge the fact that it’s one of the first movie moments where women are doing the same raunchy physical comedy that men have been doing for years and years before them. Anyway, Lillian and Annie and the whole squad go to a super ritzy bridal salon to find bridesmaids dresses, and they soon realize that the authentic meat they ate earlier may not have been the freshest. Soon, everyone is falling apart, trying desperately to find somewhere in the luxurious all white boutique. From Megan on the sink yelling at everyone to look away to Annie sweating buckets trying to eat that one little almond to prove a point, this whole scene was a dream for anyone who loves that type of raunchy physical comedy (it’s probably one of the few jokes that men truly love in the film).

13 Kicking the Cookie

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We’ve probably all felt the way that Annie felt during Lillian’s bridal shower at some point in our lives. She’s trying to do the best she can for her BFF and gives her a truly personal gift. She wants Lillian to feel special, and she wants to be a good friend. However, Helen’s over the top party, complete with a chocolate fountain and elegant drinks and a gift of tickets to Paris just beats her down time and time again. So finally, Annie snaps — and Kristen Wiig proves just how well she can handle comedic scenes. On paper, Annie essentially throwing a tantrum has the potential to be a super cringe-worthy scene. However, the way Wiig handles it turns it into something utterly hilarious — with the piece de resistance being when she kicks that “stupid f*%^ing cookie.” We’ve all wanted to kick a proverbial giant cookie at some point in our lives, Annie. We identify.

12 Jon Hamm as Literally the Worst Boyfriend in the World

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The movie opens with a risqué scene between Kristen Wiig’s character Annie and Jon Hamm’s character Ted, but unlike the majority of his roles where he plays the dreamboat that everyone wants to date, in Bridesmaids, the handsome Jon Hamm plays the worst boyfriend in the world. Well, not boyfriend, exactly. Annie is clearly having an absolutely awful time, Ted somehow doesn’t notice this and thinks he’s the best thing in the world, and the noises are just insane. He’s basically the stereotypical guy who is handsome and therefore thinks he can do no wrong. And then Annie delivers the gem that makes so many women laugh in recognition because they’ve been there, trying to play some weird game with a loser guy who isn’t good enough for them — “I’m not like other girls, I’m not like ‘be my boyfriend!’ unless you were like ‘yeah!’ then I’d be like ‘maybe!’.” Ah, Annie.

11 Magazine Wine Party Jealousy

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Okay first of all, we’re just going to say it — Annie and Lillian’s tradition of the magazine wine parties where they read magazines and drink wine is proof that this flick was written by a woman. It’s just absolutely spot on. This scene is hilarious because of how insanely relatable it is. Sure, every single one of us is super happy for a friend when they succeed, whether that be by finding the perfect guy or by getting a promotion at work. However, at the same time, many of us find it hard to avoid comparing ourselves to others, and it can be unsettling to find out that someone close to you seems to be forging ahead in life while you’re feeling like you’re stuck in idle. Wiig’s delivery of the quote makes it even better: “I just got hot, yeah, my pits are sweating, my stomach hurts, I don’t know, I’m hot, ohmygod whaaaaat is happening?” Genius.

10 Annie and Helen Trying to get Rhodes’ Attention

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Montage scenes are often done really poorly, and just result in an endless stream of unfunny takes on the same kind of joke. However, in Bridesmaids, they took a simple scene — Annie trying to get Rhodes’ attention by getting him to pull her over — and turned it into comedy gold. With Helen by her side, Annie drives past Rhodes again and again, doing everything from speeding to tossing garbage out the window to driving topless to driving with no hands on the wheel. Rhodes’ expression after each attempt and little comments add humour to the scene, Rose Byrne playing the horrified passenger is perfection, and Kristen Wiig is hilarious as always. And, of course, there’s also the moment where Helen cries and Annie comments that “it’s the first time I’ve ever seen you look ugly and that makes me kind of happy.” I mean, it's flawless from start to finish.

9 Brunch Balls

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There is certainly no shortage of humour aimed at certain parts of the body in comedies targeting a male audience, and this scene just proves how refreshing a woman’s take can be. Annie and Lillian are having brunch together, chatting about their love lives and careers and just life in general, and they get on the topic of men and, erm, what they do with their anatomy. Namely, that certain parts of their body seem to insist upon themselves and approach you kind of aggressively, to the point where you have to dodge and weave. It seems like a silly conversation, but something about Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph shaping their arms into makeshift balls pretending to be genitalia, and Kristen Wiig miming avoiding something flying at her face, is kind of hilarious. It’s definitely not the same kind of joke male characters would make, but that’s what we love about it.

8 Megan Overcommitting to the Puppies

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Let’s be honest — at some point, hasn’t every woman dreamed of just being surrounded by puppies? They’re adorable, they’re cuddly, and it’s pretty much impossible to be sad when you have an eager and excited puppy jumping all around you. So, when Helen decides to give away puppies at Lillian’s bridal shower, Megan decides to capitalize on the opportunity and take home more than one puppy. To be specific, she takes home nine puppies. That’s a lot of puppies. They’re adorable, but both the scene where Megan drives by Annie with a van absolutely filled to the brim with the golden cuties, and the scene where she’s talking to Annie and admits that she might have slightly overcommitted to the energetic pups, are hilarious. Come on, though — if there were free puppies up for grabs, looking all cute and cuddly, you’d probably have a hard time resisting all their little faces too.

7 Becca and Rita on the Plane

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Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey may have had more minor roles in the film, but in the scenes where they were given the chance to shine, they certainly did. Their most memorable scene together is, of course, when they’re sitting side by side on the plane and Rita is trying to get Becca to let her hair down. When Becca asks the flight attendant for some alcohol, Rita quickly procures her a 7 and 7 and they get in Vegas mode. In between Annie’s antics on the plane, we get a scene of a drunk Becca and drunk Rita talking where Kemper delivers the iconic line “you are more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles and you have a face like sunshine.” Something about the grizzled Rita who fondly remembers her promiscuous days before she was a mom of filthy boys contrasted with the squeaky clean Becca provides comedy gold.

6 “Help me, I’m poor”

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Okay, even if you haven’t seen the movie, chances are you’ve seen a meme of this particular scene, where Annie is slumped in her seat and talking to the flight attendant. You see, she’s stuck in coach while Helen and Lillian are living in luxury in first class, because she was too proud to accept Helen’s help. This scene became a huge meme because so many people could relate to it — even if you haven’t had the specific experience of your bakery going under, you’ve probably have months where things were a little bit too tight. This is one of those situations where humour is rooted in real life concerns, and we kind of love that about it. Plus, Kristen Wiig’s delivery was just absolutely spot on. We’ve all been Annie in her sunglasses, slumped over and dreaming of a money tree to just show up out of the blue and solve all our problems.

5 Rita’s Bachelorette Party Demands


Wendi McLendon-Covey doesn’t get a ton of solo scenes in the movie — she’s more of a supporting cast member — but she definitely has the comedic chops to keep up with any other lady on set. She plays the only mom in the bunch, someone who’s at a slightly different spot in her life than the rest of the ladies. However, if you expected her to play the motherly figure who helps take care of all the girls when they get a little too drunk, you were dead wrong. Rita is irreverent and absolutely hilarious — when Annie suggests a more low key bachelorette party, she lays down the law and demands that she wants some time away from her kids and her husband and the daily grind. She wants, as she puts it, “balls in my face.” This scene is still hilarious, and to be honest, we kind of want a sequel with Rita as the starring character.

4 The Fight With Stove

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The entire time they’re on the plane en route to Vegas is filled with scene after hilarious scene, but Annie’s showdown with flight attendant Steve may be one of the highlights. She’s trying desperately to sneak into first class, but her extreme drunkenness makes it a little bit tough to be discrete. The flight attendant, Steve, is having absolutely none of that. On paper, the dialogue is kind of unremarkable: Annie says “whatever you say, Stove,” he replies, “Steve,” she replies as if she hadn’t heard a thing, “Stove, what kind of a name is that?” He asserts again that his name is Steve, Annie asks if he’s an appliance, he replies that he’s a man, Annie confirms that he’s a flight attendant, and he finishes by saying “that’s absolutely accurate.” Something about Annie’s drunkenness and Steve’s deadpan delivery just gives us the giggles every time.

3 The Fresh Lemonade

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When Annie rolls up in her beater of a car to Helen’s mansion, where Lillian’s bridal shower is taking place, she gets stopped by one of Helens’ staff. The staff directs her towards the stables, where another member of Helen’s extensive staff will meet her and presumably direct her to the party. However, he hands off a glass of pink lemonade for the long drive up the winding, elegant driveway. Annie first fumbles, since her car doesn’t have a cup holder, and eventually accepts it as she drives off. She takes a sip, curses at how delicious it is, then takes a few more sips before declaring “shit, that is fresh.” Again, it’s one of those scenes where it’s all about Wiig’s delivery. Sipping a drink for a few seconds on screen seems totally unremarkable, but something about the combination of her dialogue mixed with her facial expressions that communicate both delight at how delicious the lemonade is and disappointment that Helen served up something she liked, is just on point.

2 Annie’s Sobriety Test


Annie’s on her way back from Lillian’s engagement party, feeling totally fed up with Helen and all her antics, when Rhodes pulls her over for swerving (she gets a little too caught up in her Lillian impression). He accuses her of being drunk, and she decides to prove her sobriety by doing a series of tests, including showing some crazy dance moves. She’s not drunk on anything but hatred of Lillian, but the swerving around definitely would be cause for concern, so it makes sense that Rhodes pulls her over. The combo of Wiig’s over the top antics and Chris O’Dowd’s mixture of amusement and annoyance makes for a memorable — and totally hilarious — scene. In fact, maybe Kristen Wiig should include a sobriety test scene in every movie she does — she could sneak in a different ‘proof’ in each one to show off the full range of her comedic chops.

1 Annie Being Ready to Party

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The whole situation of Annie getting over her fear of flying by getting completely hammered offers a ton of hilarious moments, but perhaps the most iconic single line is her statement (after she’s filled with booze and pills) that she is utterly ready to “paaaaarrtyyyyyy!” She gets to that state of intoxication because she’s terrified of flying, but in that scene, Annie is kind of like your friend who always goes over the top way too fast and has to be sent home from the party. The person who shouts that they’re ready to party is never actually the person you want to party with because you know they’re going to be a sloppy, hot mess in about 1.4 seconds. I mean, we’d party with Annie, but that’s just because we know she’s cool — if you met her on that plane, you’d think that she was a total wreck.

Sources: uproxx.com, popsugar.com

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