15 High School Moments We Can All Relate To

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that high school was one hell of an experience. It's where we experienced a lot of firsts from our first love to our first party along with a whole bunch of memories and mistakes that we all wish we could forget. You might cringe when you think of high school, and while there are a lot of movies out that might make you nostalgic for the good old days, you definitely don't spend a lot of time reminiscing on your teen years. High school totally sucked, which was one of the reasons we skipped so many classes and stayed up so late. However, you might have made a few lifetime friends that are in it for the long haul, and you can laugh about all the stupid shenanigans that you got up to when you were a teenager. Here are 15 high school moments that we can all relate to. They might even make you miss it (well, just a tiny bit... but then you'll get over it ASAP).

15 The Rise Of Cliques

While it might have felt like you were friends with everyone in your elementary school and middle school days, that was totally gone once you got to high school. Suddenly it felt like everyone had to pick a team and it becomes incredibly awkward when your best friend up until high school was suddenly popular and made you feel like a total dork. When you think back to your time in high school, whether they were your glory days or not, you definitely remember the distinct groups of people you hung out with. People rarely seemed to leave their groups behind and talk to others. Sure, a few students might have floated between the various cliques, but you can clearly remember who hung out with who. Chances are each clique even had their own distinct location that was their own area, whether it was a classroom, a staircase, or even a certain hallway. As graduation approached, the borders may have diffused, but you can definitely remember who was loyal to who.

14 Your Life Was 'Gossip Girl'

Oh gosh, the drama. Today, you can seriously laugh about some of the stupid gossip that would circulate around school back in the day, and some of it was definitely cringeworthy. Was any of it about you? If you struggled to keep your head down while everyone whispered around you, then you can definitely recall shedding tears when some totally untrue lies were spreading around like wildfire. It was like the gossip itself was a living, breathing entity, and nobody was safe unless you wore a paper bag over your head to stay hidden. Eventually, as you matured throughout your high school days, you learned to dismiss the drama and stand up for whoever was at the focal point of the insanity. It's one of the reasons you loved Gossip Girl -- it literally felt like your life. You're glad there were no websites about gossip at your school, but you're sure that some schools did have that, unfortunately.

13 Your First Parties

Depending on what year your high school tirade began, your first party might have involved a lot of awkward sitting around and uncomfortable games of spin the bottle, or it could have been way more intense. It might have been some older guys asking you to go to a party, or it might have been your graduation year when you finally decided to dabble in the art of drinking too much and partying too hard, but it was bound to happen eventually. You definitely remember your first party, and while the chances are the initial one sucked, they definitely improved over time with the loud music and faded inhibitions. A little experimentation was probably all you needed to know you weren't really into the hardcore partying, but maybe it was just the beginning. There are a lot of different scenarios that could have occurred at your first party, but it's a high school milestone that you won't forget.

12 Gym Class Awkwardness

Is there anything that wasn't awful about gym class? It might have been a bit better if your gym classes were divided by gender, but if it was co-ed, you remember how traumatic it was. The boys threw the dodge balls way too hard, and they were always being uncomfortably competitive. Plus, it was hard to really try when it felt like all the guys were doing was looking at your butt. Was that as bad as the changing rooms, though? When all you wanted was a bit of privacy, it was impossible to get since you had to get naked in front of literally everybody. There was rarely a moment in physical education that wasn't torturous, and that was only when it was so embarrassing that you're literally scarred forever. You definitely don't miss gym class, but everybody has some horrible memories from high school because of it. It's too easy to relate.

11 Puberty In General

While you were probably smoking hot by the time grade eleven and twelve rolled around, (when you had perfected your makeup skills and gotten over the way too thick eyeliner phase and didn't have a trace of acne), it wasn't always that way. You were awkward, you struggled with the latest fashion trends, and you were way too self-conscious. It was especially hard when you were one of the youngest in high school during the early days and you looked up to all the gorgeous older girls that were about to graduate. One day, you'd look that good, but it took some time to get where you are now. Everything about puberty was awful, especially because all the boys were such late bloomers. It made them depressingly immature, and if you wanted a boyfriend in high school, the pickings were slim and it probably gave you a bad idea of what a relationship should be. It always gets better the closer you are to graduation, but your high school memories are tainted by puberty.

10 Those Lonely Lunchtimes

That crippling feeling of anxiety you get when you're alone in a hostile situation. Yup, that defined high school. Those lunch times when you couldn't seem to find literally any of your friends might be your worst nightmare. It was understandable when they were in clubs you weren't in or an event was going on, but that doesn't mean those moments didn't terrify you. They might not have happened often, or they might have happened all the time, but that's something you really don't miss about high school. Maybe it taught you that it was okay to be on your own, but it also left you with the distinct feeling of being unsafe. Remember when you were alone and vulnerable, and suddenly that one group of girls you hate walked by? There wasn't much worse than those lonely lunchtimes, and you're praying you never have to experience those situations again. Will high school ever die?

9 Lying To All Your Teachers

Yeah, you definitely didn't always do your homework, but who did? Often the assignments were so boring that you simply didn't always feel motivated to do them. There's also the fact that between juggling homework, sleep, friends, family, work, and a boyfriend, something had to give and homework didn't always make the cut (even though now you know that it totally should have been your focus). There were even the times when all of your teachers assigned you everything at once. All of these possibilities amassed to quite the intricate amount of lies you came up with to dupe your teacher, and some of them were craftier than others. While you may have been met with skepticism or outright rage, it only made you a better liar for the next assignment that would be late, or for the next time you skipped class. Truthfully, sometimes you just really didn't want to be there. If there is one thing you can definitely thank your teachers for, it's for all their hard work and time, and for making you a better liar.

8 When The Teachers Embarrassed You

The older you get, the more you realize you probably should have treated your teachers nicer back in the day. Some of them deserved the attitude you gave them, especially if you were in public school. A lot of those teachers totally sucked. But if you weren't their favorite student, you definitely felt their wrath and that meant that you felt total embarrassment on a regular basis. They would spy on you when you weren't paying attention or when you were on your phone, and while some might have called on you because they knew that you didn't know the right answer, others definitely yelled at you in front of everyone. There could be any number of reasons they picked on you, but you can recall that one teacher back in high school you didn't click with, and they punished you for anything you did. There weren't many highlights of high school, and those teachers you hated might have been one of the worst parts.

7 The Intensity Of Prom

While it was totally worth it at the time, you might kind of freak out today when you think about how much money you dropped on prom. It definitely wasn't as bad for the boys, and while their suits were definitely expensive, you can't believe that some girls spent hundreds of dollars (and sometimes even more) on dresses. You may have been one of those girls that refused to pay that much, and maybe bought your gown for much less, but that's only the beginning. You felt the intense pressure of getting your hair and makeup professionally done, and then you had to find a matching clutch and shoes for the dress. Even after the cost of everything, there was still the mounting social pressure leading up to the big day. Who was going with who? Who was going to wear what? The combination of money and drama made prom insanely intense.

6 Being Rejected By Your Crush

Oh, the rejection of high school. There was definitely a lot of pressure to have a boyfriend when you were a teenager because it seemed like the so-called cool and trendy thing to do. When your heart finally settled on a boy that hopefully wasn't super immature, it could be confusing when you tried to move the relationship from classmate to boyfriend. You don't even know how high school kids do that. Maybe you had some super awkward conversations in English class. Maybe you texted (depending on how old you are now and if you even had cell phones back in the day). Yeah, it was weird, and rejection was a thing most of the time. It especially stung because it was high school and everybody found out about everything. Why didn't that one guy like you? It was because he was way too immature to handle you, and it's one of the reasons dating totally sucks for young women in high school. Nobody misses being rejected by their crush, and it happened to everybody in high school.

5 The Horror Of Picture Day

It went wrong every single year. Sure, you tried not to care, but the pressure of having that Yearbook photo exist for all of eternity made you feel like you just had to look good. You tried to pick a flattering shirt, you seriously attempted to perfect your makeup, and who knows, maybe you felt insanely hot before the photo was taken. Then, you saw the photo. It was majorly frustrating when those pesky photographers refused to let you take a peek at the final product, and when you saw the final product, you were totally cursing their name because they didn't let you preview the train wreck. Every single time, your photo ended up being shot at a weird angle or a gross light and you never wanted the entire school to see this picture. Oh well, at least you could opt to experience the horror a second time when photo retake day arrived.

4 Your Procrastination

There was always a lot of time to complete your homework. Usually, you would be given a few days, and sometimes you even had a couple of weeks to complete a massive project. But would you prioritize? No way. Why were you like this? Because you were in high school. You literally procrastinated everything, and while you tended to regret it while you were cramming to finish an essay that was due in an hour, you still wouldn't learn. The next time you were assigned an essay, you would put it off until the very last minute. Sure, sometimes you legitimately had a reason to put it off, but usually it was just because you totally sucked at being a good student. If you've found yourself in the midst of university, the same routine of procrastinating everything you're given is probably still apart of your daily routine. Your days as a procrastinator began in high school, and everybody knows it.

3 Staying Up Way Too Late

It made sense that you went to bed at ungodly hours on the weekend because you got to sleep in the next day. But that didn't stop any high school student from staying up past midnight when they had to wake up at seven for school. Mobs of sleep deprived teenagers would flock sadly to the class room, barely surviving until Friday, as they periodically fell asleep in class throughout the week. It wasn't ideal and it was totally self-inflicted, and why we all put ourselves and our health through hell during high school totally doesn't make sense. Being young teenagers was a wild part of our life that we probably don't miss, but when it's a time in your life when you need more sleep than the rest of the population, we probably should have taken better care of ourselves, especially when we had a huge exam first thing in the morning.

2 Wanting To Be Popular

High school was definitely a weird time in your life, especially when you were intimidated by people that probably didn't end up graduating. Do you remember walking through the halls and mentally going through the list of who was more popular than you? There were people that mattered and people that didn't in high school, which was what made it one of the most bizarre and unpleasant experiences of our life time. Does anybody ever miss high school? No, because the mean girls made everything suck in the early days of your secondary education. As your senior years approached, popularity definitely wasn't as relevant as it was when you first entered high school, but you totally recall how stressful it was when you were younger. It's something you laugh about nowadays, because why the hell did you care about any of that? It was a waste of energy, but it's something that effected everybody in high school.

1 Your First Love

Falling in love for the very first time might have been one of the best moments of your entire high school career because you still remember it so vividly. Your first true experience with love is all-consuming, intense, passionate, and oh yeah, it totally broke your heart. They say the first love always hurts the worst since your expectations of love are super innocent and naive. Maybe you're still with your high school sweetheart, but chances are a certain name comes to mind when the conversation of first love comes up. It probably wasn't healthy, but that didn't stop it from distracting you from everything else. It felt like the other person was the reason why you existed, but that isn't what love is supposed to be. Do you ever truly get over your first love, even years after it's over? Almost everyone has their first taste of love in high school, and it's a memory we'll never forget. Oh, high school.

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