15 Healthy Habits To Transform Your Body

We all have something we would love to change about our bodies. Don’t lie to me and don’t lie to yourself, either. We all have some small insecurity that takes hold and we can’t seem to let it go for a long time. Sometimes we never do. But if we have the power to change these insecurities, wouldn’t you want to? If something upsets you so much that you want to change it, isn't it worth putting in the hard work to change it? It's not going to be easy but then again, nothing worth having ever comes easy. You've probably heard that saying before. While some of us opt for plastic surgery in order to change our appearance , it won't change our true body shape. True transformation takes a lot of time and effort in order to be successful. I once heard someone say that forming a habit is better than going on a diet. And ever since that day I have never looked back. Instead of going on a 10 day fad diet or a juice cleanse of any kind, you should just make a habit out of healthy eating. The great thing is we have the power to transform ourselves and our bodies if we put our mind to it. If you’re looking for a way to transform your body and keep it that way, these 15 healthy habits will help you do just that.

15 Drink More Water

Okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now. I get that this is pretty common advice, but have you ever stopped to think about why? Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you could possibly do to transform your body for the better. Our bodies are 60% water and they use water for every single function. If we don’t supply our bodies with the amount of water it needs, well, it just can't do its job properly. Not getting enough hydration is going to lead to digestion problems and we're not going to have enough energy for daily tasks. Drinking only 8 cups of water a day isn’t enough anymore. Personally, I average about a gallon a day and have seen drastic improvements in my energy levels, overall health, and my skin even has a special glow to it.

14 Spend More Time Outside

Humans weren’t meant to spend so much time inside and away from the sunlight. Sure, our homes keep us protected from natural disasters and potential predators, but we also need fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun. Spending more time outside will do so much in your quest to transform your body for the better. Not only does the fresh air help detox our bodies from all the harmful things we breathe in when we’re stuck inside all day, but the sun also gives us a boost in energy from halting the release of melatonin – the chemical that makes us super sleepy. And don’t even get me started on the powerful body benefits of vitamin D from the sun. We need this vitamin for healthy bone and teeth development and maintenance and it also plays a huge role in regulating insulin levels. Regulated insulin levels can help you crave less sugary foods and therefore you won’t eat as many.

13 Drink Less Alcohol

Yeah, you're probably rolling your eyes again, but hear us out. Alcohol is pretty much poison. Sure, it's fun and you can become an amazing dancer given the right music, but alcohol still causes inflammation in your body. You can’t metabolize food as quickly or heal when you're drinking too much. You’re also a hell of a lot more tired after drinking because your body has to work extra hard to push all of the toxicity out. This can even take days. You can say goodbye to all the hard work you put in the gym!

12 Walk More, Drive Less

I’ll admit that I’m really not the best when it comes to walking instead of driving. I live within 2 miles of nearly anywhere that I’ll need to go: the grocery store, my friend’s houses, and even the library. I drove a total of 3 minutes the other day to get to the gas station for some eggs instead of walking 10 minutes, which wasn't exactly the best decision. If you make a habit out of walking instead of driving places you’ll be shocked at how different your body will look after just a month. Your body burns calories by walking and you’ll also gain some muscle in your legs as well as your core since you need both for walking. And hello, who doesn't want super hot legs and tight abs? Walking also gives you access to all of the fresh air that’s so beneficial, too.

11 Wake Up Earlier

Trust me on this one: it can make a huge difference to your life and this habit is actually not that hard to get into after all. Normally, you probably wake up about an hour before you have to get to work, and you're probably super groggy -- not to mention moaning and groaning. But if you make a habit of waking up early just for 21 days – even waking up earlier on the weekends – your body will take care of waking up during these times on a regular basis because of your circadian rhythm. Not only will you wake up more alert, but by keeping a consistent sleep schedule, your body will stay more awake throughout the day and you’ll feel less tired. This also means you’ll have more energy for exercise and staying healthy.

10 Eat More Veggies

Maybe you’re not the type of person that has to eat less meat but everyone could always eat a lot more vegetables. I make it a point to always fill up half my plate with vegetables (fresh, not anything out of a can) before adding anything else to the plate. Then I place my meat there and fill up whatever room is left with some carbs. This habit won’t just change the types of food you eat, but you’ll reap more benefits that the veggies have to offer. Vegetables are chock-full of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function properly. If you want to correctly metabolize fat and get rid of it, you need your cells to be fully replenished so they can do their jobs correctly. Many people load up their plates with meat and leave the veggies as a side portion. This simple habit of eating more vegetables can transform your body like you’d never expect.

9 Eat Small Meals

In order to see the biggest difference in your body transformation, eating more meals a day that are smaller is the way to go. You probably eat three meals a day with a couple snacks in between. This can make you over-eat at meal times and leaves you way too hungry. If you eat six smaller meals a day within a few hours of each other, you're not going to have that problem, and you probably won't hear for the junk food, either. You’ll practically always be satisfied and shouldn’t feel many hunger pangs at all. This also keeps your metabolism high by digesting food all day long instead of allowing it to rest in between fewer meals.

8 Stop The Screen Time Before Bed

You’ve probably heard this one time and time again but pretty much everyone I know (and me too -- guilty!) don’t listen to it enough. I usually only get rid of my phone an hour before bed if I’ve had trouble sleeping or if I just want to read. But the benefits of ridding yourself of screens before bed is definitely something that will completely change your body. Sleep is essential for your body to heal and nurture itself. Your body does a bunch of important processes when you're sleeping. It has been proven time and time again that not sleeping enough is linked to putting on more fat. So if you’re attempting to transform your body, you need all the sleep you can get. Making a habit of getting rid of your screens an hour before bed is the first step.

7 Eat Out Less

How many days a week do you eat out with your friends, family, or coworkers? I’m assuming you do at least 2-3 times a week... as do most people. And while we all love restaurant food (guilty again!), it’s actually a lot worse for you than you realize. You can make practically the same meal a restaurant does but save roughly 200 calories. I don’t know if any of you have ever burned off 200 calories at the gym but it is not an easy feat! Each time you eat out you’re consuming about 200 extra calories than you would if you made a meal at home. When you go somewhere to eat you’re far more likely to order something that’s unhealthy rather than if you bought food to cook at home because you justify it as a “special occasion” when we all know it’s not special if you do it multiple times a week. In order to transform your body, only eat out 1-2 times a week and you’ll be surprised at the difference.

6 Take The Stairs

Do you know how beneficial stairs are for your body? There’s a reason they have actually created workout equipment that mirrors what stairs do for you. You should always make a habit of taking the stairs. Unless you have to go to the 20th floor, skip the elevator. By taking the stairs you’ll get to work out your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and more. You’ll also be making your heart healthier by giving it an extra workout by going up and down those stairs. The bonus in all of this – aside from the amazing physical benefits – is that you won’t even notice you’re working out. Your mind will simply see it as an everyday task and it’ll be that much easier for you. So if you really want to transform your body by making healthy habits, I suggest this be one of your top priority habits to be formed.

5 Keep A Daily Journal

You might be asking yourself what writing in a journal has to do with transforming your body but the truth is that a lot of having a healthy body has to do with having a healthy mind. Just as our bodies can be filled with toxins that inhibit our progress in the gym, our minds can be filled with metaphorical toxins that are just as harmful to our self-image as real toxic waste. Keeping a journal allows us to release any pent up anger or frustration we have about anything in our lives. It gets rid of those negative thoughts we have that can tear down our progress and we get a sense of peace. If we’re in a better mood, we’ll always perform better in the gym and make healthier choices on a daily basis. So make a habit out of writing down your daily struggles – about anything – in a journal before bed and you’ll see how much it can help your overall body transformation.

4 Do Charity Walks And Runs

The benefits of signing up for these types of events are pretty obvious. You’ll get to exercise and shed off some unwanted fat while also building muscle to tone and replace it. But the other benefits might not seem so obvious to those who don’t do this regularly. When you sign up for charity walks and runs you’re not just doing something healthy for yourself. You’re also coming together with other people -- friends and/or total strangers -- in order to raise money for something bigger than just yourself. That sense of community can do a lot to increase your self-esteem and motivate you to be healthy. When you do something that impacts someone else in a good way, you will also feel good about yourself and you’ll be more likely to treat your body in a positive way if you’re in a good mindset.

3 Exercise 4 Times A Week

Exercising is an obvious healthy habit that will transform your body but the physical aspects of sweating and getting your heart rate up multiple times a week is not the only reason it can change you for the better. You're challenging your body physically, sure, but you’re also challenging your mind and willpower. If you can wake up early and hit the gym more days out of the week than you don’t, you have the willpower to do whatever it is you need to in order to get the body that you really desire. The benefits of succeeding in something that is both physically and emotionally challenging can set the basis for how successful you are in all of these other healthy habits you may form.

2 Visualize The Body You Want

You may not believe in visualization, but trust us, you want to. It's all about getting your mind in the right state so you can really achieve your goals. If you don't think you can do something, well, that's true -- you really won't be able to do it. It's really that simple. But if you see yourself achieving your dream body and you see yourself working hard every day to make it happen, then that’s what will happen. Make a habit every single day to wake up and visualize having the body you want. This will not only motivate you to get your ass out of bed and hit the gym, but it will also put you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day. If you also visualize making healthy choices throughout the day you’re more likely to stick to it.

1 Tell Yourself Something Positive Every Morning

This is all about supporting yourself and loving your body for what it is, and loving yourself for who yo are, too. If you make a habit out of waking up every morning, looking in the mirror, and telling yourself one thing you love about your body you’ll learn to love yourself more and more each time you do this. It can be something as simple as loving the shape of one of your eyebrows or something as complex as loving the way your body looks when you just woke up and are looking less than favorable. In order to truly transform your body you have to first transform your mind into thinking your body doesn’t need changing. This might sound contradictory, but you can only focus on transforming your body once you love it for what it is first. No matter your reason for wanting to transform your body for the better, these healthy habits will totally get you moving in the right direction.

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