15 Health + Beauty Products Every Girl Needs (& 15 That Are WAY Overhyped)

Every girl has her own beauty routine, but how can she tell if she absolutely needs the products she uses?

There are entire websites designed to sway people into buying inferior products, claiming they're necessary for any beauty routine. These same sites also pay reviewers to hock their inferior items all over social media, resulting in great sales for the company but less than satisfied customers.

What's worse, some customers don't even know there are better products out there because they're already familiar with the overly-hyped ones and they aren't willing to try new things.

Companies take advantage of customers' comfort levels with familiar products, which is why it's so rare for them to change their packaging when sales are high.

But don't fall for it! Just because a YouTube video says it's the best in the market doesn't mean it really is. Dig a little deeper by reading reviews, considering similar options, and reading what the FDA has to say about the ingredients.

A little investigation never hurt anyone, but we're going to offer beauty gurus everywhere an easier route. Here's a list of the fifteen best health and beauty products out there, plus fifteen products that just don't measure up.

30 Necessity: A Good Sunblock

Travel Fashion Girl

Every dermatologist can agree that sunblock is one of the most necessary and effective anti-aging treatments you could ever use on your skin. It doesn't even have to be SPF 100.

A simple sunblock applied daily can help the sun's rays from harming skin cells, resulting in a more youthful appearance and healthier skin.

When going through necessities in your purse, never discard the humble bottle of sunblock—it could really take the place of diamonds as a girl's best friend.

29 Overly-Hyped: Spray Tans (Any Brand)

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Everyone wants to have gorgeous golden skin but no one really wants to flirt with the dangers of sunbathing or visiting the local tanning salon. There has been a variety of spray tans to choose from for decades, but are they really all that necessary? In some parts of the world, women apply makeup to appear lighter—not darker—and they're able to pull off beautiful looks simply by wearing the right makeup and colors to make even the palest of skin tones look appealing.

When it comes down to necessities, fake tans are among the most overly-hyped.

28 Necessity: Face Wash Tailored To Skin Type


We all wash our faces, but are we using the right product? Face wash is a necessary part of any skincare routine simply because dirt and grime can get clogged into our pores, resulting in unflattering and even painful outbreaks.

Skip the pimple drama by keeping a good face wash on hand.

Make sure it was designed for your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, etc.) and always remember to read the directions first to ensure you're getting the most from your product.

27 Overly-Hyped: Face Wash With Fragrance

Jazzylinn's Beauty Tricks

Remember that scene in the movie Mean Girls when Regina George's face wash was replaced with a foot wash? The end result was a nice peppermint aroma on her face. While things ended well for her, the reality is most scented products can result in less than healthy skin. Many people have allergic reactions while others will notice small outbreaks or dryness.

Don't put the health of your skin at risk when you can just as easily reach for an unscented face wash that will work just as well.

26 Necessity: Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Bleached Hair

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When a person decides to dye their hair, they're often forced to bleach it as well. Of course, this can damage hair considerably and the color can wash away if the hair isn't cleaned with the appropriate shampoo.

Sulfates are strong cleansers that can be harsh on hair, though.

So when a person's locks are already in a delicate state (from being bleached, dyed, or treated with harsh chemicals), it's best to use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep strands from becoming brittle and breaking.

25 Overly-Hyped: "Plain" 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner For Use In Bleached Hair

Rite Aid

Again, bleached hair requires a lot of love and care. It's been through so much and it needs special care. Not only can conventional shampoos and conditioners sap it of its brand new color, but they can also dry the strands out, leaving behind some pretty dingy looking locks.

Don't reach for your trusty old two-in-one shampoo and conditioner blend after getting your hair bleached and dyed—go for a sulfate-free shampoo and a separate sulfate-free conditioner instead—both of which are made specifically for bleached or dyed hair.

24 Necessity: Lip Liner

The Skincare Edit

Want plumper looking lips? Grab that lip liner and go to town! Lip liner has been a must-have for decades, and for good reason.

Not only does it help make your lips look a little lusher than they really are, but lip liner has a few unexpected uses as well. 

According to Makeup, lip liner can make the perfect Cupid's Bow, helps prevent bleeding or feathering of lipstick, and can help define the shape of lips in general, which is why a natural lip color is a must.

23 Overly-Hyped: Lip Plumpers


Remember when lip plumpers were all the rage? There are still a ton of people who reach for their pumpers for a more luscious smile, but is it really necessary? Absolutely not—the reason lip plumpers work so well is that they give you a small allergic reaction, which causes your lips to swell.

Beauty may also come with pain sometimes, but are puffy pouty lips really worth the possible side effects, which include itchiness, redness, burning, cracking, and peeling?

22 Necessity: Quality Mascara

Mascara Junkies

Everyone needs a quality mascara they can trust—one that doesn't clump and leaves lashes looking thicker and longer than they really are. If there's one necessity every girl absolutely needs, it's this.

Mascara is one of the things that can really make a person's eyes "pop."

The denser the forest of hair is, the better. Eyelashes are a woman's greatest asset when she's trying to communicate without words—even Ariel knew to look through her lashes up at Prince Eric to tell him how she felt! If you don't already have some, get out and buy some good mascara!

21 Overly-Hyped: Fake Lashes

Tried and Tested

Why rely on mascara when you can just buy and apply some fake lashes? Who cares how dramatic the change is, right? Well, if you're not investing in quality lashes, they're going to look all kinds of fake—and everyone will know it. Though false lashes have been approved by the FDA, there are warnings of possible side effects that include itchiness, swelling, red eyes, rashes, and more. There is also the possibility of infection if the lashes aren't cleaned properly or if they're kept on much longer than recommended.

If possible, consider just buying eyelash serum to lengthen and improve new growth.

20 Necessity: Quality Makeup Remover


No, not all makeup remover is created equal. Some can clog your pores, while others can cause rashes and outbreaks. Some are oil-based and others are water-based. So how do you know which makeup removers are the best?

User reviews are great but you also need to take your skin type into consideration.

You may need to try a few brands before finding what's best for you, but your face should feel clean afterward and there should be no drying out of your skin. There should also not be an oily feel to your skin afterward either.

19 Overly-Hyped: Makeup Removing Pads


While it might seem easier to simply purchase a makeup remover pad, the truth is you may not get as good of a clean as you think. There have also been complaints from people with sensitive skin breaking out and winding up with irritated skin or even rashes when using wipes. Granted, not all wipes are created equal.

As Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff, the medical director of Le Jolie Medi Spa, explained, wipes can be used when you're in a rush. However, they should not be a regular method of makeup removal since they do not provide as deep a clean as traditional cleansers.

18 Necessity: Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Bien Bien

We may love our colorful eyeshadow palettes but they're not always appropriate. Certain events requires specific looks—such as important business meetings or job interviews.

There are also times when you just want to look like yourself but you need a little something to enhance your natural beauty.

That's where natural and earth-toned eyeshadow palettes come into play. Every girl needs at least a basic eyeshadow to apply when she needs to look a little more alert or if she just wants to tone down the color.

17 Overly-Hyped: Rainbow Eyeshadow Palettes


Do we all love them? Yes. Do we all need them? Not at all. While rainbow eyeshadow can be fun, it isn't always necessary, especially if you buy a large palette and you know there's no way you'll be able to use it all before it goes bad.

We all love pulling off the mysterious mermaid look, fun unicorn colors and, of course, the actual rainbow, but user beware: this palette may be fun from time to time but it isn't actually necessary, especially if you are on a pretty tight budget.

16 Necessity: Skin-Matched Concealer


The purpose of concealer is to "conceal" any discoloration in our skin, so it makes sense to get one that has been carefully matched to our natural skin tone.

This can be tough, but don't worry—just head to the nearest makeup counter and ask for assistance to match your concealer to your skin.

The employees will help you find the correct shade for your skin tone and will offer advice on how to use it properly. Hint: never go more than two shades lighter than your skin tone!

15 Overly-Hyped: Using The Same Concealer Year-Round


Most of us spend more time outside during summer, which, of course, often results in tanning. We can't use the same shade of concealer or foundation year-round, lest our color be off by a few (or even several!) shades. Don't fall for this simple mistake—keep your coloring in mind.

Remember to update your concealer's shade a few times each year, depending on whether you're getting some color from outdoor activities or if you're going back to your natural shading by staying indoors.

14 Necessity: Lip Balm With Sunblock

Beautiful with Brains

Okay, let's be real. We all need lip balm. No one likes chapped lips and all the tears and annoyance that come with them. Knowing we all need lip balm, let's take it a step further and add some sunblock to it.

Lips, just like any other part of our skin, can get sunburned, which is basically just as bad as chapped, cracked lips.

No one wants to have those, no one wants to kiss those, and no one wants to deal with the drama stemming from not-so-sultry lips. So just make the right choice and purchase some lip balm with some kind of SPF.

13 Overly-Hyped: Lip Gloss


Yay! Lip gloss! We all love silky smooth shimmery glossy lips, but that doesn't mean we absolutely have to go with the gloss every single day. While it is a good product to keep on hand, it isn't a necessity. Lipstick, colored lip balms (with SPF, of course) and lip liner can do the trick when you are going for a more mature look—especially matte lipsticks.

While a good lip gloss is certainly nice to have (we've seriously got nothing against it), it isn't really a necessity.

12 Necessity: A Good Blow Dryer


Don't take your blow dryer for granted! Just because it gets your hair dry doesn't mean it's a good blow dryer.

If you've got damaged hair and you're using that blow dryer on the daily, consider what heat can do to healthy hair—and yours is likely not completely healthy!

Some blow dryers offer cool air instead of high heat, which can save your damaged locks. Other blow dryers have attachments or certain shapes to help dry your hair faster, decreasing the odds of damaging it. The next time you're out shopping, check out some of the better blow dryers and upgrade—your hair deserves it.

11 Overly-Hyped: Off-Brand Hair Straighteners


Like any other heat-applying device, hair straighteners have the ability to either make your hair look gorgeously smooth and straight or to burn it to a crisp. Some straighteners are made with materials that don't evenly distribute the heat, which makes you go over the same strands over and over, increasing the likelihood of hurting your hair. Go with a higher quality straightener and consider purchasing a protective spray.

When investing in your hair, it's always best to research which brands are superior and which are worth their cost.

10 Necessity: Quality Tweezers

Rank and Style

There are a few differently shaped tweezers, each with their own special purpose, but when it comes to plucking brows, you're going to need the right ones. Some people have fine hair, while others have thick.

Regardless of what kind you have, you'll want to go with the flat-edge tweezers, which are shaped specifically to grasp any hair in the vicinity.

Remember, it's all about the proper angles. You'll also want to invest in a decent metal pair that is not prone to snapping.

9 Overly-Hyped: Wax Pads


If you've ever used a body wax strip, you know it's a huge pain—and we're not even talking about the ripping hair from your body part. The strips come with wax already applied, so you just need to warm them up with your hands and you can separate them before strategically placing each strip on parts of your body. The problem? Melted wax gets everywhere!

It's sloppy and just isn't worth it. If you want a wax, skip the DIY and go see a professional.

8 Necessity: Basic Nail Care Kit


Our nails require a certain amount of care to keep from getting overgrown, chipped, or cracked. Filing, pushing those cuticles, and buffering are all regular parts of a healthy nail routine.

Each of these healthcare habits can be utilized from the purchase of a basic manicure set from any drug store, beauty shop, or warehouse market.

Understanding what each tool does is just as important as using them on a regular basis, so familiarize yourself with the kit and take care of those nails!

7 Overly-Hyped: Professional Manicure Kit


Maintaining healthy nails is an important hygienic practice, however, there is no need to go out and purchase the most expensive DIY manicure set on the market. Most of these sets include unnecessary items that are to be used primarily for decoration, not for the health of your nails. There's nothing wrong with wanting to decorate, but it does take time, effort, and a lot of patience.

Most women prefer to have their nails done professionally as a way to relax and enjoy being pampered a bit, so in terms of necessity versus overly-hyped, manicure sets are by no means necessary.

6 Necessity: Moisturizing Face Mask


Face masks have been popular for decades—and for good reason! They're used to help people with oily skin, dry skin, or damaged skin.

Each mask has its own properties to help people with whatever issues their skin is plaguing them with.

Some masks can even help reduce the size of pores, which in turn helps keep your skin cleaner and can help breakouts from occurring. Every girl needs to have her own face mask routine for the sake of healthier, smoother skin.

5 Overly-Hyped: Face Masks With Harsh Chemicals


Harsh chemicals shouldn't come anywhere near your skin, so why would you invest in face masks promising to ruin some of the most sensitive skin on your body? Some face masks promise a chemical peel that will only remove a few layers of skin, resulting in a newer, younger, smoother face. The problem? Remember those painful black masks everyone was trying for a few likes on YouTube last year?

Face masks shouldn't hurt when you remove them, and they certainly shouldn't cause your skin to suddenly become oily or flaky. Take precautions with your face masks and always choose one that is gentle.

4 Necessity: Eye Cream


Eye cream is definitely a must for any girl's beauty bag. It helps reduce wrinkles and prevents puffiness as well as dry circles.

Don't forget, sun damage can also be diminished with regular use of a good eye cream.

Dermatologists told WebMD, "Eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, so they tend to be thicker...and they have a lot of active ingredients aimed at the problems we see around the eyes." If you're trying to cut down on your glam bag, remember to never cut eye cream out of your daily routine!

3 Overly-Hyped: Oil-Based Makeup Remover


Oil makeup removers are great at removing other oil-based products, but just remember: oil and water do not mix very well. Literally, they can't, so any water-based products that you are wearing will come away slowly and with a lot of effort. Add to this the fact that you'll need to wash again to get rid of the extra oils all over your face and suddenly washing with an oil-based cleanser doesn't sound as great as it used to.

Can it do the job? Yes, it can. Is it the best option? No, probably not.

2 Necessity: Vaseline


Vaseline is like the miracle cream for health and beauty. Have super dry feet? Rub some Vaseline on them. Eyelash glue not coming off? Grab your trusty jar of Vaseline to get those babies off.

It can be used as a face cream, lip balm, can condition and define eyelashes, hide split ends, tame those baby hairs, serve as an eye makeup remover, and even help perfect a DIY manicure.

With all of its practical uses, a jar of Vaseline is a necessity for any woman.

1 Overly-Hyped: Charcoal EVERYTHING


We've all seen the commercials and ads of people brushing their teeth with charcoal toothpaste. Somehow, after using the gross inky toothpaste, teeth are magically transformed into whiter shades. Does it really work? Yes. Is charcoal good for literally every other beauty product? Heck no.

The charcoal movement has been huge, with companies going as far as creating face washes, masks, soaps, and other products meant to improve your health and appearance—but charcoal can only do so much.

Before investing in charcoal everything, do a little research to see if certain products really are for you. Odds are, most are just jumping on the bandwagon and aren't any better than your old products.

Sources: WebMD, Makeup

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