14 Harsh Celeb Predictions For 2017

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14 Harsh Celeb Predictions For 2017

Celebrity rumors can be just as harsh as the actual truth, which is why we’re here to talk about and discuss these harsh celebrity predictions that have been floating around this year. It will be up to you whether or not you buy into the hype of these predictions. The first half of 2017 has been quite chaotic, which is why these celebrity predictions have been rising to the surface over the last few months! From people saying that Rob should go to rehab to wanting Kylie and Tyga to reunite, the drama never ends with these A-list celebrities. Of course, doesn’t the drama draw us in? These celebs have such an exciting life, it’s honestly hard not to get addicted to the chaos and wanting to find out what happens next, it’s basically a reality TV show! So grab your warm and buttery popcorn and get comfortable on your couch because we’re here to spill the tea and read some receipts. Let us know if you even thought of these before but were too scared to ever bring it up, do you think any of these crazy stories will actually happen? What are your thoughts? We want to know!

14. Caitlyn De-Transitioning

Via transcendence28.wordpress.com

This rumor has been floating around for the majority of 2017 so far. There is a prediction that Caitlyn Jenner plans to de-transition because of the overall stress that comes with being in the spotlight as a trans person. She has constantly been ridiculed because of her conservative beliefs and some people say that she is creating a bad name for trans individuals. Hopefully she’s grown as a person and doesn’t take this drastic step, but if it is what she chooses, she will most likely always have support in anything she chooses to do! If Caitlyn does actually make the choice to turn back into a man, then that will seriously be a huge negative blow to the community she became part of. I just hope whatever she chooses to do it’s what really makes her happy, not because she feels pressured by society.

13. Rob Going To Rehab

Via www.justjared.com

Rob Kardashian has had a seriously troubled past, thanks to his drinking and other issues that have become very toxic in his life. When he was with Blac Chyna, their on-again and off-again relationship threw him into the spotlight and it was obvious that he didn’t want any part of that. Some people say that he wants the negative attention so he can get even more famous. Either way, he is bound to go to rehab at any moment. Hopefully if he does he will get the help he needs to be a more positive individual for himself and those around him. If Rob goes to rehab, I’d be very curious as to how that will affect the empire known as the Kardashians, because with such a negative aspect tainting their brand and their image, I’d wonder if they would even offer support to him as a part of the family? Do you think he’ll end up going to rehab or do you think he’ll just never seek help?

12. Emma Watson Leaving Hollywood

Via www.emaze.com

Emma Watson has grown up quite a bit since her Harry Potter days and she’s been trying to distance herself from Hollywood while she pursues other endeavors such as advocating for feminism and the youth of today. Hopefully if she really does end up leaving Hollywood, she’ll put all her heart into what really matters when it comes to the non-profit organizations she’s constantly working with to promote the positive spread and education of feminism! Emma Watson has made huge improvements to society by helping young girls embrace who they are and pushing the message of the importance of feminism. I can only hope that she continues on her quest even if that means she needs to leave Hollywood to make those accomplishments come to life. We can do everything and if she makes that choice, more power to her! Do you think she will end up leaving Hollywood for the good of feminism?

11. Kylie And Tyga Reuniting

Via www.lifeandstylemag.com

Kylie and Tyga broke earlier this year in April, but there have been predictions that they might get married in the future. Nothing horrible happened in the relationship other than the fact that a source told InTouch Weekly that it was probably because of financial problems. Kylie constantly felt that Tyga was taking advantage of her and he even lived in her mansion. Kylie apparently supplied him with money and he did little to balance out that kindness. She said that she needed a change which is why he moved out and they broke up. Hopefully, if they do end up getting back together in the future, they can sort out all of this drama and be happy together. I just personally hope this prediction never happens because Kylie deserves so much better! If they do end up getting back together I can only hope Kylie protects herself and her empire, because it’s simply not cool that he is trying to mooch off of her and use her money!

10. Brad And Angelina Getting Back Together

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These two have seriously gone through some major stuff over the years and with their recent divorce, their lives have been turned upside down. They have so much history together so it’s no wonder that this prediction has been as popular as it is! They’ve been constantly making comments on social media about how they miss their love and there have been so many subtle hints that they really do miss each other even though after everything that happened they really shouldn’t be together because of how toxic it would be. They were known to be the power couple of Hollywood, so maybe if they do come back together it could be the perfect publicity stunt for both of them, so I can totally see that happening soon! What do you think will happen with this legendary couple? Do you think they will have another chance?

9. Selena Gomez Falling Out Of Love With The Weeknd

Via www.laineygossip.com

Selena Gomez has been dating The Weeknd for a while now and they seriously look like the perfect power couple. They are each working towards their goals and are on their own paths while they hold hands with each other and share their love with the world. But are things as good as they seem? After tons of pictures leaked of Selena Gomez being constantly unhappy at his live performances, it’s been rumored that she’s slowly falling out of love with him. Who knows what will happen?! I just know that I hope whatever happens, that it’s for the very best! Selena Gomez has had a history of getting very bored with her celebrity boyfriends and moving on eventually, so it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a similar story. Do you think she’ll end up leaving The Weeknd for someone else in the future, or do you think they’ll stay together?

8. Khloe Gaining Weight


Khloe has had a rocky relationship with her weight, and recently with her major weight loss that was so sudden, it’s only a matter of time before people started predicting that she’s just going to gain it back in the long run because she lost it way too fast. Who knows really?! I hope for her sake this prediction doesn’t come true. That would be awful since her career is totally focused on her body now! If Khloe does end up gaining the weight back, I just hope she stays happy because a little weight gain doesn’t make her any less of a worthy person! Hopefully she loves her body at any stage and will embrace whatever the future brings to her! If this prediction does actually come true, I can only hope that she doesn’t let this make her depressed or change her productivity towards her career that constantly inspires women of all ages.

7. Justin Bieber Losing It

Via www.theodysseyonline.com

Justin Bieber has been in a really strange phase of his life for some time now. He’s always getting into trouble and causing problems not only for himself but for those around him. I think it’s only a matter of time before he finds himself in some major trouble and/or rehab. Regardless of who he is and his status, if he does end up losing his grasp on reality, I can only hope that he finds a place in his life where he is happy and can be a bit more positive with an outlook on life that helps instead of hurts. If he does end up losing his mind, hopefully he reaches out to those who support him and actually asks for help instead of trying to get through it by himself which will probably only make things worse! We all need a shoulder to cry on, so hopefully he owns his problems and gets the help he really needs!

6. Kendall Getting Pregnant


Let’s discuss the predictions revolving around Kendall Jenner! Many people have been under the impression that Kendall will become pregnant soon with the secret boyfriend that she has been rumored to have. While some might say it’s way too early for that, which it definitely is, I am just hoping that it doesn’t happen! She needs more time to explore her life and know what direction she wants to head in when it comes to her career and what really does make her happy. If Kendall does become pregnant, of course it’s her choice, I just hope she ends up happy with whatever choice she makes moving forward in her life. Plus, I don’t know about you but I would love to know who her secret boyfriend is supposed to be, it’s killing me!! Who do you think the boyfriend is? Do you think he’s famous as well?

5. Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber Dating

Via www.pinterest.com

They’ve had flings before, they’ve shown how much they really do care for each other, but it’s been rumored that they will get together and start seriously dating. When they worked on Bieber’s Purpose tour, they had some major chemistry, and they’ve even created music together. They are very close friends, sure, but people have been predicting that they are going to eventually take the next step and start a relationship! I know I would think that it was the real deal and not some publicity stunt. I secretly hope that they do end up together, maybe she can straighten him out so they can be happy together forever! Because they sure do seem like they’re happy together anytime they hang out, it’s honestly inspiring! At the very least, I hope they can still stay friends even though they don’t work together!

4. An Overworked Ellen

Via www.borgenmagazine.com

This massively successful queen of TV has been the host of her own show for years. Ellen DeGeneres has been on TV for a very long time and many have predicted that it’s getting close to time for her to change up her act! She works so hard every day to put her best foot forward but this taxing effort has really taken a visual toll on the daytime TV host. You can tell that the stress has been getting to her even though she always seems to be wearing a smile. Whatever she chooses to do, I can only hope that her choice makes her happy, will continue to promote her amazing vibes out into the world around her, and making a huge difference for so many people. I can only hope she continues working hard and pursuing her dream of making a difference in the world, but she does deserve to reap the benefits and take a weekend off if she can! Take a rest, Ellen!

3. Kourtney Pregnant Again

Via www.theodysseyonline.com

We’ve already talked about Kendall becoming pregnant in the future, but as for the sister who has had the most kids, do you think she will have another? It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if Kourtney became pregnant again even though she’s said in multiple interviews that she doesn’t want any more children. But we’ll see about that because she’s even been caught talking about more kids on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so who knows what she really wants in the future?! I don’t know about you but I can totally see her having a huge family in the future. She just seems like that kind of mom that wants a big amazing family around her and she definitely has some seriously adorable kids! What do you think? Do you think Kourtney Kardashian will end up having more kids in the near future? I know I do!

2. Gigi Leaving The Runway

Via onedio.co

Gigi has constantly shown that she has more talent than her looks alone! She has been thinking about acting and has constantly been dabbling in other things to explore her talents. Because of these experimentations, it’s been predicted that Gigi Hadid will leave the runway soon to pursue her own brand similar to the Kardashian clan! It honestly would make sense if she did start branching out. The Hadids are right behind the Jenners and the Kardashians when it comes to the level of fame that they enjoy. She would have tons of support in anything she decides to do, so it wouldn’t be a problem if she did want to start building an empire for her own brand. I know that’s what I would do if I was her. While she might not leave the runway soon, a bunch of people see it happening in the future!

1. Kim & Kanye Divorce

Via www.wetpaint.com

Last but definitely not least, this one is major! Here’s a prediction that Kim and Kanye will get divorced! There has been a ton of speculation about this and even some celebrity psychics have predicted it. The stress that they’ve experienced for years plus the public fights seem to suggest that they are heading in this direction. There have been many reports that this power couple, the most famous couple around really, has had a ton of fights since Kanye West had his breakdown when he was performing live. This has put some very harsh stress on the couple and they’ve reached their limits. Who knows?! Maybe they will work it out because after all, it is normal to fight when you’re with someone, but I can only hope they resolve it soon for their children and their health so they can both be happy!

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