15 Sinister Truths Behind Your Favorite Disney Channel Stars

We all know how it goes — Disney finds them when they're very young, molds them into the classic tween star, and offers them worldwide fame. In exchange, they give up their childhood, privacy, and free time and often grow into troubled young adults who can't handle the perks fame offers. Yes, as much as we love Disney Channel movies and shows they certainly leave a dark mark on some young and inexperienced people. And today we're going to take a look at what our fave Disney Channel stars have done wrong — from Demi Lovato beating up a backup dancer to Zac Efron partying way too hard. Growing up in the spotlight is definitely not easy which is precisely why we're not surprised that so many things went wrong in these celebrities' lives. We are hoping though that they have learned a lesson or two from all of it!

Here they are, 15 truths about our favorite Disney Channel stars.

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15 Vanessa Hudgens Is No Stranger To Sending Nudes

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Most of us remember the infamous 2007 celebrity nudes hack in which countless famous ladies had their private photos leak for the whole world to see. At the time, Vanessa was only 18 years old, and in an interview for Paper magazine, the actress said the leak was the worst moment of career. We certainly can't look at her anymore as the innocent Disney star.

14 Ashley Tisdale's Face Changed A Bit Before Filming High School Musical 3

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We all remember her as the fearless and slightly mean Sharpay from High School Musical, but the reality is that Hollywood put so much pressure on the young star that she felt the need to change her look permanently. As much as we admire the rich and famous, it's definitely a very vain and superficial world they live in!

13 Miley Cyrus Wanted To Quit Hannah Montana Once She Started Hooking Up With Boys 

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According to an interview that Miley Cyrus recently did with magazine Elle, the former Disney Channel star started feeling weird about playing a young tween once she actually started hooking up with boys in real life. The young star was at one point 18 years old and playing a character she couldn't relate to anymore.

12 Demi Lovato Had An Aggression Problem And Punched A Dancer

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In her YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, singer Demi Lovato revealed that punching her background dancer while on the Camp Rock 2 tour was the moment that led the young star to enter into a rehabilitating facility. It's certain that becoming so famous at such a young age definitely has its downsides — as most people aren't ready to deal with the fame and everything it comes with.

11 Speaking Of Miley And Demi, The Two Pressured Joe Jonas To Party With Them

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In an essay written for New York magazine titled "Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother," the former Disney Channel star revealed that co-stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have pressured him into becoming more of a party person and trying out new things with them. Who would have thought young Miley and Demi were such bad influence at the time?

10 Zac Effron Didn't Actually Sing In The First High School Musical

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According to Seventeen magazine, you can actually notice a huge difference in Troy's voice between the first and second movie. And the reason for that is that Zac Efron didn't actually sing in the first one as he was unable to hit the notes. Actor Drew Seeley sang most of his parts and Zac just lip-synced to it.

9 Debby Ryan Wasn't Feeling Too Good While Driving

Not everyone is a great driver, which is why we firmly believe some people shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel. And honestly, the star of Disney Channel's television series Jessie might just be one of them. Hopefully, Debby has learned from her mistakes and is a lot more careful nowadays.

8 And Neither Was Mitchel Musso

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While we're speaking of Disney's bad drivers' club, Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso can definitely join in. The actor, who played Oliver Oken in one of Disney Channel's most iconic shows should definitely only drive when rested and sober. We're slowly seeing a pattern when it comes to how reckless these young Disney Channel stars behaved.

7 Zac Effron Was Pretty Big On Partying

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We already mentioned that High School Musical star Zac Efron didn't sing in the first installment of the series, but unfortunately, we've gotta mention this bad boy again. With fame came plenty of invitations to parties, and young Zac just couldn't say no. According to Daily Mail, the star went to rehab a couple of times, once his lifestyle caught up with him!

6 And So Was Lalaine Vergara-Paras

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Zac Efron certainly isn't the only Disney Channel star who wound up partying too hard — hell, most of these young stars have probably had some severe party blackout nights. And one who had them quite often was Lalaine Vergara-Paras, most famously known for her portrayal of Miranda Sanchez on Lizzie McGuire.

5 Bella Thorne Is Allegedly A Diva On Set

Via: popsugar.com

While Bella Thorne perhaps wasn't always a diva, she certainly grew up to become one. According to Pop Culture, the former Disney Channel star's behavior got so over-the-top that she was the reason Freeform's series Famous in Love got canceled. Well, these stars do get idolized at a very young age, so the diva-like behavior comes as no surprise.

4 Hilary Duff rejected A Lizzie McGuire Spinoff Because She Wanted To Get Paid More

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Honestly, it really does break our heart to hear that a Lizzie McGuire spinoff could have happened. Entertainment Weekly writes how the young actress was following her mother's advice to reject Disney's offer as she was being underpaid. Luckily for Hilary, this turned out good for her career since she starred as the lead in some classic early 2000 teen flicks.

3 Miley And Selena Never Came Face-To-Face In The Crossover Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana Because Of Their Feud

Via: stylecaster.com

There have been rumors for so long that Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez just don't get along. At the time both were on air with their own Disney Channel hit shows, so a little rivalry seemed natural. While they have since gotten over their little feud, we do wonder what actually caused them to not stand each other that much.

2 Jason Earles Is Actually Pretty Old

Via: nickiswift.com

Okay, in case you didn't know we're so sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but Jason Earles who played Miley's older brother Jackson Stewart on Hannah Montana was actually born in 1977. Yes, that means that he was actually a 29-year-old playing a 16-year-old — and if we didn't know we'd never be able to tell!

1 And Where Do We Even Start With Lindsay Lohan?

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Before we wrap things up, we had to mention Lindsay Lohan. She's one of the OG Disney stars as she played the twins Annie and Hallie in 1998's iconic The Parent Trap. Lindsay certainly grew up to become a party girl and is definitely not someone you'd want your kids to look up to.

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