15 Halloween Costumes That Will Drive Him Wild

With Halloween on a Monday this year you might have already celebrated already over the weekend... but that doesn't mean that the celebrations have to stop. In fact, it pretty means that you have to keep celebrating. Maybe hitting up another party is not in the cards, but you can keep the Halloween party at home... in the bedroom. If you're due for some bonding time with your man, this a perfect opportunity. Why not throw on a costume for his eyes only? Dressing up can bring some heat into the bedroom as it is, but if that's a little too extreme for you on the average day, Halloween is the perfect excuse to try out a little role play. Who knows? Yu might love it and start incorporating it more into the day to day life.  Here are 15 Halloween costumes that will drive him wild, some of which can be put together from items that you already laying around the house or at least have easy access to. Double score.

15 The Whipcream Scene From 'Varsity Blues'

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It might be a stretch to call this one a costume since it doesn't require that many clothes at all... but on the other hand, it's an iconic scene that is probably locked in the memory of every single person who was of the appropriate age to watch the coming of age teen football flick Varsity Blues when it came out in 1999. (Or anyone who has seen it since.) There's a scene where Ali Larter's character tries to seduce the object of her interest by walking out completely nude save for a carefully applied whipcream bikini. As a teen this was mind boggling for a lot of reasons, but partly because of the boldness of the move. The whipcream bikini has been spoofed many times, but could make a pretty hot Halloween costume for the eyes of your man only. Not to mention that whipcream is edible, so who knows what will happen next after you walk out wearing nothing but. (This might not be the best if your man is a total neat freak, however, because, whoa, sticky mess.)

14 Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is a fan favorite for many, and she's pretty much hot all the time no matter what she's doing. So it's a pretty good Halloween outfit when you're trying to drive your man wild. Wonder Woman is hot for a good reason: she's totally badass. The concept of Wonder Woman is based on an idea of utopian feminism and an honoring of free love. Wonder Woman is bisexual and has dated both genders, proving that she loves who she wants when she wants and isn't worried about what other people think about it. When William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman, his intentions were to combat the idea that women are inferior to men. And he was a psychologist, so he really meant business. He once said,  “Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.”

13 Hot Pikachu

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The hot version of Pikachu isn't going to be every guy's dream costume, but if your man was one of the many who was totally obsessed with Pokemon and/or Pokemon Go, he might love it. Like really, really love it. Most of the costume options for sale of this option are going to off brand so they might not look exactly like a Pikachu, but then again the authentic looking Pikachu might not be the hottest costume anyway so that can work out great. You can also probably make your own version of this if you can come up with the right color combinations and throw on some ears or appropriately placed face paint. This costume of course, also introduces the possibility for some serious playtime, since Pokemon is a game. Maybe you play some Pokemon hide and seek? Maybe you spend some time dirtying up the Pokeman names and do something creative with that? Which is probably not that hard to do and almost certainly has been done before.

12 Hot Nurse

It's a little cliche, but that's because it's so popular. The hot nurse concept makes a lot of sense because the nurse is generally seen as a caregiver type, ready to take care of whatever needs the patient might have. There are tons of options when it comes to how hot this costume can be, but it's generally more fun to have some props around, like a stethoscope, maybe a shot. Better yet, make some drinks that can be served with something in the medical theme. Prescribed Jello shots perhaps? Champagne for mental health? If you don't have an actual hot nurse costume, you can always pair a blouse with a short skirt and some sort of pantyhose or something. Keeping it in the white color zone is a classic choice even though these days nurses generally wear oversized scrubs and athletic shoes. Some sort of hate is generally a good idea as well, you can even make one with white paper and draw a red cross on the front. So crafty.

11 Hot Breakfast

Everyone loves breakfast, why not turn it into a costume? But seriously, they make bacon dresses, and pancake dresses, and probably anything else that you might enjoy eating for breakfast. A little odd sure, but interesting nonetheless. You can also make your own sexy breakfast outfits, like make felt eggs to attach to a bra top and wear over your boobs, etc etc. You get the idea. This, of course, is even more fun when there is actually breakfast food involved, maybe you dress up as breakfast items and do some cooking. There isn't always time to really go all out in the breakfast department on the average day, so cooking breakfast for dinner as part of the holiday is a perfect solution. Make the pancakes from scratch, throw some muffins in the mix, go all out. The theme is a goofy one but putting in the effort is always a sexy choice. How could he not find your adorable when you're dressed as a slice of bacon?

10 Ninja Babe

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Any kind of badass ninja assassin babe costume is going to be hot, since to be a badass ninja assassin babe you have to be powerful and badass. It can also be pretty mysterious if the outfit is dark and covers the face or something. Who is under there?? If you happen to have some sort of black body suit that will work great, or you can use regular black pants and a black top. A plastic sword or some nunchucks would be a good accessory. The key to rocking this outfit is pulling off the proper attitude. Ninjas were traditionally a covert agent in Japan with the task of carrying out some pretty heavy tasks. Hopefully you don't actually have any espionage and sabotage to carry out in your real life, but the sneaky aspect of the role is a fun and mischievous one. You'd also think that a ninja would have to be pretty nimble on their feet since they're running around behind the scenes pulling off their assignments, so maybe a little stretching is in order before you hop into uniform.

9 Kim Kardashian

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Is your man a Kim Kardashian fan? You can definitely work with that as a costume idea, even if you weren't born with quite as many curves. Just probably don't go for the Kim Kardashian robbery outfit that's been making the rounds because that's a little distasteful, but you know, to each his/her own. Dressing up as Kim Kardashian should be pretty easy, you just need a wig perhaps, some strong contour, a diamond ring, and a phone nearby for lots of selfie taking. You don't even need clothes necessarily, since Kim is often in various states of undress. But if you are going to make this a full costume and put on some clothes you could go with anything skin tight in a neutral color, some sort of fur and sunglasses, or perhaps a homemade Yeezus shirt. Speaking of Yeezy, maybe you could convince your man to be Kanye and you could reenact some of the couple's hotter photo shoots. Might as well while you're in costume, right?

8 A Robot

Artificial intelligence has never been more of a hot topic, so why not go the hot route and be some sort of a hot robot? Maybe a little Ex Machina vibe going on. You can look like a normal person as a robot, but you need to somehow get it across that you are in fact a robot. Silver clothing or something like that can make it a little more obvious. It's pretty easy to make it obvious that you're a robot when you're wearing like a box with tin foil on it or something, but you probably won't be wearing something too boxy when you're trying to be a hot version of the robot. If you're good at makeup you could do some sort of cyborg thing where half of your face is falling off and it's revealing your inner metal parts below the surface, or you could wear some creepy colored eye contacts to make it known that something  non human is happening below the surface. Blue stuff works as well as silver, such as blue lips or eyeshadow or something.

7 A Devil

There's no better way to turn into your most naughty self besides putting on an actual devil outfit. The connotations of it are endless, but it sounds like a good time. In fact, you probably already have a devil costume in your closet somewhere, or at least have the horns leftover from a Halloween that's come and gone. The devil is by far one of the more popular Halloween costumes out there for people of all ages and even for animals. Poor dogs, they don't even know what they're being dressed up as. But speaking of dogs this is one circumstance where it could be cute to dress up in a matching outfit with your dog. It's just that yours will be a lot hotter. To be a devil you pretty much just need to wear something red, and then add the devil horns, possibly a tail, and preferably have a pitchfork for good measure. The pitchfork really adds an extra element of commitment to the costume, but it's also good for poking people when you need to boss them around.

6 Princess Leia

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Princess Leia was a character that many men lusted over. The Star Wars character has been called an icon of the 1980s and a feminist hero. She's also been called a sex symbol. In the 1983 film Return of the Jedi Carrie Fisher donned a metal bikini for the scenes when her character was a prisoner of Jabba the Hut, and let's just say that guys really like that. The outfit is literally just a metal bikini, and you can be certain that a lot of people consider the whole situation a gross objectification of women. It's been a bit controversial in that sense...but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people think it's sexy, and if you're not worried about objectifying yourself to your man, then you're good to go! The real gold bikini went for almost $10,000 in auction. Carrie Fisher didn't actually know that she looked good in the outfit either, and she had no idea that she was a sex symbol until ten years later. She has said, "What's funny is I wish I had known I was a sex symbol. That's so odd."

5 Sports Reporter

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Let's be honest, these women that work as sports correspondents are usually incredibly hot, which means he might have an innocent crush on one them. Not everyone is so knowledgeable about sports at such an in depth level, and they might have it in their head that this is a hot quality. Well, you too can be a lady sports correspondent, if only just for the night. This one is going to take some involvement beyond just the outfit, you'll really need to commit here so don't be shy. As for the outfit, a button down top and a skirt will work great, but you've got to find some sort of a microphone to make this work otherwise it might not look like you're in a costume at all. Maybe you can give some sort of game analysis while you're outfitted, or spend some time interviewing your man as if he was the star player. Because he's your star player. (Cheesy, we know. Just go with it because this is supposed to be fun.) Flowy hair seems to be a staple.

4 Hot Witch

As a witch for Halloween, who knows what sort of trouble you've got brewing? Maybe you'll cast a spell on your guy with some very specific instructions about what he'll have to accomplish before the spell can be broken. Maybe you'll cook up an alcoholic concoction in your cauldron for you two to enjoy. The witch costume itself is actually really easy, the only must have item is the black pointy hat. Beyond that you can wear pretty much anything black on the bottom and pull it off famously. Black dress, catsuit, black lingerie if you'd like. Sort of depends on where you plan on going dressed up your witch... if anywhere. If you want add-on accessories a broom is always fun. Extra points if you actually have a black cat to escort you around and make you look even more authentic. Just a tip about the witch hat, those often don't stay on that well, so spraying some hairspray around the top of your head for a little texture and then bobby pinning it on might help.

3 His Fave Pop Star

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There are a lot of pop stars to choose from when you want to dress up as one of them for Halloween, and they tend to have a lot of signature looks etched in time thanks to a stage performance or popular music video. Your man probably has a favorite look. Maybe he was particularly fond of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" schoolgirl getup, or perhaps her performance with the snake was more up his alley. Maybe he was a big fan of Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" days, or even her slightly more innocent "Genie in a Bottle" days. These costumes aren't that hard to pull together with a little focus, and they come with the bonus of  suggesting an awesome playlist for the day. Britney's "Baby One More Time" outfit really just requires some pigtails, a skirt, maybe a sweater, and definitely a white button shirt unbuttoned and tied up at an innapropriate level for a school of any kind.

2 Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit was a cartoon, but a very hot one at that. The character first popped up in Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, and then again in the loose film adaption Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She's Roger's human toon wife who works as a nightclub singer, and she's known as a sex symbol in the animation world. The character was inspired by some real life people as well as another fictional character. The cartoon was based on Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood,  and then for the film Richard Williams explained as follows: "I tried to make her like Rita Hayworth; we took her hair from Veronica Lake, and Zemeckis kept saying, 'What about the look Lauren Bacall had?'" Jessica's signature line is "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way" which is a pretty fun thing to be repeating when you're dressed up as her. The costume requires a long red wig, a slinky dress, some long gloves, and some serious purple eyeshadow.

1 Pizza Delivery Girl

Hear us out. Being a pizza delivery driver might not be the most glamorous job on the planet, but men really love pizza so anything you can do to bring pizza into the Halloween costume sounds like it would be a home run. Dressing up as piece of pizza would probably work if it wasn't going to be like a giant unflattering triangle shape, which is why pizza delivery girl seems the most reasonable. You can basically wear anything you want as long as it can look like a uniform of some sort. Red panties and a red baseball hat? Some sort of sexy dress? The possibilities are endless. The most important part is the props. You could of course salvage an empty pizza box from the trash and use that to complete the outfit, orrr you could literally go get a pizza to-go and actually deliver it in your sexy outfit. Then you can spend the rest of the evening doing it and eating pizza. That sounds like a real winner to us. We might have to use this in the future.

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