15 Hairstyles That Men Find Sexy

Looking for a new way to style your hair (or an entirely new look) that will keep you feeling put together and also wow your partner on your next big date? Look no further than these fifteen stunning styles. Each of these styles can give you that boost in confidence that comes with a great hairstyle, while being easy to recreate as often as you like. Whether you’ve got a wedding, work party, a night out with friends, a romantic date night, or just want to feel less frumpy on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we’ll show you how to make these fifteen hairstyles keep you feeling beautiful and hold your partner’s attention. If you’re opting for haircut to change up your usual hairstyle, go to a trusted stylist armed with images of the cut you want from as many angles as possible. This will ensure you get the cut you want while still working with your own hair’s tendencies. Nothing ruins a style like a poorly executed cut or miscommunication about the style you want to achieve. No matter what your hair length, texture, or what level of styling skills may be, we’ll give you easy to follow tips to take your locks from boring and lifeless to polished and touchable. Most of these style take just minutes to create but promise to leave a lasting impression. Try a quick twist on any of these styles each time you create it to keep your partner eyeing the details of your style while keeping his attention on you without saying a word.

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15 Loose Waves

Loose waves bring to mind images of a warm beach, relaxing days, and a romantic atmosphere. Almost any haircut can be made to resemble loose waves with the help of a small curling iron. Using the curling iron to gently wrap the hair into these soft, seemingly effortless waves will give you that natural beach-bound look that is both inviting and irresistible. When you use a soft hold moose in your hair before creating the waves and set it with a soft hold hairspray, you can keep your loose waves intact all day or possibly two days in a row.

14 Messy Top Knot

When you need to tame your tresses for a date night out, but don’t have time for an elaborate look a messy top knot is sure to get your man’s attention. Simply use your fingers to bring your hair together in a pony tail on top of your head. (If you use a brush, be sure to leave some imperfections to keep the look consistent.) Secure your hair with a hair elastic (preferably one that matches your hair color or close to it) but leave enough of the elastic left to make the knot. To make the knot, put the elastic over your ponytail leaving just the ends loose. Instead of pulling the hair through the elastic, wrap the tail around the bottom and finally secure the elastic over the ends. You can pull on the knot to make it bigger. Leave some wisps of hair down to frame your face for an even more messy look. This look is great for date nights or second day hair that seems unmanageable otherwise.

13 Classic Bob

A classic bob features a uniform length that is bluntly cut to give a dramatic effect. The bob is one of those hairstyles that is surprisingly versatile. While a strong jaw line is most often touted as the perfect face shape for this look, the right stylist can make a classic bob work for any face shape. A short bob that comes to your jawline will give a timeless beauty to your overall look. Delicately framing your face, this cut can be worn straight, curled, wavy or pinned back to suit any occasion. When going of this look, be sure to go to a stylist who is masterful at precision as a bad haircut can leave an otherwise beautiful bob looking frumpy.

12 Long Straight Hair

The envy of many, long, healthy straight hair is a timeless hairstyle that will have your significant other dying to run his fingers through your locks. Long straight hair requires more commitment than people may think. You have to take care of your hair to preserve a silky smooth texture and go for regular trims to keep the ends of your hair on point. While this style can require some work (and a lot of blowdrying if you don’t have naturally straight hair), it is a hairstyle that can go from casual day out to sophisticated evening dinner date effortlessly. Use quality haircare products and heat protectants on your hair to keep it looking healthy and lustrous between trips to your stylist.

11 Pigtail Braids

A quick, easy hairstyle for medium and long hair lengths, pigtail braids will keep your hair out of your face while giving you a youthful and playful look. With a brush, two hair elastics and some finishing spray, you can achieve this look in under ten minutes. Simply brush your hair to get rid of any knots and part it down the middle evenly from your forehead to the base of your neckline and place the parted sections over your shoulders to keep the part intact. Brush through one section of hair to keep it smooth before beginning to braid the hair in a traditional braid. Start your braid just below your earlobe and work down the length of your hair before securing it with an elastic. Repeat on the opposite side of your head and you’re done. Use a finishing spray to tame fly aways. For thick hair, try wide fishtail braids to add volume and elegance to your look.

10 Long Angled Bob


When you want a cut that has the best qualities of a classic look but with an edgy side, go for a long angled bob. While these long bobs can be achieved at multiple hair lengths, we like this shoulder length angled bob for it’s versatility and funky style. When worn straight, this cut shows off a perfect aline pitch that goes from the back of your hair and angles downward to kiss your collarbones. For a more romantic look, use loose curls to soften the dramatic lines of the cut. For a more sleek look, ask your stylist to keep the layers longer in the back. For a more edgy look, ask your stylist to stack the layers shorter, allowing you to have length with a pixie-like quality to the shortest parts of your hair.

9 Side Bun

A side bun is the perfect compromise between a loose, messy hairstyle and a classic up-do. Suitable for weddings, formal events or just a nice date with your guy, a side bun puts a twist on traditional hairstyles while giving you the versatility to make your hair look different each time you create this look. All you need to do is sweep your hair to one side, gather it together into a low pony tail (keep it loose to give a more romantic look), and wrap a hair elastic around it one time before wrapping your remaining hair around the ponytail and securing the ends under the elastic. Braid your bangs or curl the ends of your hair before putting your hair in the elastic or add a rhinestone hair comb to make the look ultra feminine and flirty.

8 Half Up Up-do

A messy half up, half down up-do can give you that date-ready look to impress your date without taking an hour to create. As we see in Kate Husdon’s simple up-do, a few minutes of playing around with your hair and a strong elastic or decorative hair clip can take you from disheveled to enchanting in minutes. Simply comb through your hair (with a brush for a more sleek look or with your fingers to keep it messy) and sweep a portion of the hair up into a ponytail or bun and secure it with an elastic or clip. Leave some longer pieces down to help frame your face and emphasize that messy look. With this quick look, your date will always be drawn to your smile and feel he can touch your hair without ruining your look.

7 High Ponytail

When you straighten your hair (or have naturally straight hair) and don’t feel like wearing it down but want to look put together, a high ponytail is the solution to your hair woes. Simple to achieve and easy to change up, a high ponytail should be a go-to hairstyle for date nights, days out on the town, work and any other time you want a style that is both easy and classy. Simply comb your hair into a high ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. If you want an elegant look, leave your hair straight to show off your hair’s length while showing off the quality of your haircut. For a more romantic look, create loose curls in your ponytail with a curling iron to soften the look.

6 Retro Pinup Hairstyle


Pinup ready and sure to grab the attention of every guy you pass, this retro inspired look is timeless and classic. The retro barrel curls on the crown of your head create that voluminous, signature pinup look while allowing you to style with the rest of your hair as you wish. We love this style paired with long curls as it gives the look an intimate, touchable factor that’s impossible to ignore. Secure the barrel curls with ample bobby pins and use a soft hold hairspray to keep the look intact all night. Use a heat protectant on the longer pieces to keep your hair healthy while achieving those perfect curls.

5 Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is perhaps one of the most intimidating haircuts out there. Despite having a legacy of beautiful styles over the years on timeless beauties like Mia Farrow, Halle Barry, Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence, there’s an absurd fear of this cut. When you go to a talented stylist who can work with your hair texture and styling preferences, a pixie cut can give you a constantly regal, feminine and fun look. Keep your favorite guy guessing by using fun accessories like gem studded headbands and piecing out your hair with pomade to create romantic and fun looks. With a long hold gel or moose, wet hair and a comb, you can transform your pixie from a soft feminine look to a high-style look that’s ready for a fancy night out.

4 Long Layered Hair

Ultra touchable and equally versatile, a long, layered hairstyle lets you show off your length while keeping your hair fun. Long layers in your hair can create volume and texture naturally, making styling it simple. Leave your hair natural and let the layers show off your hair’s texture or use a curling or flat iron to give your hair that extra boost that will get you noticed as soon as you enter the room. Long layers help keep your long hair from feeling as heavy while giving you the option to make your hair look shorter by putting back your longer layers into a ponytail and leaving the shorter layers loose. Whether you go for a sleek look or a soft curl, your long layers will make your man eager to run his fingers through your hair.

3 Natural Curls

Just as he appreciates when you have the confidence to go without makeup (and to realize how beautiful you are al natural), your partner will love when you are able to make your natural hair texture work to your advantage. Many of us with naturally curly hair scoff at the compliments we are given because we know the horrors that go into taming these unpredictable locks. If you use quality conditioners, go to a stylist who knows how to cut hair to suit your curls, and use anti-frizz products, you can use your natural curls to create a flawless look. When you get out of the shower after washing and deep conditioning your hair, spray some anti-frizz serum into your hair and gently work it in with your fingers. Don’t brush your curls as this creates that cringeworthy frizz you want to avoid. Let your hair air dry and wear it down or put it in a loose ponytail and he won’t be able to resist touching your awesome locks.

2 Side Braid

A side braid is a great twist on the classic braid (or french braid) that lets you wear your hair down but keep it manageable. While every braid has it’s popular moments (like the fishtail braid and the Elsa braid), any braid will get the job done. The trick is to make your unbraided hair look as if it seamlessly disappears into the side braid. To do this, leave your brushed hair looser leading up to the braid for a fun, voluminous fishtail or Elsa braid. Alternatively, keep your brushed hair up to the braid taunt for a classic side braid to give a more polished and put-together style. The side braid brings attention to both your cute hairstyle and draws his eyes to your face, which will make your partner want to look at you constantly.

1 Slightly Messy Hair

The queen of all simply chic hairstyles, the slightly messy or sexy bed head look reigns supreme in eye grabbing yet attainable hairstyles your man will love. This style is great to do on next day (or third day!) hair as the natural build up of oils in your hair will make it easier to work with and promotes that messy look. To achieve that perfectly messy look, put some root volumizing powder onto your roots and work it in with your fingers (or tease it) to keep your hair from looking flat. Next, take small 1” sections of your hair and use a curling iron to create soft messy waves. Keep the sections random to keep your style looking natural. Spray it with some finishing spray and light hold hairspray and you’re ready to wow your guy with a style that looks carefree and playful.

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