15 Photos Of Lindsay Lohan's New Boyfriend, The Korean Hulk

If you've been paying attention to Lindsay Lohan's life lately, you'll notice there's an unusual new character popping up in pictures occasionally — and he's very memorable. We're talking about Je-Yong Ha, the South Korean bodybuilder who has earned the nickname "the Korean Hulk." The man is absolutely massive, with biceps and quads that are the size of Lohan's entire body. He's also not afraid to show off his wealth — in addition to being a bodybuilder, he's also a billionaire. On his social media accounts he frequently posts pictures of his rides on a private jet, his expensive jewellery, and now, his time spent with Lohan.

Now, the two of them haven't confirmed they're actually dating — they just say they're friends. However, we've seen that statement pop up in Hollywood time and time again, only for it to be revealed a few months later that the two celebs in question were dating all along. So, we wouldn't be surprised if they made a different announcement a little further down the line.

Given that Lohan hasn't always had the best reputation in Hollywood, it might have been a smart idea for her to seek friendship outside that world. She seems to enjoy spending time with him, based on the pictures they take together.

Here are 15 hair-raising photos of her potential new boyfriend, the Korean Hulk.

15 The Only Thing Bigger Than Those Chains Is Those Forearms

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If this was the first and only photo you saw of the Korean Hulk, you just might think he was a rapper or something like that. I mean, who just wears chains upon chains when he's just hanging out? A billionaire, that's who. We're not sure if this is designed to be a selfie or simply an opportunity to show off some of his bling, but either way, we're slightly distracted by his absolutely massive forearm. I mean, the man is absolutely gigantic. Not to mention, this is probably more luxe jewellery than half of the celebrities out there even wear on the red carpet. We wonder if he's loaned his pal Lindsay any diamonds to rock at events, or just for fun — it seems like he's got plenty to spare.

14 First Class, Always

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The Korean Hulk is a billionaire, so you'll literally never see him flying economy class, or even first class — it's private jet all the way. We're not sure where he's flying in this photo that he needs to be in a suit the moment he lands, but can we just take a moment to discuss the way he looks in this suit? I mean, it looks as if the material is so stretched over his quads it's going to rip, and his shoulders fill the entire super-sized private jet seat. It's a good thing he's a billionaire with access to a custom tailor, because this guy for sure cannot buy off the rack. We do appreciate the jaunty loafers as a footwear option rather than standard dress shoes, though — the man's got style.

13 Posing With A Teeny Lindsay Lohan

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Whether this is a date night or just dinner with a friend, one thing is for sure — this is a pretty cute picture. Lindsay actually looks fairly healthy, and the Korean Hulk likewise looks pretty happy. Now, perhaps it's because his bicep is so close to the camera that it looks distorted, but we're just saying that his arms look absolutely massive. I mean, you wouldn't think of a plain white polo as a particularly eye-catching clothing choice, but because of his size all you can see is his broad chest and huge biceps. Still — it's a cute photo of the two of them out at dinner. We're surprised the Korean Hulk doesn't go for more food shots — it seems like he'd be dining at the best restaurants all the time.

12 Living Large In A Floor Length Fur Coat

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There are many billionaires who prefer to wear simple clothing, the kind they've worn their entire life, even before fame — they go for basic tees and jeans and things like that. The Korean Hulk is not one of those billionaires. He likes to live large, in every aspect of his life, including his wardrobe. I mean, we're not even sure where you acquire a floor length leopard print coat in a size that would fit him, but somehow he's managed to spot one and proceed to do a mini-photoshoot wearing the ostentatious item. It's definitely a whole lot of look, especially considering his size, but hey — if you want to be noticed, that's a surefire way to get some extra attention. Perhaps he can snag Lindsay a matching, smaller leopard print coat.

11 With His Dog That's Almost As Big As He Is

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When it comes to dogs, everyone has their breed preferences and size preferences. Some people love having a small dog who can curl up on their lap, while others love having a large dog to take on long walks. We have to admit, seeing the Korean Hulk with a teeny tiny dog would be a little strange — it would look absolutely minuscule in his huge arms. He's been photographed several times with this adorable pooch, so we have to assume it's his dog — and the two are kind of made for each other. While anyone else would look teeny in comparison to this huge hound, the Korean Hulk just fits right in. The dog probably needs a lot of walking to stretch out those legs, but hey — every bodybuilder needs to incorporate a little cardio into his or her routine, right?

10 With A Trainer (No, He Never Skips Arm Day)

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Given that he claims to be a bodybuilder, quite frankly, we're a little surprised that the Korean Hulk doesn't post more shots of himself at the gym. I mean, there are fitness influencers who share their work out routine on an almost daily basis, and are always posting gym selfies and things like that. However, he does include them from time to time, including this shot where he's posing with his trainer. We're not sure exactly what his diet and fitness routine looks like, but one thing is for sure — it's working. Those arms are super-sized, and if you look back at earlier photos of the Korean Hulk, you can tell that he's been adding a ton of mass in recent years to sculpt his physique and improve the gun show.

9 When The Gun Show Was Still Developing

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If you look way back to the earlier shots shared on the Korean Hulk's Instagram account, you'll see that he wasn't always the size he currently is. Sure, he was never small, by any means, but he wasn't as comically large as he is today. Just take this photo, for example. He's out grabbing a bite (in an empty restaurant, for some reason), and posing for the camera. Perhaps the black sweater is a slimming piece of clothing, but either way, he looks a bit smaller than in recent shots. We're also kind of wondering why he's rocking sunglasses indoors, but hey — perhaps he's so famous that he needs them as a barrier from the paparazzi? Who knows. We just love seeing the insanely average photos he shares in between his luxury humblebragging.

8 Another One Of His Sweet Rides — A Helicopter

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In times when it's a bit too burdensome to cue up the private jet, or when you're just taking a quick journey somewhere there's no landing strip for a full plane, what's a billionaire to do? Well, head to his helicopter, obviously. Korean Hulk is pictured here in a white athletic shirt that shows off his upper body, about to board a helicopter to head to some secret destination. Honestly, if we were billionaires, we'd just take helicopters all the time. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn't have to wait in traffic all the time, if you could just zoom through the air above it all and end up at your destination in no time at all? Paradise. We wonder if Korean Hulk has taken Lohan on any helicopter rides yet.

7 Posing At Dinner With Lindsay And Friends, Looking Huge

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Another image proving that Korean Hulk and Lindsay Lohan have been hanging out on a regular basis — it seems he's even introducing her to some of his friends! They're pictured here grabbing a bite with friends, and surprisingly, Lohan is the most conservatively dressed of them all. The Korean Hulk's suit looks a little bunched up because of his pose, but we can only imagine the suit he's rocking is expensive and would fit him perfectly if he were to stand up — after all, when you're that size, with that kind of a bank account, you just pay for custom suits rather than browse off the rack. We're not sure what exactly they're doing here, but it's cute that he's incorporating her in his personal social life — now, the question is, will she be introducing him to her friends?

6 Do You Even Get Cold When You're That Big?

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Okay, we're not sure what we love more about this photo — the huge, fluffy dog or the matching maroon training suit that Korean Hulk is wearing. First of all, it's lucky that the dog is owned by a man this size — we're pretty sure a more petite owner would have a tough time controlling the dog if something caught his attention and he started sprinting. Second, we can't help but wonder what size Korean Hulk wears. Does he need to order his clothing in a special size? Does he get far larger to accommodate his biceps and have it tailored at the waist? We have so many questions. We'd kind of love to see him start a separate Instagram page for his dog, though — that's a cutie of epic proportions.

5 Almost Too Big For A Private Jet

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When you're a billionaire, even first class is a bit too pedestrian — you have to go private or just not even bother flying at all, obviously. Korean Hulk knows this well. He's pictured here relaxing on a private jet, with his water and a few accessories strewn in front of him, as one of his crew members takes a photo. We literally cannot get over how humongous his upper body is — it just fills the entire seat. We also can't quite understand why he seems to love polo shirts so much — is it because he likes to pop the collars? Does he think the collar and neckline draws attention to his huge shoulders and upper body? What's wrong with a plain t-shirt? Perhaps he needs to be ready to hop onto the golf course at any time — who knows where he does his business?

4 Lounging In Luxury

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Okay, we've just got to say — sometimes, Korean Hulk is extra beyond belief. There's nothing wrong with loving the finer things in life, particularly if you're a billionaire with the funds to support that kind of lifestyle. However, most bodybuilders spend all their time in the gym, training and sculpting their physique. Korean Hulk is more eager to share the luxury aspects of his life, such as this shot of him lounging in what looks to be a luxe hotel lobby. I mean, the studded loafers are one thing. The pose is another. The massive fur coat takes things to an entirely different level. Everything about this shot is just extra beyond belief — perhaps Lindsay enjoys spending time with him because he commands even more attention than she does in public.

3 Showing Off The Hardware (And Forearms)

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Korean Hulk is basically The Rich Kids of Instagram, grown up a little bit — he's constantly showing off his luxe lifestyle and all his latest purchases, as he did for these watches he acquired. There's no denying that they look expensive — they're insanely blinged out — and honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if he opted to wear two in real life after posing for this shot because he thought they just looked so good he couldn't decide. Again, though — whenever he shows off new jewellery or accessories he's acquired, all we can see is those massive forearms. I mean, they're proportionate with the rest of his body — it would be strange to have huge biceps and slender forearms — but the sheer size of them is kind of overwhelming. Good canvas for showcasing accessories, though.

2 Getting In His Daily Calories

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The Korean Hulk hasn't shared a lot of information about his diet or workout plan — in fact, we don't know too much about the guy at all — but we can only imagine what his diet looks like. The food pictured here is likely just an appetizer, because there's no way that's a full meal for him. I mean, who could forget when The Rock revealed the insane, protein-packed diet of endless food he consumed while training to become Hercules? The Korean Hulk isn't quite as chiselled, so he probably enjoys a far more relaxed diet, but he still probably packs in a ton of calories in order to maintain that mass. Plus, who knows — when he's getting competition ready, perhaps he gets a lot more stricter with his regime in order to truly make those muscles pop. We're just curious about him in general.

1 Posing With Lindsay On Vacation, Looking Enormous

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Sometimes, it's tough to gauge just how small celebrities truly are because they're usually surrounded by other celebrities, who are also teeny tiny. When they stand next to regular people, you suddenly see just how petite many celebrities truly are. That's definitely the case with Lindsay Lohan here. She's quite a petite woman, and standing next to the Korean Hulk, she looks absolutely teeny. We're pretty sure they're wearing the same outfits here as in their photo shared of a meal out at a restaurant together, so it appears to be a more comprehensive date than we first thought — a little dinner, a little exploring, what's not to love? Also, we can't help but notice he matched his shorts to the teeny logo on his shirt, which is kind of hilarious.

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