15 Hair Dying Fails

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, well, her hair is pretty high up there, too. Your hair is a super precious thing. It may drive you crazy sometimes (okay, all the time), it doesn't behave in the heat or humidity or pouring rain, and it definitely doesn't stay straight when you want it to. But you still love it, because it's a part of you, and it's how you show the outside world who you are. Are you a no-nonsense brunette with stick-straight hair who means business? Are you a fun-loving girl with blonde curls? Are you a hippie child with long flowing waves who just wouldn't cut her hair, no matter how much her mom tells her to? Yup, hair is pretty important, no doubt about it. But when it comes to the color of your hair, well, that's when things get pretty tricky. When you dye your hair, sometimes you look amazing and it's a whole new, better you. But other times, let's just say it's not that pretty. Here are 15 different hair dying fails.

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15 Your Color Fades ASAP

You were super excited to finally become a redhead. This is a moment you've literally been dreaming about since you were a little kid. You hate that you were born with brown hair. Sure, your friends claim they totally covet your natural hair color, but you don't really believe them. Don't friends have to say stuff like that in order to still be considered friends?! But you didn't anticipate how quickly your new red hair color would fade. It actually starts fading the day after your big dye job... and it just keeps going. Forget washing your hair. Every time you step into the shower, goodbye red, hello weird ashy brown color that's even worse than what you had before. Sigh. Someone should remind you to think twice before making such a massive appearance change.

14 Your Hair Doesn't Match Your Eyebrows

Oops. You've got super dark brown hair and, naturally, super dark brown eyebrows. That's pretty much how it goes. But then you go ahead and finally become a blonde. Because blondes have more fun, right? At least that's what you're hoping for because you could definitely use a little skip in your step and a more fun lifestyle. But oh no! Your hair doesn't match your eyebrows. And you don't really want to dye your eyebrows blonde, either, because you're so used to having darker ones. You love your eyebrows. You're pretty attached to them. So now you look ridiculous because you've got blonde locks and super dark brown eyebrows. What's a girl to do, besides go back to her normal hair color, of course? You really do love your new hair color, so this is a real dilemma.

13 Your Hair Is Way Too Black

Talk about a major fail. You've had light brown hair your entire existence, and you've been dreaming of having black locks for the longest time. You figured you would look beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. You would look like someone who means business, who doesn't think twice about following her heart, dreams, and goals, and you would just become a better version of yourself. But now you're staring at yourself in the mirror and you think you made a huge mistake because now you look super goth. That's not the look you were going for... not at all. When your mom sees you, she's going to absolutely freak out, and you can't even imagine what your grandma is going to think and say. Black dye is kind of awful to wash out since it goes absolutely everywhere, so this is going to be fun. Not.

12 You've Got Streaks

Oops. Double oops. Your highlights didn't exactly work out too well. They're not so much as highlights as streaks all over your hair. They look like huge chunks of color that just doesn't go with the rest of your hair... at all. Talk about a major hair dying fail! This is honestly one for the history books. Now you don't want to even set foot at work because your coworkers and boss are going to totally think you either did this on purpose (not likely!) or you have no idea how silly you look (ditto). Maybe you can get away with wearing hats. Okay, so it's summer, so no cute beanies for you, but you do have a few fedoras that you swear you look super adorable in. Talk about a disaster. You have no idea how to fix this because you don't want your hair to be just one color -- that's so boring. But you don't love the idea of highlights anymore, either, since you totally screwed these ones up.

11 You're Orange, Not Red

You wanted to be a redhead so, so bad. You thought that although people say that blondes have more fun, redheads are the ones actually living the best life ever. There's just something so beautiful and sophisticated about having red hair. Think Debra Messing red hair. Like super, super red. It's gorgeous, it's the color of falling Autumn leaves, it's rich and totally glorious. Heads would turn everywhere you went, you would get any guy you wanted, and you would pretty much be the star of your own life. But wait. Your hair's not red. It's... orange. Like a bright orange. Like clown orange. Nope, this is not cute. Not even a little bit. You have no idea what to do because you could honestly just make it even worse... not that you can picture what's worse than super orange hair.

10 You're Too Blonde

It's a lot harder to go blonde than most people probably think. It's not as simple as just dying your hair blonde, after all. You have to bleach your hair first and it's basically a whole process. So if you want to make such a drastic change in your outer appearance and go blonde, it's probably a good idea to go to a professional hair salon and get the big change done there. But no, you insisted on doing it yourself. Well, now you're super sorry because you're way too blonde. It's just not the right shade at all. It makes your skin look super sallow and pale, and you have no idea how this could have possibly gone so wrong, so quickly. You would get help from your friends but they're just going to laugh at your awful shade of blonde. So you're pretty much stuck on your own here.

9 You're Too Daring

You thought it would be cool to make a huge change and go purple. Kylie Jenner's always dying her hair purple (and tons of other shades, too), and it works for her, right? She's pretty much the most stylish and fashionable girl out there, famous or otherwise. So why not you? Well, this is why: because you look way too daring. You just don't have the right personality to go with your new hair color. You're a brunette at heart and no one in your life, from your boyfriend to your best friends to your co-workers and family members, thinks that this shade is a good idea for you. They really miss the old you and that includes your old hair color, too. Oh well. You tried to have an adventure and it just didn't work out. Maybe stick to road trips or spontaneous shopping sprees next time.

8 It's The Wrong Shade

Your new hair color is a lovely shade of brown. It's just the wrong shade for you specifically. It doesn't compliment your eyes, eyebrows or skin tone. It makes you look either super young or super old, depending on the light, and it's really bumming you out. You were so excited about your new hair color. You told all your friends and family members and even announced it on asocial media. Which now you now is totally the kiss of death. Now you're going to keep your big news to yourself until you're 100 percent confident that it's going to work out exactly the way that you want it to. Now you have to shell out some cash that you don't really want to be spending and get a professional to fix this because it's such a mess you don't trust yourself.

7 Your Highlights Don't Match

You were supposed to get honey-blonde highlights. That was the plan, anyway. It's definitely not your reality. Now you're staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror and trying not to totally and completely freak out because you don't even know how to fix this mess. The right side of your hair has blonde highlights... as in bright yellow, sunny highlights. The left side? Those highlights would be a darker brown. You literally gave yourself two different kinds of highlights and you don't even know what you were doing or thinking. You clearly weren't in your right mind. Now all you can do is dye your hair back to your normal color and be a totally boring yet natural person who never does anything fun to their appearance. Better to be boring than have hair fails, right?

6 You Keep Changing Colors

One day you're purple. The next day, you're green. And the day after that, it's all about blue. Sorry but changing hair colors on a daily basis is just not a good idea, and more than that, it's just not a good look! You look kind of desperate and like you have no clue who you are, what your hair should look like, and what your style should be. You also seem a bit indecisive and crazy. After all, when you're having a bad day/week/month, it's super tempting to want to change something about your physical appearance. When you can't control your relationship issues or work life, you can definitely control your hair. But so what? Just because you can dye your hair all the time doesn't mean you should. Go ahead and find a color that you can live with... and don't touch it for a while. You'll survive. Promise.

5 Your Hair Is Too Shiny

Okay. Your friends hate you. Because you not only have super shiny hair now, but you're actually daring to complain about it. But here's the thing: you want to live a normal, fun life, and you don't want to feel like you're in the middle of some super cheesy conditioner commercial. You find your shiny hair really annoying. Every time you head to a work-out class or even walk down the street and there's a cool breeze on your face, your hair whips back and forth like that fun song, and you can't escape how shiny your locks are. It's just too much. You just don't want to deal with this. You had no idea this shade that you tried would end up so crazy shiny, and you're really not pleased with it. It's just not for you. No, you don't think you're being neurotic or high-maintence. You're just being honest.

4 You Regret It

You made a huge decision to change your hair color so completely and so dramatically that now, you can't believe you thought that was a good idea. You regret this change so much you can't even stand it. And you don't know what to do. Because now your hair is pink. Like Barbie pink. Like the kind of pink that you shouldn't really be dealing with anymore because you're trying to be an adult now, or at least you were the last time that you checked. But super bright pink hair is pretty hard to get rid of, or so you're learning. But now that you're trying to re-dye your hair, it keeps coming out a really ugly, really weird shade that doesn't even resemble what used to cover your head. Why did you think was a good idea again?!

3 You Hate It

You had the best of intentions. You know that dying your hair isn't going to magically and mysteriously fix your entire life. You know that your problems are still your problems, no matter how big or small they are and that you have to figure out how to deal with your own issues. You can't just dye your locks and expect that everything will get a million times better. But if you're totally honest, you thought that stuff... at least a little bit. You at least thought you would like your new color. But nope, that's not happening. You absolutely hate what your hair looks like now. It's just not you. It's just not even remotely close to how you should look. And now you hate it so much that it's making your hate your entire life, too, because how you feel about your hair is how you feel about everything else. Everyone knows that.

2 Your Hair Is Damaged

You can't even handle the state of your hair right now. It's super brittle, not soft at all, and is basically damaged. All thanks to a little thing called hair dye. You really regret dying your hair in the first place because you spent a lot of time making sure that your hair was soft and beautiful. You used conditioner (sometimes twice in one shower session!) even though you hated the stuff, you spent hours letting your hair air-dry (even in the dead of winter!) and you never used a straightener or curling iron in order to protect your locks. But this is how you pay, apparently. Now your hair really sucks and you don't know how long it's going to take to get it back to its normal, natural state. Is this hair karma or something? Did you do something in a past life to deserve this?

1 Your Roots Are Showing

It's apparently a thing now: your roots can show. But no. You don't really like that look, at least not on you, and you don't agree that this should be such a popular hair trend. Because right now, your hair is pretty blonde, and your super black roots are showing through. It looks super obvious and it looks like a bad dye job. Plus it proves that you didn't take care of your hair or pay enough attention. Which is basically true. Hey, you had no idea that this disaster would happen. But now that it has, well, you're super determined to never have your roots show ever again. So now you're going to back to your basic, boring, normal and natural hair color. You're not going to try any fancy new shades. you're not dying your hair an entirely different color. Nope. Old-school it is for you.

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