15 Guys Confess What They Hate Most About Their GF

As much as we all know that men love and desire women, we also know that we do things that drive our boyfriends absolutely crazy. Despite how much we love them, we still find ourselves continuing these bad habits. Yes, a man might love you for who you are, however, there are some habits that he will strongly dislike, most of which he will never admit. The problem is men don't reveal what they hate about us or what annoys them. Most of the time, they'll simply walk away or huff and puff under their breath.

This is not to say that guys don't love their girlfriends, but they find that many of our habits can easily slip into the annoying category. We've come to the conclusion that for men to hate these things about their girlfriends, these habits must absolutely drive them crazy. For those that aren’t aware, luckily we have television shows like Friends and Modern Family which feature habits guys absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE. Take Monica and Chandler, for instance. We should probably all go re-watch the complete series of Friends again to get a clue of what these habits may be, just saying.

Here is a list of the annoying things we can't help but do when in a relationship. Hopefully after finding out about these, you’ll learn to tone them down around your significant other.

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15 When she orders nothing, and then steals his food

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Guilty as charged. We have probably all done this. We will go to a restaurant with our significant other, or even just out for coffee, and will often enough tell our boyfriend that we don’t want anything or we aren’t that hungry. But what happens next? The boyfriend will order food for himself and the girlfriend will, well, just start "innocently" picking away at his food. YES, guys do actually hate this. It is an annoying habit that occurs more than once (although we often try to be subtle when nibbling on his food). We may not think this is a big deal, but some guys can't stand this, as they love their food. Back to the Friends reference, think about Joey. He loves women but he also loves food, and when it comes to dates, there is nothing he hates more than a woman sampling his food.

14 When she doesn't give him peace and quiet

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Ladies, you might want to start paying attention to your partner’s body language, especially when you are talking to them. While it is important to properly communicate, there’s nothing wrong giving them some space for their thoughts.

The next time you walk into a room and see that he’s resting, better think twice about starting up a conversation. Because that might be the one of the rare times he enjoys his alone time. Just wait for him to get your attention. You can also use that time for yourself to either get some work done or some much needed R and R. When you do require his attention, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if it’s ok to run something by him. And don’t be too disappointed when he says no.

13 When she tries to change him

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We've seen these scenarios play out in movies, giving us ideas of how to manipulate men. What is this "fairy tale" we all believe in? Changing a man, or thinking that a man will magically change over time, for the better. Ladies, this is not a Cinderella story – sadly, we cannot change the men in our lives. There is nothing a guy hates more than a partner that is constantly nagging him about his habits. The worst part is the nagging often begins to happen after the relationship has some roots in the ground. What men do not understand is that some women see them as projects, otherwise known as a work in progress. We want a man to be exactly like prince charming and this is just almost impossible to find. Men will obviously not take too well to this as nobody as wants to be changed. Moral of the story here is that we should just leave them alone. Love him or leave him.

12 When she is always late

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If you are late because you are fashionably late, or whatever other reason it is, don’t be surprised if your man isn't too happy with you. Being late drives most guys crazy, this actually drives most people crazy. We need to remember that we have to be punctual, this shows we have a respect for the other persons time. Once we start to take advantage of others this way, by wasting their time, they begin to see your huge lack of effort. So if you take a lot of time to get ready, you should start preparing way earlier so that you can arrive to your dates on time. This way, you’re giving him the message that you care by making time for him, prioritizing him. Apart from giving him a better impression, being late is also just plain disrespectful. So if you really value your boyfriend, show up earlier.

11 When she embarrasses him

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If a guy is telling his girlfriend stories about his past, in private, that does not mean that he is giving her the permission to repeat it to others. This is an issue that comes up often as it can be quite humiliating. When a guy trusts his girlfriend enough to delve into his past and share his stories, and then his girlfriend goes on to gossip to his friends or hers, it not only makes them apprehensive but it’s also feels degrading. A guy does not want to be degraded by his own girlfriend. And if he wanted those other people to know, he would have told them himself. Do not be foolish and talk about your boyfriend's stories behind his back because he will find out -- and he will hate you for it. This is not an understatement because guys do not want to be talked about behind their back. It’ll also give him the impression that you don’t value him that much.

10 When she leaves him hot and bothered

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There is nothing more frustrating for a man than blue balls. And sadly, the main cause of this devastating issue for men is women or, more precisely, their girlfriends. We do not know how it feels like to be left hanging that way, but you can’t entirely blame them for hating their girlfriends for that – even though this is done unintentionally. Men know that their girlfriends love physical attention, like cuddling, but what we have to keep in mind is that a boyfriend will usually want to take those innocent touches further. The problem here is that we often do not. Men have confessed that their girlfriends will often engage in this kind of foreplay, but then don’t bother taking it a step further (AKA sex or sexual activity), which is what annoys them most. Leaving him wanting more and then totally disregarding him when he mentions his blue balls is what he hates even more, and he probably does not finish with his hands.

9 When she spies on him

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We have ALL done it -- no girl can deny this one, even if it was just once. Apparently when women become girlfriends, they also add the job title “undercover investigator” or “spy” to their resumes. Men get so mad about this “investigating” because it’s much easier nowadays with the fabulous invention of social media. It literally allows us access to almost everything. Snooping ends up becoming a girlfriend’s obsession and leads to problems and fights for no reason at all as most women are always looking for something that is not there. A relationship after all is supposed to be about trust, so if caught repeatedly, a man will eventually get fed up with your lack of trust and compel him to leave you, especially when he has no record of cheating in his past relationships. If you’re seeing a known cheater, then that’s a different story.

8 When she does not let go of her phone

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In a generation where people are constantly on their cell phones, can we actually even blame our boyfriends for detesting this habit? Of course not. It is one thing to hold our phones once, but another to constantly be on Snap Chat, Instagram, or taking "selfies" (which men also hate seeing their girlfriends constantly do) whenever we’re with our significant other. What is different about this confession is that men will vocalize their problem with this issue to their girlfriends on a regular basis, but they don’t change. Guys do understand that getting in touch with family and friends is important, so it is fine to message them from time to time. But to get carried away and start opening other apps can get infuriating. What’s the point of spending time with him if you’re only going to be using your phone all the time?

7 When she breaks a nail

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We can all admit that breaking a nail is one of our worst nightmares – especially when they are freshly done. And when that happens, who is the first person we complain to? Our poor boyfriends. Of course, it’s not that surprising that guys won’t like this. After all, he couldn’t possibly comprehend the struggle of having a broken nail. At the same time, though, they have every reason to hate this so-called "issue". Here’s why: We tend to overreact. It’s only a broken nail, but we get react like it’s the end of the world. So, really, why wouldn’t they be irritated that we blow things up? We should not take men on a roller coaster ride of emotions over the smallest of issues, like a broken nail. Why? While we think that’s a valid reason to get carried away with our emotions, but for them, a nail is nothing to go ballistics over. Men absolutely hate it when we get over emotional over the smallest things. And sad to say, the more we get carried away with our feelings, the less he’d feel sorry for us.

6 When she nags

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Please keep in mind that he already knows what it's like to have a mother, and he certainly doesn't need to feel like he is dating one. Guys have admitted that to be picked on by their girlfriend is a huge turn off. If you are constantly on his case, it makes him less motivated to do whatever it is you want done. If he wanted to be treated like a child, he would stay home with mom and dad. What we have to keep in mind is that he won’t enjoy all the same things that you do. Guys find it frustrating when we nag them. There comes a point when we must let the argument go. If you feel as though he hasn't learned a thing then a conversation needs to be had, because nagging won't do you any good.

5 When she doesn't accept compliments

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The odds are that if he has committed himself to you, he probably thinks you are attractive. So when he compliments you, just be grateful and thank him. When you don’t accept his compliment, and rather turn it into a tantrum, this is when he becomes annoyed.

On the flip side, if he were to stop complimenting, well we’d also take issue with it, wouldn’t we? Men have confessed that we are terrible at taking compliments despite the fact that we crave them so much. We place so much emphasis on our looks, yet, when our guy compliments us, we are quick to disregard or question them. Going forward, accept the compliments, do not question them.

4 When she expects him to read her mind

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Why do we always expect men to read our minds? It is obvious that they don't think the same way we do, yet we always expect them to. For example, if we are angry, we automatically expect them to know why. Most often we do this because the reason for our anger hasn't been fully formed yet. Or we are too embarrassed about the root of the problem. Another reason is that they should know us well enough by now. They should know that the comment they made would hurt our feelings or that we are fed up with waiting on them. We feel as though we shouldn't have to repeat everything all the time, we hope that eventually they will catch on. But sometimes they don't, and we end up here.

3 When she asks if she looks fat

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"Babe how do I look in this dress?" "Do I look fat?" Why do we all put this pressure on our boyfriend's when we all know the answer we want to hear? This question is so beyond ridiculous and over-used, and that is why boyfriends hate this annoying girlfriend habit so much. It is a dreaded question that, of course, any boyfriend in the right state of mind will answer carefully. I would be brutally honest, but hey, we ask our boyfriends knowing that they have no choice but to compliment us. And because this question comes up often, the answer from our guy will remain the carefully calculated. Think of the movie Liar, Liar with Jim Carey-- remember that part when he just can't lie and he is asked by a woman if she looks fat in her outfit?

2 When she guilts him

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A man will do anything for the woman he loves. But men hate it when we take advantage of this. But we keep exploiting this. So much so that when it comes to getting things done our way, we guilt-trip them. Why do men hate this? Because not only are they forced to do something they don’t want to do, they’re made to feel bad if they don’t do it. Some of the things they have to put up with include attending girlie concerts or watching chick flicks. What guy wants to hear his girl go on about something they didn't do?  Instead try to find a middle ground, something he will enjoy doing. Or take turns. Do things he likes in exchange for watching chick flicks together.

1 When she says she is "fine"

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"Run for it," is the thought a boyfriend has in his when he hears the dreaded three words "I am fine" from his girlfriend. Men might not understand women all too well, but if there is one thing to know, it is that those words mean the complete opposite. We've got to give them brownie points for understanding that, at least. Why do men hate it, though? That’s because it makes them nervous. It’s the similar nerves they get before being punished, only they don’t know what they’re being punished for. They ask what is wrong to get a concrete answer from us, not an answer that instils some sort of fear in them. As mentioned earlier, we expect our boyfriends to know EXACTLY what is on our minds. So when they get this response, a man would know that, of course, things are not “fine”. Men just want a straight up answer. They don't want to be playing guessing games with their girlfriends, which is what the "I'm fine" response is all about.

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