15 Guys Admit Their Craziest Bachelor Party Experiences

Whether you’ve been to one in real life, or if you’ve just seen it happen on The Hangover, we can all assume that bachelor parties have the potential to turn into some wild nights. A bachelor party is supposed to be a fun celebration for the groom-to-be, but sometimes these celebrations can turn into hospital trips in the blink of an eye. It’s become fairly normal for the groom and his crew to get riled up in the heat of the moment. Think about it, a group of guys are left alone unsupervised and unbothered with endless amounts of alcohol. To top it off, the whole point of these events is to enjoy one last night of 'freedom'. After downing bottles of whiskey, and probably a few body shots, there are bound to be some crazy moments. Here are 15 bachelor party stories that will drop your jaws and leave you either questioning life or laughing until it hurts!

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15 He Really Fell For It This Time


We've all seen The Hangover, and if you haven't you really should. Here's a little background for you just in case: This iconic comedy follows four men on their way to Las Vegas to celebrate and have their very own wild stag party. Throughout the film, the craziest and most unrealistic things happen to them. One guy (ironically a dentist) loses a tooth and gets married, another gets lost and trapped on a roof, and so on. Well, I'm here to tell you that all these things are very possible and we have this guy to thank! During the party he attended, the groom got so incredibly inebriated that he "fell off a deck 3 floors up" and broke both of his wrists. He also had to shave his head in order to get stitches. Those wedding pictures must be priceless! This is a solid reason why guys should have their stag parties months before the big day. To avoid awful wedding pictures.

14 The Biggest Lap Dance Fail


Lap dances are supposed to be alluring, hot, and entertaining. Right? Well, sometimes they can be the exact opposite. This man thought he was going to have a fun night at his buddy's bachelor party, and he might have, until he got a lap dance. The dancing wasn't the problem, it was the person doing it! The stripper that was hired, turned out to be his ex-girlfriend's mother! To top it off, she was completely naked whilst dancing. It wasn't even until the dance was over that he realized who she was. This was probably a pretty embarrassing moment for the both of them. At least she looked good in all her "make up glory" and he did get a free dance out of it. Probably will be the last lap dance he'll ever accept.

13 Parties At Mom's House Never End Well


Partying with your parents, or partying at their house (especially while they're there) just doesn't end well. Parents and their kids were not meant to bond in such a wild and crude manner. If you and your mom can party together, then more power to you! It takes a special kind of bond to make that happen with success. Still, for most of us it just doesn't work that way. This Reddit user hit us with a story that proves this very point. When he was 18 he attended his older brother's bachelor party. Let's back up for a moment, the party was boldly held at their mother's house...while she was there! And of course a bachelor party isn't really a party until the strippers show up. Despite the threat of their "cool mom" seeing their actions, the group hires a stripper. Doing her job, the stripper turns to the then teenager and asks him to get on all fours so she could spank him with a riding crop. As he's getting smacked on his butt, he looks up and sees his mother in the hallway. They "lock eyes" and an "entirely new level of embarrassment" washes over him. They've never spoken about it since.

12 When The Best Man Forgets


Regardless of the scene and setting, remembering a person's name that you recently hooked up with is pretty important. If we're also being honest, it's fairly easy to forget your one night stand's name. From this man's point of view, this is his story: The best man had planned a cordial, yet thrilling, night out for his buddy a.k.a the groom-to-be. Gambling, a nice dinner, golf, and some time at the club was what everyone was expecting. For most, that's what they got.

The night took a wilder turn for the best man. The men had a table reserved at the club. They soon noticed the table next to them was a group of women having a bachelorette party. The two groups instantly merged. The best man ended up hooking up with "Tara" after getting locked out of his own room (he tried to use a dollar bill instead of a key card). The next morning the men gather for breakfast, and run into the ladies once more. The best man noticed her and instantly regretted it since she was not his type. Still he says hi and calls her Tara, to which she responded with "My name is Sara..." and throws a glass of cold water on him. Maybe next time he'll remember a name!

11 Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold


This group of men celebrating one of their friend's "last night out" on town with his boys were in way over their heads. Instead of carefully planning out every detail of this bachelor party, last minute decisions were made. It's very rare that last minute planning actually works out, and this time is no exception. As the night went on so did the drinking. While the party was already "getting intense" a few guys still wanted more. "More" at a bachelor party means hiring a stripper.

When she arrived they rated her a solid 10/10 and were completely excited for the many lap dances they paid to receive. Little did they know they were in for a shock. For some whacked out reason she decided to drop her pants. Doing so revealed that she was in fact a he. Drunk out of their minds and unable to compose themselves, all the men began to laugh. They literally could not contain themselves. It gets better. The stripper, probably offended and annoyed, proceeded to defecate on the dining table. She left shortly after she was done, and that's how this tale ends.

10 He Messed With The Wrong Girl


Drinking at parties is the absolute norm in this day and age. Drinking at bachelor parties is an absolute must. If you're the groom-to-be, there's just no way you can be at your own party and not be completely inebriated. Whether you're into it or not, the groomsmen (if they're good friends) will make sure the man of the hour has the time of his life. Good friends or not, it's also hard to keep an eye on someone while you're state of mind is altered too. This guy's friends didn't watch him close enough, so of course he went on to do something dumb and kind of gross. He puked on a stripper while he was getting a lap dance. His best man ended up paying the stripper $75 for her puked on weave. Real classy.

9 The Truth Shall Set You Free, Sometimes


Honesty is key in every relationship. A man told his friends that he was going to be completely and totally honest with his wife about everything that happened during his bachelor party. Which is something that most men tell their partners, as it can get them out of any hassles the next day. And since he promised her that, he sounds like a great guy, doesn't he! Except he lied about being honest, which caused a domino effect that almost cost him his marriage. One of the guy's friends was talking to his fiancee and mentioned the stripper they hired. She was completely blind sided, because she knew nothing about the stripper. She went crazy and almost called off the wedding. And folks that is why guys should know to be honest even if it sounds bad, it's better than being caught lying about strippers.

8 Wrong Place At The Wrong Time


A group of fellows celebrating the bachelor ended up getting arrested for trespassing. Doesn't sound like an ideal way to spend a stag night. It all happened like this, somehow, they walked into a military airfield. Obviously that is a secured area and walking in it without the mandatory clearance is completely illegal, pretty sure could also get you hurt. So what happened to these guys that trespassed illegally? Russian police gave them the boot! How they finagled their way in is absolutely mind-boggling, we picture that kind of space to be extremely difficult to enter. The details that led to this madness are also unclear, but it must have been a crazy night!

7 The Night Before


This story is not for the faint of heart, so if you are sensitive, you may want to skip this entry, if not then at least you've been warned! Let's begin. Once upon a night a bachelor decided to have his party the night before his wedding (which is never a good idea). Even though he probably knew this was a horrible choice, he proceeded with the fun-having. Not only did he get drunk, but he almost missed his wedding! He passed out, hit his head, and then woke up next to a pile of vomit and blood, yes you read that correctly. He showed up one hour before the ceremony, still drunk. Luckily one of the groomsmen's girlfriends covered his forehead with makeup to make it look like nothing ever happened. Do you think his wife was mad?

6 A Man Needs His Sleep


You gotta love Vegas. Unfortunately for this guy, what happened in Vegas didn't stay there. Instead it was shared all over the internet for people everywhere to laugh and enjoy. It's unclear if this is the bachelor himself or if it is one of the groomsmen. Either way this is hilarious! Can you imagine the people walking by this guy, they must have been dying of laughter. The effort here is incredible, his friends even went as far as to bring out the boxspring. At least he didn't end up on the roof like in The Hangover, trapped for hours, and with a terrible sunburn. That's clearly a Hangover reference, by the way.

We have to say his friends are original though, we admire their creativity.

5 It May Or May Not Be Broken


Now this story is extra special, because it involves a doctor who forgot he was a doctor. Here we learn that anything can happen after hours of partying and tossing back a few (or a lot of) drinks. Even to a professional doctor that understands the anatomy and how it works. Well this doctor/groom-to-be passed out during his own bachelor party and woke up with a cast on his leg. He was told that he had to have it on for six weeks. So he believed them and went on with his wedding plans. This doctor wore the cast to his wedding and even to his honeymoon! When he got back his friends let him in on the prank, to which he thought was hilarious. His wife didn't think it was funny at all. Honestly we probably wouldn't either. Just imagine his wedding photos, all which include a cast that wasn't necessary at all.

4 A Party And A Fight


Wild nights call for wild memories. Sometimes you remember and sometimes you forget. This man certainly did not forget. He remembered every detail of what went down at his friend's bachelor party that we just need you to hear it from him:

"The dancer tries this scissor maneuver over the bachelor that goes horrible wrong. Her stiletto heel gouges him in the cheek. Blood is running down his face, he jumps up, throws her across the room screaming obscenities at her. His face has this long 5 inch gash that ends at his cheek bone. This is two days before his wedding. He loses it.

Goes after her, she starts running, her dance partner is screaming and throwing chairs at him. Everyone is trying to stop the bachelor. Her outside man comes running from out of nowhere -big NFL linebacker type and knocks the bachelor to the ground, grabs the girls around their waist and runs out the door. Everyone starts chasing after them (Except us, we're stunned) and surrounds their car and starts kicking it, smashing it with chairs, beer cans. They peel out of the parking lot crunching the undercarriage because they drive over a cement parking block. Sparks everywhere ..."

3 This Is How You Get Pink Eye


When you hear "pink eye" chances are you immediately think of what causes it, like fecal matter somehow ending up on your precious eyes. Either way, we know when we say pink eye, you think of poop. A this might have something to do with the infamous Knocked Up scene where Seth Rogen's roommates catch it after a farting prank that went horribly wrong, or right, depending on how you see it. There are actually six different types of this nasty infection. This unlucky fellow happened to catch the bacterial form of it. To put it simply, a prostitute sat on his face and farted on it, yes that was what happened. Imagine his wife who was left wondering how he caught it. That might even be enough for some women to call off the wedding. Aren't stag parties just the absolute best?

2 It Was A Killer Party


You know you messed up bad when you end up on the local news. This special group of men decided alcohol just wasn't enough for such a grand night. Instead, they went on to get wild and take mushrooms. Obviously they weren't experts, or maybe they felt courageous enough to take more, since they had to be hospitalized for taking way too many. Seven of them ended up being treated. One ended up smashing through a plate glass window, leading to some awful cuts. It doesn't end there. Because mushrooms are illegal, and they had an obscene amount of them, the paramedics called the police. The police then decided to raid the house to search for drugs. There was no word on the bride, but we're sure she wasn't too happy!

1 Sometimes You Just Get Hurt, Real Bad


A man's idol usually ends up being his own father. So when a father tells his son a crazy story it's only natural that he'd want to share it with the world, or in this case with Reddit. This man's father was most likely having fun at his bachelor party, drinking, swearing, and dancing the night away. As we know, especially after reading this article, men will be men. When one gets into a fight, naturally everyone joins in. On this special night this man's uncle got stabbed in a brawl. Don't worry, the stabber didn't get away with it...at all. He was beat so bad he almost died from it, which oddly does not make this story any better. What happened to the bar? It was closed for three months due to the damage and repairs. This is definitely one for the books!

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