14 Grossest Things Fast Food Employees Have Done to Your Food

We’ve been told time and time again to treat people who handle our food with respect, even with warmth and friendliness. This is especially true after ordering and before your food arrives at table. If your food is not to your liking — steak too raw, chicken overcooked, salad not looking fresh — it’s perfectly alright to send the food back to the kitchen, but the way you request to have your food improved makes all the difference. Spouting curses at your waiter will only entail him to do something nasty to your dish when he brings it back to the kitchen. He can spit on it or, worse, even pee on it. But if you tell the waiter gently and politely, armed with a smile, then he will likely show you the same courtesy (same goes for other members of the staff).

Spitting is probably the mildest offense from some of these employees. Some customers have discovered snot, phlegm, and other more questionable bodily fluids in their food. These examples just goes to show that you shouldn’t look down on your server and treat them however you want. But no matter how nice you are, there are just some servers that just are just careless with their job anyway. The point is, you can never be too careful whenever you eat out. If you’re still not convinced, just read these 15 stories!

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14  Food Escapades At Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is one of the go-to places when it comes to our favorite Italian pie because delivery is quick and the food is pretty cheap. It is no wonder it’s the second largest pizza chain after Pizza Hut, so there’s a reason why the brand is quite popular. But all it takes is two errant employees to put the brand in a bad light. A pair of Domino’s Pizza workers had the gall to videotape themselves doing disgusting things to the food in the restaurant’s kitchen, from stuffing cheese up their noses, blowing snot on a sandwich, to wiping their behinds on a dish towel. Of course, the videotape somehow got out and the pair was immediately fired and were even slapped with criminal charges. They even had the nerve to plead not guilty and claimed it was just a prank, saying none of the abused food was served to customers.

13 Cleaning Bathrooms, Then Handling The Food


The thing with restaurant employees, whether it’s a fast food joint or a regular restaurant, is that they are stretched pretty thin when it come to their tasks. Those who are cooking the food at the kitchen also are in charge of mopping the floors, clearing out the tables, and yes, even cleaning the bathrooms. If these employees properly use rubber gloves when cleaning and wash their hands thoroughly afterwards, then it’s no problem. But unfortunately, not all employees are that conscious of hygiene. At one burger joint, a former employee witnessed her colleague coming out of the restrooms immediately after cleaning them. The manager asked the colleague to fill the shake machine posthaste, a task that involved emptying a huge bag of yogurt into a bin attached to the machine. The colleague simply dropped the cleaning supplies without bothering to wash their hands and started handling the ingredients for the shake. To make it worse, some of the liquid that spilled onto the top of the bin wasn’t wiped off with paper towels—rather it was pushed back into the machine with a rag that was used to clean the bathroom!

12  Pissed At Taco Bell

Taco Bell is well known for the variety of Tex-Mex they serve as part of their value menu, making it affordable for the regular man on the street. Whether this Fort Wayne, Indiana Taco Bell employee was disgruntled or not doesn’t excuse his behavior. Not only was the employee disgusting AF, but he even had the audacity to share it on social media! For some unknown reason, Cameron Jankowski decided to urinate on a plate of nachos that he placed on the floor to get the deed done easily. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he decided to take a photo of himself doing it and uploading the deplorable act to his Twitter account, even including the hashtag #pissolympics #nachobellgrande and lastly, #guesswhereIwork. Since he was idiotic enough to make his actions public, he lost his job, of course. He’s now blacklisted from ever being hired by any eating establishment.

11 Lettuce Underfoot At Burger King


Burger King has faced its share of financial difficulties in the more than six decades it’s been in operation, but it has always managed to bounce back as a result of changing hands, with its fourth set of owners acquiring a large share in the company in 2010. Like any fast food chain, the franchise has encountered its share of miscreant employees. A photo was anonymously posted online showing an employee from the knees down, stepping on two trays of lettuce. The photo was posted on social media with the caption: “This is the lettuce you eat in Burger King.” If the employees wanted attention, it worked because the picture eventually went viral. But if they thought they could get away with it, they were dead wrong. The photo was traced to a Burger King branch in Ohio and the three employees who teamed up to do the naughty deed were all fired.

10 Ketchup Pumps And Coffee At McDonald’s


Being one of the biggest, if not THE biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has been the target of many criticisms and scandalous exposes on how unhealthy their food is and how it’s one of the main causes of obesity in United States. If that didn’t turn you off enough, how would you react when you found out how they handle the containers and equipment that house the food? A Reddit user shared that the ketchup pumps had to be stealthily cleaned at the back of the restaurant because there were armies of flies that would fly out of them when the top was opened. Another former employee, who was working at McCafe, said that their machines are rarely cleaned because the staff is not trained to do it properly. All McCafe beverages run through machines with more than five inches of uncleaned liquid floating around the insides.

9 Chicken Lickin' Good At KFC

KFC is one of those brands that has a high recall based on its initials alone. As if you didn’t know, KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which has its delicious brand of fried chicken luring people to come back for more. Not many know that the franchise is owned by the same company that also runs Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. If you’re a regular patron of KFC, you’ll be disappointed to know that it’s seen its share of disgusting employees. One KFC employee is shown licking a batch of mashed potatoes, one of the dishes served by the chain as a side dish to the chicken. Said employee even had the gall to post the photo on Facebook, which of course, went viral and reached her bosses. KFC immediately took action and wasted no time in firing the employee.

8 Moldy Stadium Nacho Cheese


Watching a game at a stadium wouldn’t be complete without the usual stadium fare: soda or beer, hotdogs, and nachos. While a stadium isn’t exactly considered a fast food joint, the food sold there is as good as any sold in fast food restaurants, in terms of quality, speed in which it’s prepared, and freshness. One employee, who used to man the food stands at an unnamed stadium, shared that one of their first tasks when starting their shift was to “open up all the containers of nacho cheese and scoop out any mold. Some of the containers are weeks old, and have been heated, cooled, and reheated so many times. Even after a container is expired, you just scoop out the mold and heat it back up.” So the next time you think about buying nachos at a stadium: don’t ask for cheese!

7 Famous Broasted Chicken’s Coleslaw Preparation


Coleslaw is a quite the polarizing dish. Some people love it because of its perceived health benefits, while others cringe at the mere smell of it. But when you find out how some fast food employees prepare the dish, you won’t even want to look at it. A former employee of Famous Broasted Chicken admitted that there’s a frightening amount of mucus that goes into a batch of coleslaw. The former employee recounted that while demonstrating how the dish is prepared, a veteran employee used her bare hands as she mushed and squished away at the stuff. She all of a sudden had to sneeze, so she turned her head away and spewed out saliva all over the cooler door. She proceeded to wipe her nose and mouth with the back of her hand then plunged that germ-filled hand back into the coleslaw!

6 Bloody Bread At The Cheesecake Factory

Lady & her Sweet Escapes

Everyone flocks to The Cheesecake Factory for—what else?—its delectable selection of cheesecakes. But the franchise has expanded their menu to full meals and other pastries, including bread from its bakeries. Its cheesecakes and other baked goods are found in many cafes and Barnes and Nobles stores under its exclusive brand. The first restaurant opened in Beverly Hills, California in 1978 and has expanded all over the country, as well as overseas. Today, there are branches in Mexico, the Middle East, Shanghai, and one that will open in Toronto. A Reddit user in Texas warned that for all the great reviews the franchise gets, better think twice before ordering its bread. Apparently, the bread is cut by the prep cook with his bare hands and accidents have happened in the sense that it’s not unusual the knife occasionally scrapes his fingers and some of his blood splatters onto the bread.

5 Take Caution With Cinemark Consumption


Watching a movie at the cinema is a treat for many of us, especially when the film has been hyped to no end by the media, critics, and friends. And part and parcel to watching a movie is getting snacks to take in with you so you can munch to your heart’s content, all while enjoying what’s on the screen. The staple movie food items are popcorn, candy, and soda, and for many, no trip to the cinema would be complete without those items. Occasionally, people like eating a hotdog or two as munchies, but did you know that some employees at Cinemark Theaters have the habit of washing raw hotdogs and then soaking them overnight to be used the following day? Not only that, the employees supposedly clean and reuse the disposable cups that are left in the theatre. And last, but not the least, the popcorn. Employees supposedly put the unconsumed popcorn in giant garbage bags at the end of the day and reheat it in warmers the next morning for the next batch of moviegoers.

4 5-Second Rule Sub


Everyone is probably familiar or, at least heard, of the five-second rule. If you don’t know what it is, the rule states that when food falls to the ground or the floor, you have five seconds or less to pick it up for it to still be edible. Any longer than that and the food is already considered too dirty to consume. Unfortunately, many fast food restaurants ignore this good, old rule, particularly in the kitchen where no one can see what’s going on. One employee recounted her experience when she was working in a sub shop, where they sold six-foot submarine sandwiches. When her co-worker was preparing a sub for delivery, he walked into the delivery van holding the six-foot sub in his hands. The first foot of the sandwich broke free from the plastic bag and spilled all over the dirty floor of the van. Said co-worker proceeded to scoop up the fallen mounds of vegetables and put them back onto the sandwich!

3 Roaches In Western Steer Steakhouse's Iced Tea


Western Steer Steakhouse generated mixed reviews from customers who have eaten there, with some saying they like that the drinks and food are fresh and that the atmosphere and staff are pleasant. Others commended certain items on the menu, singling out the Salisbury steak and fried chicken. But you can never please everybody, and there were some who criticized the atmosphere not being inviting and the buffet being sad and neglected. There were also people saying the thin-sliced steaks were not worth the price. But what would patrons say if they found out the information that one former employee dished? The liquid coming out of the iced tea container was running a little too slowly, so the employees unscrewed the filter and discovered inside the remains of a huge cockroach stuffed in the spigot! We hope they cleaned it thoroughly afterwards. Or better yet, disposed of that dirty container.

2  Jack In The SNOT Hamburgers

It may not be as big or far-reaching as McDonald’s, but Jack in the Box has its own band of loyal customers in the US West Coast, as well as some urban areas in the east, including Texas. The chain serves the usual fast food fare, like hamburgers and cheeseburgers, along with international items, such as tacos and egg rolls. Back in 1990, one of the franchise’s employees was arrested for misconduct. Apparently, it was discovered that he’d blown his nose to one of the hamburgers that were to be served to a couple of hungry customers, who happened to be police officers. Considering the employee was only hired a week prior, we can’t help but wonder why he put his brand-new job in jeopardy that way. Was he mistreated by his boss? Did he hold a grudge against cops? Or were the cops rude to him? Needless to say, he lost his job.

1 Sandwich Fetishes At Subway

Subway has always tried to position itself as a healthy fast food chain, serving submarine sandwiches and salads mostly. It’s considered one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world for its healthy angle. The head honchos like to call their employees sandwich artists because of the way they put together a sub right in front of the customer’s eyes. Unfortunately, two employees in Dublin, Ohio decided to be vulgar and post their shenanigans on Instagram. One shot featured an employee inserting his “package” into the bread, and the second picture was of a bottle that came with the caption, “Today at work I froze my pee.” Needless to say, both employees were fired from their jobs. For sure, you’ll never think of the term “sandwich artists” without thinking of those two knuckleheads’ actions again. They sound more like sandwich wreckers.

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