15 Gross Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Partner

It’s a huge step in in any relationship when a person can feel completely and utterly comfortable around their partner. This may mean feeling free to rock sweatpants or going sans makeup while hanging out. However, being too comfortable in a relationship can result in doing any some gross things in front of each other, popping each other’s pimples, peeing while together in the shower and so on – all things that don’t exactly scream “romance.”

This feeling of being too comfortable can lead to a decrease in sex , feeling less attracted to your partner and being seen as more like “one of the guys.” Here, a look at 15 of the gross things you should never, ever do in front of your partner.

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15 Fart

Despite the saying, “better out than in,” farting in front of your boyfriend is a big no-no. It’s something that few dare to do in public, so why let one rip while in the presence of the person whom you put on lacey lingerie for?

Not only will farting in front of your partner likely break any sexual tension the two of you had, but it can oftentimes lead to your man feeling free to fart around you all the time as well. And there’s a big chance that his will be a million times worse than yours.

14 Burp

Burps can sometimes come out without us even wanting it too, such as right after a big meal or if we're experiencing heartburn or indigestion. This usually isn’t a big deal, some guys may even find this “cute.” The problems arise, however, when a person intentionally creates a habit of burping all of time, not caring who hears or smells it. This may make a partner feel less attracted as doing something like this may make him start to see you as one of the guys.

Keep the burping to occasional accidents as opposed to doing it all the time, which will most definitely turn your partner off and wish he hadn’t served that garlic chicken for dinner.

13 Change out of your Spanx in front of them


Spanx are a go-to solution for many women in dire need of looking as though they magically lost ten pounds. It makes you look flawless in a dress, hiding any bumps or unflattering areas. There’s a reason as to why so many female celebrities wear them during events, yet the major benefit behind Spanx is they are meant to be top-secret, making it so no one can see why you’re suddenly looking so flawless. Because of this, changing in and out of your Spanx in front of your partner is a big no-no. It can be your little secret and helps keep some mystery in the relationship.

12 Shave your legs


Men know that we women shave – our legs don’t just magically become smooth and goddess-like. This is precisely why shaving your legs in front of your partner can be gross. Hair gets everywhere, we may knick ourselves with the blade, causing blood to full the tub and it’s honestly just not a sexy act to witness. Men can do it in front of us since they  shave mostly just their faces, a norm for many men. When it comes to women though, to help keep the romance alive, it's best to keep the shaving of the legs and armpits behind closed doors, while moisturizing your smooth legs in front of him is not only more appropriate but also attractive for him to watch.

11 Pee in the shower

Sharing a shower with your partner can be a sexy act, one that could lead to some fun in the tub. There’s washing each other, kissing under the hot stream of water, yet never in any romance novel or movie, did peeing in the shower together become sexy.

It might seem like no big deal when you’re alone – we all do it sometimes, despite having a toilet right there beside us. Your partner however won't appreciate it when his feet are suddenly covered with yellowish water. They get the short end of the stick enough as it as women tend to hog the hot water and make them act as our personal butler, passing our expensive shampoos to us.

10 Pop pimples

Popping each other’s pimples have become a norm in some relationships, especially when pimples are in hard-to-reach places, like on your back or chest. This is gross in itself as popping or picking at these can lead to acne scars or, even worse, having the liquid ooze out onto the person or the mirror. It’s best to save this and other primping habits, such as examining pores or wearing a green avocado alien-face like mask, to yourself. Your partner will thank you for it.

9 Pluck your eyebrows


Guys must know that we’re not hairless creatures, especially us brunettes, but that doesn’t mean that they need to walk into a room to find us plucking our eyebrows or bleaching chin hairs. It’s not something we would do in public, and the same rule of thumb should apply when it comes to our partners. This sort of grooming should be done behind closed doors or at a salon where doing this sort of thing around others is considered totally normal.

8 Go to the washroom


There’s a door on bathrooms for a reason. It’s to ensure romance stays alive by keeping some privacy when a person is peeing or going number 2. Some might say that peeing with the door open must mean a person feels completely comfortable, but it’s still not an appropriate thing to do. Instead of starting a conversation with him while doing your thing, bring a magazine with you to keep you company instead and ensure you have enough toilet paper in there with you to prevent you from having to have him fetch a new roll for you.

7 Pick your nose

Picking your nose is definitely a gross thing to do in front of your partner. Not only is it an act that no one over the age of 10 should do anyways, but even lightly scratching or saying you were doing it "just for a second," is considered in bad taste. Being in a relationship means being close and affectionate. No person wants to be scared of what sort of germs or boogers are lingering on their partner’s hands. If you must scratch, at least do it in private when you're sure no one is looking and make sure to watch your hands thoroughly afterwards.

6 Pick a wedgie


Wedgies aren’t fun to deal with, especially when in public and feel as if the whole world is watching. Picking it when you’re around your partner is not attractive either as it's not exactly a turn-on to watch. If it has to be fixed right then in the moment, do it discreetly or let them know beforehand. But the best rule of thumb is to just leave the room and adjust yourself in private. It will make him and you feel a lot better.

5 Change your tampon or pad

Men tend to steer clear of a women’s menstrual cycle as it is, especially when it causes mood swings by the dozen. Because of this, changing your tampon or pad should be off-limits as well. Maybe he doesn’t like the sight of blood or the thought of changing in front of him makes him feel very uncomfortable, but it’s best to keep all period-related matters behind closed doors or for talk between you and your girlfriends.

4 Cut your toenails

Finding toenails hidden within the blankets or on the carpet is not a pleasant surprise for anyone to stumble onto. Neither is watching someone clip their toenails as it usually involves them hunched over with dirt and dead skin shedding in the process. Having clean-cut nails is important, both for looks and health, but it’s best to keep grooming activities like this done in private or at the nail salon.

3 Floss your teeth


It’s important for a person to take care of their teeth, especially while in a relationship to ensure fresh breath. It can be gross, however, doing it in front of your partner. It’s even worse when trying to have a conversation with them at the same time - we all know this doesn't work thanks to the endless failed conversations had at the dentist when he or she tried asking us questions while working on our teeth.

Talking and flossing at the same time may even result in spit, blood, plague or chunks of food flying out at them. Gross.

2 Throw up

Maybe you’re feeling extremely hungover from one too many mojitos or have a bad case of the flu, but throwing up in front of your partner is not exactly a turn on. This is especially the case when there’s no reason for him to be in there, holding your hair when you’re fully capable of being doing it by yourself with the tap running on full-blast to disguise the sound. We understand accidents happen, but if you can avoid this one we suggest you try.

1 Check someone else out


It happens. You’re walking down the street with your boyfriend or girlfriend only to see a really attractive person coming your way. The urge to check them out might be strong, but it’s best to resist the temptation as doing so may result in your partner feeling uncomfortable and possibly even insecure. Some may even find this sort of "betrayal" gross and as a form of cheating, which no one wants. Instead, resisting the urge will make your partner feel at each and have stronger feelings of security and commitment.

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