15 Gross Things Walmart Staff Have To Deal With

Here's the honest truth... Walmart is the epicenter of scum, poor behavior, and lack of class. Seriously, one doesn't need to go on a safari to see wild animals, they need simply hop in their car and take a trip down to their local Walmart. Sure, Walmart does provide goods and low prices to the masses who can't afford the alternative. But it's also one of the most controversial places in terms of their clientele and the way the business operates. Usually, it's the employees who suffer the most as they have to deal with some pretty gross things coming from all angles. And when we say "gross", we truly mean that. Without further ado, here are 15 gross things that the Walmart staff have to deal with.

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15 Customers Who Believe The Entire Store Is Their Toliet... Is A Daily Occurrence

People of Walmart and Pinterest

It's incredibly common for Walmart employees to deal with customers who believe that the entire store is their very own personal bathroom. And it's not just kids who decide to drop a douce or take a whiz in the lawn and garden department, it's also adults. Some shoppers do this to be rude, while others are just too out of it to know any better. Regardless, guess who has to clean it up? Yep. That's right. So, next time you go into Walmart, be extra nice to the employees.

14 Not All "Return Items" Are Fit For Return


Walmart employees online often discuss all oft he disgusting return items that they have to deal with. The truth is, not every item is fit for return, but some customers see fit to bring back anything and everything. This includes soiled and crusted underwear that was clearly worn a bunch of time, as well as half-eaten foods, and even used hygiene products. If the employee can't argue their way out of this situation, they need to deal with or dispose of these items themselves.

13 Health Code Violations Galore In The Produce And Meat Department... Yeah, Ew!

People of Walmart and Reddit

Maybe think twice about purchasing Walmart produce or meats from now on. Enough Walmart employees have discussed the numerous health code violations that they have seen at the store. However, some of these issues are caused by the employees themselves who handle gross items in order to organize things or re-label expired meat that the store wants to continue sealing.

12 Code Brown In The Toy Aisle! I Repeat, Code Brown In The Toy Aisle!


Poops in the middle of the store happen all of the time and therefore it's something that falls in the purview of a Walmart employee and not just custodians. However, when one employee got on the walkie-talkie and started yelling that there was a "Code Brown in the middle of the toy aisle!" major trouble ensued. This is because, in Walmart terms, a "Code Brown" is a hostage situation. Needless to say, the police weren't thrilled when they arrived on the scene and saw nothing but skid marks next to the Power Rangers.

11 Buried Underneath 35 Pounds Of Cat Litter, The Perfect Tuesday Morning

KYG and Business Insider

One Walmart employee who worked for the company for a total of 8 months. She quit because the newly installed shelves dropped about 35 pounds of cat litter all over her. Not only did she have to clean this up, but the company ended up blaming her for the issue, even though it was proven that the shelves were, indeed, faulty. This was a very messy situation and there's no doubt that the poor employee had to take numerous showers to get all of the cat litter out of her orifices.

10 Odd Rules Down At The Pharmacy Bathroom Because Why The Heck Not?

People of Walmart And Fox

Some Walmarts have enacted off new policies in order to cut down on pharmacy staff. This is because they found many staff members were taking pills from the pharmacy, probably because their wages are so low and they can't afford the ludicrously high cost of prescription medicine. The rules include not having radios, or water bottles, or even clothing with pockets in them. But they also aren't allowed to use the bathroom at the pharmacy but still have to clean it... Which, by looks of things, is no fun at all.

9 Playing Hide And Seek With All That Rotten Food Hidden Around The Store


Every so often a customer decides that they no longer want the meat or broccoli that they picked up in the food section. But they're far too lazy to go back and return it. This causes them to leave it wherever they happen to be in the store. As a result, Walmart employees often have to play hide and seek with rancid meat that's been stored in the clothing aisle or toy department.

8 Inappropriate And Gross Customers And Also Smelly Colleagues With Nothing Better To Do


Walmart employees are often physically or verbally bugged by their customers on a daily basis. This is the sad truth in many low-paying jobs, but definitely at Walmart. There have been numerous public instances where employees have been targeted by customers, and even more that nobody knows of. But there's also a ton of instances were gross, touchy, and irritating colleagues pull stuff with their fellow workers. Ew... what a gross situation.

7 Help! Woman Down In The Frozen Food Department!


According to Walmart employees online, some of the most full-on and sometimes really gross instances are when customers have health issues in the middle of the store. This happens quite often as a lot of unhealthy people come in. Since actual health care experts aren't on staff, or usually anywhere to be found in the initial moments, it's up to Walmart employees to deal with things... including delivering babies which has happened numerous times.

6 The Biggest Fashion Faux-Pas Ever: Walmart Capes


Not all the gross things that Walmart employees have to deal with have to do with pooping in the middle of the store or women birthing kids in the middle fo aisle six, sometimes Walmart employees have to deal with gross fashion faux-pas such as the Walmart Cape. This bright yellow cape is something that some Walmart stores force upon their employees to further degrade them. Or, in their words, "make them more noticeable to customers". Oh, like that ugly blue vest wasn't obvious enough.

5 Nothing Like A Day Filled With Mold And Mice Traps


Oh yes, it's the job of a Walmart employee to make sure there's no mold growing in the bathrooms or under the refrigerator as well as to make sure that the mice traps in the change rooms are empty. Look, any large building is bound to have these problems, but it certainly doesn't make the job any more glamorous.

4 Random Wage Changes Feels Like Being Treated Like A Squished Rodent

Fox News

Walmart is often the only place that will hire workers who are under-qualified or who have issues that prevent them from working other jobs. This is a good thing, with the exception of a fluctuating wage. Frankly, it's downright gross what Walmart, owned by the richest family in The States, constantly squeezes their employees financially. If their wages aren't changing, they are constantly fighting for their health rights.

3 Greasy Finger Stains On Every Touch-Screen And Display Window Gets Particularly Irritating After A While

People of Walmart and Pinterest

One of the more irritating things that Walmart employees have to deal with on a daily basis is also one of the grossest. It has to do with touch-screens and glass displays that get constantly covered in greasy, sticky fingerprints belonging to overly excited customers who clearly don't know how to wash their freaking hands. If you knew the extent of what employees have found stuck to glass displays or the ATMs, you probably wouldn't shop there again.

2 So, What Happens When There Are No Toilets Available?

People of Walmart and PikTag

So, what happens when there are no toilets available at Walmart? As in, there's a maintenance issue and they've had to close. This must be fairly common as every business has plumbing issues now and again. But most businesses don't have to deal with insane customers who decide that they can go number one or two in the middle of the store just to protest the closure. After Walmart employees have to usher these rude morons out of the store they're left with a ginormous mess that they're responsible for cleaning up.

1 Whatever You Do, You Must Handle The "Strippers"

Youtube and People of Walmart

Streakers are very common at Walmart. Usually, this is done as a stunt for Youtube. But in some cases, customers just don't understand that what they're wearing (or not wearing) just isn't suitable for the public. Employees do their best to get these customers to fix themselves or leave the premises. In one instance, a man without any clothes on was watering the plants outside with... well... you know. Needless to say, he was removed from the store.

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