15 Gross Things That Happen When A Woman Is Pregnant

There is no denying the fact that pregnancy is truly amazing. Bringing another human being into this world is one of the coolest things a person can do.

Pregnancy and birth prove exactly how amazing the human body is. Carrying an unborn baby is not always an easy thing to do, but there are a lot of things that make it a pretty cool experience, according to parents.com.

For example, usually, when someone sees a pregnant woman, they simply cannot keep themselves from smiling. Babies pretty much make everyone smile.

Furthermore, pregnant women get to indulge a little bit, since they typically require more calories than people who are not with child. But, it’s not all fun and games; there are some gross parts of pregnancy as well.

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15 Pregnant Ladies Get Extra Gassy


Everyone passes gas, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when it happens at the wrong moment. In addition, pregnant women often find that they are passing gas more than they usually do, according to healthline.com.

This is unpleasant, but it is normal. It happens because progesterone slows down digestion, which creates a build-up of gas.

14 Mom Has Little Bladder Control


Having a baby is awesome, but sometimes it comes with some unfortunate things. According to my.clevelandlandclinic.org, it is pretty common for expectant mothers to lose some of their bladder control.

It wouldn’t be that bad if it only lasted until the baby was born; however, there are many times in which this lasts even after the child arrives.

13 It’s Possible To Have Extra Saliva


Ladies who find themselves having a bit more saliva than they usually do might want to take a pregnancy test. That is because pregnant women often experience an increase in saliva, which can make for some pretty gross and embarrassing moments. Also, this can make morning sickness even worse, according to kidspot.com.au.

12 Pregnancy Can Cause Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are seriously unpleasant. Pretty much anyone can get them, but pregnant women are at an increased risk to develop them.

That is especially true for those who are constipated, which is also something that is very common among pregnant women. According to webmd.com, another thing that can cause hemorrhoids is the pressure a growing baby puts on his or her mother’s veins.

11 Veins Don't Look Very Pleasant


Pregnancy brings a lot of changes, and some of them are pretty cool. But at the same time, others don’t look very pleasant.

One of the gross things that pregnant women experience is prominent veins. During pregnancy, a woman’s veins are much more visible than they normally would be, according to familydoctor.org.

10 Ladies Sometimes Go Number Two During Labor


Giving birth is great, but to be honest, there are some really gross things that happen when a baby is being born. For instance, labor can make some mothers feel as though they have to go number two.

Sometimes it is just a feeling and they don’t actually do it. But according to today.com, many women do go number two when they are having a baby.

9 Pregnant Women Sweat A Lot


Sweating is never really fun, but it gets even less enjoyable during pregnancy. That is because pregnant women often find that they are sweating more than they used to.

According to rexona.com, this is particularly true for women who are in the first trimester. In fact, night sweats are sometimes an early symptom of pregnancy.

8 Pregnant Women Have Mucus Plugs


Anything involving the word “mucus” already sounds gross. In addition, one of the least enjoyable parts of pregnancy is the mucus plug.

A mucus plug is something pregnant women have that helps keep bacteria and other harmful things away from their unborn baby. But when labor is close, they lose it. According to pampers.com, it can appear in a variety of colors.

7 Sometimes Things Tear Down There


Natural births require certain parts of the mother’s body to stretch just a bit. That means that many women experience some tearing down south, according to whattoexpect.com.

This doesn’t sound very pleasant, but women should know that is it pretty common. They just need to take care of themselves after the delivery to ensure that they make a full recovery.

6 There Is Extra Discharge


Discharge is a normal thing for women to have whether they are pregnant or not. But it can still be pretty unpleasant, especially during pregnancy.

That is because pregnant women typically experience more discharge than those who are not carrying an unborn baby, according to medicalnewstoday.com. This is often an early sign of pregnancy.

5 Stretch Marks Are Not Fun


As an unborn baby grows, his or her mother’s womb has to grow in order to accommodate the new resident. This often results in something called stretch marks.

These usually are not very pretty to look at. But, according to healthline.com, there are some things moms can do to try to prevent them. For example, drinking enough water can help keep one’s skin soft, which means it is less likely to develop stretch marks.

4 Morning Sickness Is Unpleasant


Morning sickness is really one of the most unpleasant parts of being pregnant. While some expectant mothers do not get it at all, others experience it for weeks.

Some women even experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. Fortunately, there are some things moms can do to make it easier, according to whattoexpect.com.

3 The Baby Is Not The Only Thing That Comes Out During Labor


When women give birth, they do not just deliver their baby. They also deliver something called the placenta, according to parents.com.

The placenta is an amazing thing that helps the baby survive when he or she is in the womb. But, as useful as it is, delivering this thing is still pretty gross.

2 There Might Be Hair Growing Everywhere


There are many women who have experienced thicker, fuller hair on their heads during pregnancy. But pregnant women also see an increase in body hair as well, according to sharecare.com. This means that lots of expectant moms might find that they have more hair on their face, as well as some other parts of their bodies.

1 Things Feel Weird When The Water Breaks


In the movies, when a woman’s water breaks, it is a pretty dramatic moment. However, sometimes things are a bit different in real life.

For instance, many women only feel a small trickle when their water breaks, which is something that happens before or during every birth. According to todaysparent.com, only a small amount of women actually experience this before they go into labor. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty gross.

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