15 Gross Things He Does That Drive You Crazy

As much as we may love our man, sometimes the things he does are absolutely disgusting. Sure, we all have those days where we don’t care what we look like, smell like, and we don’t really care about what people may think. But even with that in mind, we still have the audacity to take care of ourselves for the sake of others. It must be a “man” thing to sometimes be disgustingly unhygienic, messy, and downright gross. And no matter how many times we try and tell him nicely to clean up after himself, history seems to constantly repeat itself. We love him when he is clean, put together, showered, and smelling nice, but there are always those not-so-pleasant moments when he completely goes into Tarzan mode—and we can't stand it!!

15 Dirty Toilet Seat

As women, we clearly do not have the issue of standing up when we need to pee. Sure, we may not understand what it is like to aim ourselves into a toilet bowl, but we can imagine that after some practice after all these years, it is not that difficult. The worst thing behind seeing the toilet seat up, is seeing your man’s dribbles all over the toilet seat. Even if you are in the comfort of your own home, where there is (usually) no toilet seat covers, it is such a turn off to see the toilet seat covered in his accident. Maybe it would be a good time to tell him that after he goes, to check the seat to see if he left a mess. I mean, that’s why toilet paper is there right? To clean up after your boyfriend’s mess? Don’t think so.

14 Hands In His Pants

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Why do some men feel the need to constantly feel themselves up? Whether they’re laying on the couch, watching a football game, or even sleeping, they always seem to have one hand down their pants. Not necessarily doing anything X-rated, but just merely having a hand down there. Maybe it’s a comfort thing, maybe it’s warm, or maybe they are afraid that their privates will be gone in the morning so they have to protect it? Who knows, but it is still a weird and unexplainable phenomenon that some men just like to do, and us ladies find it a bit strange. It seems like it happens everywhere too, when they are sitting, standing, or laying, whatever it may be, they always instinctively have got to be anywhere but outside of their shorts, pants, or more commonly and more accessibly—their pajamas.

13 Picking Their Nose

Has anyone ever heard of blowing your nose? Is it really that pleasant to stick a giant finger up your nose and dig around for something substantial? It seems like our men find picking their nose as a favorite pastime these days. It happens when they are bored, when they’re in the car, or even in line at the supermarket. The troubling part about it all is that if they do feel a booger, it is their absolute goal and task to achieve it right then and there—there’s no talking him out of it, unfortunately. So what do we do about this disgusting habit? It’s hard to tell him to stop because he will find a way to do it anyway. I guess the only thing we could do is hand him a tissue, and hope for the best that he’ll use it in a normal, humanly appropriate way.

12 Leaving His Socks And Shoes EVERYWHERE

Of course, coming home from a long day at work can be quite exhausting and tiring. All you want to do is put on some comfortable clothes, lay on the couch with some food, and have a nice quiet night in. But, one thing that some men do (ladies also do this), is that the minute they get home, they take off their shoes. This is completely normal, but what irks the other spouse is when socks and shoes are left on the floor, tables, or couch, left to be cleaned at a later time. Stinky socks seem to be smelled from anywhere, so when they are constantly wedged into the couch cushions, it’s not really the most pleasant thing to fish out, especially when they are not your own. How hard is it to walk five feet to put dirty socks in the laundry basket? Apparently to some, it’s really difficult!

11 Leaving Food And Junk In The Car

There is nothing worse than getting into a car that has had food sitting in it. It’s even worse when it’s hot outside, so that the stench gets more intense as if it were cooking in there. Of course, it’s easy to forget food in the car after a long day, but if it happens on multiple occasions, and there are piles upon piles of food leftovers still left in the car, then it becomes a disgusting problem. Water bottles start piling up, food wrappers, protein shake bottles, receipts, you name it—anything that can be easily taken out, should NOT still be in there. This can start to get annoying because since we are all so busy these days, being in our cars takes up a lot of our day. We want to be able to drive in peace—not in a place that stinks of McDonald’s and warm leaked root beer!

10 He Sits In His Own Sweat

Usually after a big, hard, and sweaty workout, you would want to jump right in the shower and wash off. The thought of sitting in your own dry, crusty, sweat is not so pleasing, so you would want to wash off as soon as possible. One thing that our guys do that drives us nuts is when he sits in his sweat—for hours. Sure, he might be tired after a tough workout, or a fun day playing basketball with his friends, but that doesn’t mean he can't just jump in the shower and rinse off his stench. Now, the thing with boys, is that they sweat quite a lot. And it doesn’t bother them, which makes us believe that it doesn’t bother them to sit for hours on end to sit in their sweaty, smelly, damp, clothes for everyone to suffer.

9 Spitting

Something that most of us will never understand is why people spit. Now, we’ve all seen it, a random person decides that they have too much saliva in their mouth at that moment and decides to launch it on the ground next to you. What makes people believe that that is okay? It happens more commonly with boyfriends though, since they are more comfortable in their relationship, they figure that their significant other doesn’t mind a bit of spit. Well, it’s actually disgusting, and nobody wants to see or accidentally step in your extra saliva that you voluntarily spit out of your mouth! I think this is the time in our society that we learn to respect others and learn to swallow your own spit before you decide to rather put it on the floor next to you.

8 Doesn’t Brush His Teeth

Now, this may seem like it doesn’t happen with most men, but trust us, it happens. You know those Sunday mornings where you are able to sleep in, roll over and give a big old kiss to your guy—but then—you’re stopped by morning breath. You brush it off because you know it’s the morning and you know that you’ll both brush your teeth in a bit and go on with your day. But then hours pass by, you go in for another kiss and you are in shock by his non-brushed teeth and mouth! Maybe because us ladies can be a bit more hygienic and routine when it comes to their oral hygiene, but having your man have a stinky breath and mouth ALL day is something that isn’t really the most pleasant. All we want is a nice kiss and close hug without having to cover our noses right?!

7 Scratching And “Readjusting” Themselves

We all get itchy. We all get itchy “down there.” But when that “down there” itching becomes a bit excessive, that’s when it turns into a disgusting habit. Now, we understand that men have different shaped and functioning genitals, but to constantly have to “readjust” yourself in private AND in public serves as a bit of an issue. Haven’t underwear companies tried to fix this problem? Can't they create a sturdy pair of underwear that holds everything in so that they avoid feeling themselves up in public? We understand that when you need to readjust yourself, it needs to happen, but why not do it somewhere that is a bit more discreet, like the bathroom? Nobody really wants to see anyone scratching or readjusting their private parts for the world to see!

6 Leaving Dishes Out

We all get lazy, and we all have had those moments where we leave our plates, bowls, and pans piling up in the sink. But, we always know that we will clean it up later that night or the next morning so it doesn’t start to smell. Sometimes our men tend to break that rule, leaving their plates everywhere around the house, leaving cups, half drunken mugs filled with coffee, and a plate with leftover toast in the bathroom. Someone other than him usually has to pick it up because either it has started to attract flies, or it just straight up gets annoying staring at a piece of toast while you pee. These are when our mother’s house chore rules start to make sense—taking turns doing the dishes and cleaning up after yourself is actually a very responsible and nice thing to do!

5 Piles Of Laundry

Sometimes our laundry pile gets so high, that we force ourselves to just get it all done. Usually, when that happens, and when we put away all of our laundry, we tell ourselves that we would never let it get it that high again. What is more annoying, is when other’s leave their dirty clothes around everywhere—on the floor, on the bed and even in the bathroom. Usually, we just kick it aside, but it starts to get annoying when you are trying to stay organized and neat. Our man does this with anything—work clothes, workout clothes, pajamas—anything that he put on his body usually ends up somewhere other than the washing machine. By avoiding washing the clothes, it usually leaves a stinky pile in which he usually picks out of in desperation for some sort of outfit. We all need to remember and cherish the feeling after you wash your clothes, fold them, and put them away—because it will avoid the stinky, disorganized mess of our room!

4 He Clips His Nails Everywhere

Sometimes, one of the worst sounds in the world is hearing someone clip their nails. It’s harsh, it gross, and you just don’t even want to think about where the nail clippings are flying. Guys are pretty relentless when it comes to this, for they will not only let their nails and toenails get four feet long, but they will clip them essentially anywhere they have room. They’ll stick their foot up onto the table and go wild, or they’ll sit down on the couch and let the nail clippings fly wherever they want. These are moments where you wish you had earplugs to block the noise as well as a blindfold so you don’t have to witness the absolute nightmare happening in your living room. You’ll be vacuuming one day and see a random nail on the carpet and you realize that you need a turbo vacuum to clean what he had been leaving behind!

3 Leaves The Doors And Cabinets Open

There’s nothing worse than accidently walking in on someone going to the bathroom. Or vice versa, having someone walk in on you going to the bathroom can be extremely embarrassing and panicking! That’s why we’ll never understand why some men find it absolutely okay for them to leave the bathroom door wide open while they are doing their business. Sure, they could be comfortable, but that is something that can totally be done in their own privacy—that is why there is a door! Leaving cabinets and cupboards is another habit that plays alongside the bathroom door situation—it takes one second to close them, and it takes one second for your significant other to accidently run into the cabinets that could so easily be closed!

2 Lets Out Some Gas

Farting is never something you want to hear. Farting does not have to be public, and farting is not something that is funny. If you are stuck in a room with someone, would you ever ask them to fart? NO! Because it’s disgusting! Somehow, men find farting either hilarious or just nice to do. They fart as easily as they breathe, and find themselves so comfortable that they tend to do it anywhere and everywhere. Not only does farting give off an unpleasant smell, but just the noise itself is enough for it to be a disgusting habit that needs to end! It is just the rules of being polite and thinking about how others would feel, and it needs to go into practice. Men, the next time you want to fart in front of your significant other, majorly rethink your actions!

1 Burping

One disgusting habit that needs to end that is on the same wavelength as farting, is burping. Burping is loud, unnecessary, and can totally be avoided! We don’t want to physically hear how full you were from dinner by a burp, nor do we want to hear how loud you can make a burp after drinking soda. Not only is the sound of a burp unpleasant, but the smell can be absolutely nauseating. The face he makes while he is burping looks like he might need some medical attention. Yes, we all get some upper gas from time to time, and sometimes you feel like the only way to get relief is to belch as loud as you possibly can, but that is not the case! Close and cover your mouth and burp in a private place so people don’t think an elephant has walked into the room!

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