15 Gross Things Disneyland Staff Have To Deal With

It is the dream of a lot of kids (and adults) to one day go to Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth and there is little that anyone can do or say that can break that magical feeling you get when you walk through those gates.

However, that is because you are a guest and not a cast member. The staff at Disneyland have to call themselves cast members and they have a lot of stories to tell. They don’t want to ruin the magic either so they are likely to keep all of this on the DL.

There are many gross and weird things that they have to deal with when working with Mickey and all of the gang. Things that you would never expect to happen, but they do. We have found 15 of the grossest things that Disneyland staff have ever had to deal with.

15 That Is Not How You Pay Respect To The Deceased


This is one that came up quite often on my searches and it is a bit rough. There are many instances where custodians of Disneyland have had to clean up something a little odd. There have been multiple reports of people attending Disneyland just to spread their loved one’s ashes.

Unfortunately, they advise people not to do this because they just vacuum the remains up and throw them in the trash.

14 Handling Lobsters Is No Easy (Or Clean) Task


Sometimes, they have to deal with real animals and not just the ones in costumes. One guest was enjoying their day when they saw a live lobster walking around the paths at Disneyland.

A cast member then had to go pick the little slimy guy back up and then placed him in the waters nearby at the park. That’s right, they are breeding lobsters at Disneyland apparently.

13 Cleaning Up The Rides Is No Joke


A lot of the rides at Disneyland are in the dark, and that may be fun but it is not always a good thing for cast members who have to clean up.

Sometimes, the things they have to clean up are less than favorable. One cast member had to clean up the Space Mountain ride and place any belongings left on the ride into lost and found. They found a glass eyeball one time. They also found human waste on one of the seats once.

12 Violence Is Just Gross


Sometimes, the grossest thing that the staff has to deal with is violence from guests. One cast member reports seeing his fellow cast member being physically assaulted by a guest.

The man (who was with his wife and children) pinned a female cast member up against a wall and tried to punch her in the stomach all because she wouldn’t let him cut in front of the line.

11 When You Just Can’t Get To A Bathroom


The need for a bathroom can happen anywhere and it can be a battle to get to it on time. However, most people do make it just in time.

There was a time when one woman, who was on her monthly cycle, was walking along Disneyland and just couldn’t wait any longer. She reached down and pulled her tampon out in the middle of the path and just threw it on the ground.

10 Swinging Body Parts


There are a lot of people out there who are very uneasy around prosthetic limbs, and they would not have done well with this guy.

One guy at Disneyland was a little upset and he decided to take off his prosthetic leg and start swinging it around at everyone around them.

9 Yes, There Is Blood At The Happiest Place On Earth


Sometimes, there are times when cast members need to clean up blood from a ride, and it is not from an injury you would suspect.

One couple was on a ride when things got a bit romantic. They were having their fun (which we will leave up to your imagination). A certain bump in the ride led the woman to bite this man and there was blood everywhere.

8 What The Guests Don’t See


These have all been things that the guests have seen, but there is a lot that goes on that the guests do not see.

There are many hotels on the premises of Disneyland and there are things that happen there that no one but the staff deal with. One cast member stated that a man took his own life at one of their hotels and they had to host an impromptu meet-and-greet to distract guests.

7 The Usual Vomit Post


When you are talking about any amusement park, there is bound to be one or two throw-up entries.

One cast member recalls the day a kid ate a whole bunch of pasta with marinara sauce and proceeded to throw up all over the entrance to the Big Thunder Mountain ride. That mess had to be cleaned up right away.

6 The Unusual Poop Post


This one maybe takes the cake. One cast member was working the monorail and a guest had gotten off and said he was going to be sick.

The cast member grabbed a garbage can and opened it so the guest could be sick in the garbage can instead of all over the ground. The guest had other plans and instead of throwing up in the garbage can, he proceeded to pull down his pants and go to the bathroom.

5 Intoxicated Guests


Sometimes, they have imposters to deal with at Disney. One day there was a woman who was dressed as Snow White, but this princess was incredibly intoxicated.

She was signing autographs and pretending to be the character and had to be escorted off the premises by the staff. That is one messy situation.

4 If You’re Scared Of Snakes, Don’t Work At Disney!


If you thought that lobsters were the only animal that they have to deal with at Disney, you were wrong. There was another gross animal encounter at the park.

One cast member was working a ride at Animal Kingdom and they saw a 10-foot long snake. The good news is that no one but him seem to notice this snake weaving through the crowds.

3 There Are Seriously Bathrooms Everywhere!


We are blown away by how many posts involve using the bathroom. There are bathrooms everywhere and it is not hard to get to one.

Sometimes, people just don’t want to stop having fun for one minute. A cast member once saw a mom carry around a jug for her son to pee in. This jug eventually broke and the contents went everywhere.

2 You Would Think One Poop Entry Would Be Enough!


Here we have yet another entry about bodily fluids. A person ended up having an emergency and needed to relieve himself on the exit ramp of a ride.

Other guests did not notice it and ended up tracking it all over the place. They had to make a human wall to stop people from stepping in it while they cleaned it up.

1 Germaphobes Are Not Welcome!


Here’s the thing, if you are afraid of germs and don’t like the idea of touching bodily fluid, then you may not want to go to Disneyland.

They are always trying to clean up as well as they can, but sometimes they can’t get it all. Make sure you pack your hand sanitizers because the cast members say that you will definitely need them.

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