15 Grey's Anatomy Moments That Broke Our Hearts

Grey’s Anatomy first aired way back in 2005, so it's been going on for over a decade now. How much has happened in your life in the last 10 years? Probably a lot right? Well… a lot has happened in Meredith Grey’s life as well. Grey’s Anatomy is probably one of the greatest drama shows that has ever existed and has had many of us sobbing at our TV screens.

Just when we think we have seen it all and have shed all the tears we're capable of shedding, something new happens that makes us reach out for the tissue box and wonder who on earth comes up with all this drama! Shonda Rhimes my friend, Shonda and the amazing writers that have made us feel a part of the tragic world of Grey’s Anatomy.

We’ve watched the cast members grow and die multiple times. With new faces coming to the show and old faces leaving. The show that first aired in 2005 is completely different to the one that airs nowadays because so much has changed, and many of these changes are moments that have brutally broken our hearts.

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15 When Addison Comes Back To Claim Derek

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When Derek and Meredith met, Derek forgot to share a very important fact about himself, that he was married. The couple’s first struggle was coming to terms with the fact that Derek was sort of Meredith’s boss and that she was just starting out at Seattle Grace Hospital and so she was having a hard time dealing with the whole idea of them dating.

When the couple was happily leaving the hospital and calling it a day after many long hours of work they run into Addison, who is looking fearless with her black coat and tells Meredith “You must be the woman who’s been sleeping with my husband.” A confused Meredith looks at Derek in disbelief not understanding what exactly is going on and an embarrassed and heartbroken Derek replies, “I’m so sorry Meredith.” This marks the beginning of the complicated drama that is their relationship.

14 When Meredith Asks Derek To Love Her

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Remember all the drama between Meredith, Derek and Addison at the beginning of the show? Meredith was with Derek but then Addison came back into the picture and Derek decides to give Addison another chance and dumps Meredith. In this heartbreaking moment Meredith begs Derek to choose her and to love her. We know she’s swallowing her pride and giving everything in her adorable little heart to try and win her man back. We can see the love in her voice and Derek’s adorable stare, looking into her, wishing that things were different. We knew they loved each other which is why it is so frustrating that Meredith actually has to beg.

Who can blame her? We all need a little love and Meredith helped us remember how much we wished we had the balls to tell that special someone to love us.

13 When Denny Dies

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In season 2 Denny was Izzie’s very sick boyfriend and they were getting very serious. Izzie had gone to unimaginable lengths to keep Denny alive, she had cut one of the cables that was keeping him alive so he could get worse and get the transplant he so desperately needed. This could have cost Izzie her job but her love for Denny was way more important to her, which is why we all cried so much when Denny died.

Izzie gets all dressed up for an event at the hospital and decides to pay Denny a visit but when she arrives Denny is dead. Alex tells her the heartbreaking news and an inconsolable Izzie lays in his bed holding his dead body crying, while the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol plays in the background.

12 When Christina Begs Meredith To Rip Her Wedding Dress

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Christina’s relationship with Preston Burke was always a complicated one because Christina had commitment issues. In spite of her troubled self she accepts Preston’s marriage proposal and they go ahead with the wedding. But on the wedding day Christina gets cold feet and she decides she doesn’t want to get married, all this is happening while Preston is waiting at the altar before he goes to check on Christina to see what’s keeping her. Christina then tells Preston that she DOES want to get married but by then it's too much for Preston to take and he decides to leave and cancel the wedding.

She then goes to Preston’s apartment to see if she can find him there but she realizes he’s gone for good. A troubled Christina with her wedding dress on starts panicking and begs her best friend, Meredith Grey, to rip her wedding dress off. This moment is raw, brutal and absolutely worthy of ice-cream and tissues.

11 When George Dies

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George O'Malley was one of the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy. He was very much loved by the public, which is why when he died in season 6 the viewers were shocked.

George is in a terrible bus accident when he pushes a woman out of the way and gets hit instead. The accident leaves him terribly deformed and unable to be identified. He is rushed to Seattle Grace Hospital where his friends are the ones taking care of him, unaware that he is George. Meredith realizes that patient John Doe is trying to communicate with her. She gives him her hand and he starts trying to draw something with his finger. Finally he manages to spell 007 in Meredith’s hand and she realizes that ‘John Doe’ is actually George. Nevertheless, his injuries are so tragic that his brain dies and his organs are donated.

10 When Izzie Goes Into Cardiac Arrest

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Izzie gets leukemia and battles with it for a while, knowing that the chances of recovery are slim, but Alex Karev wants her to fight back which Izzie tries really hard to do. But in her debilitated body she finds it really hard to stay alive as she goes into cardiac arrest. We see the doctors, who are her friends laying motionless at her bedside, because Izzie had signed a no-resuscitation form that prohibited her doctors from trying to bring her back to life in case she found herself in such a situation. But a desperate Alex tries to save her regardless of the form she signed. Alex starts performing CPR trying to bring her back. All the doctors decide to ignore the form and help Alex try to resuscitate her. We see a sobbing Alex leaning against the wall crying his little heart out. Luckily for him and us, the viewers, Izzie gets resuscitated.

9 When Izzie and Alex Get Married

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Izzie is already sick with leukemia. She’s very weak from the disease and the chemotherapy that she’s been getting. Ignoring her delicate state of health Izzie decides to marry Alex (whom she had been dating). She can barely walk down the aisle but she decides to marry Alex anyway. We were all scared that something tragic would happen and Izzie would drop dead on her weeding day. Thankfully nothing tragic happens and we get to experience an extremely romantic moment. We still cried and sobbed while watching the marvelous moment when they exchange their vows and promise to love each other until death brings them apart, which could be very soon. This is one of those perfect Grey’s Anatomy moments where we wish they could just keep the story happy and cheerful.

8 When Sloan Tells Lexie How He Feels

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Meredith, Derek, Christina, Mark, Lexie and Arizona are on a flight to do surgery elsewhere, but the plane crashes in the middle of the mountains with no help in sight and the GPS is down, which means that it will be very hard for someone to know that their private jet is missing.

Debris from the plain falls on top of Lexie, leaving her unable to move and with deadly internal injuries. An apparently healthy Mark finds her. In this moment Mark Sloan taught us all that you should never wait to tell the person that you love how you feel about them. Lexie is dying and they both know it. Sloan starts opening his heart to Lexie and tells her how much he loves her and that they will survive, but they both know there’s no hope for Lexie. He holds her hand until she dies and he repeats “I love you” even after she’s dead.

7 When Sloan Dies

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Mark Sloan appeared to be alright after the plane crash but in fact he also had internal injuries. While the rest of the survivors are waiting for help, Sloan falls into a sort of coma and Meredith and Christina manage to bring him back by doing some surgery stuff. But by the time he gets to a hospital he’s back in a coma from which he never recovers.

Dr. Webber tells Callie and Derek that there’s a time lapse for him to wake up, if he doesn’t they’ll have to disconnect him from the machines. The time finally comes and Sloan doesn’t wake up so Dr. Webber proceeds to disconnect him and we see a hopeless Derek and Callie sitting by his bedside, coming to terms with the idea that they’ve lost their friend.

6 When Meredith’s Mom Becomes Lucid For a Moment

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From the start of the show Meredith has to deal with her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. She is in a home where she’s taken care of. But Meredith still struggles deeply with the fact that her mother will never be lucid enough for them both to fix their messed up relationship.

Meredith gets a call from the nursing home letting her know that her mother is lucid, that she should rush to get there so she can have a normal conversation with her. When she arrives her mother is still lucid enough to see that Meredith has become a doctor, but then she quickly loses it and goes back to talking nonsense. It is brutal to see Meredith miss her chance and have to deal with so much drama in her life.

5 April and Jackson’s Baby

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Jackson and April are tormented because their unborn child suffers from an illness that will very likely kill him at birth; the probabilities of survival are pretty much nonexistent. April hopes for a miracle, that for some reason her baby will be born healthy, but as time goes by they both realize that that’s not going to happen. April decides to go on with an induced birth, still hoping that God will give her a miracle, but the moment arrives and she realizes that there won’t be a miracle and that her son will die. The baby is born and she holds him in her arms until he dies. We then see an empty-handed April being rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair. April taught us all to have faith and it's impressive to see how she keeps her hope and faith until the very end, when she realizes that her son is still sick at birth. Our hearts sank along with hers, because we came to understand that sometimes, miracles don’t happen.

4 When Dr. Herman Wakes Up From Her Surgery Blind

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Dr. Herman allows Dr. Shepard to perform surgery in the hopes that Shepard can remove the tumor from her brain. She regains the hope that she had once lost. Thanks to Arizona’s persistence she believes that the surgery can be a success and that her career as a surgeon can continue.

Nevertheless, when Dr. Herman wakes up from her surgery she realizes she’s blind and that her career is over. But being the great doctor that she is, she still has the strength to worry about her patients. Arizona goes to her bedside and Dr. Herman asks after her patients. Arizona says they’re all well and Dr. Herman says: “I picked the right horse,” meaning that she did well by picking Arizona to be her eyes when she lost her eyesight.

3 When The Deer Gets Resuscitated

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A man arrives at the hospital in a pick-up truck with his son and a deer on the back. The deer seems to be in a coma and it looks so helpless and adorable just lying there motionless. For animal lovers around the world this was a heart-wrenching moment. With all the drama going on, the last thing we needed was to see suffering imposed on an animal. The man begs the doctors to do something to help it. They tell him that they’re doctors, not vets, but the man insists. Izzie demands for the paddles to restart the deer’s heart. After the first try the deer stands up and we all feel relieved that the deer is able to live another day.

2 When Derek Realizes He’s Going To Die

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Derek gets into a really bad car accident after stopping to save four people who are injured. He is rushed to a hospital which is not Seattle Grace and the personnel are not well trained. He arrives with a brain injury and is unable to speak but he can think, he was conscious and was listening to the doctors talk about which way they should proceed. Two doctors are debating; one argues that they should do a brain scan while the other says it is more important to fix something in his abdomen. Derek knows he needs a brain scan, but no one listens to the doctor that says that, so they take him into surgery. They then realize he needs brain surgery and the neurologist is at a dinner party. Derek realizes it's too late and he will not survive. He slowly loses consciousness and we know it’s the end.

1 When Meredith Sits By Derek’s Bedside

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When the police go to Meredith's house and tell her the news, Meredith day dreams that Derek is alright and she lays by his bedside telling him how scared she was. But the truth is that Derek is in a coma and he won’t wake up. Meredith sits by his bedside while the nurse starts shutting down all the equipment that is keeping him alive because Derek won’t ever come out of the coma.

Before the nurse shuts down the last machine Meredith asks her to stop while she just sits there remembering all of their life together. She tells Derek that it's okay and that he can leave now. Meredith tells the nurse to proceed while she stands next to him and watches him take his last breath.

This is how the moving story between Derek and Meredith ends, leaving us all wondering, what??!! Why??!!

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