15 Gorgeous Pics Of Megan Fox

Megan Fox is so hot that us girls look at her and make us question whether or not we could give up on men forever. Her hotness transcends any petty jealousies that we might have against other women simply for the fact that she is almost inhuman how gorgeous she is. She is so perfect looking, it was like she was genetically modified and created in a lab! We just can't help but give our boyfriends a free pass when we see him ogling at pictures of her. Because, hey...who can blame him? Her skinny-yet-curvy body, cascading raven hair, piercing blue eyes and symmetrical face are what constitute the epitome of female perfection.

Though her acting career has taken a backseat to her family life, the mother of three (yes, three) has taken somewhat of a hiatus from acting. Though she is known more for her looks than her talent, we can all agree that we would all gladly switch places with her in a heartbeat. Men want her more than any other celebrity and women want to look like her. Like Marilyn Monroe, she will probably go down in history as a fashion icon more so than an actress. Here are the 15 pictures of Megan Fox that are sure to make anyone stop what they are doing and stare.


16 Fredericks Of Hollywood

Megan Fox if the human cat in this stunning pin-up girl as the face for Fredericks of Hollywood. It is so funny that in real life, she is a mom of three and seems to maintain a relatively private life. These racy pictures have us believing that she is hanging out in VIP in the hottest clubs of Los Angeles. Alas, that vision is not true as the majority of her income comes from utilizing her looks as a model for big name brands. Since her acting roles have slowed down in recent years, she is still arguably one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood. It is almost safe to say that she looks even hotter than any of the Victoria's Secret models here, and that is saying a lot.

15 All Denim But Never Just A Girl Next Door

We Heart It

This look on Megan Fox screams "all-American, but not a girl next door." Everyone knows that she is far too stunning to ever be mistaken for someone that you have ever even met once in your life. Try as she might with the laid-back denim shirt, natural makeup, and "woke up like this" hair, she looks like a natural beauty but not someone that your ex-boyfriend went to high school with (though he wishes). We don't exactly know what to make of this look since we are used to seeing Megan Fox in some scantily-clad, Jessica-Rabbit-come-to-life type of attire. If we saw this walking down the street, we might think "that girl look like Megan Fox, but maybe not Megan Fox." Looks in this case can be deceiving.

14 Did You Hear That Vinyl Is Making A Comeback?

E Today

Everyone loves a throwback. Supposedly, vinyl is making a huge comeback in the counter-culture hipster movement that only proves itself trendy, but makes for better, higher quality sound. Megan Fox exemplifies this trend by making it appear that she is just hanging out listening to some old vinyl. The real question is: what is she listening to? If only we really knew her taste in music, then we could only judge how cool she really is in real life. For now, we will just admire her fashion choices. Those high-waisted brown corduroy shorts paired with those classy heels gives a "pin-up girl off duty" vibe. Though her makeup looks natural, there is simply no way that she is not wearing makeup. Her face gives us an "I'm too cool for school" which makes us either feel snubbed or in awe. We can't decide.

13 Scantily Clad By The Pool


Normally, when we think of getting a glamour shot taken by the pool, we would assume that they would be donning a ravishing bikini with some bright colors to reflect the sun. For Megan Fox, it means wearing a leather-meets-lace ensemble in all black. Once again, she is giving the classic sharp contrast of her dark hair and fair skin with the red lipstick to make it all pop. If someone saw this walking by a community pool, they would stop what they are doing and stare and the only girl there who is not wearing a bikini. The natural light reflecting up from the water makes her glow and those eyes seem to be piercing straight into the camera with no mercy. With that magazine rolled up in her hand, she looks like she is about to swat a fly that won't go away.

12 The Second Coming Of Angelina Jolie?


If only Megan Fox managed to land more developed and in-depth acting roles, she might just be taken seriously in the Hollywood community. Unlike most others, she is the only one who is allowed to not be taken seriously and get away with it. If we lived in some sort of alternate universe where she was up there with award winners like Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank or Meryl Streep, she would go down as a legend. Pair the would-be acting talent with her stunning looks, she would be considered the second coming of Angelina Jolie. The long raven hair, piercing cat eyes, luscious lips and smooth skin, this is an easy comparison. Not to mention that both Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie have that badass thing in common where they ink their bodies full of tattoos and are proud of it.

11 They Call Me Mellow Yellow


Bright yellow is an unexpected, yet quirky color that we see as a background. It would be like living in inside a giant lemon or banana (taking inspiration from James and the Giant Peach) but instead, Megan Fox is decked out for her cover on Cosmopolitan magazine. Is it just us, or does she bear a slight resemblance to a young Melania Trump in this one (politics aside of course). The long brunette waves, the full lips and cat eyes make her look like an Eastern European beauty that has been imported to make us American women green with envy. The mixed prints of the leopard print chair combined with the tropical theme of the dress doesn't clash but compliments one another in an unconventional way. Only Ms. Megan Fox could ever pull this one off.



9 The Librarian Who Lost Her Glasses

We Heart It

With all of these books lined up on top of each other on a bookshelf, this almost makes us wish that we would read more, or maybe take a trip to Ikea. All jokes aside, whoever the art director was for this shoot deserves some props for coming up with this scenery. This is not something that we would ever expect. However, Megan Fox has been quoted saying, "I don't have any friends and I never leave the house." If that be the case, then that must mean that she has a lot of downtime for reading. Who says gorgeous women don't read? Anyways, that dress though. Its like an Egyptian goddess with that gold chain and stark white corset design. If she can't pull that off than no one can.

8 Where It All Began...Transformers

Flickering Myth

This is the movie that put Megan Fox on the map. She may have never been taken seriously as an actress, but guess what? Neither did Marilyn Monroe. Some stars are prized by their stunning looks and sensuality alone. Megan Fox has taken the crown for that. Though her outfit is a bit dated since this was shot all the way back in 2007, she still has that sultry stare. She appears to be fixing a car making her appear rugged and rough around the edges. That bright white belt matched up with the denim skirt just screams early 2000's that it almost makes us wish that we were back in high school (well, not quite). That messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed ponytail is something that we only wish we could pull off.

7 Stars And Stripes With Denim Armani Jeans

Step aside, Guess jeans. We know that you had those classic supermodels like Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith and Adriana Lima rocking those sultry black and white pics back in the day, but now you have met your competition. Armani jeans must have saw their sales skyrocket once they chose Megan Fox to be the face of their campaign in 2010. That same year, Michael Bay decided to replace her with Rosie Huntington Whitley for Shia LeBouf's love interest in Transformers 3, but being the face of Armani seems to give it a prestige over being that type of action movie. This is another shining example that Megan Fox makes for a much better model than she does an actress. Not that her acting is bad. She just shines more in this arena.

6 Attitude For Days


Through the charisma in all of these pictures, it seems that Megan Fox gives off a "don't mess with me vibe" rather than a docile one that many other Hollywood starlets try to go for. Here, we see her laying all chill on the ground with a thumb in her mouth and a facial expression that says "yeah? and what are you going to do about it?" Her attitude is also what got her in trouble with Michael Bay. She told a German magazine that working with him was like working with a tyrant and she was fired from Transformers shortly thereafter. However, he seems to have forgiven her because she later went on to star as April in the Ninja Turtles movies that he produced. Sometimes, you just have to watch your mouth no matter how beautiful you are.

5 Natural Instagram Selfie

Crave Online

Megan Fox sort of looks like a natural beauty in this Instagram selfie. By natural, we mean minimal makeup but on a face that has been altered by plastic surgery. Yes, there are many pictures circulating around that show what she used to look like (a larger nose and thinner lips) so that makes it no secret that she has had work done. However, she hasn't gone overboard yet (at least not like Kylie Jenner). Other celebrities have had plastic surgery to later their face and have gotten away with in unscathed (like Lana Del Rey) but there is a fine line to straddle when you take on risks like that. Luckily for Megan, her skin still looks flawless and she has achieved that dewy glow.

4 Black Mesh Is The New Black Lace

Once again, we catch Megan Fox keeping it simple. Less is more seems to be her motto when it comes to choosing certain outfits whether it be the red carpet or walking down the street. This is a rarity where she is actually caught smiling because she likes to have that stoic demeanor (which honestly is kind of refreshing and makes her seem like she actually isn't fake). Someone behind the camera must be making her laugh because something seems to be funny here. This is the type of dress that has now hit the mainstream (but probably didn't at the time of that red carpet appearance) and can be easily copied by finding it in any department store across the country. In any case, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

3 There Is Just Something About A Girl With Ink

Megan Fox has proved herself a badass by giving Michael Bay the middle finger (even though the reconciled later), becoming a recluse by keeping herself out too much spotlight, and being one of the few actresses to pull off having multiple tattoos and still looking elegant AF. You can envy her all you want, but it just feels better to admire her. After all, women in society are taught to be agreeable and to smile all the time no matter how much someone pisses you off. Not our dear Megan. Call her standoffish but sometimes attractive people shouldn't have to kiss up to get others to respect them. Her slightly flirtatious look behind the shoulder lets us know that there is a little something else going on underneath the surface.

2 Lady In Red


There is just something to be said about a lady who can rock the sensual, powerful color of red. Red has been a color linked to attention-grabbing attire dating back to ancient colors and it looks like nothing much as changed since then. This plunging dress reveals a little but not too much. The slight waves to her dark chocolate brown hair contrast perfectly with her porcelain skin. The look on her face is just as demure as it is come hither. Megan Fox has never been one of those women in Hollywood that has to try too hard when it comes to fashion choices in order to stand out. A little red dress is a classic look and always a go-to whenever the latest trends have not added up.

1 Red Lipstick...A Classic On A Classic Bombshell


Clearly, this image was photoshopped, but photoshopped to absolute perfection. The skin on Megan Fox is flawless and she looks like a mannequin because she is so perfect that she barely even looks like she is even human. That face could stop traffic in an instant and cause accidents. The primary colors in this color scheme involve the blood red crimson of the lipstick, the translucent white light that reflects off of her skin, and her piercing blue eyes that dazzle. That stare of hers has us all wondering what she is really thinking. There seems to be an aura of mystery that she exudes when you see her in all of her glory. What goes on inside the mind of Megan Fox will always remain a true enigma.


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