15 Gorgeous And Fashionable Celeb Moms

Motherhood is one of the most life changing experiences for most women. Between the dirty diapers, late night feedings, and way too much laundry to be done, fashion is often the last thing on a new mom’s list of priorities; if it’s even on (or near) that list at all. But as we’ve all seen, celebrities seem to make these difficult life transitions look like a breeze. Without skipping a beat these Hollywood Moms have not only kept up with the trends, but they’ve started some as well. Now, now… we could be jealous of these ladies and envy their fresh makeup, gorgeous, spit-up free duds, and very non-kid-friendly accessories. Not to mention that perfectly CLEAN and coiffed hair. OR we could look at them for inspiration. Will we ever step out of the house looking just like Vicky Beckham? Probably not. But using her classic, “posh” look as a guide can help get us out of those yoga pants and into a flattering A-line. Maybe not every day. Maybe not every week. But on those especially smooth days when everyone seems to be in a good mood- we will look to these ladies and spend a little extra time on ourselves for once.

15 Victoria Beckham


Married to hunky, hunky David Beckham, Victoria has fully transitioned from 90’s pop icon “Posh Spice” to one of the most fashionable women in the world. Not only does she always look like she’s in the middle of a fashion photo shoot, she also creates fashion of her own in lines such as Victoria, Victoria Beckham. We may never know HOW she is able to do it all and keep her flawless look but we can take a few tips from her. Classic cuts, big, glam sunglasses (these also hide those dark circles, ladies,) and feminine details are all essential parts of this immaculate mama’s look that are fairly easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

14 Sarah Jessica Parker


Best known for being the trendy, Manolo Blahnik obsessed Carrie Bradshaw, it’s still not quite clear whether this iconic character was a case of art imitating life or life imitating art. Like her former alter ego, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to ignore the safety of the sidewalk in the fashion world and make very risky wardrobe choices. And most of the time they completely work! Adding bright colors, extreme textures, and statement piece accessories can help you channel your inner Carrie…or SJP. (See how they seem interchangeable?!) Don’t forget those beautifully crafted shoes!

13 Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe has been known for her “passion for fashion.” With a show on Bravo chronicling her life as a celebrity fashion stylist, we all got to see how the art of fashion touched almost every aspect of her life. She’s even dressed most of the ladies on this list and done it well. So it should be no surprise that Rachel kept her fashion prowess after having her two sons. I mean, if she can make other ladies look fabulous, you know she’s going to do the same for herself. Rachel is mostly known for her penchant for black. This is good news to all of us. Slimming, easy to accessorize, and excellent at hiding those mommy stains, black is every woman’s friend. Rachel also adds an attention grabbing piece to her outfit. Whether it’s with a floppy hat, a large fur coat, or statement jewelry, she adds a little Oomph to her all black ensemble.

12 Jennifer Lopez


Wow. Just wow. That pretty much sums up this gorgeous Latina. Now if there was ever a celebrity mom to be jealous of, Jennifer Lopez would be it. Not only is she looking half her age, but she has kept her banging body and dances the way we all think we dance when we’ve had a few too many to drink. You know what I’m talking about, ladies. Not to mention she has some unforgettable red carpet looks. Dare I say, iconic. No one is forgetting that green dress. No one. If continuing to be a woman known for exuding class and sex with her style wasn’t enough, Jennifer has also already landed her twins a Gucci campaign.

11 Kate Hudson


This boho beauty is not afraid to go out of the house without makeup. Now that’s my kind of mom. Her style is comfortable, simple, and often figure flattering for those days when pulling on some spanx and a tight dress just is not happening. Flowy tops, denim pants, and accessories that have a 70’s vibe are staples in Kate’s wardrobe. Be careful with this one though. There is a very fine line between boho chic and just plain sloppy. Make sure you don’t cross that line.

10 Katie Holmes


Once known as the girl next door, Joey, on Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes exploded onto the fashion scene after marrying the ever controversial Tom Cruise. And though Tom was busy jumping on couches, declaring his love for Katie, her new look was what everyone was talking about. The girl next door was all grown up and a classy, glam woman. After the birth of their daughter, Katie not only kept up her look but she also passed the gift of style down to her daughter Suri. Now both mother and daughter step out in outfits we all dream of owning. Uh, do they make Suri’s wardrobe in my size?

9 Beyonce


We just can’t talk about anything pop culture related without talking about Beyonce. We can’t. It wouldn’t be right. She is Queen Bey after all. One of the reasons Beyonce is able to stay on top is because this woman is not afraid of change. She’s constantly changing her look, and continuing to look fabulous. Most women agonize over changing their hair. Boom, Queen B chops it off, keeps it natural, and looks flawless like it was nothing. You have to admire this woman’s confidence, drive, ambition, and innate ability to always look stunning. Maybe she did just wake up like this.

8 Angelina Jolie


Whether you love her or hate her, whether you’re on team Ang or team Jen, you have to admit Angelina Jolie has got it when it comes to mommying and looking good. She’s naturally a beautiful woman with her full lips and large eyes, but once she went from Billy Bob to Brad, her style took a turn for the best. Truly sophisticated looks with a touch of sex when appropriate is what makes Angelina Jolie a style icon. Simple, well tailored pieces are the key to her wardrobe. My question is how does she continue to look this good with a million kids? Ok, maybe she has six. But really? Tell us your secret, Ms. Jolie!

7 Jada Pinkett Smith


So who is the cool mom on the Hollywood Celeb block? I’m going with Jada Pinkett Smith. This woman is not only intelligent, well spoken, and sassy when need be, but she has that edgy style we are all a little terrified to try. Especially after becoming someone’s mama. Jada seems to make it work and keep up with the her hubby, Will Smith’s, jokes at the same time. So how do you channel your inner cool mom? Start slow. Pick a few accessories that you are drawn to, but normally would shy away from. Find a way to work them into a simple outfit and build from there.

6 Gisele Bundchen


Now if Jada is the cool mom, Gisele is most definitely the hot mom. Or the MILF. As degrading as the term may sound when spelled out, we all secretly want to be thought of as a MILF at sometime. It’s nice to know you still got it! And Gisele definitely still has it. And more. This hot mama stays true to her Brazilian roots with a beachy , natural style. If you live in an area with warmer climate, this is definitely a look you can pull off; shorts, t shirts; and sandals.

5 Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller is another one of those risk taking fashion moms. She has two distinctly different looks. On the red carpet she goes one of two ways; either with a figure flattering simply designed dress or with a more intricate, Avant Garde piece. On the street, it’s a completely different story. She mixes and matches different patterns and styles while still looking put together. How is she able to put together leopard shoes, a fur coat and brightly colored sunglasses and still look completely appropriate for grocery shopping? The world may never know, but it still fun to try to emulate Sienna’s edgy yet down to earth look.

4 Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge


Now she may not be a “Hollywood” mom but it just wouldn’t feel right for Kate Middleton not to be on this list. Her style is fawned over worldwide. This royal mama manages to look classy, comfortable, and put together without breaking the bank. And without looking frumpy or stiff. One of the most appealing parts of Kate’s style is that it is attainable. Instead of wearing only couture pieces or those by designers who cater to the stars, Kate has been known to wear UK brands such as L.K. Bennett , REISS, and Whistles. She has also been photographed wearing the same article of clothing more than once (gasp!) and incorporating the same pieces into different looks.

3 Kerry Washington


When she’s not making waves on Scandal, Kerry Washington is creating a buzz on the fashion scene. Another lady who is not afraid to take a risk, Kerry can be found wearing slinky, sexy numbers, or colorful pieces with full skirts and interesting cut outs. Kerry definitely tries it all fashion wise so it’s best to stick with her simpler numbers for every day mommy-ing. Scandal fans can pull inspiration directly from her line at The Limited. The line is based off of her character Olivia Pope and offers a dangerously sleek look for less than you’d think.

2 Miranda Kerr


Another super model mom. I know, I know. It’s not fair. These ladies look good in anything! But pulling inspiration from Miranda Kerr is easier than you’d think. In photo shoots this sexy lady is dressed in provocative clothing. Though she may be scantily clad when she is spending time in her profession, she actually has a very down to earth style while living her mom life. Form fitting tanks and blouses paired with colored denim pants and the occasional solid colored skirt seem to be this mama’s go to look. See. Easy!

1  Nicole Richie

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How many of you remember the days of The Simple Life? Nicole and Paris. Anyone? Well thankfully, Nicole’s style has grown up with her. Still exuding a relaxed vibe, she is the cool mom that really doesn’t care that she’s a “cool mom.” You know, that mom that is awesome because she truly doesn’t care what others think. Nicole’s Boho-Chic is a little more complicated than Kate Hudson’s, and thus, a little harder to pull off. Several accessories, loose fitting pieces, and an edge when it comes to hair and makeup is what you’ll need to find the Nicole in you.

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