15 Inappropriate Work Snapchats That Cross The Line

There is always at least one co-worker that toes the line at work and seems to enjoy poking at the hornet’s net just to see how long they can keep it up before they get reprimanded by the boss or even fired from the job.

Those troublemakers are irritating as all heck, but they have absolutely nothing on the folks featured below that have done some really dumb and really eye-brow raising shenanigans on the job that makes their co-workers want to cringe from embarrassment or nope the heck out of there ASAP.

From messing up a perfectly normal McDonald’s order to trying to scope out a cute dude, welcome to the world of some major epic fails that occurred on the job.

15 Someone Really Hates Their Co-Worker

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Making fun of a co-worker that looks like they are about to have a nervous breakdown because of all the stress at their job is a huge no-no and this dude better hope no one ever finds out about this, lest they fire him.

Also, it ALWAYS seems to be some basic dude that accuses a woman of being “moody” when she expresses emotions other than happiness or flirting.

14 Evil Villain Works Here And Wants To Cause Chaos

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Pretty sure that some kind of future arch-villain from a superhero comic book movie works at this shop because putting a bottle of motor oil in with a ginormous case of Pringles is a recipe for a lawsuit.

Maybe Lex Luthor is sick of using kryptonite to fight Superman and decided to try and poison him instead.

13 The Gas Station Needs To Hire A Sign Editor ASAP

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It is incredibly ironic that this gas station is in the market for a new worker given the fact that their sign looks like it was put together by a rambling toddler.

They should fire whoever is in charge of creating their signs and post another position for potential employees to let them know that they’re in the market for a sign editor.

12 Manager Isn't Going To Be Happy They Are Dissing A Customer

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Not going to lie, while it is utterly hilarious that this random woman got her head stuck in what appears to be a door and it is hard to fathom how in the bloody hell that could have happened in the first place, management tends to frown upon employees that mock customers.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this worker managed to prank the lady into sticking her head through the door, either.

11 The Whaaaaambulance Is Going To Arrive Soon

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Oh no, the boss asked their employee to—gasp—work! What shock! What horror! Not.

Sure, the timing could have been better from the boss but plenty of places pay their employees for overtime so at least she’s got an extra bit of cash in her pocket for a rainy day. Quit your whining, lady!

10 Gordon Ramsay Is Shrieking Now

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Pretty sure Gordon Ramsay is screaming with horror at this Snapchat and going on an hour-long tirade about why folks should never, ever eat at fast food places like Little Cesar’s.

How the heck does someone even cause a marinara explosion like that? They must be one heck of a klutz!

9 Terrible Puns Are Terrible

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Oooo, the higher-ups of this store are going to be majorly ticked off when they realized that one of their employees trolled the heck out of their customers.

The fact that this hilarious yet terrible slogan lasted long enough to make the rounds online means that there’s a good chance that the culprit is going to be fired instead of merely suspended or given a warning.

8 Time To Vomit In Three, Two, One

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Yikes—this is why it is never a good idea to eat from the place one works out if one is employed at a place like Papa John’s pizza or Olive Garden.

Aside from the fact that this chick gave herself a stomachache and there’s a good chance she could vomit all over an unsuspecting customer, why would anyone eat from the reject pile? It was rejected for a reason, dude.

7 Worst Way To Troll A Co-Worker

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This is just straight-up cruel to all the poor souls that are either near-sighed or far-sighed and that have to rely on their glasses instead of contact lenses for some reason or another.

Pretty sure the woman this person’s trolling is going to whack ‘em upside the head with the notebook when they find out that the pen isn’t real.

6 Awkward Pun Is Awkward

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With any luck, this employee didn’t send this to any of their fellow co-workers because that is honestly one of the worst puns the Internet has ever seen and the co-workers would probably facepalm at the lack of creativity in attempts at creating humor.

Pretty sure this Snap would send the boss into a raging tizzy too.

5 Mercury Retrograde Laughs At The Attempt To Oogle Cute Dudes At Work

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It sucks when there is a cute guy or gal that randomly appears in one’s place of employment because most folks know that they have to resist the temptation to flirt with said good-looking person because it’s y’know, unprofessional.

This twit is so awkward AF that they snapped a photo of some random guy in their place of employment and gave themselves away by forgetting that the flash was on. Their co-workers are never going to let them live this one down!

4 When Nurses Are Exhausted At Work, They Like To Scare Each Other

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Oooo, someone is going to get written up because a) pretty sure this is NOT what hospital mannequins are supposed to be used for and b) this is a great way to make one’s co-workers faint in fright, especially if the hospital is rumored to have spooky paranormal occurrences happen on the regular.

3 Looks Like A New Video Game Character

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It is one thing to make jokes with fellow co-workers about coming up with clever plans to avoid doing walk or to hide from employer, but this is taking things way too far.

It’ll definitely spice up the meetings though, only because the employer’s blood pressure is going to spike and they are going to facepalm SO DAMN HARD.

2 They See Him Rollin', They Hatin'

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First off, how in the bloody hell did this dude even manage to FIT on this kid’s scooter and second of all, where the heck did he find it?

Man, it would have been amazing to be a fly on the wall when this dude rolled up like TA-DA and having all his co-workers (and his boss) stare at him like he had three heads.

1 Ronald McDonald Is Going To Fire Someone

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The fact that a McDonald’s employee honestly and truly believed that a customer wanted a bun with a ton of ketchup as a meal is quite frankly, mind-boggling.

Isn’t there a handbook or a manual for these kinds of things? Did they fall asleep reading the employee’s handbook during orientation?

Sources: Imgur, Instagram

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