14 Fun Lifestyle Podcasts To Download Now

If you haven't jumped on the podcast train yet, well, what are you waiting for? Podcasts are only the coolest, trendiest thing since sliced bread. They're pretty much a modern form of radio, so they tap into that nostalgia that us millennials apparently adore so much (it's true, though -- we love to feel all warm and fuzzy toward a simpler time). Podcasts are so awesome since they can totally keep you entertained when you're stuck in traffic, commuting to and from work, or just need some background noise when trying your very best to be productive at the office. They can be fun, they can be funny, or they can be educational, and that's why they're so amazing. You can also get super nerdy and pick podcasts about crazy weird topics that nobody else would want to talk to you about, so that's a cool thing about them, too. So go ahead, listen to what everyone's saying -- you really do want to start listening to podcasts and soon. Here are 15 fun lifestyle podcasts that you really should download now.

14 Nourishing Buzz

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Food blogger Caroline Potter of Colorfuleatsnutrition.com and nutrition consultant Holly Marshall team up for this charming and sweet podcast. It's super informative but never in a boring, dull or preachy way. They call themselves "just two ladies living a real food life" so if you're into being gluten-free, following the Paleo diet or just want to be as healthy as you can possibly be, this is definitely the podcast for you. They dish on what healthy fats actually are, what your sleep schedule should look like, what food they're loving each week, how to create healthy dinners during the week when you're crazy busy, and how to create a life that you love, whether that's what you eat or what your career is. It's seriously inspiring and they just celebrated their 50th episode, so you need to download this from Podcast and you needed to do it yesterday.

13 Balanced Bites

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Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe are the ladies behind this amazingly fascinating and educational podcast. They love science as much as they love following a real food, Paleo lifestyle. But they're never, ever preachy, and they cover all kinds of topics, from how to deal when you're dealing with a period of stress, how to personalize what you're eating, how to deal around the holidays and even more. It's a seriously fun and sometimes even hilarious podcast because Diane and Liz have totally different pop culture tastes and don't always get each other's references, which is super sweet and charming. Plus they're really good friends, and you can tell, so you feel like you're not only hearing two friends chatting about stuff, but you also feel like you're hanging out with them, too. It'll make your commute to work so much better.

12 Fed And Fit

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Cassy Joy is a blogger and businesswoman and she's got her Fed and Fit brand, which not only includes this podcast but also a blog, upcoming cookbook, and more. She's teamed up with Charissa Tablot from No Cook Paleo and they release new episodes every Monday. Honestly, if you hate Mondays and think they are just the worst thing ever to happen, then you need this podcast in your life. Cassy and Charissa are both so sweet, funny, friendly and welcoming -- not to mention upbeat, positive and cheerful -- that you're going to feel like they're your BFFs from your very first listen. They talk about all kinds of things, from what kind of healthy fats to include in your diet to how to honestly deal with stress, and they also give you weekly updates on their lives, which is really fun.

11 Serial

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Okay, what's a post about podcasts without Serial? Of course, we just had to include this super popular podcast here. Serial probably started the craze a few years ago with the first season which looked into a long-ago murder of a high schooler. Now it's in its second season and is dealing with yet another mysterious story: a soldier that went AWOL. Did he mean to leave, or was something else going on? This is the kind of storytelling that makes you really sit up and pay attention.

10 The West Wing Weekly

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Are you a superfan of Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing? It's such an amazing, intelligent series, and just because it's been off the air since forever doesn't mean that you live without it. This podcast is amazing because it features one of the actors, Joshua Malina, and so you can get all kinds of smart analysis of the show from someone who honestly was there and knows it all. You also get some juicy behind-the-scenes information. Even if you're not a fan, why not watch the show while listening to the podcast? You're going to fall in love with this political drama just like everyone else because it really is that good, and as a bonus, you have the podcast to help you along the way. It's really the best of both worlds.

9 We Want The D

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Did you adore Disney films as a kid? Of course, right? Who didn't? Everyone's preferences are totally unique in this category. Maybe you went nuts over Alice in Wonderland -- you loved the bread and butter flowers, the sense of magic and mystery, the colorful movie. Maybe you were more of a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty kind of girl. Well, this podcast is going to be your new best friend. It's all about Disney movies and it's hilarious, too. If you want to get in touch with your nostalgic side and recall your childhood favorites, then you really need to listen to this podcast on your commute to and from work, or even during your long afternoon when you need some background noise to focus. There are also episodes about such fun, more contemporary movies like Honey I Shrunk The Kids! and The Parent Trap and The Princess Diaries.

8 Dear Hank And John

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You've probably read The Fault In Our Stars and seen the super beautiful, super tragic and tear-inducing movie. John Green is the amazingly talented YA author behind those stories, and he and his brother Hank have an amazing podcast called Dear Hank And John. They talk about all kinds of nerdy stuff (it's okay, they're self-professed nerds) and their episodes have titles like "Things That Are Like Other Things" and "A Life Sandwich." If those don't entice you, well, we don't know what to say, because those are pretty amazing podcast episode titles. They answer questions that people send them and as the podcast info says, "give questionable advice." Yup, that's our favorite kind of advice.

7 Happier With Gretchen Rubin

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If you've read The Happiness Project, you know that Gretchen Rubin is a happiness queen. She knows how to change her habits and do small things in order to live a more joyful life. That memoir is super popular, and if you read it years ago and want some more happiness advice and chat, then listen to this podcast. Gretchen talks about stuff like not being late anymore and not saying sorry anymore, and it's just really great, fun, achievable advice that really does apply to your own life. Who doesn't want to be happier every single day of their lives? Of course, you do, right? This is basically a fun yet also a very educational podcast, so it's a win-win. You'll get useful tips that will make your own life better while being entertained.

6 The Lively Show

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Jess Lively hosts this weekly podcast and talks about everything that matters in our lives, from dealing with people to trying to get happier. She even dishes on business sometimes. She aims to be super inspiring and we can say that she definitely does an amazing job at that. Basically, think of her and this podcast as your weekly life coach. She also interviews experts like Elizabeth Gilbert so you want to stick around for that. She chats about important stuff like productivity and confidence, and we could all use a bit of both of those things. You will 100 percent be able to relate, so go ahead and subscribe to this one on iTunes and listen whenever you get a chance and whenever you want to get some inspo.

5 Call Your Girlfriend

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Yup, you're going to want to listen to this one -- and grab all your besties and have them listen, too. Make it a great big listening party with wine and potato chips. The three female hosts describe it as "highbrow and lowbrow" because it's about pop culture but politics, too. They chat about topics that matter to every woman and, come on, we're all pretty obsessed with pop culture, so you know this is going to be a good one. Doesn't the name alone just totally and completely draw you in and make you want to listen right away? We're on board and we think you will love it, too, since as they say, they deal with everything from periods to "workplace dramas." Who hasn't had issues with both of those subjects? Exactly.

4 Ladies Who Lunch

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Cat Valdes and Ingrid Nilsen, who you might know from YouTube, host this super fun podcast and as you can tell from the amazing title, they chat about issues that all women can deal with and relate to. One of the episodes is about online dating, another is called "Complicated Crushes," another is on what it really means to be a mom, and they also chat about friendship and feminism. It's great for your commute, like every other podcast on this list, but it's also pretty great when you're home alone and want to feel like you've got a bunch of girlfriends in the room with you. It will definitely take any loneliness away and make you feel like you're got a whole team of women around you. Plus this podcast is pretty hilarious so you're going to laugh... a lot. And probably out loud.

3 The Jillian Michaels Show

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You probably already know about Jillian Michaels: she's a no-nonsense type of fitness star and she loves to inspire women to better their lives and better themselves, too. Her podcast is no different. It's really bold, frank and that's exactly why we love it. She deals with tons of subjects that have nothing to do with fitness and working out so it's definitely worth checking out. Some of the podcast titles: "Crying At Work", "The Love Doctor", and "Jillian's Favorite Things." We don't know about you, but those definitely make us want to tune in and ASAP, so we're pretty sure you agree. There's just something so comforting about realizing that a super famous and successful celebrity deals with similar issues in her daily life and that alone makes this one podcast that you really want to subscribe to.

2 Gilmore Guys

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If you love Gilmore Girls -- and really, who doesn't? -- then you've probably seen all the episodes more times than you can count... and then some. You're eagerly awaiting any news of the Netflix revival, can't believe no one seems to know when that's actually happening, and you're pretty much an addict at this point. Well, why aren't you listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast? Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe go through every single episode. Kevin's a huge fan, and Demi is pretty new to the whole thing, so it makes for really entertaining listening. Go ahead and get addicted to this podcast and tell all your Gilmore Girls addicted friends. This will definitely tide you over until the revival finally shows its fast-talking, coffee-drinking face.

1 B*tch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

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You know Casey Wilson, the absolutely hilarious actress who played Penny on the sadly canceled Happy Endings (canceled, but never, ever forgotten). She's teamed up with Danielle Schneider, her co-star on the Real Housewives spoof, Hotwives Of Orlando, on this fun and funny podcast about the super popular reality franchise. If you're a fan of the ladies of NYC, Orange County, New Jersey and more, you seriously want to tune in. If you're not, well, you might want to listen... and then start watching. Because there's really no reason not to be a massive Housewives fan. It's the most fun show you could possibly imagine, so jump on board. Thankfully, you've got the podcast to go along with it, so you can feel super trendy and cool.

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