15 Foolproof Makeup Tricks For Sexy Selfies

One of the most frustrating things for women who love makeup is hearing that they are only wearing it to impress men or to cover up their insecurities. Makeup truly can be artistry, and it certainly takes skill. For some of us, it is so much fun to play with and put on that it really is about seeing what you can do with it, more than how good it can make you look. And who can resist cute packaging and fun colors?! When it comes to looking good, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do so! But, make sure when you’re striving to look good, you’re doing so for yourself, and not to please anyone else!

It always feels good to finish a selfie session and then check your camera roll and see you've got some real winners. Whether you take these photos for yourself, your lover, or to share with everyone you know on social media, there’s nothing shameful about wanting to take a fierce selfie! You might recall the trend that began last year of women sharing their “no makeup” selfies. This was a great way to show you’re just as beautiful without makeup. The rest of the time, most of us like to wear a little makeup when we’re putting our best face forward, and there’s nothing wrong with that! So, when you’re working on getting a great selfie, no matter who it’s meant for, there are some makeup tips you can use to take your selfie to the next level and make your favorite features pop, and maybe minimize the things you don’t want to show off, like zits or dark circles.

15 Avoid a Ghostly Complexion


Have you ever noticed when you look in the mirror before you go out, your foundation looks like the absolute perfect match for your skin, then when you see pictures from that same night, you look like a ghost? This is frustrating, and can be embarrassing (I mean, did your friend HAVE to make that their profile picture?!), but luckily, it’s preventable. You might think that a darker foundation is the answer, but the culprit is likely the SPF in any products you use. It’s great to have your face protected from the sun, and always a good idea. But, if you’re going out at night where there are likely going to be flash photos taken, it’s best to avoid SPF in any products on your face. The SPF in these products literally shields your face from the flash, which is why the rest of you might not look like Casper, but you'll definitely look like you've just seen a ghost!

14 Shine in the Right Places


A dewy glow can be oh-so-sexy, but when you start to look like you've just run a marathon, it might be time to reevaluate your makeup decisions. When you want your skin to look great in a photo with just the right amount of shine, there are a few ways to do so. You can use a matte foundation over your entire face and set just the T-zone with powder so your cheeks still have a natural looking glow but the areas that usually get oily will be covered. You can also use oil-blotting papers when you feel your skin getting just a little bit too dewy. If you're worried that after doing these steps you'll have a flat looking appearance to your skin, use a highlighter on areas like the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, beneath your eyebrows, and on the inner corners of your eyes.

13 A Sunkissed Glow

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Many women say that bronzer is the one product they can't live without, and that's because it has a way of changing your whole appearance in just a few quick swipes of a brush! Use bronzer on the areas of your face the sun naturally hits. If you're not sure where these areas are on YOUR face, take a mirror outside with you on a sunny day and note where the sun hits you. If you're very pale, it might be tempting to use a really dark bronzer to counter the effects of pale skin, but this will make your makeup look way overdone and the dark color will look muddy against your fair skin. Instead, opt for a bronzer just a few shades darker than your natural skin and watch what a difference it makes!

12 Rosy Cheeks


There's scientific proof that seeing a woman with redness to her cheeks is attractive because it shows she is healthy and vibrant. And when you think about it, our cheeks are usually rosy when good things are going on... you know, like laughing, drinking wine, having sex... So, if you can have that vibrant appearance all the time, why not? Depending on your skin type, there are certain types of blush that will be best for you. If you have oily skin, most of the time it's probably best to go with a powder blush. If you use a cream or gel blush on oily skin, it won't stay as long as it won't set properly on oily skin. If you have dry skin, a gel or cream blush might be a great option for you and will give your skin new life. The key is to play around with what works best for you because the perfect fit is different for everyone!

11 Pop Your Eyes


If you're interested in makeup application, you've probably heard of the "water line." This is the inner rim of your eye, just above the bottom lashes, and just below the top lashes. If you want your eyes to look bigger, make sure to utilize the illusion a made up waterline can give you. Find a light colored pencil that is similar, or lighter, to your natural skin tone. Then, line this area and notice how it makes this line blend in with your eyeball, giving your eye the appearance of being bigger and rounder. Some people like to wipe gently the waterline with a cotton bud before they do this to help make sure it stays put.

10 Bat Your Lashes


A quick curl of your eyelashes gives your whole face the appearance of being brighter, and makes you look more awake and alert than ever before. This is one of those steps that might not seem like it will make or break your look, but it's the difference between "nice" and "WOW!" Once your lashes are curled, apply mascara in even coats and do your best to cover all of your eyelashes, but you may want to focus more on the outer corners. Some people find that applying mascara to their lower lashes isn't really beneficial to their overall look, while others think it's necessary. Again, trial and error will help you figure out what works for you. If you want to go to the next level, try attaching false lashes. If you've never done this before, it probably seems really intimidating. Thankfully, there are all sorts of tutorials on line that will have you applying falsies like a pro in no time.

9 Plump Your Lips


There's nothing sexier than colourful lips with a plump look that suggests you just made out with a hottie for half an hour. If that hottie isn't a reality for you right now but you want the same effects a make-out session gives your lips, there are easy ways to do so. Try a plumping lip gloss. Many of these products have ingredients like cinnamon or wintergreen, which are tastes you'll likely notice right away. These ingredients work by boosting blood flow to the lips, giving them a fuller and poutier look. The gloss will also give them a wet appearance that goes a long way in improving your overall appearance.

8 Define Your Features

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Contouring has been all over social media lately, largely thanks to Kim Kardashian sharing that it's one of her favorite looks for creating her flawless face. Ever since, there have been countless YouTube tutorials created by beauty vloggers sharing how they create the same look. There are some forms of contouring (like Kim's) that take a lot of time and effort, and buffing....SOOOO much buffing. But, if you're just starting out, or you're short on time, a little bit of contouring can go a long way! Use a MATTE powder (or a cream or gel if you're comfortable with it) on areas of your face you want to contour. These areas are the hollows of your cheekbones (make a fish face to see where they are) and around your temples, along the sides of your nose, below your bottom lip, and on the bottom edge of your jaw.  Make sure you use a blending brush to prevent these areas from being too dark (you don't want to look like you have a beard) and to prevent harsh edges.

7 Set Your Look

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Sometimes in hot weather, makeup has a mind of its own. There's nothing so frustrating as spending a whole lot of time perfecting your look just to find you look like your skin is melting off your face an hour later. If you're being really active it might be hard to get your makeup to stay totally still, but there are things you can do to help. First, make sure your base (your bare skin) is clean and not super oily when you start applying makeup. Without doing this, your makeup won't have a good surface to stick to. Using a setting powder over your makeup will also make a big difference, and there are also helpful makeup setting sprays that are almost like hairspray, but for your face!

6 Check for Blending Issues

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When you're staring straight into the mirror, your makeup might look totally blended and perfect. Your face casts a shadow on your neck that will make your neck look darker than it might actually be. Then, when you go out into natural light you notice you have a harsh line around your neck/jaw/hairline where your makeup either isn't blended, or just doesn't match. Before you start snapping selfies, make sure your whole look is blended and matching. If you need help finding colors that match, staff at makeup stores are usually good for helping you figure this out!

5 Go Poreless

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We all have pores, but sometimes they're bigger or more obvious than others. This is especially true on facial pores, and they can be a really frustrating issue to deal with. You might look absolutely perfect in your selfie, and then look closer and notice your pores are enlarged, and it might give you the appearance of having blackheads all over your faces. Yikes! To prevent this, use a pore filling and "erasing" primer before you apply your foundation. There are also all sorts of creams you can regularly use to tighten your pores and make their appearance less obvious.

4 Tame Your Brows

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Thin, perfectly defined brows used to be the most desirable look, but nowadays, big bold brows are more in than ever (think Cara Delevingne!). Some of us just naturally have thinner brows and can only make them look so big. No matter what, your eyebrows should be a form of organized chaos. If you have thick brows, you can make them look like you just woke up like that by lightly combing them and filling in any spots that look more sparse than others. Similarly, even if you have thinner brows, comb and fill them in until you get the look you desire. Your eyebrows frame your face and with a little bit of effort, they'll drastically improve your whole appearance and take your selfie to the next level.

3 Conceal Blemishes

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Unless you are some magical creature from another planet, you've likely experienced facial blemishes at some point in your life. They certainly aren't something we all outgrow as teenagers, and women who regularly wear heavy makeup may struggle with them more than they'd like. Of course, it's easiest to try and prevent them in the first place by taking good care of your skin than it is to cover them up, but when all else fails, don't panic! It sounds crazy, but using a green tinted concealer beneath your foundation will actually counter the red look that pimples have. Try to pat your concealer in gently so that the edges are blended and there isn't a blunt circle surrounding the blemish. Set the concealer and foundation with powder to prevent it from coming off. For facial blemishes, you'll also want to use a thicker concealer than you would for under your eyes.

2 Hide Dark Circles

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If you only got four hours of sleep last night but want to look like you got twelve, hide those dark circles under your eyes and no one will tell you that you look tired! When you're dealing with the delicate skin under your eye, you want to make sure that anything you're applying is put on gently. If you have a quick absorbing eye cream, you will want to put this on before you begin covering your dark circles. If not, use an under-eye primer (or a general face primer if you don't have an eye-specific primer) and gently pat it around your under-eye area. Next, use an easily blendable and fluid concealer and dot it on in an outward V-shape under your eyes. Next, take a wet makeup sponge and dab, dab, dab your under eye area until the concealer lines are blended. Now set with a powder slightly lighter than you use on the rest of your face to light up the under eye area. You also want to avoid using shimmery products on your under eye circles because it will highlight imperfections, rather than hiding them.

1 Don't Forget to Smile!

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Okay, it may not technically be a "make-up" tip, but once you've created the color and shape of your lips that you want for your selfie, try complementing your flawless makeup with your flawless smile! There is scientific evidence that smiling is a mood-boosting action, and it tends to spark smiles in those who see you do the same! If you're going to be sharing a selfie on social media, why not share a smile as well and bring a little happiness to your followers?

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